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  1. Its been years since the downfall of Morcaida......

    The continent, in an effort to restore balance, was split into three regions. Selvana, Ruled by the Benevolent Queen Voltaire, was dedicated to the olden day traditions. To this day, it's people are nothing but kind. They worship the Spirits of Nature; the four gods who created the lands they live upon, Tiene [Chen-Nuh] (Fire), Uisge [Ish-Ka] (Water), Gaoth [G-Way] (Wind), Domhan [Doe-Ahn] (Earth). Their beliefs are that the world will one day return to the way it was through vigorous prayer to the gods, and the careful maintenance of the Nature around them. They also dedicate their time to try, and find a way to keep the peace they have as of now. This means that they work day in, and day out to find a cure for the plague that still lingers.

    Nifora is the deep valley land spread wide between two opposing regions. This land looks after itself as a regions watched over by the eyes of dragons, and nature's spirits. The conflicts of Selvana, and Dinivia are not worried about here as this land is for the free people with free minds.

    Dinivia is the dark, and desolate mountain region. I kingdom entombed in a large, metal case crafted by Orc hands. The Dark Sorcerer rules here, and has absolute say in the happenings of these parts. He is dead set bringing down Selvana, and with its benevolent reign, it's Queen. See, he is power hungry, and so anything that opposes him, or threatens his mighty rule must be struck down with no mercy.

    The time of Dragon Riders is returning......

    Something wicked is brewing in Dinivia, and Nature's spirits can sense it. The evil swirling in the winds is strong, and its stench is potent. The spirits are awakening blood in many people, and the fabled dragons are hatching from their eggs. It is Nature's attempt at bringing forth a hope for Morcaida, or all of the creatures who live in her lands.

    What could possibly be planned for the fate of Morcaida, and it's people? Can the Dragons, and their Riders protect Morcaida, and it's people?

    Only The Gods Know.

  2. The air was thick with the choking smog of war; far below, the people of Dinivia slaved under the cruel whip of their master, the Sorcerer, constructing malevolent weapons meant to oppress and steal the life from Morcaida. Tiernoch did nothing for those who suffered, perched upon the highest peaks, his burning gaze cast far and wide.
    A majestic beast, once heralded and respected, now an instrument in the plans of a dark and scheming wizard. It seemed that he was destined to watch an endless, bloody cycle: the birth and destruction of the mortal races. Tiernoch snorted and a sweltering cloud of ash burnt the air before him, then was carried away by a harsh gale. 'Impermanent fools reap what they sow. Good riddance if they should all take leave of this realm. Then my kind can reclaim Morcaida as its rightful heir!' This thought pleased the ancient dragon as it shifted, eliciting a groan in the earth of the mountain.

    It was no concern of his what the Sorcerer sought after, even if it cut a bloody swath through so many lives, innocent or otherwise. The near extinction that stole away his children and his children's children infuriated him. Revenge consumed his mind, and yet he could not be so brazen. He must plot, and scheme as the dark wizard did, machinating a turn of events that favored Tiernoch. He had pledged his power, surely, but only to the success of Dinivia and no more.

    Sleep still pervaded his mind. It had been such a long time since he'd been forcefully awakened, and the reverie of another time and place beckoned him from this reality. He had sat upon this mountain for a few centuries now, brooding and plotting, only leaving to eat of the wildlife, watching the events of the world unfold before his very eyes.

    Now it was time to take flight, to investigate. Recent stirrings of unrest prompted Tiernoch into action. He would go to the courts of Selvana and Nifora in disguise and gather information that even his stare could not quite uncover.

    Tiernoch lurched forward without hesitation, diving off of his perch on the mountains of Dinivia. He would race down towards the earth below, almost as if intent on spearing Morcaida itself. His very form cast a long shadow across the Sorcerer's fortress and upon its battlements, causing unrest amid the slaves, whom scattered in terror with their drivers.

    Before impact, the ancient dragon unfolded his powerful wings, enough to cause great howling wind to disperse the thick smoke that was birthed from the art of war. Undercurrents caught beneath, and lifted Tiernoch far into the sky, so graceful for one so large. 'It feels invigorating to stretch across the heavens once more. I suppose I'll start with a visit to the Gentle Court.' And so his path was set.
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  3. [​IMG]

    One would swear that the smokey mist covering the Dinivian mountain range grew with each passing day. The people of Nifora often spoke in playful tones, and indifferent manners about the happenings of that wretched place. As if they either knew not the gravity of what could happen if the Sorcerer struck again....or they just didnt care. Pale legs hung limp from the rough surface of a sturdy branch. Intent, icy eyes gazing out over the boughs of the forest, and toward that exact mountain range, pupils following the swirling fog, so thick with pure evil that one could see dark magic brewing even from here. Naturally plump lips tightened into a thin line as a set of golden brow furrowed. Tiriel was always watching Dinivia, waiting for something to change, waiting for anything to change.

    The peaceful life she led in Nifora was a gift from the gods, but she was too proud an elf to just sit there, and do nothing. Acting as if the downfall of the king didnt happen so many years ago, as if the downfall of her beloved homeland didnt fallow him into the crypt. A huff raised, and let fall her chest as she shuffled upon her branch climbing from her perch in the tallest tree she had found this day. Reaching the bottom of the tree fairly quickly, leaping to the ground, and landing with a dull thud. Tiriel sighed, and ran her hand through silken strands of gold as she continued on her way back toward the village of Nifora. Nothing had been accomplished today, and nothing of interest seemed to leap from the shadows of The Darklands, so her day so far was very plain, boring. It is how it has always been since she left Selvana to join the ranks of Niforan people, a seemingly nomadic people that moved through the vast reaches of The Divide, never staying within a single part for too long.

    The elf moved through the trees, right hand resting on the hilt of Avidia, the Elvish sword hanging from her hip. It would be a fair while before she reached the village, but she didnt much mind because every route home was scenic, and it would be a shame to allow the beauties of her gods to go to waste. A tender caress of her palm touched every tree she passed, and as if returning the gesture, the wind danced around her throwing up leaves which swirled about her body. A small smile pulled at her lips as she closed her eyes for a mere moment to allow Domhan, and Gaoth to praise their child. Yet when she opened those icy orbs, something caught their attention. A single cave she had never seen before, its entrance cut off from all else. Every instinct screamed in her mind not to approached the cave, but curiosity is such a persuasive mistress.

