Tenshi and Roses

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  1. Skeleton


    Isabel Jones
    Is wanted by many people.
    Is a princess
    Stubborn, Shy, Quiet.
  2. Damien
    Age Unknown
    Vampire, Rich
    Somewhat snotty, a bit reserved, a bit sadistic
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  3. want me to start or you?
  4. Setting: When everyone begins to arrive and that one arrives.

    Isabel, a princess, she was french though. She smiled sweetly, she spoke a little english, but she is trying. She put on her cute outfit knowing it was masquerade. She smiled and grinned. She looked around, she got out of her ride, walking over to the mansion, she had the invitation. It seemed she was the only one really invited. She realized this was a vampire territory. She didn't know what to think about that. She went through the line and soon ended up in the ball room. She looked around.
  5. Seeing her arrived, he proceeded to change into his most elegant suit. Making his way out of the door and into the hallway he slowly continued, making little adjustments here and there to his outfit. His fangs slowly protruded from his mouth, but barely noticeable at the moment. Finally making his way to the stairs, he walks down toward the ballroom, leaving a stark silence. It was a silence both of caution and of awe for an unknown reason.
  6. Isabel sighed lightly. She looked around and shrugged. She went to talking to some people who were there. She heard it go silent and looked up at the stairs where everyone was looking, she smiled lightly, thinking. She was in a pretty pink outfit, it all matched. She put her hands at her hips thinking. Who was this person?
  7. Damien continued to make his way down to the ballroom. Finally making it to the center of the room, in a booming tone said, "Welcome all! I hope you all enjoy your time here at this lovely masquerade I've thrown for you! You can all carry on now!" He had a habit of making it known that he was rich whenever he felt the time benefits. Having made his announcement, he simply paraded around the guests, looking around.
  8. Isabel smiled thinking, she heard that voce, she was trying to figure him out. She smiled lightly and thought a bit. She giggled and seeing one guy ask for her to dance after his speech. She was dancing away, it wasn't the guy who said the speech. She was jus happy someone doesn't know she is the princess, yet.
  9. He continued going through, moving swiftly around the crowd. After a few minutes, he spotted a someone who had caught his eye, she looked stunning to him and more elegant than he, though he'd never admit it in words. He watched her as she danced with someone for a brief moment, then reluctantly moved on through the rest of the crowd, greeting people here and there.
  10. Isabelle smiled lightly. She looked around and moved swiftly, soon after that song, she cursteyed and smiled, hearing the man, she felth her hand grabbed and kissed upon. She smiled widely. She nodded. " yes sir thank you so much " She then went to a table where a punch bowl was there, she grabbed a glass o take a cup of the punch, her hair was so long.
  11. After a few more minutes of looking through the crowd and giving proper introduction, he slowly made his way to the table. His eyes were kept low seeing as he was a bit tired from greetings. God, this is tiring. Not a single one in here looks remotely appetizing, He thought to himself. Well, wine it is, I suppose. Moving somewhat quicker to the table, he poured himself a bit of wine to take his mind off his exhaustion. Looking over, he noticed that girl from before was standing there as well. He said nothing and kept to his drink, still eyeing her as she minded her own drink.
  12. Isabelle smiled lightly, she blinked her eyes having an odd feeling if she said her name no one would let her leave. So she will not say her name. She closed her eyes. She seen the same guy, she glanced over at him, before she smiled, she ran a hand through her long curly hair, She looked over at the glasses, it was cool, with the designs.
  13. Finally regaining his energy, he reluctantly decides to walk over to the girl. Walking up to her, he extended his hand with the invitation for a handshake, "Hello, and welcome.. how rude of me to forget to greet you." He stood for a second a waited to see if she'd say anything, as he noticed that both times he's seen her that night, she'd been almost completely silent.
  14. Isabel thought, maybe he will talk to her. she has to lie.She closed her eyes, she hated lying, she never lied once. She looked at her wrist, seeing that it was the royal bracelet as she shook his hand, " hello," She smiled and looked up her bright eyes looking up into his. Sh was happy. She also took a sip of her wine. She hoped he didn't catch her wrist, at that handshake.
  15. He glanced down at her hand, seeing her bracelet. However, he thought nothing of it. "May I just say, you look simply ravishing." He'd spoke briskly, so as not to ruin her seemingly good time.
  16. Isabel smiled lightly. She looked over and thought She didn't know what to do. She then nodded " Thanks, so do you." She said, she had a thick French Accent. She then smiled again, soon she went to grab herself a snack, she was happy. She looked over at him and nodded.
  17. Seeing her nod at him, he politely returned the gesture. Something seemed a bit off, he felt as though he'd made her feel awkward perhaps. Still, he did find her interesting, but perhaps he should give her a bit of space for the time being, let her mingle with other guests... that is, if she speaks to any other guests.
  18. Isabel smiled softly, she was happy. She looked over at him. Her eyes sparkled, like it said a lot. She took another sip. She looked at him, wondering if he'll speak more, she doesn't know what to say, since she needs to keep her identity secret. She blinked as she heard doors lock as the clock dinged, it was midnight. What? She looked around, she seen how people were running from his servants and trying to go to the doors. Her eyes widened, They better not be locked in here! She picked up some of her dress and went to go to the door, " Why are ou locking the door, and." She gasped seeing his people bitting others, she went to run away.
  19. With midnight having approached and the doors locked, he began to release his servants, who seemed to be more interested in the party guests than he was himself. The lights began to flicker as screams and running footsteps fill the room. Music to his ears.
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