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  1. I am here...
    to dare your halloween spirit to erupt..
    Let your darkness flow..
    Let your demons scream.
    Tell me..what plots form in your dear imagination,
    when you listen to this song?
    And I thank my dear friend
    For giving me the idea for the song X)
    Or maybe I just stole this...hehe...but he's okay with it =)
  2. "Ruuun!!!" A man yelled as he was picked up by some large creature and shook him like a rag doll, tearing him limb from limb. Blood splattered all over the place. "Noooooooo!!" A woman screamed "Come on! God damn it! He's dead!" Adam screamed as the woman ran toward the dismembered man. Before Adam could get to her, she was grabbed by the beast and slammed up against the wall. She screamed as the monster puts its mouth on her and ripped her top half off. Adam just fell to his knees and screamed "You...AGGGGHAHHHAHHHHHH!!" He got up as the monster looked at him "Come on!!!!" He yelled as the thing charged at him and tackled him to a wall. Adam stabbed the beast as the beast wrapped its jaw around his waist and tried to bite down but was stopped as a blade sunk in its mouth. Adam dropped on the floor and he got up. The beast fell to its knees screaming "Fuck you!!" He screamed as he ran as fast as he could and jumped high in the air and came down on its back and wrapped a chain around it's neck and pulled and all of a sudden it's had came apart from its shoulders. Blood splattered all over him as the beast fell....everything came back together but for the dead...rose...and fed on the living. "Lets do this shit." Adam said as he cocked his gun.
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  3. [ What a calm and restless night... ]

    The individual thought while walking the gray-colored brick sidewalk void to any other at this midnight hour. Tall street lights lined every stopping corner with hanging lanterns providing miminal lighting in the opening rather than the darkened hidden alleys most knew to avoid on common sense. He was one. Although this town had been relatively safe during his year in residing here, there always proved the chance to be ultimately wrong and with him, he knew better to simply judge what his hazel eyes could see.

    He always knew...

    He made a stop at the corner street. The way it appeared now was he could go possibly Four directions. Either west or east, maybe a hike north, or even return where he had orignated From, south. Decline the note as his gut had told him to. There lied great risk in these situations. To not only his Freedom but all those involved.

    Anyone could be harmed should things go awry, still, when someone needed his help, how could he say no? Better to help than to sit around the household staying awake versus the latter or thinking the law would discover him only to have him brought upon a gullotine or hung. Both were instances, the man of twenty-six did not want to ponder on too much hence why he'd continue on. Regardless.

    He remained at the corner. His head raised slightly to the above street light, the lantern swung a bit, turning those eyes on the one across the street, he noticed this one did the same. Every single one. A sudden Foreboding wind carried with it the oh so Familiar stench to rotting corpses and burned Flesh. It was overwhelming. The 6'1" man sought a building to reside against. To gain his bearings in preparation. Underneath a black tall hat came blonde hair somewhat in disrray. It resided behind his ears and down his shoulders. He wore a thick black coat to cover his attire.

    Dare he close his eyes to the lingering vision...

    Someone called out to him...

    Right as he was tasked to something else.

    Another needed his help. His eyes slowly closed...

    He awoke to lightning clapping overhead in the darkened sky. It was enough to provide light in order to see properly. On his back he had been. Arms remaining motionless until his slender Fingers curved downward gripping something involuntarily. It was cold. Dirty. What was it?

    And why in the moment did he Feel as though moving seemed to be the greatest chore in the world? He reached with his hand to touch the side. A wall...quite soft...crumbly when gripped much like what he touched earlier. The smell. It was combined with decay and soil. Dirt.

    Hazel eyes looked to the side once the lightning clapped to provide him with better sight. The wall was made entirely of dirt and by his touching it, made some collapse on his spread body...


    It came From above too.

    Dirt. Spraying on him like the threatening rain above. He cringed when the soil doused his chest and neck.

    Where the hell was he?

    Turning to the other side, he saw....

    A young woman no more than twenty or so. She wore a satin, once white, dress cut around her chest where the sleeves covered her shoulders. There had been a time when she was beautiful but now not so much. The dress was stained horribly with dirt and what appeared to be dried blood. Her blonde hair, long, covered a portion to her Face which was scarred. He could see one eye. It was a lake blue.

    Her lips were pressed open.

    Someone attacked her in surprise. For what reasoning? Now he looked back up. They weren't alone. He could see someone standing at the edge to this grave shoveling dirt down on them. Trying to hide this debacle or murder more precise.

    Who was she? He'd not soon Forget her image. The Fear look evident in that one eye nor the one attempting to cover their tracks.