    Something drew Tiriel to that cave, something she couldnt quite understand. Despite every telling her not to, she approached the cave, her left hand grasping Avidia's hilt with caution as her right palm lifted to rest upon the rocky surface of the cave's blocked entrance. What could possibly lie inside? "Oh Gaoth....what could possibly lie behind this boulder? There is...much power here..." She murmured deep under her breath. The winds laughed at her, they mocked her curious nature in such playful manners that she couldnt help but smile as the wind picked, and danced with her hair.

    "Let us find out."


    Searing eyes the color of brimstone gaze up through the haze of molten liquid as the reptilian body of a young dragon glided through the rivers of magma, razor sharp spikes allowing the massive body to slip through the thick liquid with ease. The Old One had moved from his perch, the vibrations of his movements resounding through the body of lava, reverberating against her along with the shrill vibrations of panicked screams. It was such a joy when that mountain decided to travel, he struck fear into the hearts of all of these...insolent little insects, and such fear pleased the Molten Princess. Angling her body upward, the reptile pushed with all her might her wings through the lava, her body shooting upward toward the surface until her sleek, black body shot from beneath the surface of the fiery pool. An eight foot wing span spread out full, and flapped with immense strength thrice to rid the leathery surfaces of the hot lava before she soared toward the fortress of The Master.

    The massive body of the dragon landed upon a single, large surface which was cool to the touch compared to her dip in the lava stream moments earlier. Orcs, and humans alike gazed upon the magnificent creature with fear, but nothing like they did with Tiernoch. Never like that. Such a shame it was that she wasnt as feared, but it was a joy to know she was indeed feared to some extent. Scylla, The Molten Princess as she is known in the walls of the fortress, gazed upon the slaving trash with a raised, and arched neck, head craning in wonder as they stared upon her. A gaze that they all knew too well. Each beady set of eyes looked away quickly as the bodied they belonged to hurriedly rushed back to work.

    Scylla settled there, and watched them work, a being of majestic beauty, but just as dangerous. She vaguely wondered what the Master was up to, and wondered what The Old One was up to as well. They both seemed to be much more active than usual, and this piqued in her a curiosity she hadnt had before. A heavy sighed slipped from her nostrils which was followed by dark plumes of smoke. Already she was growing bored. Hopefully something of iinterest happened soon...boredom didnt bode well for the workers.

    ((Notes: Tiriel calls Dinivia The Darklands, and she calls Nifora The Divide as it Divides Dinivia and Selvana. ALSO....this is a really crappy post, and I apologize. Im never good when Im just writing my first post in a roleplay.))​
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  4. [​IMG]

    The dark black shadow that flew the the nation of Dinivian, caught the unheralded attention of Shin-ak, who was in the chambers of the Dark sorcerers. The room filled with a evil aura that seemed to strangle anyone's presence that would enter this very chamber room. Shin was searching the dreadful room for one thing and one thing alone, the magics of darkness, the book of spells that the dark sorcerer put into a book. Searching through book case after book case it seemed like a library of death with in this room. "How could man have this much about rituals and magic and even things on dragons?" Shin-ak then turned to his left side just enough to turn and see the balcony as he watch the last glimpse of the great ancient dragon of Dinivian fly off. "Why would Teirnoch fly off i thought that beast was only an observing old dragon?" Shin-ak spoke to himself, he did not know how to deal with these ever changing events. He turned back around to find a book a story that proclaimed a great coming. The great war of evil and good,this war would bring more death and more heart ache than any the three nations have seen before. While reading this horrific Story of the net war to come, he heard foot steps, It could be the rider the dark sorcerer had grown so found of or it could be just his guards coming in to check up on the dark sorcerer's cambers. He did not fear them finding out about this is it was the guards because Shin-ak has been training ad living here in thsi dark sorcerers palace for a many of years. The doors came open it was just Two guards Shin-ak walked over to them smirking as he was sneaking out of the chamber hiding the book under his cape.


    "You wouldnt leave with out saying your good byes now? or are you to scared to say good bye while leaving with my Property!!" The Dark sorcerer Proclaimed as he came from the two Guards souls, there body falling to the ground revealing they were already dead but he just took there bodies for a nice stroll. The Sorcerer removed the book from my hidden gasps as it was flown to him in an instance. "If you want to be forgiven of this act then go find Tiernoch and take him as your dragon alive or Dead."

    Shin-ak did not know how to take this order but, he knew this was going to have to be take now or he was going to end up being killed right here and now. He nodded to the Sorcerer's orders as he walked out of the chamber, the hallway was opened up with one complete wall and the other a complete row of column. so you could see out into the land looking upon the slaves working till there almost til there at death's door. Shin-ak walked towards the exit of the palace, needing to get out to find a small glider that was powered by magic, on his way, out the door the gust of desolant smoke filled his lungs and moved his hair back. Shin-ak got on to that glider, it was made of pure hollow willow, trees a ancient tree that use to grow in dinivia before the dark sorcerer took control. The glider looked like it had four small arched at the bottom which would be were the wings would go but, this is powered by magic with out magic its a lawn ornament. He got on top of it and griped the handles tightly his wind started to hurl around shins arms and his eye were glowing green as he was focusing his on activating the machine using his wind magic. It started to turn on as the wings formed and they started to move rapidly like a small humming birds wings would move. He maxed out the speed of this glider so he could try and keep up or at least follow here Tiernoch was headed.
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  5. [​IMG]
    "Brother of old, Rider of ancients, I forsake you're soul, and give you back to the earth that you once came." Drake chatted the Ancient eleven spell, hoping to bring the God's gently touch. The ground rumbled as He managed to take a step back, four large vines sprung from the stone floor, shattering parts of the floor. Gently the vines greeted it's child, raping the elf until he was no longer visible. Drake awaited the vines depart, However none did come, silently the vines stood as the elfs coffin. Drake stood tall even as his only friend lied dead, he was a dragon, a dragon who took pride in his power. However, The 12'11" white scaled dragon sensed a power coming from outside His prison, the power of a rider. With a touch of the caves entrance, the seal broke, making the rock that blocked His path fall to pieces.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Skyvalla was not one to be tied down anywhere. She could sense Garruk's presence and that was good enough for her own peace of mind in regards to his safety. Right now she wanted to explore and hunt and seek out the wilds of these new places. On the edges of Nifora was where her journey had lead her and now she was sat upon a peak looking over into the dark lands of Dinivia. Her eagle eyes scanned the shadows and could see the movements of bound and desolate creatures. She could not sense magic of any kind, but the natural aura of the place oozed malice and malcontent and made her scales shiver with discomfort. Certainly this was not a place of peace and it hurt her, the idea of all this lush wild land burnt and depressed under such a destructive rule. She knew of the Sorcerer and his machinations from the Orcs in her territory and now from Garruk himself, a victim for so long of the oppressive regime perpetrated in this place.

