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  1. This is the Roleplay Section for the Terrameya RP. From this point on anyone aside from myself as GM will be writing in character completely.

    Menest~ Far to the west of the world of Terrameya lies a very small settlement sitting off to the side of a brush of forest. The little town is not known for military, or well anything, but it is a quaint little place filled with mostly happy people. They get by with little farms, and their local pub. The people of Menest know how to be happy with the smaller things in life and are generally content with it. Known to all within the small little town is the Caretaker. This man takes care of a small little patch of orphans that he accumulated over a few years of travel. he remains mysterious to everyone but no one asks anything about it, they would rather just have his company and in the very light times it is necessary, his protection. The Story begins in this little town with the group of orphans and their every day lives, with their closest figure to a father, the Caretaker.

    "Someday they will see me, not as the man they know, but as the Devil I try not to be. Will they then consider me a Martyr?"
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  2. Have you ever seen fireflies swim through the sea, or candle lights flickering inside a cold blue mist? Neither had Asrai, but her wild imagination could only assume such things would look similar to the dancing sparks of a contained fire leaping across her watery painting. A low crackle roared to her left, spreading warmth and light across the canvas her lucid little body hunched over. On the page floated a silhouette bathed in white light, falling ever so smoothly into the quiet abyss she called the sea. Every now and again sparks would fly from the fireplace and scuttle across the page, as if reaching out to the helpless spirit there, trying to illuminate her cold and crushing fate. And every time Asrai watched in silent disarray, the purpose of her fingers and the bush they clenched momentarily forgotten.

    It would be nice if fireflies visited the little girl in her moments of helplessness. Every night she drowned in dreams of a cold blue abyss, and every morning she woke up trying desperately to remember her own face. The silhouette floating on her canvas was merely a girl trapped in a picture frame... but sometimes she wished there were a woman or man that would recognize she did not belong there, and pull her out of the painting into a much less confusing reality. There would never be someone with that capability. But she had the next best thing. Asrai's caretaker did not know how to pull her out of the frame, but he did a good job of acknowledging her artistic beauty and presenting it for others to see.

    That was enough, she told herself every night and day. But how could it be when, in her idle time, the little blond child started painting things like this? For the first time since she began painting, Asrai looked down at her creation and recognized something dangerous. It was too real, too tangible, and if the others saw they might start to question their youngest sibling's normalcy. So she crumpled it up without a second's thought, and tossed the page into the golden fire she sat way too close to. After an hour of mindless painting the flames had only just begun to warm her skin uncomfortably. That was dangerous, too. So she crawled back and curled up in a silent heap a normal distance away. The sparks were too far out of her reach... but that didn't keep little Asrai from watching them, anyway.
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  3. Intent, amber colored eyes peered through a shrouding curtain of honey blonde bangs, fixated on the vibrant, powdered wings of the gorgeous blue butterfly that sat perched upon the lilies. It'd had been there for 5 minutes, sticking its straw like mouth deep into the center of the flower to ingest the sweet nectar, and then move to the next perching petal. For those 5 minutes, a small girl crouched in the bushes. Her small body did not move, her breath did not stutter, and the honey blonde fox ears that sat erect directly on the top of her crown did not even twitch when they captured the sounds of a trickling stream, gusting wind, chirping crickets, or the very faint sound of a crackling fire from a distance. She was silent, still, a shadow. The girl sat there in those bushes just watching the peaceful, daily routine of that blue butterfly, not a care in the world other than to keep herself concealed until she felt it was the right time to pounce. This little activity that she had found herself caught up in was enough to sooth her mind from the jabbing, angering thoughts of a childhood she couldnt quite remember.

    The butterfly had finally finished with the second to last lily in the bushel, and fluttered its way to the last. The young girl watched it as it indulged in the nectar from the plant, her body slowly crouching even further into the bushes. A singular honey blonde fox tail began to twitch at the white tip, anticipation bubbling up inside the all too curious, yet far too sly girl. Another minute past, and it was then that the butterfly fluttered upward from a soft, pink petal. It was also, at that exact moment, that a young, Blonde female leapt from her hiding place, and tackled down the butterfly, the smallest of hands cupping around the tiny insect. Her landed on the dirt path soundlessly, moonlight shining down on her unhidden form. She was a small girl of only 4'6", clad in a short kimono colored in the most vibrant of pink, oranges, yellows, and reds. The mischievous little girl lifted her cupped hands up to her amber, canine like eye, and peered through her tiny digits. Within her hands sat the little blue butterfly, uninjured. A soft giggle bubbled up from her thin lips, a delightful, and satisfied noise. She continued to stare at the little butterfly in her grasp, her erect ears now twitching freely, her tail swaying behind her in pure joy as the little insect began to slowly flutter its wings.

    She released it.

    She watched the butterfly fly out into the night, a nocturnal species. Beautiful, native, one of a kind. Just like her. She smiled as the creature fluttered away, and soon disappeared, and then her smile dissipated, a frown taking its place. In many ways, she was just like that butterfly; free, alone, no worry in the world, but to survive. It was also like her memory. Surely the memories she had tucked deep down in the dark corners of her mind were beautiful, right? But they were mysterious, unyielding to her constant, mental prodding, and coaxing. She could never quite get those memories to freely open up to her, no...she had to wait, crouched in the bushes, until the right moment arose. Then she had to pounce, and capture that memory in her small, delicate fingers. It was a rare opportunity. One that barely ever presented itself.

    The girl sighed, and turned to walked toward the porch of the house she now lived in. A house where not only she, but The Caretaker, and other orphans lived. She was lumped in with a herd of misfits. Misfits that all had their own little secrets. Her own being her race. She sighed once more as she plopped her small form on the wooden step, her tail, and ears disappearing in puffs of champagne colored smoke. It was rather theatrical, but she'd grown used to it in her short 15 years of living. She then fell back on the porch, and let her amber eyes fall upon the large, navy canvas of the night sky. Stars of every size, and color speckled that canvas like diamonds, beautiful in every way. It was a gorgeous site that she never quite got tired of gazing at.

    She'd stay there for a little while longer. Yumi, The Stargazer.
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  4. The scalding sun had kissed the sky goodbye to begin it's deep slumber hours ago, when it was once casting it's golden gaze over the people bustling with dull life. None of them would change their lives for the world or anyone, the simple pleasures of it enjoyed by all. Men hard at work cutting their wood or carrying crates of supplies into stores. Women tending to their children and pets. Children laughing, playing, diving into the knowledge that their curiosity granted them. Elders spreading their memories to anyone who would listen to their vast wisdom. That was the beauty of their existence. This small town cradled them, their own little utopia. Cloud littered sky the color of azure was so pure against the fluffy white, a soft breeze sliding them across the sun's gaze every now and again. Noises of chattering, sweet giggles, and yelling flying through the town.

    Night had taken over...the color of blackened blue, various specks of twinkling lights dancing through it's darkness. A time for sleep so a new day could begin for some, for others the night life never failed to satisfy the cunning mind; steps would be dizzily made into dark corners where they were dazzled fabulous by questionable scarlet stains, the curious foundations of foreboding homes becoming enchanting outside of the sun’s harsh glare. The graveyard shut off to the superstitious public, attracting dangerous revellers to make merry as they taunted distant stars, the halls of their tavern's catching moonbeams as the grotesque visages of their Lords and Ladies were disfigured into breathtaking brilliance. The sweet sound of music from a run down inn played a lure to the misplaced traveler whose nighttime wanderings so adamantly called for punishment; after all, did your mother never tell you that nights were for sleeping – to never stay out after dark?

    Perhaps the truant of the hour was the apparently teenage girl that had somehow dashed through the defences of the hour; the needled leaves of shrubs and illusions of the dark didn't stop her, some way or another, she slipped passed all that fear others had held. Of course, looking guilty in the instant, she soon pulled a stop to wretch indiscriminately behind a tombstone and, pausing dismissively to read the inscription, she muttered softly and stumbled away from the stone. Any other person or even the Caretaker might chastise her for crawling over the plots of the dead but it was better for the common being not to dare; it was silly to reprimand those who lived forever on how to honour those that quickly died. The thought placed a jackal’s grin on the transgressor and, half-skipping to a tune that was more an echo of the memory than an actual sound, the young near woman accused of the name ‘Honor’ wrinkled her nose at the stench of decay and promptly stepped into the nature that she loved so dearly. She loved it because it was her's for that mere peaceful moment in time, she loved the the town too, maybe even more than anyone who had been there longer than her.

    But the shere reality was that she was called out here, there was music in the nature that spoke soft and true.It was the crickets chirping, owls hooting, croaking of the frogs, and the occasional splashing of water. The insects making their mark in the air and on tanned flesh. Fireflies flicking their lights not minding the presence of her as she began to wander further from home, from safety. Placing her hand on small trees as she passed by them. Those slender nailed fingers slightly digging into the spaces between the bark. The glade was filled with flowers that varied in color she smelled the aroma that flew from them and into the air she breathed, the air that filled her lungs. The wind blew shifting and tossing her silvery blonde hair which tickled her face and back a bit, light gray eyes fluttering shut to savor the moment just for a while.

    Her white dress ,that was abstracted with red and pink floral designs rustled in the breeze against the ground. She'd go home soon, but she'd be back tomorrow to take in the breathtaking sight this place gave in the day. This glade had many trees and shrubs laid on it's landscape, though the larger trees were like giant guardians, their bark shined like ambers and their leaves like bright emerald jewels when the sun burned down on them.Some of their branches twisted together forming an arch, after the arch you could see a large sparkling blue lake where the splashing often took place, this untainted area was all void of secrets and lies. Saduris De Micolias knew everything here was honest and open, she knew nothing of the people she dwelled with, nothing. But it was alright that way some things were always better not known, better left unsaid. As long as they all shared a common home and common care there was nothing that needed to be known. Maybe that was the beauty of the town.
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  5. Eyes slipped lightly open just when the last of the light of day slipped beneath the dark navy of night, their violet tint watching the twinkle that danced through the thick curtain. The stars were not something he watched because they were cute like the small girl he called Shorty, or because they seemed like a work of art to the other artist among them no his reasons for watching the small balls of light was to him they told their own story. They had seen so much of the world, one at a time looking among the heroes of old as they slaid the evil kings, the knights that ran swords through dragons, this was why he watched the stars they had so much wisdom, so much time. He slipped his hands upward through the grass to behind his head like a small pillow to continue gazing above him at the curtain of night. He loved this time of the days for it was the most comfortable to him, it called out to him and peaked his interest it was just different, the moon so much brighter than the sun.

    It was then that he rose from the laid down position on the grass and stood to his feet, toes dancing between each of the blades of the grass, he stepped forward looking at the small shape of the house in the distance, his short white hair resting comfortably upon his head. He slipped his right foot back, a small smile crossed his pale lips and silently in his head he counted down the seconds. 3, he tensed his muscles back and slipped his violet eyes shut, 2, one more breath slipped through those parted lips, before coming back in. 1, he pressed off of his back right foot and sprang forward darting over the blades of grass shooting for the small house that they all lived in, the wind dancing over his bare skin the grass beneath his feet, it felt like a beautiful night tonight. When he came to his destination he stopped at the foot of the porch where the small one seemed sprawled out staring at the sky from the porch.

    He took a seat next to her on the edge of the porch, he was considerably taller than her so as he laid back next to her and looked up at the sky he was almost to the walls of the house. He stayed silent for a while merely listening to the breath that was pulld in and exhaled from the both of them, from time to time he did enjoy watching the stars with her since she did like pointing out fun little things and today was no different. A small smile crossed his lips before he turned to her and playfully spoke.

    "So what are the stars shaped as today Shorty?"
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  6. The fixture of silver blue eyes remained fixated on the little visage of the girl that sat with her paints next to the Fireplace. An adoring gaze graced a soft smile as the man peered through the smallest crack in the doorway. Each of them was special, and over the span of ten years he had grown to truly love these kids as his own. Silently like a phantom he closed the door the rest of the way leaving little Asrai to her solitude, and her thoughts. As any father might; he wished nothing more, than to help her, but she of course carried a more personal burden than the others in terms of his own heart.

    A soft sigh parted the Caretakers’ thin lips as he swept through the rest of the place to exit the little house he had built for them. The sun greeted him in earnest as his feet crunched upon the freshly grown spring grass, and he found his hand cupped over his forehead to block the sun from his eyes as he started his walk through the quaint little town. A boisterous voice interrupted his silence as a stockier woman called out to him with a hearty smile. “Why Ello there Caretaker, you wouldn’t be coming to receive some bread so soon after the last would ye?” The Caretaker smiled gently to the woman and responded in a soft but commanding burly tone. “Aye, you know the kids, they sure can eat it up.” The woman chuckled to herself and they shared a moment speaking over the kids, though his mind never lingered from its original place. At the end of that conversation he took a large loaf of bread and thanked the woman “Its greatly appreciated Emma” She shoved him off with a laugh and returned to her own children.

