The Adventures of Azura and Ryth

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    Name: Azura Neal

    Azura grew up in a loving home with both her parents. Havingb both parents to learn from she took on a mild form of her mothers tsundere personality. She has an additude and loud personality. Unlike her mother she has no problem showing her kinder side she just doesn't show it for free to strangers. On the other hand she took her fathers ability to get lost in his head causing him to get clumsy. She often does the same lost in thought she tends to not pay attention to her surroundings causing the occasional trip or running into some one.

    She normally wears a tank top of some kind under a open black Cotton jacket. Simple jeans and a pair of hiking boots complete her normal look. She often exparments new looks though while staying in towns through out her journy.

    Pancham male stubborn lvl 8
    Tackle, leer, Arm thrust

    Litleo female loyal lvl 15
    Fire spin, ember, headbutt, noble roar
  2. Name: Ryth Wyfferna

    Age: 18


    Ryth's trademark is the blue hair he got from his mother, but he downplays it as best he can to remain low-key. His eyes, a piercing green to contrast his hair, are another defining feature. Beyond his face, his clothes mask an athletic physique and various wear and tear from his journeys from region to region. Ryth doesn't like people to know who he is, so he often tries to hide his identity as best as he possibly can.

    Personality: Ryth has a rather imposing combination of his mother's fierce combativeness and cunning intellect and his father's rather carefree attitude and street sense. The result is a man that can joke with the best of them, all while secretly plotting the best way to make you cry. Ryth is very cunning when he wants to be, but also tends to be quiet and reserved much of the time. It takes time for him to be comfortable enough to open up more, but when he does he is much more amiable and easy to get along with. His smile, while rarely seen, is bright and heartwarming. The bond he shares with his partner Wivver is undeniably strong, and many of his emotions are tied up with however she is feeling.

    Backstory: Now why would I let you know all my secrets so soon? I have it all down, but I'll tell you as the plot goes on.....


    Wivver: Gabite, Female, lv. 29, Adamant nature
    Dig, Dragon Claw, Sandstorm, Draco Meteor

    Monitor: Helioptile, Rash, Male, lv. 26
    Parabolic Charge, Signal Beam, Glare, Razor Wind

    Claw: Clauncher, Quiet, Male, lv. 27
    Bubblebeam, Dragon Pulse, Smack Down, Flail

    Oh, this is gonna be funnnnn.
  3. The sun was bright and the forest path was empty. Azura walked alone down the path her pancham trailed behind her its small round arms atop it head while it played with the twig in its mouth. Azura 's nose was buried in her nav gear as she scrolled away at the text messages from her mother. Her turquoise tank was hidden under a black light coat jeans hugged her hips while her near empty pokeball belt slumped down on her right side. Her over stuffed back pack was perfectly slung over one shoulder. "Dang it mom, your blowing up my gear." she mumbled as her fingers typed away at the touch screen faster that a rabidash at full sprint. Pancham hummed to each of her self directed mumbles but hardly looked head. Both trainer and pokemon were moving ahead blindly without care. Azura was doing pretty well her feet missed one rock or hole after another, only the slight breeze disrupted her as it blew at her long pink locks.

    Most of the day she moved swiftly and smoothly her average build moving at a semi fast paste. When she wasn't texting her overly worried mother she was watching the latest new going around the trainer channel. Early that evening the sun began to set turning the sky a blue and orange mix the forest darkening by the minute. Pausing to look at the sky se turned to her pancham and smiled "one more hour and we will settle down for the night hum?" she asked him. Pancham nodded before continuing to walk. His little legs working their best to keep up with Azura yet he never seemed to get tired. Azura laughed again at her pokemons stubborn personality. the little guy would never admit to getting tired. Checking her phone again she started to walk blindly once again. All was well, that is until her foot made contact with something on the edge of the path. With a small yelp she plummeted to the earth bellow her face first. Her nav flying in front of her and her pancham calling t a warning that was to late.
  4. Another nice evening spent training in the forest...Ryth had spent nearly a week in the forests around Santalune City; he had touched ground twice in that time span, both times to gather more water. All his companions were up in the trees with him as well; Wivver fared the best, as she had been training alongside Ryth since they first met and knew his tactics. Monitor was doing fine as well, though the slippery branches were giving him trouble. It was Claw that worried him the most. Claw, being a water dweller, had much trouble at first, but was slowly starting to learn to swing from branch to branch. The week was almost up, and Ryth had a wonderful meal planned for the group for all their hard work.

