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  1. The city of Belmore, Kentucky.


    Sightings of lycans were rare and generally disregarded as myths. As for the missing persons reports? Few in number, and it was a city after all. People disappear sometimes in larger cities. Recently, however, this all changed when a couple of rogues were caught killing in public. People are aware of their existence, and they are terrified. The city officials have done their best to keep this news quiet and restrict it from reaching the eyes and ears of the public.

    A lab has been set up, hidden away in the woods at the edge of town. The only access is a dirt road somewhere past city limits. The lab has been surrounded with electric fences too tall for a wolf to jump over, and gates blocking the road in. One of the wolves captured is being kept here, they ran experiments on the beast and developed an intravenous drug that is wildly addicting to lycanthropes but ineffective on humans. Just one dose is enough to hook a werewolf to the point of enslaving them- they will do ANYTHING for their next fix. Without another dose they will experience immense amounts of pain and anxiety. While the drug courses through their system, a lycan will experience increased strength, smell, and hearing. They become prone to fits of rage and bloodlust.

    Scientists have begun releasing addicted lycans for a few hours at a time with instructions to either kill other werewolves, or recruit them for further testing by trickery or force. The plan is to annihilate the population.

    Will they succeed, or will the werewolves find a way to save their species?


    **Standard rules apply.
    **Romance allowed, but if you want to get graphic please take it to PM.
    **Always welcoming new RP'ers into the story, but post your info in the OOC thread first.
    **Be aware the story will be better if some death occurs... you may play multiple characters, but let some death and addiction happen occasionally! ;)
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  2. A woman stands leaning against the wall casually, blue eyes staring into space. Her arms are folded across her chest. As the angry snarls reached her ears, she began to ponder the experiments she had been taking part in. It would, indeed, be wonderful to rid the city of such fear and loss. Mothers could let their children play outside without worrying for their lives. People could feel less afraid to walk the streets at night.

    But was this really so black and white? Destroying an entire species couldn't be good for biodiversity. What would happen to other animals- and people- if these lycanthropes were gone? Perhaps the deer population would grow, thus there would be more disease spreading ticks and parasites, starvation for larger herbivore populations.. Who knows? Maybe even-
    "You're still here?" The man's voice startled her. She turned her attention to him with a smile. "Yeah, just about to leave for the night," she answered.
    "Good, go get some rest. I'll walk you out," her colleague offered.

    The woman shrugged off her white lab coat and hung it neatly over the back of her desk chair. She wore dark blue jeans and a soft purple scrub shirt. After locking her desk up and grabbing her purse, they began to walk toward the doors. She pulled the black scrunchie out of her hair, releasing the blonde waves to fall around her ribs. "I'm good to walk out on my own, my car's just around the corner there." She told him. He asked if she was sure, and she nodded.
    She made her way to the jet black third generation camaro and unlocked the doors. After tossing her things in the passenger seat, she leaned against the door frame. For a moment, she looked up to admire the stars on this chilly, early autumn evening and took a deep breath of the fresh air.
  3. Quiet night, she thought. A 23 year old lady sat in the corner of the small bar on the west side of Belmore. She watched what few customers there were with mild amusement. There was the typical bar fly loud mouth, the fake blonde in clothes that were far too tight to be attractive sitting next to him, the guy who was probably a jock in high school, now chunky and balding, who was buying rounds. She waved to the bartender that she'd like another, and downed the rest of her Gentleman Jack and Dr. Pepper. "Double, please." She called to the young girl behind the bar. Emerald eyes continued to gaze about the bar, thinking about her course of action. She was new in town, just travelled in from the west. She never stayed in one place long, just long enough. She'd make a few bucks somehow, maybe explore a bit, stir up some trouble in the typically dull world of the humans, and head back to the woods.
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  4. The door of the bar opened, a young man stepped in. He looked like he had once been respectable, but had fallen on hard times - nice clothes, but dirty and crumpled, haggard look. He gave a quick, sharp-toothed to the bartender, ordered a drink, and sat down. He looked around - not in a ordinary fashion, more like he was looking for someone. As soon as he set eyes on the other lady in the bar, he grinned his sharp, tight little grin, then turned back to his drink without a word.
  5. Starr. A werewolf once human. God, that was so far back, it seemed like- even if a few years. Had she known better, Starr would've ran away from Belmore as soon as she felt that blinding rage hit her. It scared her, though. If she had decided to run away beforehand, she'd never be able to achieve what she wanted to do in life- becoming a Forensic Scientist. Knowing she had been one of the victims in that blood spree, curiosity spread like the Bubonic plague. She wanted to know more about why a werewolf had attacked her that night. She wanted to know more about the evidence, about how humans transformed into werewolves when bitten, what kind of changes they went through- but that last one was probably dead meat. She already understood what they went through- she'd experienced it herself.