    This was how days normally went in this little village of Menest, and he had grown accustomed to this sort of peace. The trees were now in view and with them he could already see two of his beloveds. A young white haired Elf boy that was far older in terms of years than the rest but only sixteen to his own kind. Honestly of any he could relate with this boy the most of his precious ones, as little 16 year old Marius was an Elf same as he. The boy often; stayed to himself sitting on the remains of a tree, a small stump where he would often be studying out of some book that he borrowed from The Caretakers own personal collection. They were close in a way of curiosities; Marius often came to him in his later hours and would question things out of the books he had read. That was their bonding time really.

    The Caretaker decided it was best to leave him to his mythical world, and continued along his way to find Saduris where he would normally think to find her. The Forest. The caretaker made his way towards the forest and went slowly for habit of his cautiousness, but at a clearing he found her, the little darling looking over the meadow and remaining about herself. The Caretaker cleared his throat then called her name. “ Saduris We will be getting ready to go to dinner love, please go prepare yourself.” He wasn’t a commanding tone but they knew to listen to him at least. With that The Caretaker backtracked and went to go find the last two. Normally he would have to search for The Eldest as well, but Young Wolf had left about a day or more ago. He surely was being treated kindly in some place to the east of this little village, talking things over diplomatically as best he could. After all The Caretaker could not afford to leave the rest of them to handle it him self; and it almost worked better that he remain where he was. It was better that way for sure.

    The Forest path cleared to reveal the village again, and The Caretaker glanced about the buildings searching, for the last one as he made his way back through to tell those he’d missed to get ready. He figured Asrai would be fairly simply reached, as she was already inside their house. So Then after finding all of them he could within the village the Caretaker decided to go back to the house and check in. They all knew what dinner meant, and he knew they would show up sooner than later. The house came into view, and there he saw the two remaining mysteries sitting on the porch. “Well you made my job easy at least, we will be going to dinner soon, go get prepared kids. “ The caretaker nodded to each of them and roughed up little Yumi’s hair a bit.

    Finally the Caretaker returned inside the house to find little Asrai and approached her. “Ahh little one its about time for dinner, would you be a dear and go get ready?” He kissed the top of her forehead, and pulled back a strand of the blonde locks of her hair as he whispered a small little phrase in an unreasonable language. He could never look her dead on, as horrible as he felt about it as times, but she was the hardest for him to deal with, not because of faults shed made her own, but because the memories that came with her visage were enough to drive any father mad with despair and rage. The Caretaker shook it off and let her scamper off to find her dinner clothes so that he too could dress up and meet them just outside.

    Marius couldn’t find his spot fast enough for losing it again in the wondrous stories he read. This was the story of a battle, of a soldier, a boy that started with little to nothing but a bit of simple magic and toy swordsmanship. It was his absolute favorite story, the boy that gained his prestige through life events required him to fight heroes and generals to get to a place where he could finally be respected. Sadly the book always ended short, and left him to wonder about what happened after the battle with Gro’mesh the Berserker in the Arena. Marius dreamed of seeing the great arena in the Warden city, but whenever he approached The Caretaker about that place, it led nowhere, and he was left unsatisfied in his curiosities.

    Marius heard his fathers voice calling to him as he approached and reluctantly he closed his book and stuffed it in a small sack as he made his way towards the little house he and his siblings lived in. Wolfsin had started to teach him some sparring, and wrestled with him a bit, but he still wasn’t that great at it yet. It was comparable to how Wolf was vs their father but it was always fun to try and pretend to be the hero that he read about. Marius loved the peace of this place, and he respected the Caretaker but he couldn’t help but want for more, but beg for adventure, sadly he’d never have it.

    Marius let his hands follow behind him as he ran past some of the ladies hauling baskets; still he was careful not to disturb them, but at least this way he could pretend he was flying and get away with it to some extent. “Whoooosh” he mouthed, as he seemed to almost dance between the ladies and near the little house all in the same moment. Then a few more sounds signaled he was ready to make his landing and he stopped right at the door before pushing it open. Right away he met face to face with little Asrai and at his behind he could see that the others would probably be short behind him. “Oh uhh Hi.” He said almost bashful at how close their faces had come. He sidestepped then glanced back one and headed for his own room.

    The door flew shut behind him and he readied himself in the nicer pair of clothes that their Father had gotten for them. His were a clever set of robes and a vest that made him look like a little gentleman. He finished by pinning his cloak about him and hurried out to the meeting spot just outside of the house. The Caretaker was waiting.

    The Caretaker of course waited for as long as it took them to get ready, and then when they all gathered he lead the descent down the hill to the great hall in the center of their little village. “What are you guys all hungry for?” he asked glancing down at each of them with a wise and old smile. “I could definitely go for a bit of fine boar myself.” He waited for them to cheer in agreement or dissatisfaction but he likely wouldn’t hear too much of it. The caretaker was already in his own mind, and that in it self said enough for him. The Large Hall doors burst open as he pushed through them and held them open for each of them to calmly take their seats in a corner.

    The Large feast hall was filled with commotion, of elderly drunks, and womanly laughter. They weren’t all that vulgar here but every now and again they enjoyed a fairly over aged jest or action. The whole of the village came here for dinner, it was the way the village coped with the little funds it had, by pitting it all in one and having a single great meal that everyone could enjoy. It made them all more of a family, a kindled little group people that were close as blood, and it was the Caretakers best way of allowing the kids to get to know everyone. As long as he could he would have them avoid the turmoil bound in their blood, he would hide them behind those two doors for as long as he could, but the worry never left him, for he always knew. The Caretaker met an old fat man with a hearty smile and tapped his flask to the mans as he cheered and took a seat, he would have to continue to hold up his mask, for the moment he faltered he felt would be the moment all hell broke loose.

    Marius remained set up with the other kids, watching the adults go crazy over nothing; it was always oddly amusing to be here with the family. He glanced over to the others and watched them pick at the food set before them, he really hadn’t touched his own just yet. Marius was fidgety he always had to be moving and doing something, and when he was in large crowds he found it was even more difficult to spark bravery, even so far enough that he might be able to enjoy others company. “Guys,” he finally called to his siblings. “What have all of you been up to today?” he was stuttering slightly, but it was a lot better than it would have been with anyone else. He was really odd for a 16 year old anyways. He toyed with his fork and waited for them to respond but then within a short second his vision faded, his body became null as he found himself somewhere else. He was staring at a field, and a group of soldiers dressed in Black and Gold. They had their banners raised and were marching in formation. His vision faded just as it had come and Marius found himself truly confused.

    (I do apologize for this post, I had to alter it somewhat from what it was. I lost Internet at home so I was forced to type off of memory. So it might not cover every point but it’s still good and covers what I wanted.)
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  7. She laid there, and let the cool, mid evening breeze blow against her. She let the soft fingers of the winds glide along her smooth, ivory skin. It was relaxing, settling, comforting, and she loved the feeling. Her brilliant, amber gems continued to stare up at the sky, a sky that was just now beginning to change from the cerulean blue to a pretty lavender brushed with hints of peach. It was ornately decorated with the millions of twinkling stars that gazed down upon this peaceful little town with their bright, smiling faces. She smiled back, her Asian set features brightening as her thin lips curved into their crescent smile. This solitude was fantastic, much appreciated, and...short lived. Here he came, the cheeky silver haired fellow. His tall, lanky form sat down before her, and then he allowed himself the stretch out beside her, his much, much taller self stretched the length of the porch vertically. He continued on with his cheeky comments, and angering nickname, but his questions always ended with the stars, and it was then that she could stand his presence if just for a few moments.

    Her small, delicate hand rose, and a single, small, child like digit extended toward the sky,"They are like millions of little fireflies. They just sit up there, and look pretty. But they tell a story. And I fear that something soon might happen. That is what the stars tell me this night." She smiled once more, and let a little giggle bubble from her lips as her hand dropped. They stayed there for a little while longer, idle chit chat breaking the silence every now, and then followed by the small, Asian girl puffing out her rosy cheeks, and hitting him as hard as she could when he'd drop the "Shorty" card. This was normal. He always came, and disturbed her peace, asked about the stars. She gave him her reading, and then they sat in the comfort of each other's presence...which consisted mostly of his teasing, and her retaliation. Thankfully The Caretaker arrived, and ordered them to go about getting ready for dinner. He left them soon after ruffling up her hair which, in turn, gained a groan from her, and a scowl. She stood up from the step, and fixed her hair before scurrying into the house, turning to the left, and flitting off to her room.

    The room itself was rather extravagant. Filled to the brim with plant life that she gathered from outside, many places in which she could hide; piles of blankets she hoarded from random places, and people, cubby holes, piles of plants. In near every nook, and cranny of the place. Her bed wasnt a bed, but a pile of pillows tucked deep in the very back of a "den" made of end tables, boxes, and blankets. It was decorated with the same lilies as out front, and she often switched them out to keep her delightful little "den" pretty. Yumi walked proudly into her room, and went straight for her wardrobe. Flinging the doors open, she gazed inside as the three kimonos, two for normal, casual wear, and the third for dinner, and other former gatherings. She grasped the beautiful clothing into her hands, and spent the time to perfectly assemble the outfit. It was a gorgeous white color abstracted with the prettiest pink cherry blossoms. The waist ribbon was the same beautiful pink hemmed with gorgeous, pearl threading. The large bow at the back of her waist finished off the look. She moved to her mirror, and gazed at herself in awe, she could never really get enough of how pretty this kimono was. She looked like a princess clad in her pretty pink floor length "dress". Yumi smiled at her reflection, and mentally thanked The Caretaker again, and again, and again just like she had when he first got her this kimono. The girl quickly tied up her hair in a neat bun, stick it with two, plain chopsticks, and then moved to meet everyone else outside the front of the house.

    When they finally reached the center of the city, and entered the Dining Hall, Yumi kept to herself. She curled into a small, little ball mentally, and kept her eyes forward not much being one for the crowds. She didnt like all the noise, the random questions, the odd greetings, the smell of alcohol, and smoke. She would have much rather stayed home, and had dinner with just her little "family", but one can only hope, and dream of such things in this village. When her little bunch reached their respective table, Yumi took her place, and sat in silence, her amber eyes flitting around the large, packed room which smelled of corn, wheat, and pork...aside from other things. She huffed, and shook her head mumbling to herself, but her attention was soon caught by Marius who asked his question. Little Yumi peeked up at him, and shrugged obviously uncomfortable with the loud noises, and many people here. As she always was.

    "I chased butterflies, and gazed at the stars..."

    She didnt have much else to say at that point. So, she stayed silent, sat in her seat awkwardly, and waited for dinner to start, and then end. Yumi, The Uncomfortable Soul.
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  8. After some time of sitting by and staring into the warm fire, the fire-flies lulled little Asrai into a light sleep. Naps were always short-lived in the orphanage but they were a blessing all the same. Asrai sustained herself on cat naps during the course of each day. The way she figured, sleeping shortly in one sitting prevented her from having to dream, and for her restless imagination that was a good thing.

    She did not wake until the caretaker's charming voice fluttered through the otherwise empty family room. She stirred lightly, coming to life like a timid flower in the spring, and for the moment of time that his fingers slid through a stand of her hair, Asrai allowed herself to forget that he was not her real father. Heaving a sleepy yawn, she nuzzled her face into his palm and took a breath of his warm, well-worn scent. The caretaker smelled of earthy wood and metal, a weird combination she somehow found comforting. But when her face uplifted to look him in the eye, and realized he was looking away again, cold reality snapped into place and crumbled the comfort into a piece of discarded stationary.

    She stood, a measly 4"4 in height, and stumbled of to her bedroom without a word. He knew her well enough to take that as consent. And even if he wasn't sure of her silence, the caretaker wouldn't follow her after something like that. Her face denied him the ability to accept and care for her like he did the other orphans. He wouldn't be able to love her properly; probably not ever. She told herself this at least, but who was to say whether her silent accusations were true or not? Asrai would never confront him about their "relationship"; she couldn't, it was impossible. But fussing to herself about it silently as she dressed was enough to take the sting away. As the small girl tied her dress into its proper position, she took care to remind herself that they were not, and never could be actual family. Because at least then she could pretend it didn't hurt for the caretaker to never meet her gaze.