    But something had disturbed the peace. Looking down at the path below, Ryth spotted a girl, likely his age, sprawled out on the ground. She looked alright, at the least, but it looked like her PokeNav had skittered away from her. Odd, Ryth thought to himself. That's not a gadget familiar to the Kalos region....right? It's Hoenn....

    Either way, Ryth nodded at his companions. "Monitor, you go fetch her her fallen PokeNav....Claw, you stay with me for now." He said nothing to Wivver, but knew she would understand. Monitor leapt down to the ground, fetching the device and bringing it to the girl, while Wivver dropped down by her, helping the young lady to her feet. Ryth kept with Claw out of sight for now, watching to see how she might interact. No need to get himself any more involved right now.
  5. Azura's teeth gritted together just before impact. Shock clouded her surroundings at first. slowly her senses came back one after another first her pain. It was mostly her elbows, she must have scraped as she caught her self with them. Of course she had a choice between her arms or her face, any person would choose to protect face. After a few more seconds her sense of direction came back, Yep, she was defiantly face first in the dirt. She let out a small growl as she as she found her voice. The sound of the breeze moving the tree tops hit her first then the sound of the leaves parting and two thuds near her. Before she knew it she felt the claws of a pokemon grip her arms and help her up to only face a rather cute looking pokemon holding her nav gear out.

    "Oh, my gosh you are the cutes thing ever!" she laughed patting the creatures head with out thinking. As she smiled at the small yellow creature her eyes fell on her Nav gear its screen cracked and black. "oh, Crap! My navGear" Her hand flailed about before she grabbed the device and began pressing its side buttons. "No,, No ,, No, Mom is going to kill me . I don't have my new gear yet. Oh, god if I don't answer her text by the end of the week she will fly to this region and hunt me down. " She began to violently shake the device in the air. "Pancham!" her pancham jumped up and slapped her on the back of the head. Azura froze before shyly laughing and rubbing the bump on the back of her head. "Ah, My bad Pancham, but you know mom scares the hell out of us."

    she slowly stood up and dusted her self as pancham began to size up the two pokemon that came to help. "Well," Azura smiled and crouched down to the yellow pokemon in front of her. "Well, little guy you would happen to know how far Lumiose City is from here would you?" Her head tilted with her question. There is no way a pokemon with out a trainer would come out and help a stranger of the ground right? "Hey, Is your partner around anywhere?" she asked again. "I'm kinda lost with out the map on my nav. Do you understand?" her Pancham seemed to be getting annoyed that Azura was asking help from another pokemon and he began to growl before jumping on her should trying to get her attention. "Pancham Pan." He cried. "Pan we need help so stop ." she waved her jealous pokemon of which earned her a glare of death. Azura shrugged before turning back to the other pokemon.
  6. Wivver got caught off guard by the point-blank directness of this girl. Cute? How DARE she call her cute? Wivver fought off the urge to claw this girl for her insolence, and merely pouted instead. Monitor, however, didn't mind being called cute, and gave the girl a warm smile in response to her kind words. Wivver, after recovering, looked the girl up and down. She didn't seem too badly injured, just your normal klutzy move, from the looks of it. Wivver nodded to herself after a successful once-over, glancing down at the rather mouthy Pancham that was apparently jealous of them. Wivver, in frustration, picked up the Pancham and slapped it across the face twice, before growling what could only be interpreted as a chewing out by its elder.

    Ryth had heard everything the girl had said. From what he could tell, this girl was a rather casual trainer...not even worth challenging. However, she also seemed totally lost, from what he was able to tell. She was going to need help just to get to Santalune at this rate, let alone Lumiose. Feeling a pang of pity for her, he nodded at Claw, who hopped down with Ryth in front of the girl.