    Starr stood up from her computer, turning on the power save button, and ending up not finishing her email to boyfriend, Ryan. Inside her apartment, she grabbed a bottle of vodka and mixed that with cinnamon schnapps before heading over to her couch. A nice relaxing night was what she needed after many hours of her university's lectures. Remote in hand, she pressed the red button to power the TV up. Her eyes immediately narrowed at the news displayed. Another killing and... Oh goodness, was that her face? It looked like it. Before the juicy stuff was even brought up, Starr turned the TV off without so much as a gasp. How did they know? How did they know... she was one of them? It must've been the DNA they swiped up, but she couldn't even remember going out last night as a werewolf or killing anyone screaming 'bloody murder' and tearing them to shreds.

    What did this mean? What did this mean for her career? Her boyfriend? Her life...?
  6. The dark haired woman thanked the bartender as she set her double whiskey on the small table. Kaede's gaze followed the petit barkeep to another table where a man had just sat. Curiousity played upon her features for a moment before she turned back to the drink in her hand. Black finger nails drummed lightly against the glass. She zoned out on the electric blue streaks in her polish. Wolf, maybe... something peculiar about him though.. She thought, allowing her keen senses to keep tabs on him. He smelled like a wolf, that was for certain. Even in such a small bar where the disgusting stench of human alcoholics masked almost everything, she could still tell he was her kind. She had just barely caught what looked like a smirk in her direction.. Had he meant it for her, or was he checking out the humans, as she was? They were like fish in a bowl, after all. Quite colorful and sometimes entertaining.
  7. The man drained his drink quick, apparently staring at the wall and avoiding eye contact. When he was done, he didn't get another, but quietly sat, waiting. He was persistent. He could wait. If he didn't wait, he wouldn't get his dose, anyway. Though he was nervous about being in such a place. He remembered once when his dose had gotten the better of him and... well, he had resorted to burning the body afterwards. He made a point not to eat human. He prided himself on such things. He was also patient. He could wait for the other to make the first move. Gave him time to think.
  8. Kaede sipped on her drink, noting through peripheral vision the other wolf was seemingly staring at nothing. Odd. Surely he was aware of her. Perhaps there were more lycans in the area than she initially thought? Multiple packs, even.. that would be interesting. The loud mouth human was rambling about some bar on the other side of town, trying to convince Desperate-Girl to go. Kaede nearly laughed aloud at his display of "game", or so he thought it was. He sounded ridiculous. But the human woman fell for it. Realizing the main entertainment was about to leave, she decided she'd do the same. Kaede finished off her whiskey, got up, and leaned over the wooden bar that so desperately needed refinished. Making sure the bartender saw, she dropped a $20 by the well. "Keep the change." Turning on her heel, she strode past the table where the male wolf sat. She shot him a coy look and a half-smirk as she walked out the door. She walked down the road, headed toward the busier part of the city. If the wolf didn't follow, as she suspected he would, she could have fun scoping out the night life. Now she had to know how many others there were here.

    Jennifer got in her camaro, and started the engine. It rumbled to life like the low pitch of an excited horse. Slowly, she made her way down a series of dirt roads before eventually finding the highway back to the city.
  9. The man didn't get up for a few seconds. After a few more seconds, he stood, dropped some money on the counter, and left. He grinned to himself. It was obvious that the other, at this rate, already knew of him. Why bother hiding? He followed the other, hanging back slightly, but not attempting to conceal himself in the slightest.
  10. Starr stood up, tilting the glass in he hand towards her lips. She growled slightly in irritation- none. Walking back over to the counter, she had planned to get another drink, but found out she had nothing left. "Well, for the love of god. This day just keeps getting better and better." It wasn't even morning or evening. It was nighttime. Starr grabbed her bottle and walked outside, tossing the bottle into the recycling bin. Her lips pursed in thought- maybe a drink at the bar would be satisfying. She headed back inside her apartment, shutting the door behind her. A quick shower and casual clothing would do- she stripped down to nothing and turned on the shower, warm nearing hot, but not too hot. It felt good. This would be a nice night, considering she wouldn't get caught, as long as she remained inconspicuous. However, she knew the risks. She knew them and was prepared to face them...
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  11. As Jen drove past the first bar on her way into the city, she saw Ridley. She started to pull over, but decided against it when she realized he was trailing a young woman. Instead, she raised her hand to wave as she went by. He was one of their subjects at the lab, one she was somewhat fond of. Jen secretly wished he hadn't been drawn in, he wasn't one to kill humans typically. It didn't seem quite fair. This started her mind back on the process of questioning her role in all this. The woman made her way to the nicer apartment building in town, parked in her usual spot and gathered her things from the passenger seat.

    A smug smile appeared on the woman's face briefly as the sound of footsteps came to her ears. There was no need to turn around, she knew who it was. "So, is there anything fun for our kind to do here in the big city?" She asked aloud, while still facing ahead. She continued walking at a casual pace. He would know what she meant. The fact he followed most likely meant he was aware of her.
  12. Starr continued to wash herself, taking a little longer than usual before she finally decided to step out of the shower. Taking a white towel to her chest, she gazed at herself in the mirror, running her fingers lightly across a visible and somewhat faded scar on the front of her shoulder, above her chest. It had been a while since she'd brought it up to her attention, but when she saw it, she remembered. The recollection shattered her emotionally, although now, she held an indifferent view on the past event. Tearing her eyes away, she began to get ready for the night. Starr put her long and luscious blond hair back in a high ponytail with a bump on top, slipped on some tight dark blue bootcut jeans, and wore a scarlet-colored v-shaped tanktop that tied at the neck, and threw on her faded blue jean jacket, which matched the color of her jeans. Sandals on her feet, she gave herself one last look in the mirror and added some finishing touches to her outfit for the night- simple diamond earrings, light pink blush, and a small but warm smile. Perfect.