    Her dress was a mixture of white lace patterns and snowy silk fabric. The skirt frothed out like pieces of a cloud, and sitting on her tiny 14 year old frame, the thing looked more like a circus costume than a formal outfit for dinner. But she didn't care. The nap energized her enough to wear a harlequin personality, and from here it was all about entertainment. Her family was awkward at best, and she, probably the least confident in her own skin, had the blessing of wearing someone else's instead. "When I leave this room," she murmured to the mirror that towered far above her head, "I will be happy. And I will make my siblings happy, too."

    With that promise in mind, the little blond waterlily of a girl trotted down the hall and out the door. Or, nearly out the door. Before she could reach for the knob it swung open, revealing the bewildered boy she had come to know as Marius. He was an awkward one, fidgeting non-stop and smiling weirdly to fill the silence. He spoke with fast lips and darted into the house too quick for her to comment. But that didn't keep her from pivoting on her heel and shouting out to the back of his head. "Ne, Mar, don't trip over your cloak!" He wore the thing to dinner a lot, and she didn't doubt for a second that he'd be donning it tonight.

    She was the first one outside and ready, which meant waiting for her older siblings to get ready. Sitting alone outside was difficult because each moment she spent silent and normal chipped at the exuberant facade she put on for her makeshift family. If they took much longer, it would be difficult to sustain later on in the evening. Thankfully they were all somewhat punctual, and gathered before she had the chance to worry.

    And so they were off. She skipped her way to town, making a show of pointing out all that had changed in their little town since yesterday. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of change here, so she quickly took up the art of skipping pebbles across the streets and comparing how far each one went to random objects she remembered. "That one went farther than the black horse we saw last week!" It had been a pretty long horse, to Asrai at least. "Oooh, that one lasted longer than Marius when he fights Wolf!" ... Not the most impressive measurement, but she knew the tease would bring a rise out of her quirky brother. Giggling wildly she skipped ahead of the group, closing the remaining distance between her and the dining hall. Like always she waited patiently for the caretaker to enter first, and scrambled to grab the best seat in their little corner of the room.

    Everything was rehearsed from there. Like every evening they sat down for their meal and a bit of conversation. Asrai nibbled on some sort of dried fruit and bread. She never ate enough for it to be justified as a meal; it was nothing more than a snack really, but her stomach protested quickly and such a small dinner was more than satisfactory. But it did mean she finished quicker than the others, which left an awkward amount of time to be filled by her mindless and silly attitude.

    "Oh, today I painted a picture, Mar. It was a portrait of you! But somehow you turned out looking like a girl..." Her voice dipped into a sincere undertone of sadness, but quickly perked up again after a glance toward Marius' face, acting as if the expression said more than it really did. "Oh! But don't worry, your secret is safe with me! I threw the painting in the fireplace. No one will ever guess-" And just like that, her words cut off and her head swiveled to pear at Yumi with doe eyes. Her sister's words had only just caught up to her, now close to two minutes after they'd been spoken. "A butterfly? What color was it?"
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  9. If one were too quiet here — too idle, too indolent — they could hear the after splashes of waves crashing listlessly against grassy border. She loved the sound; it was so peaceful, almost too tranquil, and there were days when she wondered why she had thought it'd be a good idea to come here in the first place. In this area of cheerful colors, sounds, and unabashed practice of rhythmic music, it was everything her wretched childhood had lacked understanding of, everything she had once held an intense curiosity over. She had come to be comfortable with her position...Was it lack of free roaming that did this to her? Had those vague memories of graceful twirls, simple twists, happy giggling and motherly cooing really faded so far from her, a loud croak stirring her from questioning old memories. She shifted slightly in her stance, shaking some of that long gone chill away. Now she looked at the sky with a different view in it's dark blanket.

    Darkness cloaked the night, suffocated the stars, and slowly snuffed out any small sources of light. Those honest feelings were slowly rising, as if something in her begged to be free and it laid just skin deep. The constant song of chirping and croaking conjured a familiar rhythm, one she danced with often. That is why she came here to dance to the melody that was naturally created, one from her childhood. Within mid step she could hear the Cartaker's calming voice telling her to prepare for dinner. Even as those emotions begun to sink back into place, her body had joined the refusal of her mind, but her will forced them to comply. “Yes, as you wish.” a bittersweet tone fled from her, her words void of emotion but not melody, a sweet crying symphony as she turned daintily on her heels and began to pace back home. His name rang true, he took care of them all, even so much he had seemed as the closest thing to a father some of them had. To her, he was strange and mysterious as the children of the house were, though the lights would dim when he showed his constant care to them individually.

    However, she would accept none of it, she wouldn't trust anyones care for they too would vanish in her dull gray sight. Abandonment? No, that could never be the right word for it. Seeing as she was not abandoned like some puppy, she was lost then found. Found physically, but her spirit always would remain else where, lost, never really giving him the explanation of why or where. Quietly she'd breathe fire around her never thinking to extinguish them and let people love and care for her.Maybe that's her own fault. Even when she had first come here she was still quiet and withdrawn, but her loving demeanor had been true, but not all of it. There was something in her that crawled beneath tanned skin begging her to be released, what was it that bothered her so that clung so desperately to it's own sanity in her, but it loved so much and so greatly? Sadly it was more a burden at this point than an answer. Could something in her be seeking the destruction of massacre?

    Not the bloody kind, the innocent stripping kind.


    Massacre the heart of a child, rip it out and display her shame to the world. Not only was she born a cursed soul, but damned even more than she was already in the eyes of society. The purity of a child, sweet honey bliss. Protect their innocence from the forsaken provinces beyond their world. Though that protective wall broke down on Saduris' juvenile world, vanished more like it. Awakening her into this tainted and godforsaken world. Break her love and humiliate her!

    So it was said. So it was done. Or it could have been.

    Separation, desperation. Ripped from the arms of her guardians to be placed in the arms of a guardian angel's and sent away to fend for herself. What is a child to do when it is unfamiliar to a territory that does welcome her with open arms? --Where children are sweet and enjoy to sing, where women look the other way for a moment to find all is well when they look back and men drag themselves to and fro from bed and to work which fades upon the warm, pure, thumping light that radiates such sympathy and love. What can a child do? Some simply take it and embrace that chance to become whole, they grapple as if it were their last hope. Others, like Saduris shut it all out and love it from a distance. No connections personally built, but a connection that everyone knows you are there and that you could never simply survive alone or on a whim.

    Saduris arrived at the house her feet silently sneaking up the old creaky stairs before entering through what looked to be such a delicate door. She'd be late again not too late but late, Caretaker had known this when he had come to get her, he often saw that pulling her away from the meadow was like a punishment. Most likely for her crawling over the dead to get there.

    Her room being at the far back of the house on the right, down a rather darkened hall if the lights weren't lit. Even during the day it held that gloomed manner. With the opening of the door she met that lavender glare from her walls, the flames swaying and dancing brightly, shining as freely as they had liked, nothing holding it back from dancing about the room and casting it's warm radiance upon the objects that were left in it's safe guard. Saduris was much like a flame, a wandering flame, that instinct to go travel the world and leave this beloved place was confined within only so much, once the young woman would leave she knew she would never return. In that moment her being would be spirited away by nature and her own confined sense of freedom. Had it not been for that gratitude she had felt toward the man she would have left long ago, not that she hated anything here but that nomadic instinct ran strong in her veins, was her mother like that? She couldn't recall as much.

    To her right, she averted her eyes at the small mirror she had gotten from a kind old woman she had once helped in the graveyard as she mourned her husband. It too had a story behind it from long ago. So long that by now, her grandchildren were now most likely running around the world looking for where they belonged. She thought it a wonder how time went by. She had missed so much in the world it had seemed, but the mirror had seen it all by now showing her that she still had much to gain by being here. The older woman's gray hair was beginning to thin, in places white along the tips. Her eyes once bold and strong like a boulder now looked far more tired and held the off gray of the misty mountain tops. But that suited her just fine. The mountains had always been a wise figure for Saduris to look to, always there for as long as she could remember, and she hoped that they always would remain long after when it was her turn to get old.

    No matter how many kings held reign or how many governments kept office, the mountains would be something to always withstand the testament of time. She looked back to the swaying flames, her eyes feeling mesmerized by the flames constant flickering.Perhaps those memories she clinged so hearty to would also remain in some way after she had gone from here.

    Standing at her own doorway lost in the same thought she'd always get so attuned with. That gaze of her's had met the milk colored dress that laid so beautifully across the seat of the chair as she took off her slip shoes and shut the door behind her. Removing one dress she slipped into the other. The cream laced collar tickling the neck, the front of the dress reaching just above the knee while rounding to the back it fell diagonally past the knees on down barely scraping the floor. The cream colored laced sleeves draping gracefully past the fingers creating an enchanting fantasy look as the bodice of the dress had light green abstract leaves trickling around bottom of the dress. Her hair already in soft waves due to the humid air that had mingled with it, without further inspection of her hair she stepped into her short heeled milk shoes. A small breath left her as she closed the door to her room hand slightly lingering on the knob as she prepared herself for a moment of being in company of others that were not the great mother spirit.

    From atop the hill she observed them all enter the Great Hall, shame she wasn't late enough. Normally she had been so late she hadn't even seen them go through those doors at all. Finding it not to matter she strode to the door not wanting to go in, so with a short pause and her hands on the doors she gave a slight whimper before pushing them open then creeping in. Those pale gray orbs bounced onto and off a plethora of faces frantically,before finding the ones she was most familiar with, making her way toward them quietly wiggling and gliding between the buzzed sods and mouth breathers of gossip one would call women, taking her seat near the conversational boys and girls to avoid greetings and chatting about how the day had gone. Dear Saduris had been in here for only a few minutes and she was already itching to leave, her hunger absent, her patience short, but her anxiousness had grown. It was time time to go, to fly and dance across the forests of the world only one other than her knew she felt that way.

    Her eyes had met the regard of each other child she had live with, her silent way of saying “Hello” She was not a particular fan of being in this loud crowd of people. If she had been rebellious she would have not come. Saduris was a lady despite her inside reluctance to be here among people, so tonight she would act accordingly, as she was already three minutes fashionably late.
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  10. He had watched those delicate fingers reach towards the sky and begin curling in a delicate art form, his violet eyes watched the very twinkle of the stars above. He listened to the words that danced through thouse small lips speaking of bad things to come in the distant future, he had always loved listening to dear Yumi speak about such things, the way her childish mind seemed to see things. He gave a small smile to her as her reading stopped her elegant words falling silent before he himself poked his own fun at her, knowing she hated the nickname he had given her but still they were rather closer than many of the other children here. His eyes shifted up when the man crossed the porch, their father-like figure simply known as the caretaker, he told them it was time to get ready for dinner and after a ruffle to Yumi's hair he disappeared inside thir small shack, quickly followed by Yumi who faded to get dressed.

    He stayed staring at the small sparks of light for only a moment more, he could not take his mind from what Yumi said about trouble. Would she be right or for once would one of her small little star fortunes be wrong? He pressed his feet to one of the steps of the porch and jerked his body into an upright position looking over the horizon of the hill, his eyes dancing over their horizon praying that their small little world remained this way forever. He stood from his sitting position and turned towards the door pushing it open and stepping inside his bare feet dancing along the wooden floor making his way through doors, bare feet allowing no sound to echo through house as he made his way through the living room, past the other childrens room to his own sanctuary. His room where he spent most of his days and less of his nights.

    He took a step beyond the door into the darkened room, black curtains covered the glass paned windows keeping the light of day from piercing through the dark curtains and covering his room in its soft golden glow. His room was rather well kept with a small desk off in the corner where he kept a book, the book was leatherbound with a red spine reading the words to the side. 'LUCAS' NOTES' it was a book given to him by the caretaker on his eighteenth birthday with a note that read, for you and your curious mind. He took a seat at the table and ran his hand lightly along the spine of the book in which case it flipped open its white pages kept in a perfect condition his beautiful cursive writing dancing along the lines of the pages. This was where he would place his thoughts even now before dinner, he curled his fingers lightly around the small quill and dipped it down into a liquid vial of ink and began writing along the pages.

    What did she mean that a problem could be on the horizon? Why do the stars talk with her on such good days and tell her such grim news? I have to investigate this when I have time maybe there is something within The caretakers library that will tell me what I wish to know.

    When he was done with such a small selection of notes he slipped the book shut and ran his hand back along the spine locking it, some trick the caretaker had showed him. His eyes slipped closed for only a minute before he rose from the chair and stepped to the closet his hands reaching up to grip the fabric of his dress clothes and pulled them down and over his body. The cloak he placed over his body was an onyx black color with a silver lining along the edge, though with his dress clothes came something rather unique a hat with a small silver feather coming out the back of it. He sighed staring into the mirror a slight chuckle leaving his lips at the look of himself in that attire, he was one of the more charismatic children of the group and generally if he wanted something he had to flash a smile to one of the females and he got it. He stepped from the room and joined the family on the front lawn following the group to the dinig hall.