    "My apologies for dropping in so suddenly." Ryth eyed the girl up and down. She was fairly attractive, he gave her that. But she seemed just a bit ditzy...probably a new trainer. "I heard you are lost. Lumiose City, right? It's pretty simple. Head north to Santalune, then keep going north. You really can't miss it. But it's going to be dark soon, so I might recommend camping for the night." Ryth nodded over at Wivver, who nodded in response and dashed into the woods to collect firewood. "Your Pancham looks to be fairly may not be able to protect you from the Beedrill that roam these woods at night. I would suggest finding protection or shelter soon." Ryth had a hunch he knew who she'd be recruiting as bodyguards.....
  7. Pancham complained as the other Wivver lectured him. Pancham was stubborn but didn't care much for giving another reason for to be yelled at. So, he simply grumbled complaints to himself his arms crossed as he took it. Azura on the other hand was rather enjoying the show hiding a few snickers behind her hand. Snickers that Did not go unnoticed the little panda Pokemon was going to get his revenge on her latter.

    It wasn't until the trainer finally showed himself that she took her eyes off her newest Pokemon. When she glanced to the sound her eyes landed on man around her age with blue hair and a presssnce that made you take a second look. Her normally joyful blue orbs knitted together in thought. As he spoke, She took in his appearance and the way he carried him self figuring out what kind of trainer he was. This man was someone who stayed serious. An Ace trainer, who would want nothing to do with a trainner who carried herself like she did. When he confirmed he didn't want to battle by not bringing one up, her eyes lossend and relaxed. Her normal happy look back on her face.

    "Ah, north I'm only two towns away huh?" She looked down the path before watching his Pokemon run off into the trees. "Well, I should have at least looked at the map on the ship on the way here but their was just so much to do on there. I only glanced at it."

    Now that pancham was free he climbed up Azuras shoulder and sat there studying the man before them. When he mentioned the beedrills causing problem pancham felt insulted. He stood up pulling the twig from his mouth and pointed it at the man. Shaking the twig he began to lecture the man. He wasn't that week no his partner was great at planning and strategy even if she was clumsy outside of battles he would let this guy insult her like that.

    "Pancham!" Azura said a surprised look sprung to life on her face. "Be nice he's just worried. That's all, you are rather young." She scolded her Pokemon causing him to huff and cross his arms and turning away from man. Azura laughed shyly. "Sorry about that! Ah, we were just about to settle down for the night before I decided to face plant on the road like that. I'm Azura by the way, thanks a lot for having her Pokemon help me. It must have been a bother we will get out of your way so you can continue on with your night." She gave a light now before turning back to the north. She really didn't want to bother the man anymore though she also wanted to ask him to give her a hand setting up camp. A sigh escaped her lips as she snuck another look at the man. "Ugh," she grumbled to her self. "I kinda hate camping alone. I mean I'm not worried about Wild Pokemon, Im just not used to traveling alone and all. " she but out the words like it hurt her to ask for help. She hated needing help she knew she was a clutz outside of battle. And though she covered it up with a stupid smile it still bothered her.
  8. Ah, so there was the call for help, at the very end....based on her demeanor and way of speaking, she did seem rather new at the trainer business. Especially if she wasn't prepared for a campout in Beedrill-infested woods. Normally, he would have given this girl the cold shoulder and continued forward on his way, but he wasn't really going much further tonight, and she DID seem rather helpless....

    But first things first. Ryth knelt down to the young Pancham, his expression quiet and thoughtful. "Listen little guy. You're a Fighting type, probably not even level 15 yet. You're not going to lay a scratch on those bug and poison type Beedrill. Now Wivver, my Gabite friend...she's a Dragon type, so she'll probably fare better. Plus, she's a lot stronger than you are. Don't take offense, alright? He gave the little panda Pokémon a pat on the head before standing back up to look at the girl who called herself Azura. Quite ironic, considering he was the one with blue hair.

    "As it so happens, my team and I were going to set up camp for the night here anyways. Since it makes more sense to have strength in numbers, you are more than welcome to join us. And if you just so happen to have a Fire-type, you can make our lives a hell of a lot easier." Wivver had returned, many perfect sticks in tow to make a roaring fire. Ryth calmly removed them from his beloved partner and quickly set up a small clearing, placing the sticks in a stone circle to make his campfire. Did this girl have a fire type, or was Pancham her only partner? He wouldn't put it past her for either to be the case. If she lacked one, Claw could always use Dragon Pulse, but that would take longer and be messier.

