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  1. So interest check for a Teen titans rp, (I'll add on to it later when I can get on a computer). No canon characters anyone related to a Canon character.

    So basically my character, the Titans East leader, is searching for young heroes and heroines to join her team of justice to bring down criminals wherever they may be. The setting is the DC metro area during spring. I would like about 4 more people to join and that's when I'll start the roleplaying itself.

    Plot ideas and what not are gladly accepted. Also there is no limit to how many characters you can create , however I am limiting 1 Titan per person.

    1. Cyberpunk- Akira
    2. The Wandering Swordsman- Solarāœ¹Blitzfang43
    3. Sirena- Raven
    4. Songbird- Ruby
    5. Maestro- Apex Vandal

    (No limit)
    1. Pyro- Akira
    2. Thantos- Ruby
    3. Count Zero- Apex Vandal

    (no limit)
    1. Galzra- Raven
    2. Rascal- Raven
    3. Sin- Winter
    4. Jake Black- Wopster
    5. Shade- MiraiNikki021209

    And here's a basic CS to get you started, I will also probably add to this later on.

    Appearance: (A picture of Anime style is preferred but not required)
    Title: (What does the public know you as?)
    Name: (Birth Name)
    Age: (15-25)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Trans, Hideyoshi)
    Race: (Human, Alien, Demon, etc, etc)
    Alliance: (Titans, Villains, Other- Please state, ex: relative/friend/significant other of villain or titan, or neutral force)
    Personality: (How they act and likes and dislikes)
    Bio: (What's happened in their life until now, OPTIONAL, though if you choose to write it out, please don't make it super long)
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  2. Still looking~
  3. Still still looking....
  4. I'll be posting a sheet today
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  5. I would be interested to join.

    I'll try and have a CS soon possible two one hero the other a villain.
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  6. Appearance:
    Title: The Wandering Swordsman
    Name: Sai Takumoto
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Alliance: Titans
    Personality: Sai's likes and dislikes switch on a daily basis that finding him liking something a lot is quite rare. The only exception to this rule is the sword he carries that seems like a best friend more so than a tool.
    Bio: His past is something he wishes to remain a secret until it comes back around to bite him.

  7. [​IMG]

    : Cyberpunk

    Name: Ayaka Yukimura

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Race: Cyborg

    Alliance: Titan

    Personality: Contrary to her appearance, she pretty much acts like a guy, which takes most people by surprise. But even though she acts like a guy most of the time she has a sweet mechanical heart and wants nothing more than peace and happiness for everyone. On the side she loves inventing new things and upgrading herself and any other techy things.

    Bio: Ayaka lead a normal life until a horrible car accident involving a drunk driver almost killed her. Though her limbs were lost and her heart in poor condition, if she had continued to live as such it would've been a short life. Her father couldn't stand to see her suffer like that, so he gave her a choice, either they would give her an inject to cause a painless death, or live to become something great. She choose the latter and with the help of her billionaire Aunt she became a cyborg, thus starting up Titans East.​
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  8. By the way mine may take a moment because I'm editing the CS's to fit for this RP.
  9. You don't have to, the one I have is just a basic one to follow.
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  10. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Title: Galzra
    Alias Name: Danny Ravenscroft
    Name: Galzra
    Age: 17
    Gender: Dragon male
    Race: Asmiri
    Alliance: He's friends with the Titans and some say he could be a Titan but he is still unsure. (He may seem good and bad at the beginning then as the RP goes on I hope to make him seem more of a hero)
    Personality: Serious, Intelligent, Creative, Keeps some things to himself.