    What did it all mean?

    A hand touched his shoulder. It made him ill with notions to vomit. He knew to whom had did it and why. Turning once more, he is Forced to look at her again. The young woman. Her hand covered his shoulder. Those lips move yet no words come out that he can hear though he really doesn't need them in order to understand. She sought his help. They always did.

    "Oh bloody hell..." A deep voice grunted. The spraying dirt above ceased. Cursing ensues. The attacker discovered something. Their victim....still lived.

    He and the young woman looked to one another. "Don't move." He whispered to her. "Remain still...." Hope was lost should this have been an occurance brought on by the past. "Do not move." He told her again. Now they are joined by the other and a glimmer to the shovel is presented to his hazel eyes. It was the same tool used to throw the dirt upon them and it would be used as a lasting weapon.

    "...Madam, look at me." He tries to be comforting, as much as possible given the situation.

    "Look at me. You are not alone. I am here." He moved his arm up, his hand angled to take hold to her own. Their palms press together tightly. "I am here." He stared into her one single eye. "Look no where else other than at me..."

    She smiled despite being very much in pain.

    And it happened...

    The shovel was brought down upon her so cruelly that even he shut his eyes when her blood sprayed over him. The woman was struck over and over with the sickening sound provided being one with her skull cracking open and the murderer assuring this time, she remained dead. Gone but the question at hand being why.

    He looked up to see the individual standing overhead with the bloody shovel gripped tightly in their hands. They were breathing hard. The only thing visible was a scar down that one's cheek. Something probably developed through some accident. It would be a permanent reminder to them. Now, grass green eyes cold with malice, turn on him lying there next to the broken woman's body. The shovel is raised with the lightning clapping directly Followed by merciless thunder.

    The weapon is brought down rendering the hazel-eyed man in darkness.....

    His eyes opened. Daniel De Barbarac pushed away From the wall he'd gathered against gasping to gather each breath possible. He stumbled on his step ending up in the streets in what turned out to be a not so calm and restless night. He dropped on his knees very much aware to the oncoming sounds to horse hooves pressing to the brick quickly though they stopped in a most abrupt manner with angered shouting.

    "Whoa! Whoa!"

    The two-horse team steering a single black carriage stopped within inches away From the grounded young man. He looked up and over at mainly the horses. The plump driver, bearded in the Face, stood From his place on the carriage top nearly tossing down the reigns. He eyed Daniel angrily. "You bastard, what are you doing in the middle of the street? I could've killed you. Are you drunk or something?"

    Daniel shook his head pressing one open palm to the ground when he rose dusting his coat some.
    "My apologies..."

    "What the hell were you doing?" The man demanded.

    "Walden," Another voice joined the conversation. The driver sat back down appearing scolded by the tone. "Is it your place to make such demands on strangers? Leave them be. No harm done."

    "Yes...sir." The driver's eyes had not abandoned Daniel's.

    The carriage door opened. Someone stepped out lingering close to it. Daniel held his hands behind his back now diverting a gaze elsewhere other than the driver whom wanted no more than to probably beat him into the sidewalk. His vision had startled him. Bothered him.

    "You need a ride somewhere my good man?" The other man hanging on the carriage door propped one hand on his hip staring with grass green eyes to De Barbarac. He smiled politely.

    "No. That is quite alright. I am most likely to my destination..." He drove into his coat pocket revealing the yellow parchment paper with the cursive handwritting disclosing where he was to venture.

    "Come now." Urged the man with night black hair tied into a short ponytail. "It is such a terrible hour to travel."

    "Are you not out late?"

    The man laughed. "You have me there. Actually. I have been set out by my sister to seek out some Daniel De Barbarac, he was to set to visit her. I went by his residence but it was empty." Daniel's eyes narrowed as the other waved his hand out more than likely not believing in what clearly his sister did otherwise she would not have summoned him. What uncanny luck to have run into the brother to his client. Strange indeed.

    "I am Daniel De Barbarac." He answered.

    "You jest..."

    De Barbarac approached with the letter in hand. He could Feel both the driver and his client's brother burning a gaze straight through him. Surely they had heard what he could do and it was disbelief shrouding their expressions. Wouldn't be the First time. He handed over the letter addressed to him. From Evelain Henry. The black-haired man read it quickly.

    "My sister's handwriting..." His eyes looked Daniel up and down.

    "Here I was expecting someone much older." The Friendly mood had changed. "I have not a clue why my sister would believe in such but do not mistake me to share the same outlook. Her household is not....well....tis luck that we happened to run into one another. I'm Sebastian."