    Almost as an afterthought, Ryth glanced back at the girl. "Oh, and by the way, my name's Ryth. I've been a trainer for a while and had more than a battle or two. You'll be safe with me, of that I promise you. However, it would appear we are both tourists to Kalos, if that broken PokeNav is anything to go by..." Ryth, allowing a light smile to cross his face, rolled up his sleeves slightly, revealing the PokeGear native to the Johto region on his wrist. After that brief respite, it was business as usual as his smile quickly faded. "Anyways, if you have a fire-type, I could use it now, otherwise you might want to stand back."
  9. Azura watched the boy a look of ageavassion on her face. As he asked for a fire type she left a sigh escape her lips as her head slumps. "Curse my father for this." She mumbled to her smelt before returning her Pancham to it pokeball. "Rest for a bit Pan, your getting to worked up." She clipped his pokeball back in her belt before calling out another "Leo come on out." Litleo gave a young roar as she emerged before walking up to Azura and setting beside her legged in perfect formation. Azura smiled at this. "You are like my little solider." She teased the Pokemon before looking twords the perfect campfire set up. "Ember." Was all Azura said and Litleo walked to the set up and gently lit it with out causing to much off spray.

    Azura smiled at Leo's self control. She was defentily a loyal and trust worthy partner to have. Leo was smart enough to make her own choices in battle and she listens intently as well. After Leo was done she came back to Azura and lauded down. "Good job girl." Azura petted the Pokemon stop it head before looking back to Ryth. "Yes, I'm not from here. I am going to meet a cousin in the city first. Pick up the local gear they have for me and start my journy." She stretched before stiring down on the ground near the fire. She pulled her back back around to the front of her and bargain to unlatch the sleeping back strapped to the top. Throwing it to the side she began to dig inside of the back. Different things fell out one after another untill she found a bottle of water and stuffed each item back into the bag.

    Leo's ears perked as a small bug flew by. She whinned causing Azura to laugh. "Go play Leo." With that the Pokemon chased the bug around the camp close enough for her tobe watched. "So," Azura found the atmosphere was rather awkward after all she didn't know this man. "Why did you come to Kalos?" She awkwardly laugh after her question fidgeting as she sat on the ground.
  10. Ryth was a bit relieved this girl Azura carried a fire type with her. And a Litleo, no less. Ryth had debated befriending one, but had ultimately decided Pyroars would not fit with him all that well. Still, this meant Claw didn't need to blow up the area with Dragon Pulse. The idea made him chuckly dryly. Standing, Ryth backtracked to the tree he had dropped from, kicking it hard and shaking down his own pack, from which he removed a collapsible grill. Setting this up over the fire, Ryth also took out his planned meal for the group tonight: Steaks for himself, Wivver, and Claw, and some very crisp lettuce for Monitor. He threw the steaks on the roaring fire and gently handed the lettuce to Monitor, who squeaked with happiness and began nibbling on it.

    To answer Azura's question, Ryth looked up at the sky, his emerald eyes clouded in deep thought. "Why does anyone ever really start their journey? Meeting Pokémon, engaging in battle, spending nights out under the sounds romantic when you think about it, doesn't it? But let's face it. The true underlying reason for any trainer when they begin their journey is to get stronger. I mean, would you be content if Pancham and Litleo never grew up into Pangoro and Pyroar? If they just stayed little and weak forever? I doubt it. Just the same for me....While I love Wivver and the others with all my heart, if they never grew stronger as a result of all my care and conviction, I might as well just quit now..." Ryth trailed off, noting how the stars were just beginning to peek out of the darkening sky.