    Bio: Bio/History: Galzra comes from the realm or dimension Eodunia and the planet Asmiri. Galzra had heard of other worlds and was always curious. He read many stories and asked questions but trained as he was meant to. He is a relative of Malchior how not many know. One day he was training and disobeyed one of the golden rules for battle training. He had a day to pick what he would take with him for he was going to have to leave and possible never come back they determined it would be a temporary banishment but could become permanent. Galzra didn't have a choice and grabbed a magic bag that basically could hold his room. It was a black book bag. He then was forced through a portal to a new dimension he landed on earth. Soon he woke to the new world and was lost and confused. Now he must find a new meaning for his life weather it be good or bad.

    Powers/Abilities: Breaths fire, knows kong fu, magic

    Strengths: Hand to Hand Combat, Flight, magic

    Weakness: Range combat yes he can breath fire but he could miss and get the wrong target.

    Other: Bag with everything from home basically. Books, spells, scrolls, clothes, some items he had when he was a kid.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Title: Rascal
    Alias Name: Steven Smith
    Name: Rascal
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Original Human now scientific experiment
    Alliance: More of a Villain but not as bad as most. Maybe like the Hive.
    Personality: Serious in battle, a jokester when on free time, creative, animal lover but is not a vegetarian.
    Bio: His parents were scientist his father Peter turned him into a shape sifter. His mother was lost in the accident he doesn't talk on it much whether it's he doesn't remember or not no one is sure they just know he has a hatred toward his father. (More may be shared in RP)

    Hand to Hand, Shifting
    Range, keeping up in flight
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  11. @Raven So do you want me to put Galzra in as a Titan? Also is your villains publicly known name Steven or Rascal?
  12. Well when he's undercover as a villain Steven. When he's making a big appearance Rascal.

    And I think technically Galzra may fit as a Titan but I wasn't sure cause of how I thought he would act when we first get started. Though later on he would seem more like a true Titan.


  13. [​IMG]
    Title: Pyro

    Name: Unknown

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Race: Alien

    Alliance: Villain

    Personality: Pyro has an superiority complex, she hates anyone weaker than her. She wants to rule over the earth and it's inhabitants and ultimately the universe.

    Bio: Unknown​
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  14. I shall put both under Other then in the main post.
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  15. Okay that may be good cause I really got to thinking. For once my characters aren't even LOL.
    I usually play one male and one female so if I come up with a third would that be alright?
  16. That's fine but I suggest making her definitely a Titan or a Villain
  17. She would be deifintaly a Titan.

    Just need the picture for my idea. The villain I had made long time ago I deiced his origins would make this idea work LOL. I have a Titan's Album I pick from of late and well time to add a new one it seems.
  18. Appearance:
    She wears most of the time jeans and a light blue t-shirt and a dark blue hoddie.
    Title: Sirena
    Alais Name: Suzana Rain
    Name: Sirena
    Gender: Female
    Race: Xaiglird
    Alliance: Titan
    Personality: Curious, a lot kinder than her own race. Unlike most in her race she sees a point in other worlds being at peace. She is kind caring. Her own species calls her an outcast. She isn't one to take jokes to well however for she can be rather serious over things. She doesn't share at times her own emotions but will options when she feels the need.
    Bio: Unknown (I can share in RP)

    Powers: Her powers are water, ice, steam, and the use of ones soul self. Soul Self basically means- healing but she takes the pain of others, can heal herself, can shift into a soul anime which is an snow owl, being her soul anime is a snow owl she can give herself the sight of a bird and seem to have claw like hands at times, and wings. She mainly uses elements connected with water as her main form of attacks.

    Other: Her skin is naturally cold, the cold doesn't bother her even if you take her to an arctic, the heat on the other hand she isn't a fan of she may seem to make water or something to cool of if she was in a desert. She can handle fire for marshmallows but it still makes her somewhat nervous.
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  19. Okay I deiced to edit what I was meaning by the names. Asking for Title I realized confused me a little because I'm use to well real name I use as titles then Alias is what the public usually knows by. That's just how other RPs have been set up nothing you did just my part of misunderstanding thought I should explain.
  20. Name is their birth or "human" name, Title is what they want the public to know them as, please edit your CS to contain as such