    One thing she had not encountered in her travels, Dragons like herself. She had though perhaps there were more of her race outside of the Mountains and that she might meet some of them on her path. But no, apparently she was alone and this frightened her somewhat. She would have wished someday to find a mate and raise Hatchlings herself, give them a more stable and enjoyable start in life than she had had. Doubly so now did her maternal instincts grow, knowing that there were so few of her kind left. She would not let her race die before she even knew them.

    In the forest below her workers of the foul lands stirred and mined for something in the Mountain side. She considered charging down the mountain and burning out of their holes but that would do no good to her nor her purpose. Suddenly from the depths of Divinia a giant figure stirred and caught Skyvalla's keen eye. It shifted and surged and suddenly it seemed like a whole mountain had taken flight. Skyvalla gave a snort and a growl of caution and surprise before focusing all her senses towards this strange beast. It smelled familiar to her though she couldnt quite pinpoint why and from its size and speed she would guess at it being tremendously powerful. As it soared into clearer light the mystery was solved. It was a dragon.

    Skyvalla gave a stream of twittering excitement. Such a majestic and incredibly individual to have found, she guessed it must be very old indeed. He tail flicked back and forth like a cat in suspense and her ears flicked back and forth as she tried to decide what to do. She wasnt so naive to think that her charged approach would definately be appreciated by this beast but on the other hand even a battle with such a creature would be a pleasure for her. She just wanted to interact, to be a dragon with another dragon for just a moment. It made her wriggle just to think of it and at that point her decision was made. She would be cautious and she would be polite but she had to meet this first of her kind.

    With a powerful leap she threw herself from her peak and straight into the air, her body light and lithe and strong enough to just catch her weight on the wind of her wings and propel her into the sky heights. The clouds welcomed her quickly as she gained height at speed, wanting to climb above her quarry in order to inspect the situation before throwing herself into it. She was the very essence of stealth and silence, her green scales reflecting blue and blending her into the sky colours, keeping down wind of it to ensure she could not be picked up by scent, her wings stroking the wind without making a sound as she hovered over the enormous Dragon below her without casting a shadow. She had also noticed that after being banished from magic many creatures did not detect her presence, like she was some blank space in a world of energy. Perhaps the Dragon wouldnt even be looking for her? It was very sure of its superiority and Skyvalla couldnt blame it, if you were that big you would naturally not worry about... well... anything.

    Finally she felt secure in the situation and pulled her wings into her body to drop into the great Dragon's slipstream, far enough away to not be considered a threat and to be respectful of space while also giving a trilling call into the sky to signify her presence and harmless intentions. Now she was eye to eye with it and she suppressed a shiver to look into its Pupil, so full of time it seemed to be. With a graceful spiralling greeting she bobbed her head gently.

    "Well met, Mighty one, forgive my intrusion but you are the first of my species I have met in all my many years."
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    Rumbling, there was so much rumbling. The ground was shaking, the air was trembling with power and magic and evil. Lemiwaux could feel and see the ground shake from her hole in the ground.

    A rustling, softer than a rumble, and a portion of the ground was moved aside. Leaves and dirt and brush moved as a single block of land, and Lemiwaux emerged from under where the land had used to be. Her face was painted dark with mud and ash, and her pitch black hair was tangled and crimped, and had more than one dried leaf among the mess. But, she suited her surroundings.

    Currently, her hole in the ground was located a decent two and a half miles from the great, metal wall, but was still in the evil land of Dinivia. Lemiwaux was on a self-proclaimed mission, and had been ever since the Queens coronation. Protect the land of light and peace. Protect the princess. Slay the Orcs, slay the beasts, slay the sorcerer. Slay the dragon.

    The massive shadow of the Old One passed her over, and yellow orbs followed it's movements closely. Study. Observe. Wait and plot. Defeating such a beast as that seemed impossible; it's mere size was enough to dishearten her on many days. But, there was another beast. A great, majestic black one who Lemiwaux knew to be ridden by a mere human who was almost twice her age. How such a thing was possible? Magic, or course. What kind of magic, however, Lemiwaux did not know -- yet.

    A small speck followed a ways behind the mighty dragon. Too small to be another one of the beasts... Lemiwaux tilted her head, her wild hair falling to the side and in front of her face. Irritatedly she pulled it out of the way, squinting to make out the figure against the grey smog of Divinia's sky. A man? What was that it was riding? Surely, such a thing wasn't truly flight-worthy. Magic, of course.

    Lemiwaux huffed, biting the inside of her cheek as she dismissed the speck in the sky for what it was. It was following the Old One. She expected it would no longer be there in a few moments anyways. So, she turned back to her hiding place, kicking dust over the runes that had kept her hidden over night. She wouldn't need them while she was away, and while they weren't in use, the could be used as a sign that someone had been staying there. No, the covering she had put together should be sufficient.

    A quick look around before she reached into the ground, pulling out her blade and a small pack of other supplies. Today, she was going to travel into the city, the workplace. There was more scouting to be done, and an Orc or two to kill. The belt with the frog was tightened around her waist, the blade was slid into place at her hip and her leather pouch was tied there as well. She stood up straight, stretching, taking another look around with yellow-gold eyes before she placed the lid to her hiding place back, pushing the decaying goods of the land over the top, concealing it well.