    "But I guess I rambled a bit too much there." Ryth sat back up, his expression calm and collected. Monitor, already done eating, hopped up into Ryth's lap, where he nonchalantly stroked his head, making the Pokémon sigh in contentment. "I forgot to you like meat, or are you a vegetarian? You're our guest, so you're welcome to some food."
  11. She pondered over what he said, but just as she began to answer he cut her off with a second question. "Ah, Uhm I don't normally eat this late. We all ate just a bit ago." she shrugged. "Pancham would take some veggies though hes a gluten." Just as she said Pancham broke out of his pokeball with a humph and sat down roughly beside Aura. Her sky blue eyes looked at the pokemon with such love and compassion before turning to watch Leo trying to catch a bug mid air with little luck. "Leo Wait." just as she said Leo sat down staring at the bug. Azura watched the bug flying circles around her pokemon just a few feet above. Her eyes studied the situation for a few minutes before she counted down. "One... Two .....Now." On her words Leo jumped up catching the bug and bringing it to the earth with her. Azura smiled as leo playfully patted at the bug before letting it go and padding up to her lap to be petted. "You know Ryth. If my pokemon wanted to stay the way they where I would have no problem with that. Of course we plan to get stronger because all three of us want to challenge the gym leaders here." she patted Leo lovingly before she continued. "if they decided they didn't want to I would respect that and just see the sights. " Pancham began to complain and Azura laughed again. " I know Pan you want to get strong." Leo purred agreeing as well. " You too Leo."

    "I became a trainer because growing up I watched my mother have a bond with her pokemon so strong that even my father couldn't completely break it. Of course when she was young she beat the elite for but the champion was out due to a sick family member. My mom went back to a nice city she had travelled through to wait and she met my father there. At first she felt the need to continue her pokemons training and beat the champion. But, her pokemon kept urging her to stay and be happy." Azura laughed at the thought. " To this day she still tells my father if her pokemon ever want to get back out there again she will leave. After I was born she started to add 'I'll take Azura with me." She looked up t Ryth with a smile. "I just want that bond with my own pokemon but I couldn't stay in my home region I couldn't get out of my moms shadow there. I mean ever trainer I meant while I was practicing as a kid would recognize me and go on and on about my mother. It was a pain. "

    Azura sighed shrugging her shoulders. she unrolled her sleeping back and laid back on it looking up at the stars her pink locks sprayed out around her. "It would be nice though to get strong and win the champion title here though." laughing she reached her hand out like she was going to grab some invisible title .
  12. "Who cares about champions..." Ryth had fallen into a dark silence as Azura spoke. With every word, another emotional dagger seemed to strike at his heart, until he simply fell back onto the ground, his eyes and expression dark with stained tears. "Titles are only that, a title. Just because you have one does not mean you are strong." Ryth fished into his pocket, producing a shiny metal object-the Bug Badge. "I already have Santalune Gym's badge. Does being a Gym Leader make you strong? That woman, Viola, was a joke. Monitor won alone without needing any help. All that proved to me is that defeating the Gym Leaders, even the Champion, means little. And yet I still pursue that quest. Why? Because the world won't see you as strong unless you do."

    "You're lucky, Azura. I never got the support you did when starting your journey. All I had was my mother and father telling me I would never succeed as a trainer, my best friend Wivver, and a drive to prove my parents wrong. But it doesn't seem to matter how strong I get. It's never enough." Ryth fished out a few other badges from his pocket-the Knuckle Badge, the Forest Badge, and the Thunder Badge. "These things aren't enough. What is enough? Is the Champion going to be enough? Will ALL the Champions be enough? When will the torture end? When will I finally be strong ENOUGH?"

    Ryth sighed, his tears having stopped for now. "As for the Kalos champion....I'm going to get there before you, and I do not intend to give up that title anytime soon when I do. So you will have to outpace me if you think you've got a shot." Ryth snuck a glance over at Azura, giving her a competitive smirk. "I don't like to talk about my own family. I suffer from a similar problem as yours, but I'm not going to go into any details. I'd rather just sit here and relax for a night."

    The scent of smoke alerted Ryth that his steaks were finished. Carefully removing them from the grill, he handed one to Wivver, which was gone in a second, and the other to Claw, who set off to cut it up with his pincers. Ryth set his on a plate, taking a hearty bite, after handing some lettuce to Pancham with a light smile. "So I figure you're going to challenge Viola tomorrow, then, if you're going after the Champion. Litleo ought to do alright against her, but you might want to find another partner to deal with her Surskit. Pancham won't fare very well against Vivillon, either."
  13. Azuras brows knitted together at his words something made her want to beat him and at the same time to let him win. Sighing she sat up. "Hey get there first I don't care. I'll stay behind you seem to need the title more than me. " The look on her face told him she didn't want to know anymore about him at least not right now. If they split ways in the morning she would have to ever hear it. She didn't want to feel the need to help him like she did with anyone who had a bad past. Grumbling she fell to her side on the sleeping bag. she curled up her arms over her head. " I was going to go to my cousins house first but I could try for a badge first. I'm new with these these two I just barley got them a few weeks before I left. My cousin sent me two eggs via transfer and a few months ago. For those few weeks before I left I trained and trained only getting them to where they are now before I had to go. And beside all Pancham has to do is not get hit right. I'm not so much of a strength and damage trainer as I am a speed and tactical trainer. Though pancham is a bit slow." Pancham grumbled while he nibbled away at his food.