    The journey there was rather quick he walked with a certain pep to his step each step he took only seemed to add more to his confidence, when they came to town before the dining hall it was the same song and dance, two of the girls swooned over his look before giggling and running off. He sighed lightly with a small smile before following the children into the dining hall, the fresh smell of alcohol instantly danced to his nose forcing his hand to cover it at the bitter smell of the brew. Sometimes he hated coming here, more than most the smells here were disturbing to his nose, the alcohol and the smoke causing a slight cough to leave his lips. He quickly turned and joined his siblings and father in the corner away from the smoke that filled the entirety of the room poking at the food that rested on his plate. He turned his hand to wrap around the goblet that held his drink.

    When he raised the goblet to his lips he felt the salty liquid slide down his throat, he was glad that the caretaker was able to provide such drinks to himself and those that were different. He didn't know where the caretaker got it from but the taste was the sweetest taste that had ever passed his lips, the conversation at the table lightly rising up to meet him listing as Shorty spoke about the butterfly and the other small one about a painting. He himself did not put forth much effort to speak at the tabl but simply listened as the young ones discussed such pleasantries, this was their happy and indifferent family, but they would stand strong for one another ready to defend the others despite what they knew o how they knew. He smiled lightly licking the red liquid from his lips before setting the goblet down above his plate and finally rising his own voice to the question posed.

    "I have been watching the stars with Little Yumi here," he spoke lightly patting the younger ones head rather playfully.
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  11. The stench of home made brew, and well-cooked pork filled every crevice of the room with a certain satisfaction hat could not easily be explained. The Caretaker lifted his food to his lips, and then took a decent chunk from the source as he merely sat there and listened inadvertently to his children, and their conversations of the day. Of course his mind was already wandering, something seemed off, almost wrong about the day, he had tried his best to brush off the feeling for the most of the day, and that was proving to be quite the task.

    A good ten minutes into the feast, one of the heftier men approached the Caretaker, food in hand, and mug in the other as he clasped his arm around the Caretaker. He was rotted with stench and beer weight as he hung around the kids Father and sloshed out every word he spoke. “Ya know Caretaker, that Saduris just came of age, You should think about giving her away to a man who can keep her. Ya should.” The man took another chunk out of the boar leg he was eating from and then continued. “My Eldest boy would break her in real nice and good and she would live the life of a real man. Bahaha!”

    The man has an almost nauseating laughter and even with the Caretaker holding his tongue and remaining silent as he sipped upon a flask of cold water, the old drunk never got the hint, and continued his rant. “Alsho… don’t think iv forgotten about the other two little bitches you have, we could start them off early if you’re in a hurry!” The man started to laugh again but it didn’t last long before a fairly loud crash was heard and the drunkards face collided with the wooden table, some of the spoils of another ladies food still attached to his face as the Caretaker stood over him and shook out his fist.

    Marius really was truly awkward, and it certainly didn’t help with him spacing out all of the sudden sitting there with his mouth agape as the others started talking. He could hear them but for whatever reason he couldn’t control his own body at that point. It only lasted a few seconds more, and then his body returned to him just in time for Lucas comment. All right Marius act normal, you can handle this. He spoke to himself as he quickly recalled everything that had been said in his little fixation, he started with an almost rehearsed vigilance versus Asrai “Oh, you’re really funny by the way, I just assumed that was Lucan you were painting, I mean after all it would be quite the test to see if the girls still found him attractive.” He was witty at the moment and ended his retort with a subtle chuckle and a wink towards Lucas before sipping on some of the freshly squeezed cider.

    One thing that Marius was used to with his family, was a level of consistency, and the patterns that each of them followed. Saduris was known for a consistent cold shoulder in how she approached, literally EVERYONE, and it wasn’t much better when they approached her, but she was formal. Yumi, was a kid through and through, but curious, and she always had one adventure or another. Asraid, kept them smiling, she had witty comments to make on a good day, and when everyone was doing their own thing, she would take peace in solitude. Of course Lucas was known for his favor of the ladies, and “charming good looks” Marius rolled his eyes and chuckled under his breath as the basic bickering started up. Honestly it was weird, not have Wolf with them, he always had a hearty joke or would talk about books with Marius, but He was the eldest and had duties to handle. It was only natural.

    Marius took another drink clearing this flask and placing it on the table with a satisfied sigh. He tightened up the silver chain that held his cloak about him and then pieced through his satchel. Of course he pulled out the book that he had been reading earlier and put it on the table. “I was actually reading this.” He flashed the book to them, and then in a hurried tone he started recalling to them the events of the story, about the Hero of legends, a swordsman that Defeated the Orc; Gro’mesh and earned his rights among the people. He half expected them not to care at all, but a fraction of him hoped it might help him seem just a tad less awkward if nothing else. “Its really an amazing book! I think you guys should all take some time and read it when you get the chance.” Wolf would have appreciated it, and half the time he didn’t know how Lucas felt about his book ramblings, but he never stopped once he started.

    However there were exceptions to every rule~

    Marius was half way through a sentence when a crash of dishes hit the floor, and he glanced over to see their Father holding some mans face down against the table. He wanted to investigate, but for fear of the spotlight he remained stationed in his seat and merely watched the scene from a distance, although as he looked around he wasn’t the only one that refused to interfere, that emotionless face that their father wore, their was more emotion their, than any of them would of liked, that was pure anger.

    The Caretaker stood over the man with his hand pressed around the guys skull and he pushed harder as he leaned in closer to the mans ear. “I am about half tempted to make you the lighting for the evening, but I also have no desire for my children to see me waste my soul on such filth. If you ever speak of any of your grubby little boys touching my daughters again I will place you in conditions where you would beg death to impale you at the spike. Are we clear?” His voice was hushed and his hand started to glow blue as the man started crying out in subtle bursts of pain.

    The Caretaker let him go after that and walked away from the situation as he neared the kids and took a seat. “So then all of you, I couldn’t help but hear about your days, all of you except for our dear Saduris anyways. Also I received a letter from your brother today although I thought itd be best to read it to you all when we were all together.” His voice was exceedingly calm and had changed on a dime, from what it had just been; but it was sincere as ever as well, mostly because he meant every word he said to them.

    A bit of silence filled the air as he fingered about to open the letter. He then unfolded the parchment and unrolled it al of the way; so that he could begin reading.

    “To My beloved Family,

    Barad Goendhir is like nothing any of you could have imagined. The walls could almost touch the sky, and when I was passing through the gates I felt as though I were an ant walking through a humans door, it was enlightening to say the least. I met with the Lord Teranis today and he actually gave me a bit of advice in how I handle a sword. Honestly father his swordsmanship style is soooo similar to yours. Anyways I don’t want to talk your guys ears off, but I do miss you, and this will be one of the few times Ill be able to write you guys while on this trip. I start my negotiations with the Duke of the city in the eve of the following day, and I have to get some rest before trying to out talk these seasoned diplomats. I am hoping to get a greater food supply, and possibly a stationary set up of trade between our little village and this Monster of a city. Honestly, guys if we can get Barad Goendhir to take us in as part of its territory, we will never have to worry again, and maybe we could afford to sit in our own homes as a family haha.. Sadly I have to cut it off here, or Ill never stop writing to you all. I love you and I truly can’t wait to see you guys when I come back, or should I succeed, when you guys move here. Have a good dinner everyone and Ill talk to you all soon”

    Love Wolfy,

    The Caretaker finished with a slight sigh as he put the letter down and replaced his own discontent with certain factors of the letter with the masque he normally wore. “ At least he made it there alright aye” he spoke. But could tell for some of them; they most likely missed him quite a bit. He knew that Wolf was one that bothered Saduris frequently so as much as shed probably not admit it, he was sure, she especially as well as Marius missed Wolf quite a bit, he knew he did.

    The little families revelry ended fairly quickly as it had come when a sound like thunder crashed the two big doors to the mess hall. In rode a scout, a man dressed in cloaks, but something was wrong, and as the horse tried to stop the bone in its leg popped out and it fell through one of the table. The Caretaker rose up faster than any and like a phantom, as gracefully as a cat he was over there, checking the condition.

    The Man that rode the horse fell off, and as he fell, three long arrows were seen protruding from the mans back. The Caretaker’s eyes widened as he tried to cup the mans face and softly spoke to him. “ What is going on Jesiah, you were only on watch, what happened? A low croaking sound came from the man as he tried to gurgle his own words in a feeble attempt to speak. “The Kings men, they are a days march away. The co…” he cut off short as he started to cough up blood, and some of the women crowded in, namingly the mans wife who was in shambled over this. The caretaker knew however, he knew it was too late, the moment he pulled the arrows from the back the man would have lost too much blood, and he would die, if not now then he would die of disease. “Jesiah, you know, I know you do. My friend I would not have you suffer.” The wounded scout merely smiled and nodded, a moment with my wife before we go Arias.” The Caretaker nodded and stepped back to allow the couple some time.

    The caretaker wasted no time returning to the kids, but his demeanor had changed drastically again. “Leave your plates and follow me, no questions please, until I okay it.” He was more commanding than normal, but how couldn’t he be, he was afraid, terrified for them, and perhaps even for himself. The King had grown so powerful, and no one would escape his mad conquest against the Gods, but more so on his own mind, he wondered if he had finally been found. It was too late for that however.

    The caretaker took the kids off into the darker parts of the corners and pulled them into a tight circle. If they resisted his words now, he would make them listen, as this was nothing that he was willing to risk. Once they were all gathered, he spoke up addressing each of them. “I love all of you, as if you were my own, I truly do; and would I of had it my own way I would have never let you become involved. I knew though, I knew he would come; I knew that mans hand would reach this place someday, but I couldn’t move you. It is my fault, but fault is of no concern to the consequence of the choices we make. You have all grown beautifully, I knew you all for so long and now we are forced to part for a time, but only for a time.”He choked back a few tears and he heard the woman start screaming as two other men drug her away. “No don’t you dare! Jesiah.. Jesiah!!” it was a haunting music to his ears but he pushed past it and looked to the kids again. The Man had started calling his name now, “Arias!” He knew his job here and so he dug in his satchel before pulling out a pouch of 500 gold pieces for each of them. “Survive all of you. Survive and see this world change.” A few more words were unspoken as he walked away from them, a bright light started to shine around them, and the children’s bodies began to fade, but before they vanished they could see their father say his prayer for the man, draw his weapon and then with a final cry he thrust the weapon into him. The orphans vanished and The caretaker was left to the Village.

    The Lost City~

    Colors swirled around each of the kids, but they could always see each other, visions came so fast that they vanished before they could register, and before long the world itself felt like some dream like state. A rainbow fixation swirled about, and the absolute essence of power could be heard intermingled with the Caretakers last words, and his “final” proclamation of love. Then there was a white light, and with the light a vacancy of consciousness.

    The Kids would wake up at different times, but they wouldn’t be but a beds distance from each other. Ruined stonework was plotted next to them, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers for each of them, as they awoke to find the antechamber of vines and space. It was house like but not in a way that spelled out royalty. The reality of the night from before, how fast everything had happened, would hit them like a ton of bricks, and should they travel outside of their little room they would find the clear blue sky that usually sat above them. However they would not find the same hospitality they were used to. The smell of fresh dew, and certain flowers would be stranger; they would find themselves in a plot of ruins. A city torn apart by time and whatever else, and in the center of it all a fountain with a statue of a Man that some might recognize. It was a fairly big plot but vacant so far as anyone could see, now the only question was… well there were far too many to pick only one, but who would wake first to this strange new place.
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  12. The sweet sounds of the mess hall were enough to let Lucas know the entirety of the village acted just as a family, one after the other the people who drank only became rowdier but he paid little to no mind to the group of them. His violet eyes instead danced around the table to the small family they were snickering at the little comments that his little siblings made mostly about the painting that the little one had been working on in the living room. His eyes sparkled rather playfully when the smaller boy Marius quoted about the painting being him, of course the small boy was feeling rather witty like always teasing Lucas about his looks. He raised the goblet to his lips once again drinking down the red liquid that seemed to mimic that of fine wine, it lightly drained down his throat once again causing a light groan in appreciation to leave his lips before he finally decided to make a comment towards the boy.

    "Come now Marius my dear brother, whether I was a girl or not all the ladies would love my silver hair, and violet eyes that matched."

