The Ache of the Past

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    Chase sang a quiet and melancholy tune as he walked through the park in his hometown of Lacrosse(yes, this is a real town name). He was wandering the bike path that hugged the shore of the towns lake, other wise known as Emerald Lake. Chase had his acoustic guitar on his back, his blonde hair in its usual systematic mess and one earbud in as his icy blue eyes scanned the path before him. he had one hand jammed in his pocket and the other hanging loosely on the strap that held his guitar firmly over his shoulder.

    Walks around the lake had become a daily routine for him. he would walk, always alone, one earbud in, one hand in his pocket clutching a small gold necklace with an angel on it. Everyday he felt a familiar ache, pain that had plagued him since his childhood, gone for nearly a year only to return ten fold with the loss of a single person. Chase felt he had lost what little hope he had in changing his future, and made sure he remained alone. as long as he was alone, he could avoid the pain of emotion, the pain that only other people could cause him.
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    " Almost.... Got it.... " Rosanie said extending both of her short pale arms onto the branch reaching for the poor cat. On the other hand the cat kept scratching the air crawling on the tip going away from the girl. She had black hair that had silver highlights towards her bangs that was almost blocking both her eyes when ever she looked down and light emerald eyes that says you could trust her. Well maybe not.

    " Come on, i won't hurt you. " she said moving closer the the end, softly you could actually hear the branch breaking and of course that would be trouble. " Got you! " she said going to the end hugging the cat tight while it flail its paws repeatedly. That's when the branch broke. " Ow, ow, ow " Rosanie landed on the ground looking at the grass while rubbing the back of her neck with her right hand. The cat jumped away from her left arm and sat down licking her paws, well it was lucky that it didn't get hurt. She sat down on her knees while rubbing the back of her head with both hands complaining, " That really hurts... " she looked up and blinked continuously trying to adjust her sight around her, then rubbed her both her eyes.
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    Chase walked up to his usually spot, an old oak tree, and spotted a girl. she was sitting below the tree, a cat sitting nearby. he grimaced as he approached her. "hey you, what do you think youre doing? do you even know how old that tree is? treat nature with some respect." he turned to the cat and gave a whistle. the feline ran over and sat next to his feet, letting him pet its head. "you just broke Dusks favorite sleeping branch." he motioned to the black cat standing at his feet. the cat gave a mew, licking at her paw. "and before you say anything, she is a stray... i only named her because i see her here everyday." his blue eyes were cold like usual.
  4. Rosanie's attention turned to the voice behind her, first she stared down the shoes then up to his face. Quickly she fixed her bangs from blocking her eyes gen stood up dusting off the dirt from her pants before giving an apologetic smile. "Sorry i guess, i just thought the little cat was in trouble." after apologizing she leaned a bit on the side giving a small wave towards the cat but them stopped once the cat had hissed to her. Instead she stood there blinking. She placed a hand over her hair laughing nervously, "Animals doesn't really like me, do they?" softly she whispered to herself smiling a bit.

    From the looks of it she smiles a lot, "Ah!! I'm sorry!!" politely she bowed her head looking up a little while her bangs again were blocking her right eye. "My names Rosanie, what's yours? I'm new around here so i wanted to walk around checking the place out, wait that's your cat right? Since you named it and all. Ah,so that means you come here often right? Tell me what's it like to go around outside?" she asked a lot of questions talking a bit too fast while walking closer in front of him waiting for a reply.

    She looked up and saw the lake, sadly she hadn't noticed it before she came here. "Kyaa! That looks pretty!!!" she said with a small glint in her eyes, looks like she was easily distracted.
  5. "Chase" the blonde muttered his name. "And I just told you this cat is a stray, I only named her because I see her here everyday. And she doesn't seem to like anybody." He mentioned as the cat hissed at a passing jogger. "And I don't 'go around outside' with people. And now that the walking path is busy I don't think I'm going to play either." He finished as he readjusted the guitar had earlier intended play.
  6. Rosanie blinked once she saw the cat hissed at the passing jogger then laughed softly, " You two are very much alike! It's like you both don't want anyone to cross... hmmm.... " she slowly drew a line seperating both of them with her shoe, " You don't want anyone crossing your line right? Is it because your scared? " she said then her phone rang. She waited for it to ring 2 times then the voice mail showed up while she threw her phone on the ground and stepped it on letting it break. Once she noticed your guitar she stared at it then tilted her head, " You...know how to play a guitar...? " she clapped her hands together, " Can i hear you play one song? Pleaseeeeeeee~ " she said while jumping up and down.
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    Chase glared at the girl "my life is none of your business." he said coldly, turning away from the line. he was surprised when she so easily smashed her phone with no hesitation, but chose not to ask why. her life was as much his business as his was to her. "im not playing. didnt you hear me say that a minute ago? i come here when its quite, but youve managed to waste enough of my time that its gotten busy now." he scowled. he hated playing at home because the sound just wasnt the same indoors as it was outside, however he hated playing in front of people too.
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    Rosanie chuckled and stared at Chase " Then if i kept quite will you play one song? " she asked smiling cheerfully. It interested her on how defensive he was when it comes about himself, actually it amused her. " Pretty please~ It's rare for me to see someone play an instrument~ " she spun around smiling then fell down the ground landing on her but looking like she was fine, she sat down and gave a smile in his direction. " Please? " based on her actions she really wanted to hear him play. It was true that she never once listened to music unless she really needed too, this time she had a chance to hear it, but it was obvious that he didn't want to play. " Come on, Chasey~ " she said in a teasing and childish voice but this time with a wistful smile.
  9. Chase gave a stubborn "hmph" as he lifted up Dusk, who proceeded to jump onto a low tree branch. "theres no way im playing for you. i dont play for anyone but myself." he said, jamming his hands into his pockets. he picked up a rock and tossed it towards the lake, watching it skip at least 5 times before plummeting into the watery depths. "why are you bothering me anyway? i dont even know you." he pointed out.
  10. " I get that a lot, " she said as if bothering people was a good thing, she looked up at the lake and gave a cheerful smile, " Then.. let's make a bet! If i threw a rock much farther than you you're gonna play okay! " she said facing him with a determine smile, there was a chance, actually it wasn't possible for her to win this. She honestly sucked at outdoor games, mostly when it involves throwing. Why was she betting you ask? She doesn't know the answer herself.