    "Unless you want to train me some oh great Ace trainer." she laughed. "Show me how its done the right way. I mean I watched my mom but he was the same thinking of ways to defeat an enemy without having to many hits hitting her pokemon. All evasiveness no direct hits." she turned to her other side to look at him. seeing if he even laughed a bit hoping to cheer him up just a bit.
  14. Ryth opened his mouth to reply to the girl asking him for a training session, but a distinct buzzing sound kept his attention away. It was close, and getting closer by the second. Taking another big bite of his steak, Ryth turned back to his Pokémon, who were just finishing up their meals. "Guys, we've got company. I want to see Attack Plan Phi Beta Psi, you got it?" Ryth stood straight up, life flowing into his eyes as the thrill of battle brought his full passion to him. This truly was where he excelled, with the prospect of an enemy to defeat, a foe to take down.

    And just like that, the Beedrill were upon them. Ten of them, all furious, clustered into a single group. Ryth's Pokémon quickly got into position, Wivver in front, Monitor in back, with Claw in the center. Ryth nodded, everything proceeding as planned so far. "Alright Claw, Smack Down!" Claw responded in turn, rocks being flung in rapid succession at the pack of bees. Each one was struck in turn and, suddenly flightless, plummeted to the ground. This didn't stop them from charging in, stingers blazing. Monitor closed his eyes, a wind whipping around him, as Wivver stood ready, dashing in and countering their Poison Stings with Dragon Claws of her own. Even ten on one, Wivver knew she could come out on top. Many attacks landed, but her good Defense kept the damage down, and her claws deflected a great deal of the attacks as she bought time.

    All the while, Ryth danced back and forth between the Pokémon, keeping tight to the action, as if he were fighting instead of them. Fire raged in his eyes as he knew the final move was upon them. "NOW!" He shouted as Wivver and Claw both backed out of the way quickly. Monitor took a step forward, and the Razor Wind he charged fired off at the body of bees, nasty cuts opening up on their bodies as the attacks scored hit after critical hit. The Beedrills, exhausted, collapsed in defeat before weakly buzzing off. Ryth was already on the field, giving Wivver a Sitrus Berry to help her recover from battle. "Good job guys. Another good battle." He hugged Wivver tight, patting Monitor and Claw in turn.

    Only then did he realize Azura was still there. "Sorry about that, I get into my battles...but I suppose that could be lesson number one in battling without evasion. I focus just as heavily on teamwork as I do solo never know how or when you're about to fight."
  15. Pancham was watching more than Azura was of course though she did watch his pokemon. Pancham would benefit more by that fighting style. Litleo on the other had had the speed and reflexes to avoid multiple attacks. "I don't have many team battles but I will try to remember that I'm going to sleep first. I take watch second is that okay?" she asked "most the beedrill will nest after midnight. I was planning to sleep after midnight if I camped alone. Even if it seems like I'm a bit of a ditz I'm not hopeless you know. I could see what your first though of me was in your eyes.." She huffed before kicking her shoes off and getting into her sleeping bag. She stared up at the sky counting the stars while thinking. She turned to look at her sleeping pancham his little head was propped up aginst a tree trunk his paw on his belly. "For Pancham I will have to change my battling style I know that but I feel like I never put enough though into a pokemon with slower reaction time until he hatched. I just don't want to fail him. I normally wouldn't ask a stranger to camp with me but I'm scarred I will let Pancham get hurt." she sighed closing her eyes. "Do you understand that Ryth?" She let her mind wander to what he said earlier she did need a third pokemon . Maybe when her watched started she would walk around a bit.
  16. Ryth said nothing for the time being, but cracked a smirk at Azura when she wasn't looking. Saw what his first impression of her was? Perhaps she wasn't such a lost cause after all? Either way, Ryth glanced up at the sky as Wivver scaled the nearest tree. "Don't worry, my friends will keep watch for now." He lied back on the ground, sighing. "This may surprise you, but I was never really the best battler. Back when I was a little younger, I couldn't even beat your average Pidgey. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to become as good as I am now. And I still have so far to go...but while you might be weak now, one can always get stronger. That's the beauty of Poké Pokémon will ever be weak forever."