    He turned his head to meet the eyes of one of the females across the room who couldn't keep their eyes off of him, her smile and shyness was obviously shown. He parted his lips and gave her his trademark smile, his teeth sparkling lightly despite the fluids that had just went into his mouth. The girl seemed to only get her more shy do to the smile he gave her, she turned and begun chatting with her family again, though he was sure the blush was still there. With that though he turned his head back to the sibling table before him. He looked over the small group and noted despite the fact he was sure none of them were actual family they treated each other as such and much like actual siblings they fought picking and prodding at each others hatreds and dislikes though at the end of the day all they had to do was yell and they would be there for one another. He smiled at that mere passing thought his thoughts coming back to the conversation at hand.

    Marius, he was talking about a book that he had read recently it was a fantasy book from what Lucas had heard so far though quickly his violet eyes danced elsewhere falling upon the man that spoke so little of one of his sisters. He spoke like she was nothing but a tool to be used by his grimy sons, many of the stories had danced around the man's sons they were considered the worst kind of people they did what they wished and nobody had questioned it, those that did ended up in an even worst situation. The man continued to speak driving a nail even further into Lucas' own mind, then the topic shifted to the youngest to females and he started on about them, Lucas shifted his seat back and went to stand, when his body reached its upright position the mans face had already slammed the table and the one man like a father to them stood over top of him his hand resting on the man's neck.

    This man, the cloaked man that had so many mysteries surrounding him had never shown a lick of anger before now stood over this man rather angry.
    The dining hall had grown quiet at the display, each second ticked by as if forever would pass before anything would happen. The caretaker released the man rather quickly when a new sound danced through the dining hall, the doors burst open in haste and Lucas was still standing he saw the horse and watched as it seemed to fall forward in pain its bone echoing from the leg and it facepalmed the table before hitting the ground. He smelled the blood, the instant the man ran into the room it was strong on his form, so strong that Lucas had to cover his nose, it took little to no time before his father made it over to the man's side, he watched not hearing any of the words exchanged between the two of them but it didn't take long before he, the caretaker ushered them all into a a small corner and spoke. His words what did they mean when the light shone around them he was scared but he got what he meant for the most part. He shifted forward and watched on with wide eyes his lips parting to speak lightly as the final of the light jumped forth.


    Then darkness thats what came to his eyes and he didn't know what happened, his body fell like a brick towards the ground. The world around him seemed like it had been snatched away everything he had known in that small little village was gone thrown down the drain. Finally after what seemed like forever he hit something, so soft to his touch, what was this he was feeling, his hands reached around in th darkness searching for what was there. Finally after a while his violet eyes slipped slowly open to gaze around at the scene, the light of the sun glaring over him he growled lightly looking about, he saw his siblings all of them still resting from whatever happened though the events of dinner still danced over in his mind. Though questions had to be asked and the first one and the most important one of all of the others was.

    Where were they?
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  13. Saduris was silent as a snake, ready to sink those toxic fangs into the heart of anyone who dare try and get a rouse out of her besides the young men and women that sat at the table. The female physically retained a matron’s definition of ‘Beautiful’, and could easily make men and boys blush if she were to act like Lucas, though they blushed only at the mere sight of her, she had not time for ripe red faces. Nor fool hearted men who sought to bed her and make her a house wife. Her eyes had been cast on each face she could have said was a sibling, but didn't. Her cold neglect chilled them when they tried to approach her with successful conversation or some form of bonding, though unfortunately they all failed, one moment tumbling down after another. Soon enough she had seen her own heart warm at their many attempts as foolish as she had seen it.

    Marius' voice brought her back to reality and his godspeed chattering about the book he was currently rubbing his brain into. She loved his passion for adventure, it was adoring to see such glints in his orbs as he talked.”Marius,” She began slow her voice soft and sweeter than a sickle, for the first time in ages had she smiled so sick loving.” I'd like to read it if you'd allow me to do so. It sounds...fascinating” She was perked with honest interest, every time he ranted on about his books he caught her ear without knowing it, that was one of her little secrets and now he and the entire little group knew it. It would be one of the first things they had known about her besides her undying love for natural life.

    She was trying, this was her trying, as hard as it was for her to open up to them. It would take awhile for it to happen, though there was an anxiety taking over just like it had before with her parents.

    Saduris was shutting down.She had heard too much of that man's drunken slurs against her and the younger girls. Too much, too soon. Even drunk he was aware how painful it is to break the flower when the fruit is still unripe, painful it is to lose virginity at such a young age. Cry long endless moments in pain, cry throughout various times of day, pleading for forgiveness for a fault one did not commit, pleading for a way out. From one breaking into your only sanctuary and feast on your innocent flesh and virginity. So why would this one man say such a damned thing.What he said should have shot holes through Saduris, but she remained silent, her hands clenching tightly under the table.

    It would pass, his insolence would pass.

    Though his wishes would never come true. This he would regret saying.

    Lucas had too caught the unfavorable dignity shaming words and stood just as that clashing of glass breaking, shattering into pieces on the hardwood floor. She turned without hesitation and watched the anger seep through the Caretaker like a rapid disease, she'd shut down at the sight and feel of it boiling off his form. He was never angry, now he was spitting fire into the ear of a man, he had a right to let all that mad emotion come up like a fiery bile. Still she had shrunken under that feeling, fleeting back into whatever cold cavern she'd crawled from.

    It affected her almost too much. The caretaker vanished right before her eyes drenched in madness. He was definitely more than he had let on.

    Almost stiflingly he'd come to them, closing in dangerously he was a predator under all that kind side. First he was a minnow but know he was as devilish as a piranha, she casted her eyes to the floor at him as he'd come back like the outburst had not happened. She tried to listen to letter that was written but over the loud drumming in her chest, with her immense will it grew silent, but something in her had churned. Wolf should have never left, it was a bad omen. He was missed much too easily, and the only one she allowed to get so close when she shouldn't have. But is consistent with being around her it was almost as if he saw through her when he was not supposed to. She preferred to stand on one side while they all stood on the other, he was an anomaly that hopped back and forth. And she truly missed him.

    She watched the horse fall it's painful whinnies reaching her ears and her heart leapt into a panic, right next to it a man had fallen arrows in his back marking his untimely death. Saduris rose from her seat and made no error as she rushed over, seeing she normally treated wounds. Quick inspection told her he wouldn't make it through with those injuries, his wife would spend her days mourning over him and the horse would bleed out and return to the mother spirit. That put a chip in the ice around her heart, she would not let the tears well for the weeping woman or he dying man, and she most certainly would not let them cascade down her oval face.

    No questions, no words could even rise as he ushered her and them into a dark corner, they were in the formation of a circle, his words let her know she was going to be ripped away, they were all going to be ripped away. And she again.Now the water welled up, accumulated, yet did not fall. How could she be so distant now when face with this trial, she wasn't ready, none of them were. 500 gold coins each hand,and this is what she wished for so she could let go? Sudden regret always found a way to loom over the granted wishes. As they evaporated from this place and this time, she watched the woman wail and scream, and and the Caretaker put a man out of his newfound misery. Her last words would never reach him,” You vanished.” or would they? She wouldn't know, but if they did the meaning in them were clear. There was no place for fear in her room of sorrow.

    The mass of colors swirled in a variety of two, a set matching each other so smoothly, so fast. This could have been a very bad hallucination but that thought would have been more like a child's and a foolish denial. She'd block it all away until it was over, those sorrowful eyes closed shut and those hands clamped shut, there was no sound for her, only the last string of collectiveness slipping away as she lost all train of thought.

    With closed eyes she felt her hands rummage around her, but with these strong new smells of wild plants she knew there was no way she was home. Slowly those paled greys cracked open and sorely they met the light of day, though that sudden beauty had not kept her from the real nightmare. The man who had cared so much for them vanished, and threw them into the thorns not by choice. It was what he had to do, but his hurt lingered over her, she cared too much. Such fast happenings but so little time to think on just those events. A newly planted seed of wonder and awe rose within, the caretaker had things he would handle, and they had this, if any of them could truly focus.
  14. So loud. Still so loud. Yumi could barely stand the dining hall most times, but the fact that trouble lingered on the horizon made the experience tonight no better. The stars still whispered that something wicked this way comes. Yumi fiddled with the fabric of her kimono, but soon found herself gazing over to Asrai, amber eyes troubled. What color was the butterfly? That was a good question. The little girl couldnt exactly remember at this exact moment. She thought long, she thought intently, but it was only when she caught the steely blue gaze of someone from across the room that she remembered the beautiful shade of vibrant cerulean that painted the wings of the beautiful insect. Forcing a comfortable smile to dance across her thin lips, Yumi patted the tippy top of Asrai's blonde head, and poked the tip of the little girl's nose.

    "The butterfly was a beautiful blue. Its wings were the color of the sky at the very peek of the day, and it had intricate, black patterns on each wing that made them look like a set of eyes."

    When speaking of the butterfly, Yumi's mood seemed to lift. But that was soon ceased the instant Lucas patted the top of her head. She flashed him a glare, and then curled back into her mental ball. She'd stay that way until dinner was done. Yumi listened to the talk of books, and the rare input of Saduris musing, and voicing her interest in the book Marius was talking about. She had to agree that the book sounded interesting, but she hadnt the patience to sit, and read a book, she would rather have Wolf, or Marius read them to her. Maybe she could get Saduris to read to her one day...maybe that could be a way they connected. That, or perhaps the love of nature. Saduris seemed to have an odd love for nature, and so did Yumi. They were both free spirits with different connections to all things outdoors. But...maybe it could bring them close...eventually.

    Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the drunken slur of the man's words, and a glare was cast toward him. If looks could kill....Then a loud crash sounded at the head of her table. Glass breaking, the shrieks of girls -- including her own -- and the nails on a chalkboard effect that the table legs had on the hard floor as the table itself skid along the ground with the force of the Caretaker. Yumi jumped when it happened, and fell silent as she immediately ducked under the table, and huddled against Lucas' legs in the fetal position. She heard the commotion above; the silence that fell over the dining hall, the silenced words uttered by The Caretaker, and then how the place came back to life in a matter of seconds. A small blonde head peeked up over the table when the Caretaker spoke again, his voice calm as if nothing had ever happened. So, she crawled up into her seat once more. Not a single sound slipped her lips then, she remained completely silent refusing to even utter a peep.

    She listened to the words the Caretaker read from the note, and she wished Wolfy luck with his endeavors. She really wished he was home because ever since he left, none of the siblings really talk anymore. They all seemed to have their own little things they did in the solitude, and company of themselves. It was depressing how when one of them left, the entire family seemed to go its separate ways. Yumi sighed, and crossed her arms with a puff of her cheeks, and a pout of her lips once the letter was finished, and she shrugged turning her head away from the Caretaker. It remained that way for a long while. She minded her own business, nibbling idly on a bun.

    The doors burst open, and the man with the arrows stumbled in then, and she realized that the stars did not lie this night. Yumi looked at the scene with wide eyes, and though she didnt much enjoy the physical contact of anyone, she found herself pulling little Asrai close, and covering her eyes as the Caretaker rushed to the man's side. It was terrifying, and she was shaking, her small frame vibrating with the uncontrollable shivers of fear that shook her body. It wasnt long before their father figure was ushering them all to the corner of the room. Were they going somewhere? Was he coming with us? The answer was given when he gave them all 500 gold pieces, and told them to survive...would they be able to on their own? Would Wolfy soon find out? Where would they go?

    She didnt have much more time to let those questions rise any further. She, and the others, were soon thrust into an abyss of colors, and then nothingness.

    Yumi awoke to strange smells, strange lighting, and even stranger bedding. It wasnt her lovely little den in the room of her family's little home, but an actual bed. One of which she'd never seen. The small girl tossed, and turned on the uncomfortable mattress, and soon gave up before she sat up in the bed, and took a look around. It was an odd little place, somewhere that the Caretaker must have sent them to be safe. Two of them were already awake, and she wondered what they would think, what was going through their minds? Little Yumi crawled down from her bed, looking much like a small child. Her bare feet padded along the ground until she stood in front of Saduris, and amber eyes gazed up at her with curiosity, fear, and wonder.

    "Neh, Onee-chan. Where are we?"

    She questioned the cold woman before her, little hands fiddling with the fabric of her clothing in a nervous manner. She was scared, and she didnt quite know what had happened the night before.

    Yumi, The Lost.
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  15. It had taken quite some time, but finally Marius’ eye opened up and he met the shimmering light of an open sun that shone through cracks in a make shift board ceiling. “What?” he questioned; rising up and throwing his legs underneath the table as he stood up and started pacing the room with utmost curiosity.

    There were oddly unique beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere, and even prettier thorn vines with thistles. Marius was intrigued, but above all else, he was scared, and confused. “Caretaker!?” he called but no response came, and aside from Asrai who still appeared to be sleeping only a bed or two away from where he’d been, he was not sure where the others were. At first he called to the little girl, but stopped himself mid sentence. What kind of big brother would he be if he let her wake up and he couldn’t give her the answers she surely would desire?

