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  1. You have heard about them growing up. The Guardians. You even went to the Guardian academy. You took their test, you got in, you were handed your weapon - a silver pendant, the weapon of your choice hanging from a silver chain. They will teach you the magics on how to summon the weapon while going to school there.

    However, when graduation came around you failed the Guardianship test or were not chosen for Guardianship. You were cast aside, forgotten, never to become what your parents may have been, or what you dreamed to become. The only thing you have now is this pendant that, since you were pitied, you were able to keep.

    There are choices for you, though. You may become part of the mercenary guild, but they are almost as picky about members as those seeking a Guardian. Or there is the airships. One in particular, the Airvenger, takes on those cast aside as Guardians and trains them so that they may become Guardians later on. Because there are always those seeking Guardians in other locations, places that you may travel while on the Airvenger.

    This is sort of a "slice of life" style roleplay. You play as a cast aside choice for Guardianship but you don't want to give up so when you are given the chance you join the Airvenger's crew. This is about friendships, romances, but most of all it's about second chances. I want this to be about your time as your character on the Airvenger, training and getting to know the fellow fighters.

    Eventually you will leave the Airvenger to finally become a Guardian for someone. At that time you can either create a new character or leave the roleplay. I will leave it up to you on how many characters you want to play at one time.

    The magics involved in summoning the weapon are merely the following steps: 1. hold the pendent, 2. ask the weapon for its assistance, 3. call forth the weapon from your "center" and, 4. the weapon will come from the chest as though by magic. Reasons its considered a magic to summon the weapon.

    EDIT: The world creates its own magic. People cannot use the magic without the use of items to act as a median. The pendants, for instance, being one of the successful ways to use magic. So there is no known way other than using pendants to harbor the magic. Does this make sense? You cannot summon a weapon without the pendant. Also, you cannot summon the magic through just any item. I'll explain this later on if there are any questions with specifics regarding what you want to be allowed to do.

    I am only looking for up to five characters to start the roleplay out then it will open up to as many as is interested, the reason why being that the Airvenger will be in this one town searching for up to five new fighters to join the crew. All others will have to be already on the ship, and will have a chance to enter once the first five are at the ship.

    Character Sheet
    Age: (17+ please)
    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen:
    What is your weapon of choice:
    Physical description:
    Personality description:
    How did you join the Airvenger:
    Tell us about your history:
    Other details:

    EDIT: Also, make sure you read through all my notes that appear at random throughout the OOC! I will explain things as they appear throughout the story and character creation process that isn't explained here!
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    Name: Akira L.

    Age: 17 1/2

    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen: Was not chosen

    What is your weapon of choice: A sword with a silver handle and a golden blade.

    Physical description: (I'll have to find a picture later) orange-ish brown hair cut short. She usually spikes her boy-short hair into a fo-hawk or into random spikes. Bright green eyes and mildly pale skin.

    Personality description: She's a loner-type. She'd rather be sitting in the middle of the forest, meditating, than have to talk to anyone. Recently, though, she's had a change of heart and has begun opening up to fellow Airvenger members.

    How did you join the Airvenger: She was recruited by another failed Guardian.

    Tell us about your history: Grew up in the shadow of her parents. They'd been two of the greatest Guardians and she wanted to be just like them. She set goals for herself, taking careful steps to achieve them. Although, due to some slight procrastination, the goal-setting method was tossed aside and she decided to take everything head-on.

    Hope that's an okay profile. Tell me if there's anything I should add or change.
  3. Did you want to be in the opening town as one of the chosen "up to 5" that will be beginning the scene? You don't have to update the profile, I'm just asking since you're the first one. XD
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    Name: Romeo 'Aladdin' Soto

    Age: 18 years old.

    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen: Fail.