    " If you win then i'll give you anything you want, i'll even leave you alone! But if i win, you'd play, that's fair right? "
  11. "I dont make bets either. besides, theres no way you could beat me." Chase normally wasnt cocky, but he did have an odd amount of confidence in his miscellaneous abilities. examples would be yoyo, rock skipping and innovative fix ups of things most people couldnt fix. most of his abilities didnt have much purpose, they were just things he picked up in his free time. "it would still be a no. i dont play for people, period." he picked up another rock, skipping it even further then the last.
  12. Rosanie pouted childishly and puffed out her cheeks avoiding to scream out loud, she took a deep breath then got a stone, she extended her arms above moving it backwards. Once she was about to throw it frontwards she accidentally threw it behind hitting the tree then the back of her head, " Owchii! " she said rubbing the back of her head then glared at the three that she accidentally hit. For some reason everything does hate her. Obviously she lost this one. She stood up tall then stared at Chase a bit confused, then had a playful smirk, " I see... basically you don't play for people cause you honestly suck. Maybe that's the reason why you don't want to play in front of me! " Rosanie said in a childish teasing voice.
  13. Chase raised an eyebrow skeptically, "so you think i suck? and this is coming from the girl who just hit herself in the back of the head with a rock?" he said rather coldly as he picked up another rock. "look, you werent even extending your arm properly." he put the rock in her hand and properly positioned her arm. "dont let go till your arm is fully extended, otherwise you might hurt yourself again. and just for the record, im not responsible for any brains cells you may have just lost because of that."
  14. The was an arrow on her head and had a depressed face, he actually did make a point. When he got the rock she stared at him confused. " Look, you weren't even extending your arm properly. " she was slight surprised when he placed the rock on her hand and helped her positioned. " Don't let go till your arm is fully extended, otherwise you might hurt yourself again. And just for the record i'm not responsible for any brains cells you may have lost just because of that. " she laughed slightly and gave a smile.

    " If that did happen i would become happy, since i could slowly die because of that. " Rosanie said without hesitating then got into positioned she then tried again in throwing the rock, watching it skip 3 times she had a surprised happy face then jumped, " I did it! I did it! Thank you Chasey! " she said smiling at him. " Since i was able to do it please play the guitar for me. " she was never gonna let that request down.
  15. "first of all, dont call me Chasey. second of all, i never agreed to your challenge, and third, the world may REALLY suck, but wanting or choosing to die is a waste of the life you've been given. you're better of proving to the jerks who have done you wrong that you can live without them." Chase settled into a sour expression and crossed his arms across his chest.
  16. " First of all, don't call me Chasey. Second of all, i never agreed to your challenge, and third, the world may REALLY suck, but wanting or choosing to die is a waste of the life you've been given. You're better of proving to the jerks who have done you wrong that you can live without them. "

    Rosanie blinked twice and covered her mouth slightly chuckling, " Chasey is really demanding. Besides, you are right. The world does suck, but maybe i am stupid enough to even choose to end my life now. But... once you take a second look at it. That perfect world that others told me about never really did exist. So i think it is better to die than to live in this world. " For starters, she completely has a mind of a kid.

    Then she crossed her arms and copied his expression, " So can you please play even one song. " well that was something she was never gonna let down.
  17. Chase gave her a somewhat pensive look. "the world is what you make of it. its never going to be perfect, but that doesnt justify ending your life. it just means you work towards the life you want against the odds that our imperfect world puts up to you." he grimaced, "and would you PLEASE stop calling me that. im not some animal or child that needs a doting name like that." he said somewhat sharply. "the only time youre ever going to hear me play, is if you catch me unawares." he said sternly.

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    She gave a small smile then stuck her tongue out like a child would do when they're acting spoiled. " I'll have my way on making you play. "

    " The world is what you make of it huh? That's deep even for someone like you Chasey. " Rosanie said with a teasing voice. " Chasey. Chasey. Chasey. It has a nice ring to it. " she laughed. " So, where are your parent hmm? I bet they don't know you're out here alone huh? "
  19. Chase grimaced again, "if you don't stop called me that I'm going to-" he froze when she mentioned parents. "Parents?" He spat the word out, " in 19 I don't need parents. Never did. Its not like they ever wanted me anyway." He was at the end of his rope. He turned away with a scowl on his face and began walking away.
  20. " I'm 19, I don't need parents. Never did. It's not like they ever wanted me anyway. "

    Rosanie blinked watching him walk away. " Heeeeey! Don't leave me alone Chasey! " she shouted following him behind. " You're so mean leaving me! Ah! So you don't have parents huh? So that means... you get to do whatever you want! That must be fun! But lonely though. " she said smiling.