    Starr grabbed her car keys from the kitchen counter, unlocked her front door, and walked out. Her eyes gazed out into the night, fear nipping at her heels. Starr shook her head from those thoughts and shut the apartment door behind her, then locked the door up. Cautiously, she made her way over to the steps to head downstairs toward her car. Her eyes looked nowhere but down at the asphalt and with her slight head turn, tried to make her face not visible to anyone, for she had no knowledge of which scientists lived in her area or even the apartment herself. Starr did her best to remain inconspicuous, trying to stay confident in the fact that she would not get captured, but deep down, she had a feeling. A feeling that held more negativity than positivity.
  13. Ridley grinned, nodding his head in the direction of the passing car. Jennifer. A scientist that didn't seem as sadistic as the rest, at least to his mind. Someone he had respect for. He shook his head slightly. Focus on the job. "Not much," he called out. "Especially since we've garnered a bit of a... reputation around here. They've... been quite studious, to say."
  14. Just before Jennifer was about to get out of the car, she saw another blonde woman walking toward her vehicle. Is that...? Should I approach her...? It looked like the girl in the picture that was posted today. A suspected lycan. It wouldn't be smart to confront a wolf on her own. She wasn't even sure if it WAS the same girl. It occurred to her that she could just forget about it and pretend she'd never seen her. But what if she was dangerous? If a murder happened tonight and Jen could prevent it.... she'd feel awful if she did nothing. I'll just keep an eye on her. That was the best course of action, she decided. Jennifer happened to have a black camisole on, so she removed her scrub shirt and tossed it into the back seat. She waited silently to see where the woman went.

    "Oh? Do we now?" Kaede slowed her pace a bit to allow him the chance to catch up. She'd better watch herself if the humans suspected their presence. Pushing her hair away from her face, she glanced over her shoulder. "And what reputation do we have here?" Though her demeanor remained nonchalant, a bit curious at most, she was concerned about the way he had referred to the humans as "studious". What could that possibly mean?
  15. Ridley grinned to himself. He liked this part. He would feel guilty, afterward, but this was now. He disliked lying, so this would take some thought. "They take us in. Study us, keep us safe." From others, not themselves, he thinks. "They give us..." Here his voice became a little husky. "This... thing. It... it gives us strength. Our senses skyrocket. It brings unimaginable pleasure." The hunger in his voice was nearly disturbing, like a zealous fervor.
  16. Kaede carefully considered this for a moment. Sounded like a good deal. She paused, turning to face him with her arms folded over her chest. The low cut crimson-accented black corset she had put on for a night on the town didn't do much to ward off the nip in the air tonight, despite the thin shoulder-less long sleeves.

    "So... what's the catch? What do they get from us? Besides us being their little lab rats, I mean." There was always a catch with humans. Wolves, however, generally didn't have a reason to con each other. Although he acted a bit odd, she didn't quite suspect him to be a lair of any sort. Quirky, maybe. But wolves were loyal to their own kind as a general rule. She'd never heard of a traitor. Sharp eyes investigated his features carefully and curiously, awaiting his response.
  17. Walking over to her light blue mustang, Starr unlocked the driver's side and slipped quietly inside. She shut her door and placed the buckle into place, making it click in recognition. Putting the keys in the ignition, her sleek five-seated car started with a rumble from the outside. Pushing her blond hair to the side, Starr glanced out the back window, making sure there no other cars behind her. She turned her steering wheel towards the right, slowly backing out. It was time to head over to the bar nearby, only about 20 minutes away from the apartment.
  18. Jen waited, and was sure to stay far enough behind the mustang to not be noticed, but not enough to be suspicious. She silently rejoiced the fact she'd chosen the black camaro, it made her feel slightly less noticeable at night despite the well lit streets. When they arrived at their destination, Jennifer pulled into a parking spot seven or eight places away from the mustang. After killing the ignition, she pulled a brush out of her purse and ran it through her thick blonde hair. She then dug out her eyeliner pencil and applied it quickly to her lower lids. A quick glance in the mirror, and she decided she was bar-ready. Not as dressed up as some would be, but the simple cami and jeans were enough to accentuate her figure nicely. Enough to not look like she just came from work.
  19. He tilted his head slightly to the side. "We run a few errands. Let them study us. Avoid killing people, or at least doing so in an overly attention-grabbing manner. They still let us run our course. And in return, they make us powerful." All technically truthful. Leaving details out didn't count as lying. In any case, it let him sleep at night.
  20. "I see." She continued on walking. "So, is this thing like a drug or something? Like speed?" Kaede gave a slight smirk. Good times, with that shit. She wasn't a druggie by any means. But hey, when you come up fighting for your meals without any REAL parents, sometimes a person needed a mental vacation.