    What is your weapon of choice: sjabfdka [ Will fill in soon ]

    Personality description:

    Aladdin a clever, agile and ultimately a good hearted person, who's life goal is to feel accepted and wanted by any means necessary. His current goal of major importance is to win the heart and affection of his beloved princess Jasmine. He is not above lying and stealing, but never with do such actions with evil intentions, he regrets his doings but he must continue to do so in order to survive and pay for the many debts that he has left behind. Most of the time he is always involving himself in others affairs, he enjoys the feeling of the being needed even if for the wrong reasons, he adores and promise to cherish his princess Jasmines and hates those who wish ill being towards her. Being athletic, he is never lying around, you can always find him doing many activities around the slums and other nearby cities, but of course he only does so if said money is involved.

    How did you join the Airvenger:

    By recruitment filled with revenge. To this day Aladdin refuses to believe he had not been accepted into the Guardians if not for his background. Led by his pride he had looked for recruitment as for he deserves to be in the Guardians if not better.​

    Tell us about your history:

    Aladdin was born to a man called Cassim and his wife, who lived a poor and heard life but only wished for the best of their child, and loved him deeply. Living in the poor slums, there was not much safety for their child since everyone lived for their one sake an none cared for others, at many times Cassim, Aladdin's father was forced to rob many people, giving him the tittle of a thief. Due to time, he accepted his tittle and reinforced it, making a band of thieves, who would all rob the rich for the sake of their own existence. When Aladdin was still an infant, his father left with other master thieves in search of a better life for their families, not taking in consideration his poor boy's feelings. Many years passed and the name of Cassim was spread, of a grand thief who all wanted his head, a bounty was put and information led of Cassim's wife, days after Aladdin's house was interrupted by bandits who captured his mother and as he years passed she was presumed dead.

    Growing up, Aladdin had no one to take care of him, and no money to fend for himself, he was too poor to provide for food or clothing, so this resulted to him stealing from vendors in near by markets. At first the vendors pitied him, a young boy with no parents but as timed passed Aladdin grew smarter and swifter he always managed to outmaneuver guards and vendors, this led to him receiving the tittle of a thief as well. But of course, not all the times he was successful, there was a time when the guards managed to capture him, seeing him as a strong and smart boy, they drawn to conclusion that they could get quick money of him and so they sold him to a traveling circus performers. Through out part of his whole childhood, his time was spent in the circus learning many techniques and acrobatics, to tell the truth Aladdin was quiet happy there, he had never been close to others and to him, the other circus performers where his family, a family that fed and clothed and it did help that he got a sum of money out of the whole experience .

    Once his teens approached, Aladdin decided it was the time for him to make his escape, his gathered and stole a good amount of money from the circus as he quietly escaped leaving his so called family behind and heading park to his old city. By this time he was no longer a young boy, he had a strong and agile athletic body due to his training in the circus and in stature he had grown quiet tall. He spent many days hitching rides in nearby caravans for this was the only way he could return to his home, he met a lot of people and at one point, he learned that one stranger that drove the wagon he was in, was once a member of his father's gang of thieves and that a long time ago it was announced that his father was dead. By this point, he had already arrived to his home as he stayed speechless, waving back to the wagon driver. At the least, he had returned safely to the slums where he was born.

    Now a days, Aladdin is quiet famous in his neighborhood, due to his extreme cleverness and skill of getting and earning money, at many times he is hired by others to rob from the rich, which he always would accept to since he got money from the deals as well. He was never proud of his way of life, if he could change he would, but this was the only way he knew of on how to survive, this was the only he ever learned. Most of the times, Aladdin went day and night without eating, since all the profit he gained from stealing he would give to the small children who seemed to share the same childhood as he did, he knew very well the pains of growing up poor.

    Other details: [ Theme Song ] Arabian Nights
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  6. Gabrielle, will you also be joining through the town at the beginning?

  7. Name: Akihito "Aki" Nori

    Age: 18

    Test Status: Failed.

    Weapon of Choice: Halberd; cherry colored oak pole with a intricately designed, strong and sturdy head, silver in color. [Reference.]