    "Sebastian." Daniel nodded. There was something Familiar about him. He couldn't quite put his hand on it.

    "Come." Sebastian motioned toward the carriage. "You will waste more time walking as the manor is still a distance."

    "Very well..." Daniel stepped behind Sebastian and into the carriage where he was greeted by cushioned seating as well as a window view to the town outside. The buildings. Evelain's brother came in next shutting the door. He sat opposite Sebastian knocking on the side wall to alert Walden to go. The carriage moved along slowly. Grass green eyes resided on Daniel though the other looked away occasionally, a view other than being stared upon by his client's brother.

    "What exactly is it that you do Mr. De Barbarac?" Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest. All that earlier warmth diminished.

    ".....I sell handcrafted trinkets....."

    "I mean your 'other' profession."

    This is when Daniel returned a glance to the other.
    "I try to help those in need..."

    "You are no Priest sir."

    "No I am not. It is hard to explain. You may not even believe what I do or the words I'm about to tell you."

    Sebastian's eyes rolled. "You have me pegged correctly."

    "Regardless...people come to me. They always have. To correct or seek answers in certain situations most would not think to involve themselves in when concerning...the dead. I have little choice in the matter as...visions come to me."


    "Yes or contact. Sometimes I'm shown things. Death in the past...perhaps what is to come later on. Those dead needing closure with the ones they've left behind. It all depends on circumstance."

    "You can be considered evil do you not know? Should the authorities be aware-"

    Daniel rubbed his own neck as to remember something. "I know all too well about that." His eyes dropped. "It is not mere communication or to correct mistakes made. With the dead, I've come to realize, there are....doors opened which allow something more to seep through."

    "What do you mean?"

    "It is best you not know. The burden is my own."

    "....My sister is haunted by her daughter's death." Sebastian explained. His Face held deep concern. "The child drowned in a bath tub. It was quite sudden...Evelain has not been right since then believing her child still lingers in the household. I still do not understand why she contacted you. She needs professional help. It was a tragic accident but it is time to move on."

    Daniel's head raised some. "Should you truly believe that then you would not be taking me to see your sister." His words brought the other man to silence. "Let us reach our destination that way I can see about helping her...Find peace."

    "Why?" The black-haired man questioned roughly. "What does this have to do with you? What do you gain?"

    "I do not have to sleep."

    "I beg your pardon?"

    Hazel eyes shut only secondly. "When I sleep...no..." A Forced smile crossed his lips. "Nevermind."

    "You are a disturbed man. Speak no more cryptic messages to me. Damn Evelain. There is no such thing as ghosts or anything alike. I have the right mind to throw your arse out this carriage." The man Sebastian looked elsewhere. He would not receive a response. The outside wind blew inside the carriage giving it a slight chill. It turned at a corner navigating through the column rows of homes on both sides appearing more ghostly as a Fog developed the direction where the transportation headed. Neither man spoke another word to one another during the ride's duration.

    The manor was indeed Further than Daniel anticipated. He had not been one too keen on directions and ended up lost occasionally though he usually Found his way. After some time that is. Staring out the carriage window, he could see the town buildings having vanished From sight and the darkness enveloped the small hillside on the town's outskirts. Very Few trees surrounded and those which did were nearly void of leaves indicating the approaching winter. This town was still very new to him. There were things he had to discover and people he had not met. Sitting there with a view outside made him think on how his, talent as some chose to call it, came known.

    A grandmother. Mistakenly he came in contact with her seeing something he did not want to...
    Now it was long ago.

    "We are here." Sebastian called out interrupting his thoughts. At the manor. The carriage circled around the wide courtyard overrun by grass, the treatment hadn't been kept up to date, even the light brown dwelling held vines hanging on the outer exterior reaching window to window.

    It looked abandoned.

    "You can see yourself to the door." Sebastian's Foot pushed the carriage door open.

    "You will not come to see her? Mrs. Henry?" The notion was surprising to Daniel, how the woman's own brother could be tasked to seek him out For the very same sister he would not go to greet. Perhaps she needed more than a helping hand by a stranger. Having Family near was a better medicine. He had none and longed to have what Sebastian clearly threw to the wind. The other man shook his head vehemently.

    "I did what she asked of me. I want no part to what takes place but hear my words, should you harm her in any way I will make sure the courts leave no trace to your wicked body. I promise you that."

    "Then better to come inside to see that all is well."

    "You are wearing my patience man." The carriage door swung back and Forth in the calm wind.