    A soft sigh parted the fair toned boys lips, and he started to move a bit further into his exploration. Immediately as he turned around a stone corner, overwhelming amounts of sunlight blinded him. Still Marius continued past the overgrown long grass, and bits of cobblestone and before long he found the others standing out next to a statue, a fountain and a statue. At first he didn’t even care about the fountain, not at all. He was mostly just truly happy to see that his family all except for their father had made it. Wolf would be okay, he could handle himself better than any of them anyways.

    Of course Marius, was Marius… and after his attention averted back to the statue, he found his eyes widening and a huge smile splayed on his face. “Oh Gods!, that’s Sir Rauvghan!” He could have been considered obsessive in that moment as he ran over and got a closer look to the fountain, he looked to his entire family and then in a blur Marius was off. He told the stories, and explained the armor, and how he absolutely knew this was Sir. Rauvghan. He knew it above all else. “Guys We could be at , like his grave area or something!” Marius couldn’t be stopped now, but for some he would fool no one, this was the most convenient distraction that Marius needed, and it was conveniently timed.

    “So much convenience.. one might think that everyone was a piece on a board, and that this was stage two of the game.”
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  16. The same crazy clatter of noise filled the dining hall in waves of energy. Despite the thick, suffocating smoke and obnoxious stench of alcohol Asrai found a certain charm about the place that her siblings apparently did not recognize. To her, the chaos was a good distraction from aching thoughts in her mind and the secrets she guarded so very hard. The fools in this place were easy to play along with. Any time she lost sight of how to act, the little blond girl looked to her townspeople and mocked their tomfoolery from an adolescent angle that, so far, everyone seemed to believe. Her adopted brothers and sisters were used to it by now; they had no ability to suspect that she was any different. ​
    "Oh no, Mar. Lucas is already pretty feminine. If I'd been painting him I probably would have tried to make him look a little more masculine." A pocket of giggles poured from her shaking abdomen as she listened to the banter between her two brothers. Having been sandwiched between Marius and Yumi, little Asrai took a moment to lean into Mar's side and whisper too loudly for her intentions to have been secrecy. "I'm starting to think the girls around here only like him because he's as pretty as their dollies. Maybe Wolf should give him a battle scar or two when he returns." They all knew how tense the two eldest brothers' relationship has become over the years. But usually only Asrai liked to make a joke out of it. ​
    And just like usual she bounced to the attention of another sibling, seeming to forget the previous conversion she lingered on. She inched closer to Yumi's side, hovering just out of touching range in respect to her sister's preference for boundaries. The butterfly her sister spoke of seemed beautiful, and soon enough Asrai found herself itching to have seen the little thing. Maybe she could have painted it, and given the final canvas to Yumi as a gift. Yumi would have liked that. The young girl always softened when speaking of animals or nature - it was her weakness, or maybe her strength. Asrai looked seeing the private glint of wonderful happiness in her youngest sister's eye, and its novelty only propelled her to inspire it more often. ​
    But before she could capitalize on the vulnerable moment, Lucas ruined it with one of his teasing remarks and a pat to Yumi's head. Stupid brothers. Lucas was particularly bothersome for Asrai to be around... Not really because of his attitude, but because of his suspicious behavior. Asrai paid more attention than she let on most days. And due to her own secretive nature, she had her suspicions about their second eldest sibling. Not that she would ever admit to any of it. Doing so would bring light to her own hidden qualities, and that was not ok. Definitely not ok.​
    She preferred Marius and Yumi as far as siblings went. Neither of them seemed that secretive. It wasn't like Yumi danced through the lime light; no, she seemed to prefer solitude. But her love for nature made the girl somehow softer and more approachable. Not to mention she was the closest to Asrai in age and slightly even appearance. Oddly enough, Asrai felt the desire and need to protect her sister... And maybe it was because Yumi wasn't afraid to show a bit of vulnerability around her family at times. She couldn't say the same for Sadi, though; that girl seemed to have her life together more than the rest of them and it bothered Asrai sometimes, if only because she wished Sadi would act less like a stranger and more like family. ​
    Mar, on the other hand, treated everyone like family. The young boy was odd around people and he fidgeted a lot, but he was honest with his hobbies and made an obvious effort to keep the family together when Wolf wasn't around. She admired him for his ability to be earnest and not hide things. And if she was being honest with herself, Mar had been part of the reason why she picked up a book so many years ago and started reading. His passion affected people in a quiet way. Just by describing a story he read, Mar captured the attention of everyone at the table and even managed to pull Sadi out of her shell for a brief moment. ​
    His passion brought a childish grin to Asrai's lips as she listened to his roundabout recount of the first story she ever cared to read. The storyline was familiar, and somehow nostalgia pinched her insides with an uncomfortable happiness. She would never admit her love of books or knowledge to the family, no, but that didn't keep her from responding excitedly to his earnest words. "Ne, it sounds really cool Mar. Well you read it to me some time?" That was safe to say, right? No one would suspect her if she feigned difficulty or distaste with reading a book on her own. Besides, it might be nice to hear a story from Mar's excited lips; maybe she would get lost in the story like he always seemed to do, rather than attaching to all the calculated details and recording them for later contemplation. ​
    "Yeah! That would actually be a good time for family bonding! Read the book to all of us, will you, Mar...?"​
    She could have waited for a reply, but the sudden burst of crunching bone, breaking glass and screeching tables shut the talkative little girl right up. She'd been too absorbed in Mar to realize that the rest of their siblings were staring down the drunken bastard standing by the caretaker's side. She hasn't heard what the man said, but it must have been pretty horrible for the caretaker to respond in a violent manner. He was never violent or angry... Not even when she or the other kids disobeyed or spoke with an attitude or fought. Asrai didn't know how to react to his sudden change in character... it was mildly terrifying to realize that such a kind and harmless man could hide a monster inside of himself so convincingly. Then again, she more or less had been doing the same since day one at the orphanage. Asrai couldn't say much in this case. ​
    But her own guilt did not make his outburst any more bearable. And the fact that he snapped back into tenderness so easily only chilled her that much more. She tried to resettle as he sat down and spoke of Wolf's letter, but Asrai couldn't keep her mind off the sound of crunching bone or the anger on her fake father's face as he stood over a drunk fool. Why couldn't she forget those little things? A letter from her big brother was more important than the thoughts she was having. She really adored getting letters from Wolf when he was away on business. Somehow when he wasn't here it was easier for Asrai to believe that he cared for her as much as he did the others. Wolf was the kind of guy that tried to bring everyone together, but even he had his favorites, and they didn't seem to include her that much. At least when he was gone she could pretend he was missing her. But her own lack of self-confidence made it difficult to believe such a thing when he was actually around. ​
    Even so, she wished for his presence at that moment. Wolf would have made the caretaker's sudden outburst seem lighthearted. And he surely would have made what was about to happen far less difficult to handle. The thundering doors caught her attention, and her gaze slid too quickly to the bleeding body and crying horse for her sister to protect her. Even as Yumi's hands closed over her eyes, Asrai was bombarded with images of blood and broken arrows. She tried her best to block out what happened around her but little Asrai was too accustomed to sucking up the details of every situation. Every cry of pain, every muffled word of the caretaker pierced the bubble Yumi wrapped her in. What was happening to their paradise? ​
    Too soon, the caretaker came back to them... But this time the unfamiliar emotion on his face did not disappear. He looked scared, terrified even, and the old man had no intention of hiding it. She clung to Yumi's hand as their makeshift father ushered them away, knitting them into a circle away from the bloody and horrible scene. So many questions raced through her mind, competing for time to be spoken, but the caretaker silenced them before any surfaced to her trembling lips. He told them he loved them, and the fear in his eyes made that remark believable for the first time. Which made things all the more horrible, because from her experience a person only shows their true colors at the very end of things. And the more he spoke, the faster she began to realize this was his good bye. ​
    Asrai was shaking her head without realising it. Tears rimmed her watery blue and pink eyes, refusing to fall but building all the same. Somewhere in the distance a man called out a familiar name, and their father reacted in a way that told her it had been his own. But before she had the time to think about it he was shoving pouches of gold into their hands and saying his final farewell. Asrai wanted to reach out and cling to him. To change her face and beg forgiveness for putting him through so much pain. But all too soon she was being engulfed in a magical light that meant it was too late. Too late to say or do anything. His receding image fell away and so did she - tumbling endlessly through images she wanted to recognize but couldn't find the time to. All too soon her sight faded to black, not even the colors of her father's magic lasting long enough to sooth her into sleep. ​
    "Foolish.... little girl playing dress up-"
    "- did she even think...."
    "Accept her?"
    The sun slowly invaded her mind like a small fire. Sparks danced behind her lids, tempting the child from her first true sleep in a very long time. Nightmares struggled to keep a hold on her mind, bending her body in the bed; turning her away from the golden light and convincing her that waking now was worse than death itself. And maybe it was. For when she finally awoke a bone-deep chill twisted her stomach into a knot that would probably never disappear. The feather-filled mattress she lay upon felt no more familiar than a slab of lifeless stone. Walls crumbled around her, letting in that horribly bright light that seemed to cheerful to fit the mess of fear and confusion she withheld in her slowly brimming tears. ​
    Another bed lay not too far away, empty and abandoned. Alone. Just like her. Asrai reached for something to grasp and curl her small body around, but found nothing to satisfy the deep ache in her stomach. Instead she found the pouch of coins her father had left, and just the site of it was enough to snap her back into reality. This was meant to help her survive... because the caretaker could no longer protect her, or any one of them. Where were her brothers and sisters anyway? The remains of this collapsing house were clearly empty, which meant that she was probably the last to wake from their mutual nightmare. But she wouldn't know until she found them. ​
    Crawling slowly from the bed, Asrai clapped the pouch of gold in her little hands and started toward a hole in the wall with shaking legs. Distantly the hum of wind and water played a peaceful song, and as she walked she found herself wanting to sing along. But her lips were too stiff to make a sound, so little Asrai wandered out to the fountain silently. Conveniently they had all gathered in a place she was naturally drawn too. Her siblings were all there, and though their backs were turned to her advancing form she could tell from their stiff postures that no one felt comfortable or safe. They were tense, silent. Until Mar burst into sudden noise, captivated by something she hasn't cared to look at quite yet. But the name he called out captivated her gaze, and soon enough the little girl was rushing to Mar's side, eyes widening as they caught site of the familiar man carved in that silly stone statute. ​
    It was, indeed, Sir Rauvghen. The hero from Mar's book. But Asrai knew him by a different name... a familiar one, something she could never forget given her own unfortunate name. "Arias..." She murmured the word so silently no human would hear it... but who among them was actually human? It hadn't occurred to get the night before, no. With the chaos and confusion Asrai hasn't the time to place the name some man shouted in the caretaker's direction. But starting down this stupid song statute now made it impossible for her not to make the connection. Arias Rauvghen, the hero she'd secretly read about. The man depicted in this fountain. The man that refused to look her in the eyes every day of her known life. Their father, their protector. And he was gone now. ​
    Mar went on to rant and rave about the valiant Sir Rauvghen; meanwhile Asrai crumpled to the ground, beside the water-filled fountain that so called to her. With shaking hands and suffocating breath she pulled herself to the edge and peered down into the crystal clear reflection of her tear streaked face. Two diamonds detached from her eye lashes and crashed into the still surface of the water fountain. For the shortest moment her reflection cracked, fracturing into a million different pieces - a million different faces - none of which would ever truly belong to her. And in the next moment that mirror resettled on her stolen face, marking the betrayal she made to the stone of a man that towered above her. Sitting on the edge of that fountain, Asrai felt like a girl in a picture frame again. All she could do was fall into the water and disappear, like the pastel colors on her charred canvas. ​
    She reached, then. Fingertips extending toward the water, just waiting for a hand to pop out and pull her in. But would her past arise in time to pull her under, or would the familiar strangers of her present tug her back in time to keep that little girl in her picture frame?
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  17. Confusion was the general feeling now. The life that the orphans had lived for ten long years now had fallen apart within the time frame of about a minute and a half, and they were left with now answers at all. The Statue stood like a watchful guardian over them, and only one of them had any idea of significance that involved them with this new alien place. Of course Marius cheerful behavior helped to set the mood, but would it truly be enough for these kids; who had become lost all too quickly.

    With each ripple in the water of the fountain, the color of the water changed, and Asrais tears made a little bit of music to add to the atmosphere. She understood best it seemed, above all of the others she remembered something, and it was destroying her, heartbreaking for the forces that watch the place. Then from the air about the water, an actual hand manifest, just as the smallest girls hand near reached the water, another hand appeared from no where, and without a thought; wiped the tear from Little Asrai’s face.