    General Appearance: Brown, medium length hair, slight wave. Five feet, seven inches. Medium build. Pale, clear complexion, amber eyes.


    "You know that really popular guy Aki? Well, he's a bit of an ass..."

    He's nosy, he's full of himself, he's usually the center of attention. He's the stereotypical popular guy who only has to flash a sexy smile and girls are falling over each other to be with him. He's a lot of fun, friendly with pretty much everyone, but he's terrible with keeping secrets! He loves to gossip, meddle in peoples' affairs, tease, and spend the day practicing self-praise.

    How did you join the Airvenger: "I overheard someone being recruited and thought it would be fun, so naturally I insisted I go along as well."

    History: Most kids who grow up in a orphanage hate the world and have an unreasonable desire to better themselves. Aki always thought he was the best, so that blows that assumption out of the water!

    He never knew his parents, nor did he ever want to. He figured he was abandoned for a reason that made sense to at least them so why get hung up on it? He didn't need anyone's affection, just their attention. As he grew up, it became evidently clear that the boy had an ego like none other, a stifling sense of self importance, and a false belief of invincibility. As a result, he developed a certain disregard for danger and responsibility. So when the finals for Guardians training came around, he was unprepared and failed, not horribly, but failed nonetheless.

    Because the school refused to believe in second chances, Aki bitterly left and quickly took up a job as a bartender in a local pub. It was then that he overheard another failed guardian being recruited to something called Airvenger and considered it a chance to prove those at the school just how wrong they were about him.

    Other Details: Nothing that I can think of right now. Might fill this in as the RP progresses.

  8. Name: Jeremiah "Wasp" Jones
    Age: 22

    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen:
    Did not get chosen

    What is your weapon of choice:
    A claymore that is black and 5 1/2' long.

    Physical description:
    (Any other photo of Squall you wanna find - when I imagine Wasp, I see Squall)
    Dark clothing, brown hair and blue eyes. Also has a scar on his left cheek ranging from the top of his eye down to his jawbone.

    Personality description:
    Strict, indifferent attitude. Very hard on his "students" because he expects them to want to become Guardians still, and by becoming better they have the chance to copete and do so. However, he is also kind and helpful, willing to do what he can to get his "students" to be the very best they can be.

    How did you join the Airvenger:
    The captain chose him to become the next trainer for when the ship's trainer retired.

    Tell us about your history:
    Seeing the Guardians as he grew up an orphan, he swore he'd eventually be just like them. However, even though he graduated top of his class he was not chosen for Guardianship. The Avenger's captain saw his potential and hired him on as a future trainer. Learning from the previous trainer until she retired, he became the new trainer two years after joining. He has been the trainer for nearly two years now.

    Other details: Will add as he is played. Perhaps.
  9. Name: Seriah "Pixie" Swanson

    Age: 18

    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen: Didn't get chosen.

    What is your weapon of choice: Longbow with poison tipped arrows

    ElvenLongBow.jpg Physical description:

    Personality description: Seriah is a little shy and quiet, so she prefers to work in the shadows. She's intelligent and sly, and thinks things through throughly before acting. She's sweet and caring, and she's fiercely loyal to her friends. she believes if she can become a real guardian then her parents might come back for her.

    How did you join the Airvenger: She was told of it by a guardian at the academy.

    Tell us about your history: Seriah was abandoned by her parents at age eight, as her parents were both amazing guardians she was adopted by the school. She was raised to know everything there was to know about guardianship, and her teachers were quite impressed. When the day finally came for her final test she knew she was ready, she passed with flying colors but was shattered and confused when she wasn't chosen. She almost gave up hope when her mentor told her of the Airvenger, she vowed to join them and one day become a true guardian.

    Other details: Seriah is adept at making potions.
  10. I just need one more character and then we'll be ready. I'll prepare the opening post here soon, though.