    "Take Claw for example. The poor guy was found in the beach near Sandgem....a trainer had abandoned him in the ocean and he drifted from Kalos to Sandgem all alone with no food. I found him there and knew he needed help....I took sight of the weak, sick Pokémon and knew with a little love and care, he could be just as strong as any Clauncher out there. And look at him now...." Ryth watched Claw practice his Bubblebeam move, striking a tree hard enough to shake it violently. "I guess what I'm saying is....don't give up on yourself. With a little guidance and a lot of work, you'll get there one day."
  17. Azura smiled at his words before yawning. Her eyes watered a bit while she yawned her hand moved to wipe them away the moisture. "Good night Ryth. I'll wake up in a few hours to take over watch." With that she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

    After a few hours she began to toss and turn mumbling a bit in her sleep. Than as if she woke from some startling dream she sat up quickly. Lolling around with half open eyes her hair stuck out in different directions. She didn't stop looking around until her eyes fell on Ryth. Mumbling to her self she stretched "is it my turn now?" She didn't speak to loud in case he had fallen asleep she didn't want to wake him.
  18. Ryth was found underneath a large tree, snoozing away peacefully. In reality, lack of sleep had finally caught up to him, and he had at last drifted off. Wivver and Claw, however, remained vigilant, watching over Ryth, Monitor, and Azura. Wivver took calm steps towards her charge and nodded, giving her unofficial command of the guard operation. With a sigh, Wivver joined Ryth and Monitor, closing her eyes and attempting to get some sleep. Claw, however, stayed by Azura's side, prodding her leg with his claw-it appeared he wanted to continue to keep watch.

    Ryth's head rested on Wivver now as he unconsciously stroked Monitor, a peaceful expression on his face; it was no understatement to say he looked far more at peace with himself in sleep. All the day's stresses and worries melted off his face, leaving just calm contentment. It was a soothing sight.
  19. Azura looked at claw then back at Ryth realizing he was fast asleep. She mumbled before crawling out of her sleeping bag and to her back pack. She unzipped it making a mess like always. She dug to the bottom and pulled out a plush sky blue blanket. Standing up she carried it over to Ryth. "Eh he looks so peaceful." She whispered before kneeling down and unfolding the blanket. She lauded it over the him as he rested on wivver. "You love your Pokemon." She whispered again before beginning to stand up.

    She walked back to her sleeping bag and sat down Leo waking up and moving to her lap. "I guess I won't go for a walk to nights. Claw you got this right? Wake me in the morning please. She patted the Pokemon lovingly before snuggling back down into her sleeping bag.
  20. Morning came with the cawing of the nearby Fletching nest, rousing Ryth from sleep gently. His peaceful expression remained for a moment as Wivver and Monitor were still snuggled in around him. What a perfect way to wake up, Ryth thought to himself. And over off by a tree stood Claw, as vigilant as ever. He chuckled lightly to himself. "Well Claw, you do like to be the tough one." He rose slowly, not waking the others, and gave Claw an affectionate hug, which Claw squirmed in, but secretly always enjoyed. The fire had died down overnight, and Ryth began packing up his things as he noted this. Wivver helped with the grill, and Monitor, yawning drowsily, picked up some of the stray litter here and there. With himself all packed, he nodded at Claw. "Okay, do it now."

    Claw used his Bubblebeam, spraying a mess of bubbles in a cloud all over Azura and Pancham. At once, all the bubbles popped, spraying the sleeping form of Azura with lots of water. "Wake up Pokémon Master! If you want to come with me to Santalune or go Pokémon hunting, you're wasting daylight!" Ryth knew he was starting to open up to this girl a bit. He didn't mind; even with her quirks, she seemed like a nice girl, one he wouldn't mind too greatly accompanying him if she so chose. He secretly hoped she would.
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