    A soft tone emitted as the children’s eyes would follow the hand, and find the slowly manifesting visage of a being fully cloaked from head to tone in brilliant black and maroon robes with silver and gold trim. The voice was odd but it was comforting, like a song or the sound of a grandmother reading perhaps, but it was solid, and formless all of the same. “I am deeply sorry for the events that have come to befall upon your family.” It was an interesting way to start, but thus far this was the closest thing to an answer that any of the children had come to.

    Whoever the female was under the cloak she didn’t appear to want to harm them, and she even ushered little Asrai, little by little away from the fountain, and to return to a position nearest of Yumi and Marius. A soft chuckle resounded as she watched the awkward, atmosphere set in with the kids, but she never did anything past that. “There would be so many questions to swim through ones head at this point, and surely I would love to answer those things that I may, however it is not my place to answer all things.”

    The being before them spoke in riddles in the best of ways, and she got her point across easily. “I am Dasiria of the Great Divide. For every ten years it is, that a new person is born who is chosen by forces that dwell beyond that of Gods or the like. The Makers choose specific individuals to be the sentinels of the world. Do not take the word as directly as you might. The point is that those children have a power bestowed upon them, and with that Great power comes a much greater responsibility.” The woman paused for a second and then held out her palm.

    “Do as I do please..” She half expected them to question her more, but this was without a doubt the only way to make one understand truly with the time she had there. “You all were chosen by the Wish sign to control the power and responsibilities that come along with it. You are the only ones with a mortal capability to kill those that stand on a higher level, a power both to be feared, and recognized.” Her voice had a certain charm that lingered in every single word, every notion she made. It was as though she were of some ephemeral existence that they did not yet understand. “I am a being that is beyond the choices you must make, I am one that controls the in-between and watches the choices of mortals, I do not judge them however.” The woman somewhat floated over to the centerfold of there view on the fountain then, and brought a hand down along the statue of the hero. “I also am only here to provide each of you the wisdom you require. I lay down upon you the awakening of your gifts and provide you the questions that you must ask yourself truly.” A sweep of the womans hand made the air before them distorted. “Your Caretaker was a brave and kind man to send you this way despite his promise.”

    The image that shown before them was a great many men marching on the side of a vast valley, they were all clad in pure obsidian black armor with a rich gold trim that ornate their armor. The area between them was filled with a great many cracks, lava threatened to soak the battlefield but across from them, the glowing might of a thousand angels marched to meet the dark clad soldiers. A roar of battle echoed and they met blade for blade, but the end was, as one would expect. The sky painted red in the blood of war, and in the end nothing but bones remained when all the fighting was done, the death of millions in a nutshell. Then from the darkness that remained, devilishly red eyes appeared and shadow formed hands appeared to claim the dead, Demons scavenged the left overs of the world quickly and without mercy or thought as to who could be considered innocent in this war. “The are the things you must choose, the paths you must cross, for the world is in chaos and mankind fights a battle upon those that created them, however before anything the gift must be bestowed.”

    The woman stepped back and then her hands rose at her sides, a gleaming violent form of power shimmered in each hand, but as she spoke a new word it would change colors until a color had been chosen for each of them there, and a few more besides that. The energy began a tendril like form that suddenly started to engulf each of the orphans, a different color for each and then a sharp sting for but a few seconds as a vision passed through their minds, as they seen themselves for the truth, and seen the wisdom and power that came with the energy. Each one knew things they normally would not have known.

    The final indication as the womans spell finally ended, was the form of a tattoo that truly represented themselves and their “Class” imprinted somewhere upon their body. The wish sign had been bestowed upon them, and with it the divine class that they would have for the rest of their lives. “You have all been enlightened, you know what you are, and you know that this world now is sitting upon a scale, waiting for one platform to weigh more than the other, the choice of course is yours from here, but I shall help you as best I am able.”

    Another sway of the womans finger and the air distorted into a map for them, of the area around, and the dark mountains far to the north. “Should you choose to aid Mankind in their struggle you would first make your way to the west and visit Kathon Castle. Should you decide that you will fight for the love of the Gods, I would have you head south east, to the Illnfall Vale. So many theads of fate are wound before you, and as unfortunate as it may be you can but choose only one. I am here for only a short while longer but I will answer all things you might ask as to the best of my ability.”

    With that the woman stepped back once more away from them, and calmly their she stood.

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  18. Saduris was so attuned with awe she had nearly missed the familiar voice that had broken into her guard so easily. Her light gray regard met those amber orbs slowly, in Yumi's eyes she could see the curiosity and wonder. Beyond those was the fear, a reflection of doubt and insecurity, that hid behind Saduris' pupils. Yet again she was about to avoid any form of bonding even in a time like this, the feeling to usher the young girl away toward Lucas, though they needed each other and now was not the time to dismiss her.

    Gently Saduris took Yumi's small hands into her own and rubbed her thumbs over them in slight care.” We are going to find out when everyone wakes, but right now I am going to need you to be strong, Yumi.” Her voice was as sincere as the motherly look in her eyes, the highest form of care that had ever been seen of her in a long time and it felt great to let it out. The question of where they were had her stumped she knew they weren't anywhere near home, that was a given. These strange plants whispered and told tales of things she could not make sense of at this moment. The wind here sang to her of the secrets no one should have known. And she was sure if she looked into the water would reflect the insides of her soul. She had felt naked before this place so much it had sent a shiver down her spine. With Yumi's hand in her own all she could do was hold on to them, if anyone here vanished she'd crumble much like these ruin's, there would be no understanding...they were something like a family...right? A God's misfits all wrapped in one....

    Please don't..” She paused squeezing Yumi's hand gently tighter. Her eyes casted away from the young woman so she couldn't see the emotions of true fear and sorrow buried within. This was not the time to be weak like this, nature and animals were her only friends and family. No matter what form they took, no matter how many times she had gone from one place to another...Forests and plants had always been there to console her. With a fast inhale came a slow and long exhale as she caught herself and fixed her moment of weakness. She'd let go of Yumi's hand after blessing her with a kiss to the back of it, as Saduris disconnected everything that had made her feel, if any of them could bring this out in her so easily surely she would run and hide afterwards. Her feelings were better left behind doors and locked away.

    Her eyes shifted to Marius as he had certainly come to, he would figure that nothing is the same just as the rest of them. He would in his own mind,as she knew Marius, would find something vital or familiar to his readings. And of course she was right, he already had begun to blabber away and in her own mind she could help but smile, walking up to him then wrapping her arms around him. It was odd even for her, but she couldn't do anything but be glad they were still with her. They had not vanished.

    And Marius, was being strong, even if he was distracting himself to hide the face he too was scared. Though she had let him out of her warming embrace, and actually looked around at all that she had missed, he was much right about the statue as he described the armor and how he knew of the man. Though nothing of it had been familiar to her but his name that Marius had mentioned days ago when he was reading the book. But this was not just Sir Rauvghen, he was someone more familiar by face. He look almost familiar to the Caretaker...almost too familiar. There was a blur of over the face of the statue, and the memory of caretaker's face..who had been called Asrias by a dying man. There was no way she couldn't have caught that. But she'd put two and two together. It was unbelievable, Caretaker had not lied but he surely didn't inform her or any of them about himself. That is exactly why she couldn't find herself really trying to care about the man, he was too mysterious. He had secrets and she had a feeling those secrets would soon reveal themselves and hurt each of them in it's own way. It may even hang over them like a witches curse. But none of them could talk each orphan had a secret and more. But his words,'I knew he would come', left a pang of curiosity slipping through the cracks of her stoned mind. 'What did he really involve us in. Did he really even involve us?'

    That is somewhat doubtful...My dear Marius..” She whispered under her breath, normally she would have studied the architecture of the fountain but the water here made her shy away from it. For she knew it would show her soul to them all. Only the Great Spirit could see her. Even if she had no known of it, she was but a mere human being, compared to them after all. Never had she had another form to describe her, or shun her.'I think he is very much alive..' she thought making a somewhat worried face.

    Silly self pity would never arise, however the storm of compassion was swirling and growing, knocking down all the locked doors and bursting forward to it's freedom. The young woman would stop it if she could. Silently she watch Asrai who herself looked as if that statue held some meaning, though her lips murmured something that she didn't quite catch. She didn't seem in all fear or thrown off by this ordeal, she seemed more worried. As if she wondered about some sort of result. Saduris' eyes looked to Lucas not for his leading but more for his support in protecting the other's if necessary. She could handle herself she didn't need his or anyone to protect her, that was not their job it was her own. In that mere instant she had suddenly decided she'd become the big sister they needed, but if they vanished...it would crush her most. It worked in waves...first her parents then the man named Arias..The waves were only growing...and when they finally crashed she'd snap against the world and claim the Spirit Mother's land as her family. Her only sanctuary, her only true home...It would be the end of all their connections. The pretty and once shallow green blue water was her every love as a child, and now that sparkling water gathered against her pulling her further away from the sure. Soon she would have to swim and when she got back to that shore everything would already have been destroyed...every bridge build in utter ruin.

    A hand reach out of the air wiping away the tears from the little one's face, but as her eyes followed up the arm, it belonged to a woman as her frame had given. Her voice dancing in loops around the air. So evasively. She'd solemnly apologize for the event that had taken place though Saduris only pushed it out of her ears.Even with as many questions that could be asked she knew all of the questions she'd ask where related to things that have been swimming her mind for years. She'd say nothing. She had already knew that tainted action.

    The new information that she had given made Saduris cringe inside, her heart pumping at a dangering pace, but it was no bother as it felt like her ribs licked at puncturing her lungs. She didn't know how to feel, about any of this. So she went stone continuing to listen to the older woman. Her mention of Power and Responsibility made the young woman shy from the idea but she understood her sayings, more than anything. But she did not want this, any of this she would have live happily without. She did not care for the gods or mortals favor nor did she want to fix something they have decided to make a mess of all their own. Being chosen by this Wish sign that Dasiria woman had spoken of was not fair at all. She could have gave a blossoming damn about any of it.But as it looked she had no choice but to comply with the cards she was dealt.

    Like a game of chess men clad in dark armor, stomped over the land like the angels that had been sent to intercept them. Blood curdling screams of battle and death filed the world so dreadfully, angels and man killing off each other so viciously that Saduris wished she could look away, but as a for their roars would end and their bodies rip for the picking. The darkness that was not the mother spirit claimed the dead, not giving them any servings.The world would be ruined if this continued they would destroy everything so close to her..There was no choice but to deal with this collage of problems. No choice but to take a path and cross a line as she had said they would have to choose. But what would they all choose individually. The mortals or the gods?

    That dark black tendril surrounded her and whipped dangerously in her essence merging painfully, there was no stopping it even if she wanted to it was another kind of force that fed the inside churning of feelings. Giving her visions of everything she had not wanted to see of knowledge she hadn't wanted to know, but these were her cards. This was her dealing and she would play them with as many gleams of deception and manipulations as she had always know how to do. That nature of her crawled up from the surface and bit it fangs through the ice she had encased her heart in so well, in it's own way of showing her there was no more time for the cold and hurt. Thing that had once been unknown and unclear became known and clear, some hurting some relieving and some loving. She had instantly let it all in, accepted it, embraced it even.

    Saduris knew you could never run from a destiny such as this, when the world of life had hung in the balance. For a moment all seemed fairly well, until she looked at the strange thorned abstracted lines that danced around her fingers in a single loop on each finger a flower giving them the look of a ring, the thorned lines traveled up past her wrist, twisting and twining together for a moment then breaking away at the top to swirl around her elbow and arm cascading around the tribal imprint of a skull decorated with Mongolias on her shoulder, the vines from that mongolia more like sharp abstracted lines that dashed up her neck and to her face just under the eyes it stopped, leaving three dots right over her naturally arched eyebrow, with a flower sitting just over the middle dot. Saduris had seen it lead to her face but she wanted to see it not so much that she would look into the fountain.

    The fact that they could only choose one was disturbing and it would create a division if the so called siblings would pick one or the other. It was never a question this would be so easy to thrust upon them all at such a painful time. They had just woken and now they were forced to dance in this war. Saduris didn't believe in choosing one side or the other. But she would not say so. She was honourable, but she was also ambiguous.

    The woman waited for questions and Saduris only stared at her, not utter a single word of question. But there was now a deep crane of thought going on.
  19. Violet hues danced around the opening that was their beds that night before, focusing upon each of the younger siblings as they made their way from their naps. Each of those childish eyes hinting at fear, anguish and other such emotions that he himself could feel even upon his own mind. He watched as Little Yumi sat at Saduris' feet and seemed to question the same question that danced on everybodies mind, where were they? He watched the two of them for a second slowly making his way in that general direction half expecting her to push little Yumi off in his direction like she had always done from before. In a matter of a few seconds but what seemed like minutes to his feet ready to tell the little one something that would make her feel better, but in the worst situations masks seem to crack and break, the show finally comes to an end and the face behind the mask is truly revealed.