    Next came herself. Lemiwaux would hide in plain sight, right under the Sorcerers oversized nose. It had to be oversized. It had to have warts and boils and pimples. He had to be ugly, just how he had made this land ugly, just how he had made her fathers corpse ugly. She reached into her leather pouch and pulled out a stick of black charcoal. Carefully, she smeared the Illusion Runes across her body. One across her heart, another over her belly. The last one was left across her forehead. Lemiwaux had done this hundreds upon hundreds of times before; there was no more need to check and make sure she looked how she was supposed to. She knew she looked perfect -- perfectly ugly, like everything else.

    To any other living soul not masterfully skilled in the art of Illusion Magic, Lemiwaux looked like nothing more than a worker Orc. An underbite, long, yellowing teeth, dark eyes, large and calloused hands. The dried foliage crunched under her now massive, grey-green feet as she began the trek to the gates of the great, metal city, a little more than two and a half miles away.

    She had things to do today...
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  8. At the forest's edge, a young copper-toned dragon stretched her wings. Time passes more slowly for dragons and elves than it does for humans, but a lifetime is a lifetime nonetheless, and Slibil had spent a lifetime within this forest on the edge of Salvana. She knew the chitter of the chipmunk and the snorting of the boar. Twice had the straight two-legged ones passed by; they seemed intelligent, but they had not spoken.

    Slibil knew that she was something different, possibly unique. An understanding was in her conscience. She knew her names and those of her surroundings. She knew to kill and eat the boar. She knew that the light in the sky was too far to fly to and that if she were not careful she could burn down the entire forest. She had that power; she just wasn't sure why. At first Slibil had expected answers to come to her. They hadn't. It was time she went to them.

    Slibil walked into Nifora for several minutes, then took to the air for a better view. She was surprised and elated at the feeling of vastness, having flown only short distances before, and felt she could go on forever. The land below seemed to move with her as she watched for something to peak her interest. Then something did: a large collection of stones and wood set up in a similar manner to the stone shapes within the forest she was from.

    As Slibil returned to the solid dirt, she saw some of the tall two-legged ones within the structures. As she folded her tired wings, one of them spotted her and gave out a yell.
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  9. With each beat of Tiernoch's mighty wings, the ancient beast had been drawn closer and closer still to his destination, the Gentle Court of Selvana. Although the lord Voltaire had left, he recalled in times long past that the elf king had given birth to an heir, a fragile female child that may now sit upon the shattered throne of the world.

    Perhaps they had not forgotten Tiernoch? Though many centuries crept by, the Old One had proven himself to be a valuable asset to the court, although his mountainous frame would better jar their memories than that lesser form the mortals had come to associate him with, that of a unification between Elf and Man to signify the bonds between them at that point in history.

    Tiernoch was not allowed to reminisce long, his veritable mind pulled back into the great here and now as a presence had been made known that escaped his oft-watchful eye. It was... a hatchling? Another dragon? With brilliant viridescent scales that seemed to cast back the rays of the sun itself.

    Her call was as clear as the bluest sky, overfilled with ecstatic glee. He wondered why he'd not sensed her before, as he probed her very existence now that they saw pupil to pupil. She seemed born of stone and flame, as he, yet devoid of the natural magic of the world akin to a blank scroll in a great library filled with tomes of knowledge. A curious triviality to behold.

    So enraptured with the presence of another dragon, Tiernoch did not notice the meager magical presence of a certain someone following on his tail, the lapdog of that filthy dark wizard. Instead, the Old One cautiously deliberated his response to the youngling before answering in a powerful voice that dripped with wisdom and superiority.

    "Well met, indeed, little one. I am morose to admit that your story would not be uncommon amid our kind. There are so few of us left that extinction bears down upon our proud race."

    Tiernoch knew that they would come upon the borderlands of Selvana quickly, and he turned his gaze earthward and scanned the innumerable and immaculate forests that the Elves had taken to delicately raise from saplings. A crimson ocean of poppies trembled underneath the fierce gales that his wings summoned, even so distant in the sky. Wordlessly, the Old One tucked in his body tightly and arched to the left, away from the hatchling, and began to descend towards that open field, knowing it best to approach the kingdom unannounced in a humanoid form rather than create panic with his true identity.

    He expected her to follow after him, she was no doubt full of questions for Tiernoch. He supposed he could answer what he could, even perhaps spend the afternoon with her so that they may acquaint themselves. Despite his relaxed reaction to the young dragon, deep down inside feelings stirred that he had not felt seemingly for eons: hope.

    Nearing closer still to the land, Tiernoch once more unfolded his great wings and slowed his fall, until he came to a hover, and then settled down into the field. His massive size was barely contained by the expansive forest surrounding them, the crown of his glorious head jutting well over the treeline at full height.

    Whispers coalesced into chants inside the ancient dragon's mind, as he begrudgingly called upon the life and illusory magic that the Elves had shared with him so very long ago. His massive form diminished rapidly, seemingly whisked away by a stray breeze. What stood in Tiernoch's place was not a dragon, but a slender and dark-haired man, dressed in fine robes and gaudy jewelry that denoted an elegant presence. There was no hiding the eyes of a kingly dragon, however, as that burning gaze remained.
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  10. [​IMG]

    With his arms folded before his chest, he was standing just inside the city, observing the carriage that was brought by the many orcs and humans that they had enslaved throughout the years. They knew of the brutality he brings, and the wrath he would show them if they strayed from their path. He noticed how they barely were able to bring such a heavy carriage inside, but they lost the balance and one of the wheels supporting it fell off, which irked him very much. "You fools!" He uttered, followed by him raising his palm against one of the slaves just before him. Terrified by what he would do, they screamed and covered their faces. He utilized a very small portion of his magic to literally drag the human towards him. Holding him by his neck. "Am I that terrifying?" He asked, before he broke his neck and threw him to the side for the dogs to eat. He did not wait for an answer, because, the moment they angered him, he had to make an example out of the poor souls, and today, the man he just killed, was the unlucky one. "Get back to work!" He continued. Moments later, he turned around, away from the slaves and the carriage, though behind him, there were two tall gates that lead into Dinivia. They were slowly closing before he started to venture away from it and more deeper into the city. Tilting his head backwards, from the corner of his eyes, he stared at the dead corpse and ordered the guards to drag it to the depths of the city, where they could feed it to beasts they had.