    "I bid you a goodnight." Daniel raised his hat some. He stepped out the carriage not bothering to look back when the door closed behind him. His hands pressed together in examination of the manor. A horrid site it was.

    Unknown to whether people resided inside or not. He could Feel Walden staring at him on his path to the Front doors. The carriage did not move. It remained where it was. Strange.

    A black gate surfaced around the entrance. Behind it lied a withered garden once containing the most extraordinary Flowers now all which remained were weeds and browning petals. He held his stomach. Casually walking up the walkway, it wasn't long that he crossed the slight steps then stood at the double doorway lifting his knuckle to wrap against the wood twice. Waiting.

    No answer...

    Daniel went to knock again only this time the door drew back revealing darkness...

    Hands lunged at him. Grabbing him. Preventing him From making a sound. That door swung open wide. The darkness swallowed him whole.

    When he Fell, the young man ended up in a stretched washroom lying Face down against the smooth white tile, his hat toppled away near some water puddle. He tried to raise himself on his hands yet water slipped between the palms causing him to be grounded almost chipping his tooth on the tile. Those water puddles began dripping upward. Towards the ceiling at the same time as Footsteps echoed somewhere in this room. Away. Far. Not his own. He was lying down rolling onto his back drawn in by the water droplets Flowing upward.

    "I hear the Footsteps..." Daniel sat up. His attention rested on a white dressor mirror where a child sat in a chair. A little girl. She was running a glossy silver brush through her brown hair at the same time to humming. She could see her own reflection in the mirror but where Daniel sat, all he saw was her back. She wore a cream-colored dress. He wondered whether she made those earlier sounds. Only one way to Find out...


    The humming stopped. The brush is set down on the dressor.

    "Who are you?" The girl did not turn around. Her tone is like acid.


    "You can see me?"

    "Only your back. Why don't you turn around so we can talk more. I'm not going to hurt you."

    "Liar." She whirled around. Her entire Face is blue. Bloated. Veins can be seen running all around her neck and arms. Her eyes are bloodshot. Anger clouded the once sweet natured innocence.

    Daniel was calm. He smiled some.
    "I won't hurt you. That is not why I am here. You have a story to tell me. Tell me....therefore I can tell your mother."

    "My mother never listened to me. I tried to tell her." The child shook her head angrily covering her ears. "Tried to tell her. Tried to tell her. Tried to tell her. Tried to tell her. Tried to tell her. Now she is sorry. It's too late! Too late! I will never leave her alone! She will not be allowed to Forget me!" She screamed. The banshee sound shattered both the dressor as well as the tub having appeared suddenly. "Go away! Go away! Leave me alone! They say not to trust you! You're a liar!"


    "Who? Who do you speak of?"

    "Go.....AWAY!" The little girl screamed much louder this time. He had to cover his ears as it was enough to cause him pain. There was so much anger here. Too much For one having simply drowned. What had this child tried to tell her mother which was too late by this time? A warning? About her death?

    Had not been an accident?
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  4. That was...great! It was very interesting and detailed, I loved it! XD
  5. "I want my mommy
    i want her now"
    "i want my mommy
    i want her now"
    "i want my mommy
    i want her now"
    "you killed mommy
    now I kill you
    death was around the corner
    death is right next you
    death corner
    now its after you
    run run
    no you can't
    im going to kill you.
    im going to kill you
    watch me
    hate me
    but im going to kill you
    im going to kill you
    to kill
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  6. That's honestly terrifying...I give you a thumbs up!!!
    That's awesome!
  7. Thank you when it comes to something dark im always been best at. when my personality is so happy and bubble ^^
  8. Lol, i know right! You did really good =)
  9. thank you i may do some more later when I'm bored. and should i be worried?
  10. Cool.
    Worried about what?
  11. Worried that i may as well be crazy. and think about death a lot and love horror movies and like demons and angels and a lot the comes around death or
  12. Don't be worried.
    I do that a lot
  13. My mom is worried. haha
  14. Tell her not to be!
    The dark ones make the greatest movies =)
  15. very true now time for horror. i was like watching D-gray man videos and saw this thing called Musician and it mad me think of a sad dark thing dont know till i write it.
  16. "don't eat" called a voice in my head and I didnt eat
    don't drink" called out a voice in my head and I did as it said.
    dont sleep" it called out but i feel asleep.

    city news​
    girl died in her sleep by hunger
    or did she
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  17. That's pretty cool.
    A little creepy that there was a voice in his/her head, but cool
  18. why you have voice in your head. i know i do MUHAHAHAHAHAHA