    He stopped a few feet off and watched with a slight smile as Saduris did something he would never expect from her. She had taken little Yumi's hands within her own and had comforted her, their words were inaudible to himself but whatever she said he hoped it would calm her fears. It was then that Marius shouted with glee and surprise that pulled Lucas' gaze to him, his eyes resting upon him as the smaller boy jumped for joy and danced around the statue exclaiming names and such. He normally liked hearing about the boy's books though he had never taken an interest in sitting down and actually reading one, he spoke about some form of knight clad in specific armor and weapons. This small eccentric boy had brought a small smile to Lucas' lips making him wonder how the boy always stayed so happy even in such a weird situation or even in harshest of conditions but normally as now that brightening of the area wouldn't last long as the littlest of them all collapsed to the ground in sadness.

    His eyes had fallen upon her at that point slowly inching his way closer to her, Asrai had never liked him to much but still in this time she needed him to act like a brother. He allowed his gaze to falter only for a second to meet with the gaze of the eldest female who seemed to be giving him that look for even the slightest moment it mimicked the strength she was known for. He merely nodded in her direction stopping right behind Asrai and slipping to one knee almost next to her and running his hand slowly up and down her back. A father to his daughter when he didn't know what to say, or that saying anything would only add more fuel to the fire. His eyes weren't on her not because he couldn't look at her but instead upon the ripples that had made themselves known within the water do to the small ones tears. They sat there for a bit in silence Marius still going on about the statue before he parted his lips and spoke ever lightly.

    "Come Little one let us go, we need to fig...."

    His words didn't finish though instead his gaze was pulled to the arm that reached from the depths of the water and wiped away the tears upon the small girls face. What the hell? His mind jumped into overdrive seeming to dance over the million things he saw upon that little orphanage but this....what was it? He shakily wrapped his arm around Asrai quickly and backed away from the fountain quickly shifting to his feet and seeming to emit a small hiss from between the two of his lips, fangs showing from behind the two of the pale pieces of flesh. Though with the hand came another being once again clad in a robe and hood, her voice melodic almost soothing to the ear, but still Lucas' position remained defensive as he set the smaller girl down behind him. Who was this person and did she wish to pose harm to his family?

    Then those words that left her lips caused him to relax only slightly telling them that basically she meant no harm she was here to help. Then she began explaining something about a sign that him and his family were born of, much like the stars above he only assumed, but the name a 'wish' sign gave them the power to kill a higher being. This was all like some fantasy out of one of Marius' books, a goddess appears before the hero and tells them that they are destined to end the tyrany of the evil king, or the power of a strong Lich. Why them, why were they chosen, none of them had asked for fate to decide them as a driving force to end a war. What were they now involved in?

    He had been so lost in thought, the words of the woman had only been registering to him a little at a time. His violet eyes though fell upon the scene of complete war that danced in front of them, humans versus angels, white versus black. A chess board down to the extreme, they fought one after the other blood of a crimson color would litter the battlefield followed by an end to the battling and the darkening of the sky above. Then bones nothing more nothing less, their skin and such gone the darkness reaching up to claim every piece and inch of the bodies. This was the state of the world as they knew it, but how when he shook his head none of this made any sense, none of it at all. He took a step back from the woman and watched as she talked again her hand extending forth this time and light danced around their little group, magic much like the caretaker had used but he could do nothing about it.

    He watched as each of the tendrils curled around his siblings before looking down at his own, much like his eyes a dark violet color that would dance and cover the entirety of his body. Once he had been covered thats when they begun, like pictures that brought back the harshest of memories visions of now and then, of what may be and knowledge beyond all others. The last of his own thoughts still why them? Why were they thrust into this? He only closed his eyes as each of the thoughts passed through his mind, he was Lucas Falkreath and yet here he stood grasping a destiny that he didn't want and asked to choose a side. When the tendril was done showing him the memories it slid away leaving him with one last gift, a pinprick upon his body.

    He had felt it even if it was slight it had stung his body like the bees used to when he was a child, his hands shifted up to his face to cover the entirety of his eyes and such by the long fingers. His hand slid away from his face shortly afterwards just as the tattoo had finished marking itself upon the skin of the eldest female the beautiful tattoo that clawed up her arm and ended just beneath the eye on her face. He reached down his hands searching over the part of his skin that had been shown through the clothing that he wore and sighed happily at the fact his body had not been touched like hers had. Though after a few seconds of watching and seeing the rest of his family was beginning to be branded by the same ink and such he reached over the fabric of his shirt and tore it open revealing his exposed chest to himself and the others as well, his eyes shifted down only to widen in surprise.

    When he looked down he felt like he was gazing upon one of the many pictures that Asrai used to draw all the time. His chest like a canvas for the work of art that danced over his body, but what was it was the question that rested upon his mind. He had never seen anything like it, never would he again. The large serpent like creature curled around the entirety of his torso the coils of its skin sitting around his stomach the end of the tail slipping through the back of the pants he wore. The creature was raised up and its head curled over his left breast its mouth wide open revealing the fangs that peaked through its open mouth, the fangs held some sort of liquid that seemed to be dripping from it and slipping to the ground. What did these tattoos mean why were they so real looking so different from others.

    She had spoken again, her words lingering in the air and this time as elegantly as she spoke he listened about the destinations that danced through the map that appeared in front of them. They could choose to help either side do what? He didn't know and didn't want to know if they were to win this war he hoped theey would all stick together. His eyes scaled over the rest of his siblings the younger ones waiting to see if they had any questions for the woman, his own thoughts overiding those of the woman at hand. His eyes rose to the sky and the only thing that slipped his mind at this point were the words the caretaker had told him once when he asked him to tell his story.

    Stories are just that stories, though there is one story that is told through the ages and will always be told and with it comes one saying. Destiny will always find you no matter how far away you hide and run, so take what it hands you and run headlong into the storm it brews.
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  20. The small girl was delightfully surprised when Saduris didnt turn her away to Lucas, delightfully surprised when the woman took her hands, and soothed her thumbs against their backs. Even more delightfully surprised when The normally cold female looked in Yumi's amber orbs with such care, and understanding, let her words drift from those beautiful lips in such a soft, soothing tone. It was so surprising that it truly worked to calm the small blonde. She found herself slightly more comfortable in the situation they all now found themselves in, if only for the reason that they were all here, and they were willing to comfort each other. When Saduris moved to go outside of the odd little shelter they all had awakened in, Yumi followed after her, amber eyes only just now falling upon an oddly excited Marius.

    He was ecstatic about the statue that stood in the very middle of a fountain just outside of the ruins. Yumi stepped outside of those ruins with cautious steps, she didnt much like the way things were panning out. The stars told her that something would happen, but they didnt specify anything, they didnt tell her that the events that were dealt to them all were this severe. And all they had to help them? A pouch of 500 gold each, and a damned fountain with some odd man standing at its center. Yumi almost found herself huffing in frustration as she looked at Marius, and then Saduris. Even when little Asrai came out from the ruins, she had a look of recognition in her eyes. Yumi didnt have a clue who the statue man could be. It was a little more than frustrating.

    Yumi sat herself on the ground, and curled her legs up to her chest, her pretty kimono now dirty from sleeping on the beds they were given. It was a shame....the kimono was so elegant, she'd have treasured it for as long as she lived, but now it was useless, nothing more than cloth covering her body. The white cloth was stained in places with dirt, and even the pretty pink cherry blossom were litters with speckles of dirt. She sighed as she looked upon it, and then shook her head before she saw Asrai in the corners of her eyes. The smaller girl dropped to her knees before the fountain. It was obvious that they all her taking this entire thing pretty hard, but Asrai was the youngest, and surely the most susceptible to breaking down right before everyone here. Yumi would have gone to comfort her,push Lucas aside, and coddle the girl, but that was against her nature. Besides, she hadnt much had the chance since the hand rose from the rippling water of the fountain to brush away the girl's tears.

    This was mind boggling to Yumi. The arm had just appeared out of nowhere, and then suddenly, there in front of the statue, and fountain, hovered a full embodiment of a woman in robes. Her voice was soothing as she talked, ensuring them that she wasnt there to harm them, but she was there as a sort of guide. She was there to help. After apologizing for the terrible fate that had been bestowed upon them all, she immediately proceeded on to tell them of the "Wish Sign" and how they had all been chosen by it. This was just unfair. How could they have been chosen by something they didnt even know existed? Yumi's young mind couldnt quite comprehend such things as she was all that well versed in the knowledge of The Gods, or the war that the mortals were having with them. She'd only heard of it in The Caretakers stories. Was he subliminally readying them for this day? The day that they all found out what their destiny was?

    Her mind was stripped from those thoughts as The woman waved her hand in front of them all, and brought up the pictures of a crimson sky, and the war that was happening. The battle field was littered with the dead, and blood pooled upon the ground staining the grass red. The blood curdling screams of the dying echoed in her ears, and she knew those screams would never be unheard....never. The sites that were displayed; angels running with sword, shield, glaive, or simple fists at the ready toward the oncoming mortals who held in their own hands similar weapons. They clashed in the middle of the battlefield, but as all knew, the mortals were fighting a losing battle. As human fell at the hands of angelic beings, the hands of death himself swept over the bloodied field to claim the souls of the dead. They'd not truly be able to rest in piece, no...Death would torture them still. Even in their afterlife.

    Yumi was thankful when the images disappeared, and she found herself crying in fear as she curled further into herself. She cried in fear that that could one day be her, and she cried in sorrow for those poor souls that died in this battle. A battle so unfair, so unneeded. Didnt the humans know that they couldnt win this fight? They were fighting gods, and now that this...Wish sign had chosen her, and her siblings...they must now choose sides, and fight this losing battle as well. Some may choose to go for the winning side...if only for the reason that they may possibly not die in the end. The gods were most definitely the favored hand in this game that fate dealt. Yumi dried her eyes as the woman continued to speak. She spoke now of bestowing upon them all the knowledge, and gifts of their true selves. How could she do that? Yumi found herself standing just as she finished her words, and rose her hands so that those violent orbs of power could emerge from her palms.

    The small blonde stood by Asrai just as a red light engulfed her, and before her eyes flashed the visions of her true self. These visions flashed in her eyes for mere seconds just as the searing pain. A pain that indicated the process was finished before it had even begun. Once the light disappeared, Yumi stood before her siblings with knowledge she never knew she knew. And upon her person was an intricate tattoo. It started at her eyebrows, a brilliant crimson coloring that swirled out over her forehead with the paw prints of a fox. Those prints walked along her browline, and then vanished into her hair. They then continued along her neck only to stop on each of her shoulders, a red fox standing on either one. From there on, down her arms, and along each of her fingers, odd swirls of red danced upon her skin. On each finger lay an inked bow upon each thumb, and every other finger sat a poised arrow. The tattooing continued along her back, from her shoulder blades, brilliant swirls of red that danced in an artistic rhythm with doves the color of blood. The doves ceased at her hips, a bird sitting on each hipbone, wings spread completely. It then continued on from there, with vines that swirled over the entire length of her legs. Everytime the vine would reach the front of her leg, a simple dagger would be thrust down through it, a small, blade ready for use. For something so small, it looked so lethal. When the tattoo reach each of her feet, the coloring faded to a brilliant gold color, the vines ending wrapped about her ankles. The ink finally ended upon the tops of each foot. Paw prints led from the vines, only to stop so that the sly, sneaky visage of a fox could be seen.

    Yumi was in awe at the markings upon her body, such odd markings, but ones that oddly made all the sense it possibly could to her.. She looked at the others, saw the beautiful tattoo that inked its way along Saduris' skin, and the might serpent that plagued Lucas' own body, and she wondered what the others would be....none so vast, none so detailed as her own. She'd half expected them to be identical signs if they were to be branded by the Sign. But she didnt have the pleasure of musing at her own marking any further. The robed woman went on, waving her hand once more so that a mp appeared. She then gave out the directions in which each should go once they have chosen their sides. Yumi didnt quite know what she was going to do at this point. She was far too young to be making such important decisions. Far to easily frightened to fight a war. Far too pure, far too innocent to even have been chosen. But nonetheless, here she was. Standing before a floating, robed female who showed her all the proof she needed to know this was true. The majority of her being wished it were not.

    But she stood there, and gave that floating woman a look, one of curiosity, and fear. She had no questions for the woman, only questions for her siblings. And she would wait until the woman was gone before she even thought to ask them.

    Yumi, The Confused, and Troubled.
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