    Melech had already noticed, or rather, he saw how the Old One, Tiernoch disappeared from Dinivia, from just outside the gates, earlier. 'What is the Old One thinking?' He curiously thought to himself as he walked. It piqued his mind, because his ears and eyes were everywhere in the city. As one of the most trusted men his Master has, it was his job to know absolutely everything, especially for what they had planned next. Melech made his way towards the Sorcerer, however, he wanted to find his own Dragon, Scylla, on the way. Because, right now, following Tiernoch would be a wise decision. In the end, that beast the Sorcerer had "tamed" was after all, a Dragon. He could not be trusted so easily, not when he had such knowledge throughout his own life-span.


    Dhuun, one of the oldest Dragons in the new Age, was currently in his human form, inside Nifora, mingling with the Humans, Orcs and the Elves. They did not know about his human form, but he was there, to observe and have fun. Yes, have fun. He was walking down the streets and noticed how there were so many shops down his path. He liked food, especially human food, or even elven food. The inferior species made him chuckle, but they also piqued his curiousity. His long golden hair fluttered throughout the windy breeze. He tilted his head towards the sky, only to notice the nice and lovely weather they had. The blue sky was mesmerizing, along with the sun shining down upon Nifora. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth before he decided to stop by one of the shops that sold some fruits. Unfortunately for him, he did not have the currency to actually buy one, but the salesman was quite busy, because his little shop was very popular. He folded his hands behind his head and started to whistle. Looking to his side, with his eyes averted from the salesman before him. He slowly walked through the crowd and quickly grabbed one of the apples they had. Having done that, he turned around, and kept whistling as if nothing was wrong. Looking at the sky, he hid the apple behind his clothes and started to walk down the street, only to later run. "Woohooo!" He cheerfully screamed out. Seconds later, he stopped in his tracks, scanned the apple before taking a big bite. The juicy taste was extremely good. "Mmmm.. This fruit is interesting.." He whispered to himself, though he could sense that the people around him were eyeing him out. To them, he must've been seen as a weirdo, after all, who does something like that in the middle of the streets.

    If people knew who he really was, they would definetely be baffled by the thought of him being the Golden Dragon, who from time to time hovered over their city. Little did he actually care before he devoured the apple in his hand. Albeit, he knew there were more of his kin around the world, because he was not the only one alive, but, right now, he decided to leave the city and back into his "cave". It was time to slack off and do something useful. Though in his mind, "useful" meant that he would just relax in one of his well made hideouts. He was not interested in transforming back to his usual form, but even if he did it in the middle of the streets, the people around would panic. "I guess I should take my leave..."
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    The doors of the gate were open. Lemiwaux hurried her bulky, Orcish form through just before the massive, metal doors thundered shut. Her dark eyes scanned the area, saw the dead form of a man being dragged away by guards, all in front of a massive cart which hauled supplies. Her sword tucked away, Lemiwaux fell into line for the moment, appearing obedient as every other, though certainly not as fearful. She had infiltrated the city before, under the same guise she had used thousands of times. There was no need to worry, no need to panic. Large nostrils flared with each inhale and exhale, a green-grey barreled chest heaved. The guise was working.

    A tall figure of a man clad in dark armor caught Lemiwaux's attention. She knew this man, knew him somehow. He was a best man, second in command, well trusted -- and a dragon rider. A deep frown formed around extruding teeth from the Orc guises undercut. It was a chance. She could continue to kill a few Orc slaves, in the shadows, on her way out. Play it safe. Or she could attack this man, Melech. Take the risk. An all too elven heart pounded in the Orcish chest, her mind wanting to race. Kill him. Kill him. Slay him for the princess.

    Lemiwaux broke away from the group of Orcs and Men pulling the cart, barely snuck past the guards hauling the body. She had Melech in her sighs, her large hand on her old and trusted blade. The blade had no name, she had never seen a reason to name it. It was useful, it had served her well, she trusted it, but there was no reason to name it. Lemiwaux wasn't a romantic.

    She followed him as inconspicuously as a master assassin, a skilled hunter. Dark, Orc eyes covered her vibrant golden ones. She was getting closer, she just needed somewhere where it would be harder for any assistance to come to him.

    Lemiwaux maneuvered herself to be in front of the man in a more or less crowded part of town. Large furnaces burned with molten metal for shaping weapons. Carts full of supplies rolled here and there, a human man pounded a hammer against an anvil. This was perhaps not the place for swords, so hers was forgotten in her disguise as she began to lumber into Melechs path. In concordance with the others, she kept her eyes to the ground, but she knew exactly where he was and where they would collide. A hand reached into her leather pouch and she produced a small shank, something just long enough. Lemiwaux knew what Divinian armor was made of, and she knew where the most vulnerable places would be. She could do this, she knew it. She walked only a few feet away. The shank was hidden, her eyes were still directed towards the dirty, dusty ground. Just a little closer.

    When the distance was closed enough, Lemiwaux lunged, thrust her small weapon at his throat. A single, slurred and inaudible word was muttered from her dark green lips, a spell to swipe the air from in front of him, to take his breath away. Gold shone through her black, Orcish eyes, though just a glint as she attacked. A single swipe, a single try. If this didn't work, she would die. If she didn't die, then, she would run. If she ran, she needed to be quick, and quick she was even now. She didn't move like an Orc, didn't move like someone who weighed over two hundred pounds as her body did. Up close, it was apparent...
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  12. Shin-ak saw the great dragon being following by a greenish scaled dragon. This intrigued Shin-ak greatly to the point where he started to lose control of his glider. The great winds from both of the dragons were pushing him to far back. He now had to start flying in a lower level he then looked around, trying to find a safe path to fly without losing sight of Tiernoch in the woods. Seeing Tiernoch land was the perfect opportunity for him to land and keep a close eye on the Dragon. Shin-ak landed the glider about 30 feet away with in the forest line right outside of Selvana. With Shin-ak having his back turned to the great opening were Tiernoch landed, this was the moment Tiernoch changed forms. When he turned around and looked around he didn't see any sign of the great dragon. Shin-ak ran quickly the clink and clank of his armor was very easy for anyone in the general facility could here. Shin-ak then saw a man with a weird tan colored skin this confused Shin-ak because Tiernoch was just landing there, there was no way Tiernoch could of sense Shin-ak he had a magical glider yes, but he was suppressing him power to the best of his ability. "You there? Have you seen any dragon around here?" Shin-ak asked the man not knowing this was a dragon using his own magic to change his form. Shin-ak was still looking around trying to at least get maybe a glimpse of the dragon Tiernoch. Before he ever heard what the man could say, he started running towards Selvana. This was going to be difficult. Shin-ak probably will be sensed as an evil being before he was ever allowed into the nation's square. Shin-ak breathed in and out to calm his mind. He was calming his mind to hide his presence of darkness and be allowed to walk into the city without anyone noticing his presence. Once Shin-ak finally felt like he finished concealing his presence he started walking through the front gate. "What a great way to walk through the enemies’ territory but through the front gate." Shin-ak said while he smiled as he was walking though the front door of the gate. This might just be the greatest accomplishment or the great mistake Shin-ak made.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Appoline rolled her azure eyes once more at her advisers overly worried yammering next to her about profits ect, this was one part she didnt like about being queen. The never ending stream of problems that seemed to come to her doorstep, not that she didnt like helping her people. But she wasnt one to sit on her throne-like she was doing right now, and deal with paperwork and talk to nobles, aristocrats, and basically the boringest people her adviser could find. Her gaze roamed from the document she had been looking at to the sun shining in through the window a couple yards from her, she was currently in her castle located in Selvana. Oh how she longed to go out and actually get her hands dirty with real work, not just discussing others doing it.