    That isn't to say this is closed though! More people can feel free to post characters!
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  13. Character Sheet
    Name: Lyra
    Age: 24
    Did you fail the test or just not get chosen: fail
    What is your weapon of choice: Poison/herbs, and if at close range, daggers
    Physical description: View attachment 4110
    Lyra tends to blend into the background, which suits her just fine. She is of average height, 5'6 and of a slim yet solid build. Her hair hangs just past her shoulders, a natural light brown color. Her eyes are hazel, not intriguing in color but a quiet cleverness shines through, causing them to glitter beneath her thick, dark eyelashes. To have a quick look at her, she is easily underestimated- but if one were to pay attention, look into her eyes and see the ghost of a smile playing on her lips, they would be aware of the silent, deadly weapon staring back at them.

    Personality description: Lyra is a woman of few words, choosing rather to follow the mantra of "actions speak louder than words." Like the smooth, unbroken surface of a pond, she prefers to move unnoticed through the world, avoiding any waves or ripples that would cause attention to be brought her way. She is quite guarded in revealing personal information about herself, but is very welcoming and relaxed, people find comfort in confiding in her. This can come as a severe shock however as Lyra doesn't always find it pertinent to let you know if she appreciates your company and more's the pity if she happens to slip a tonic into your beverage.

    How did you join the Airvenger: She was approached by a recruiter after her failure to be chosen as a Guardian, having nothing else planned, she joined on a whim.

    Tell us about your history: Lyra left home at the tender age of 18 in an attempt to run away from unnamed hardships. She speaks little of her life before the Guardian Academy, and if asked about it- she will dismiss it with a laugh and a joke. As somewhat of a loner, Lyra made minimal friends during her time at the academy. She tends to be a free spirit, unattached and uninhibited by social decorum and responsibility. It would seem to most that she's not even particularly affected by the fact that she failed to become a Guardian.

    Other details: Lyra has a stutter if taken by surprise or embarrassed in some way- which doesn't happen often.

    [I'm perfectly aware of how cruddy and non-descriptive that was, I promise I'll improve with time and a good nights sleep!!]

  14. Name: Ryuutaro "Ryu" Sakurai

    Age: 20

    Test Status: Not chosen.

    Weapon of Choice: Dual Revolving Flintlock Pistols; a beautiful bronze theme with gorgeous decoration. Ryu's energy is the source of his ammo. So he can only use the weapons so much before he passes out. [Reference.]

    General Appearance: Pale and thin, as if he's ill, but often decorated with smudges of engine oil and grease. His black hair is straight, though cut choppy, as if he does it himself, his bangs often hiding his eyes. He's rather short; five feet and five inches, and has the sweetest, most calming smile in the world. Often seen with a dopey, spaced out expression on his face.

    Personality: Mellow. Ryu is so kind-hearted it's almost sickening. Despite the harsh prejudice he encounters outside of the Airvenger, he takes it all with a smile, no matter how much it hurts on the inside. He might have a bit of an attention disorder, which would explain why he often has such a daydream look on his face and can at times become so wrapped up in a task that he fails to notice everything else. He's a bit of an inventor as well, so his room is filled with strange little trinkets.

    How did you join the Airvenger: He had the brains and the gift to be a guardian. If only he were born into a different race...

    History: Like any story, like any world, there is always that one race of people... Ryu was unfortunately born into said race - a lower class people who took the lowest of jobs, fixing the magically powered technology of the upper and middle class. Everyone said it was pointless but he wanted nothing more than to break from tradition and become a Guardian for his people.

    Looking back on it now, he supposed they had let him into the school just for a good laugh. When the final test arrived, even though he was at the top of his class, he was immediately rejected. Understanding that it was indeed a pointless effort, he left the academy. En route for home, he happened across a kind man who offered him a job as a mechanic on his airship, Airvenger.

    Other details: He'll show up later.
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