    Noticing App had stopped paying attention, again her adviser made a very pointed "ahem", when she turned her attention back to him he was giving her his usual disapproving frown. She couldnt help but grin and wink at him, she loved to tease the older cadger. Before she could comment though a couple of her guards led in an array of villagers from her kingdom, mostly men it looked like. Stopping in front of her they all bow to her saying in unison "Queen Appoline" waving their formal greeting away with a light gesture of her hand and a gentle smile the small group straightens up from their bow.
    "Well hello there lords and ladies, what might I help you with this day? Is something the matter?" Her voice was gentle and smooth, a deeper octave than most girls but still feminine.

    The crowd nods and proceeds to explain to her that many people have gone missing or found dead in a large forest not too far from here, the cause of the deaths was unknown. The only thing they knew was the bodies looked to of been burned and attacked by some kind of beast. Frowning Appoline listens to the villagers intently, despite her carefree attitude most the time she was a great ruler, and a strong warrior. Once they finished with their worries and explanation she tells them she will look into it personally and sends them on their way.

    Once they depart her adviser gives her a stern frown "Lady Appoline you know its far to dangerous for you to venture into such a mysterious place, why not send some of your knights to look into it?" And there it was, her usual fun-killing adviser ever here to ruin her chance of freedom from the confines of her castle. Well she wasnt going to let him have his way this time. Rising from her ornate throne that looked to be made of pearl white marble with intricate elven carvings all along the sides, the arms were gilded with gold as well was the top part of the back rest, a red velvet pillow adorned the seat so her tookus wouldnt be completely numb by the time she rose from the awful fancy throne. It really wasnt her style, though she did admire the beauty and craftsmenship of it, she preferred the simple beauties in life.

    Appoline gives her adviser-Herroy a brilliant smile
    "Now now, have some faith in your queen dear Herroy, I have been in a battle or 2 you know. Are you going to make me a liar after I just promised my people I would see to it myself? I think not." Her voice held a teasing tone to it as she walked toward her chambers to prepare for her journey. Leaving poor Herroy sputtering and huffing in her wake.

    Once Appoline was set and ready to go along with 2 of her best warriors, sitting atop a brilliant white mare with a mane and tail the color of aqua blue. She rides out of her city her "escort" following close behind her, heading straight toward the forest in question.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Such strange powers came from within the cave, the elf could sense it clear as day, and even now as she stood there, her hand on the rock...she could feel the power swirling. The ground rumbled beneath her feet, and with that the boulder before her vibrated, and then crumpled to a pile of rubble opening the cave's mouth. This little happening seem to excite Gaoth as wind turned up all around her, pulling gently at her hair, and tugging at her brightly colored gown. A sigh came from the woman's lips then as she grasped Avidia's hilt tight, and peered curiously into the cave's entrance. So far nothing could be seen, and so she figured that the cave went further into the mountain, whatever held this power lying in it's belly.

    Tiriel stepped into the cave entrance, eyes not yet used to the darkness...which only made it that much darker. Snapping her fingers a few times, she felt the heat build in her body before the smallest of flames licked at her fingertips. It wasnt a bonfire, but the small flame was really all she needed to look around the cave, and see that the walls were smooth, the ground trodden as if someone had lived here for many, many years. A wind crept along the cave floor, pushing her feet along as if her mother spirit were pushing her forward to something she so desperately needed. And deep in the pit of her stomach, she felt that she needed it as well....and it was drawing her closer.

    "By the gods, I swear not to harm you. Gaoth as my witness, and mother, I give oath that you are safe."

    Not much else could be said as her voice echoed deep into the belly of the cave. Whatever lie in waiting there would surely show itself. Whether it be friendly was another matter all together, and Tiriel was more than ready to call upon her father, and mother spirits to aid her in the winds of a fiery battle.


    The Mighty Molten Princess sat upon her perch, claws picking, and prodding at the working slaves as boredom continued to flow through her. Soon enough, the safety of these little insects would be in question, and they knew by the look in her molten, brimstone eyes that she was silently debating whether a snack was in order or not. Nothing of interest ever happen in this metal fortress, nothing that would entertain her but the smug look on The Master's face when his scheme became closer, and closer to a reality. Even the look of pure adoration, and loyalty Melech gives the mighty king was something of a marvel to witness. She'd grown fond of her rider, and his blind loyalty to the king. Loyalty was something to be reveled for....not so much something she could say she was. A dragon could only be so loyal to a mere mortal creature.

    This thought caused the mighty body of Scylla to rumble with a grating, dragon laugh. She wondered where her human was, and what poor souls crossed his path this day. The dragon rose from her perch, and simply fell sideways off of the wall. Twisting her body into a swift roll, she extended her wings just before she hit the ground, and swooped up from the pits of the fortress, the panicked screams, and bellows of orc, and human alike music to her ears. She now soared high above the fortress, eyes scanning its people until they found that familiar crimson, and onyx armor. But her little human seemed to be is a small tussle with an orc. So one of the brainless insects finally built up the courage to fight back. Finally a bit of amusement for her to enjoy. Scylla didnt bother to help Melech, he was capable of that on his own, but she did make it a point to perch her body on the building right above the two, eyes intently gazing at that lovely little blade the grotesque creature held within her hands, lunging for an armored throat.

    Silly girl.

    A grating chortle rumbled in the dragon's own throat as she laughed at this creatures attempt to assassinate the Master right hand man. Surely she would have known better. Surely....this Orc would know that striking Melech from the shadows, striking him from his front, or side would do little against him. Perhaps there was more to this creature than met the eye...and so Scylla looked closer. Caught the glimpse of gold in orc eyes, and it was then that a long, spiked tail reared up from the back of this impostor, not hitting her, but sending a gust of wind strong enough to knock her off her balance as the mighty roar of a now furious dragon echoed throughout the fortress of Dinivia.

    It was one thing for an orc to strike her human, quite another for an imposter to enter this fortress, and attempt to give him death. Orcs came in dozens, and not one of them would dare strike Melech...this girl was something else.​
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  15. [​IMG]

    Drake's legs lied flat against the cold stone floor, holding his long white slender body. Even while on all four legs Drake still remained half his height. Long Grass green hair fell to his tail, giving his whole green eyes a unfriendly first impression. Drake was used to the dark, so he could managed using only his sense of smell and hearing. However, the creature gave off an uneasy amount of power, a similar power that Drake's once beloved friend showed. Slowly the creature made it's way to the central chamber, lighting it's way with a small flame. The cave was indeed small, However it hald 3 rooms, a small room hald the caves entrance, while a large central room sat next to the final room, which was also small in size.

    "By the gods, I swear not to harm you. Gaoth as my witness, and mother, I give oath that you are safe"

    Drake's ears ringed, A feminine voice have found it's way into his prison, unaware of what it faced. "I do not understand this eleven mockery, What do you speak?" Drake's voice roared through the cave, giving a rumble to the unstable walls, However he spoke a language of old, a language long forgotten, the language of ancient elfs.
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  16. "A dragon! I swear, I see a dragon!" the man who had first spotted Slibil nearly stumbled backward as he ran into the town. A few years back they had seen a dragon fly overhead, but not even the old men remembered one being this close.
    "Kill it!" another man shouted, and ran out with a spear. A third man grabbed it from him. "You daft fool!" he scolded angrily, "you don't kill dragons."

    "So I am a dragon," Thought Slibil, "That clears that up." Later she would wonder how she understood these people, but the thought did not yet cross her mind. She approached the town as a child would approach a new animal.

    Within the town, the news was spreading as urgent whispers. "The west side...just outside...a dragon, a real, not that big...remember the one's a different one...can we capture it?"
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  17. [​IMG]

    Melech and his aura, was literally striking the fear down every single slave around the area. A grin was across his face as he kept on walking, his red eyes glaring down the oncoming slaves. Carriages all around the places. The dark and gritty place. It was perfect for him. A sudden rush was felt from behind him. Though before he could react, he noticed a strong gust of wind, coming from a single angle down the sky. His eyes narrowed down before he turned around, though on his way, he was able to glance his dragon, Scylla coming his way. The strong gust of wind must be her doing, he thought to himself. An orc had attempted to take his life, and that was quite surprising. Not a single petty soul would dare oppose Melech. He glared at the Orc, who was know on the ground, and his blade a few meters away. It was then, it struck his mind, Scylla must've seen the Orc. The Orc had been pushed back, rendering his attack useless. He was not close to Melech, nor was he close to this "unusual" Orc. "Hmm?" He uttered, but his red eyes were glaring at the slave before him. In his line of duty, when he was atleast outside Divinia, doing work for his Master, many had attempted to take his life. However, there is but one rule in his book for people like that.

    Do not fail, because if you do, you're death will be painful. You will scream in agony, burn and scratch your own skin off. Melech was not the man he once was. He was the embodiment of evil, though after his Master, the Sorcerer, that is.

    Tilting his head backwards, from the corner of his eyes, he looked at Scylla, who roared like the dragon she was. He smirked at her, before looking down on the petty peasant before him. With a flick of his index finger, he drew the Orc closer ot him. He was staring right at him, who was literally floating in the air. Melech could control gravity, it was one of the reasons so many feared him. It reminded him, who would do such a thing? He knew that the Elves and the Humans hated him, because they know full well of the Sorcerer's right hand man. This Orc was neither familiar to him, because he knows each and everyone who is a slave there, who he controls, and who they are suppose to fear. He grabbed the man by his neck and tightened his grip, making it harder for him to breath. He brought him closer to his face. "Who are you?" He started, though his gaze was so intimidating, that he could see through this Orc. There was no point in hiding anything from him. Even if Melech is a human, he had cast that side away, long, long time ago.

    Looking right through his eyes, he could see the color gold. It was then, he figured it out. This was not an Orc, but nor did Melech ask who the man before him was. He could see that the eyes were different. Because at such a close range, it wouldn't be hard to see the difference. This was an imposter, someone else. Perhaps a Human or even an Elf. There is only but magic in this world, that could be utilized in such a way, to become someone else, change your form. "Better yet, WHAT... Are you?" He asked, though his voice was quite strong and heavy. Melech was curious to how this "Orc" would answer, because his fate was now sealed. Death was the only option, but before that, he wanted information. His grip was more tightened than ever, but it was merely so this "assassin" would show him his true nature, his true colors.


    Dhuun was walking down the street as some guards walked past him. Some of them even bumped into him, not giving a care in the world. Something unsual must've happened. Though they went in the opposite direction from him, towards another entrance to the city. "Geez, these species.. They are so rude!" He whimped, before he tilted his head backwards, looking at them fading away into the streets from his golden and charming eyes. He paid no mind to where they were going, because right now, he was about to exit the city, go to his own little lair and relax. Moments later, he approaced the big tall transparent gates with fences around them. It was a beautiful view, because the city was quite elegant but also heavely guarded. Even their walls were so.. mesmerizing. It was a prosperous city. With his hands folded behind his back, he nonchalantly walked towards the exit, but just as he approached it, he heard some common people speaking. His ears were drastically drawn to the conversation. It piqued his interest greatly.

    "Hey, did you know, they spotted a dragon.."

    "What, they did? Where?.. I've always wanted to see a dragon from close range."

    "Do you think the Niforan Guards will capture it?"

    "What are you talking about.. They will probably try and talk to it, perhaps even befriend it!"

    "Yeah.. Sorry, you're probably right. In our day and age, dragons are very important."

    "That they are, moron.. Why do you think the Golden Dragon has never attacked us?"

    "Now that you mention it, he just hovers and flies around the city from time to time."

    "And he's very big too, but enough about that, lets go and check it out, it may even be him!"

    "Yes, and maybe bring some food.. We'll give it some!"

    "On our way there, I'll stop by my house and bring the leftovers from yesterdays dinner."

    "Alright, lets go!"

    The young commoners rushed off in the same direction as the guards earlier. It was the right thing to do, listening in on them, that is. Dhuun stood there as his eyebrow raised in curiosity. Who else, beside him could it be? It may be some of his kin he has seen before. Maybe some of his kin finally decided to speak to these inferior species. He chuckled to the thought of it, but he also wanted to check out the dragon. Was it someone he was familiar with? Was it the Old One? Nah, it couldn't be, because if it was him, he'd be able to notice him above the wall, due to his massive size, that is. He turned around, facing the gates leading out the city. Though just outside it, he noticed a dragon, but he was very small in size. Apparently, the guards and the people of this city must've gotten the wrong information, or maybe they didn't. What if there were two dragons? He jogged his way towards this litte drake before him. Though he was in his human form, but could easily deduce that the one before him, was basically newborn or not so experienced in such a world before them. A smile came across his face before approached it. "Well, hello there, little one. Why are you here?" He started, before he turned around, and scanned his surroundings, wondering if anyone was there. Hopefully, for now, he saw no one. His golden eyes gazed back at the drake again. "You can speak right?" He giggled to the thought of it, because the drake was quite interesting. "Maybe you are the one they are looking for?" He finished, wondering why he was approaching the city. His eyes were closed, but a smile was across his face.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Luna was making her way through the rambunctious city located in Nifora, she had errands to run today for her profession. Her long silky near white blonde hair fell down her back in waves, stopping just above her thighs. Her turquoise green eyes scanned the streets and vendors smiling softly at the variety of people there. Stopping at a vendor that sold herbs along with other things for alchemists and medicine women such as herself, she catches a glimpse of bright gold out the corner of her eye. Looking to where the beautiful shade came from she noticed a rather different looking man walking down the street toward the entrance to the city, he had medium length golden hair, that must of been what caught her attention. Finding a odd curiosity of this man consuming her she quickly buys a few herbs from the vendor, placing them in the brown pouch that was strapped to her belt at her hip.

    Once she was done with her purchase she quickly looked to see where the strange man went, only catching a glimpse of gold as he turned the corner. Rushing to catch up with him she jogs down the street, seeing him heading toward the entrance she slows down, for a reason she didnt even know herself she started following him. When he approaches a small drake she blinks in surprise, a dragon was here? Why in a city of all places?? What stunned her even more than the drake as how the man casually approached it and started speaking to him/her. That as certainly different, wasnt he surprised, or even afraid? Like the rest of the towns people? Before she knew that she had even moved she was swiftly approaching the man and the drake, stopping just behind the man she suddenly becomes at a loss for words. ​
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  19. image.jpg

    She had been so close to her goal, so close to driving that shank into Melechs throat. But, a gust of wind knocked her back. A large, black dragon tail. Was she really going to fail this badly? After all of these years, was she really so inexperienced? Perhaps it was true, then...

    Don't give up. Don't give in. Slay the beast! Lemiwaux's golden eyes that shone through her guise were full of defiance then, determination. Her large, Orcish hands clawed at Melechs gauntlets, trying to pull him off. Her feet dangled just the few inches from the dirty ground, kicking as she tried to free herself. Her golden eyes turned from his red ones to his mouth, and she focused. Don't give up. Slay the beast! Suffocate the man!

    Melechs airways would suddenly empty as she stole the air from his lungs by force, through the Air Magic she knew. It was nothing more than an act of defiance, however. Lemiwaux's kicks and thrashing became more frenzied. She was suffocating. The concentration she needed to keep her magic working began to fade as she gagged. Orc hands changed back to dainty - yet dirty - Elvish hands as she dug her fingertips into his hand, trying desperately to tear his grip from her throat. She wasn't getting enough oxygen to her head; it was obvious that she was going to suffocate much sooner than Melech. Still, Lemiwaux continued to rip the air from him, trying, without hope. He had to die. The dragon had to die.

    Her kicking and clawing became less frenzied, and her folder eyes rolled back. Lemiwaux's vision faded, starting at the corner like a black vignette, her pulse began to slow.

    All of her magic failed then.

    The Orcs skin changed from the green-grey to the more feminine peach flesh shade, her black hair falling around her face. Her subtle chest wasn't moving, wasn't rising and falling with the intake and expulsion of breath like it should have been. Her grip on his hand was loosening and she had stopped kicking voluntarily.

    There was no way for Lemiwaux to plead for her life, and even if she could she probably wouldn't have. The only thing that was going through her mind was how she was about to fail. She hadn't even managed to get the information she had to the Queen. It wasn't supposed to end like this. She wasn't supposed to die being so useless. So Lemiwaux fought with the last of everything she had. She fought to stay awake, fought to bring that damned dragon on the rooftop back into focus. That dragon needed to die. Lemiwaux needed it dead. A dead dragon was useless to the sorcerer. A dead dragon wouldn't be able to attack the Queen...
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  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The Dark sorcerer could see the one of his greatest riders down below interrogating from the looks of it an orc. But after close examination and patient’s the sorcerer saw that it was just a spy form the “Good nation” no less. The Dark sorcerer Melech, “What do we have here Melech?” he asked having his two robe covered hands crossed behind his back. His white and flashy robe covered his whole face and eyes leaving nothing but a black abyss. “You know I hate it when you let in pests!” he said looking at the dragon implying she should of stopped the spy before any of this happened. The dark sorcerer just looked around bring fear into all the slaves because nothing pleasant ever came out of a visit to the slave grounds.
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