Tears of the Mihra [Medieval Fantasy Adventure]

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    For centuries, life in Terlayne was stable, peaceful, and prosperous. Between the Emperor and the Mihra, there was no war amongst he varied kingdoms. The people, scarred by a past few knew of beyond the stories and legends, carried on into a new age. Traces, though, of what had once been lingered in their blood and bones. Talents, so rare and profound, were occasionally bestowed on an individual. The ability to manipulate the elements, fellow humans, or themselves. Once upon a time, it would have been known as magic...

    Centuries into the new age, there are signs that not all is well. Across the fertile fields and valleys, a drought has persisted. In previous years, the bounty of years before was enough to stave off the hard-times. The surplus nears its end and the weather shows little sign of breaking. Along the coasts, storms have ravaged the villages and towns. Entire communities have been lost to the relentless beating of waves and wind. The earth quakes, as if fearful of what is to come.

    In the tall, brilliantly white tower, the center of Order, home of the Mihra, there is no reassurance. The most powerful, save for the emperor - perhaps more than the emperor - group of people across all of Terlayne are silent. Perhaps in the ancient and dusty tomes there would be answers, but these heretical texts are death to any who dare crack their seals. Tales of the old gods, of Chaos, have no place in the new order of the world. Yet out there, hidden in small covens, taking refuge amongst the forests and mountains and deserts, those who follow the old ways can still be found. Word has spread, from lips to ears in hushed whispers and furtive glances. They return. They hunger for vengeance. They will have blood.

    A prison, older than the Empire and Mihra, inhabits an island nearly impossible to reach. The most dangerous heretics to Order are sent to live out the rest of their lives. Rumors abound regarding what takes place at the Eye, it's foreboding presence a curse, it is avoided at all costs excepting the elite Vigilants who guard and bring new prisoners. Here, it will begin. Here, it must begin.

    General Information:
    • Medieval Fantasy - low level magic, no non-human races/species
    • "Adventuring" Style - a band of adventurers taking on a quest of epic, world-shattering proportions
    • All characters at the beginning of the roleplay will start in prison. Any later additions will be worked in depending on the circumstances of the roleplay.
    • The world will be built up as we go along - there are a couple of lore bits to know, the rest can be built together - more info will be provided in the OOC.
    • You are more than welcome to create a (high level) overview of a kingdom from which your character hails - for information on what to include if you would like to do so, please pm me.
    • Expect your decisions as a group and individuals to change the world around you, there is a sandbox element to this, however, there is a large plot arc to discover and uncover
    • Themes: Religion, rebellion, gray morality, individuals bearing the weight of decisions that will change the world
    • Posting Expectations:
      • Intermediate - Advanced should feel welcome here
      • Expecting around 4 paragraphs each post/character - posts should include description, reactions, interactions, and introspection as appropriate
      • Well-rounded characters and character development
      • Posting Frequency: 1-2 times a week. I will not enforce a strict posting order, so use common sense. If it looks like there's just two people going back and forth, I will ask that you write a post up in gdocs/pm/something and then post the collaboration instead. That said, I'd rather not get bogged down in too many people tied up in collabs.
    • Mature themes - violence and language - are welcome. This is a serious world and should be treated as one. Romance between characters is welcome, but keep it PG-13. I do not see any need to have anything explicit in a group rp environment.
    • I am currently the only GM present, I have an old roleplaying friend assisting with the plot and GM NPC creation, however, he will not be joining us here. I will be fair and consistent - I ask that you do the same.
    • Any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to ask or send me a PM.
    • OOC conflicts, should they arise, will be dealt with in PMs.
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  2. Sign me up! I missed this game.
  3. It has returned!
  4. You know it! I can't wait for Miss Lyra to make her return!

    The prophecies foretold that many moons would pass, but return it would.
  5. I'll do my best to make four paragraphs, but how many people will be in the group? If it's adventure, I'm only comfortable with small groups (ex. 3-5 people)
  6. I, too, am interested.
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  7. Last time we were in a game together, you made that uber creepy pedo lord in Game of Thrones, who was so well written nobody felt clean reading your posts for weeks. It's going to be awesome being in another game with you again, Jorick.
  8. Hahaha, that character was one of my favorite things I've ever done in roleplaying. It made me feel dirty for writing it too, but just knowing I can evoke extreme disgust and disturbance in people without anything more explicit than an old dude placing his hand on a young boy's shoulder is just fantastic.

    I can't promise a repeat performance, but it should be fun nonetheless. :bsmile:
  9. Not counting myself, I would expect to run this with 4-6 people before I feel it would be too cumbersome.
    Hello you magnificent bastard. Lord Pedo Creep is your pièce de résistance, how does that make you feel?

    Also, some updated notes that I should have added originally, here and in the OP.

    Posting Frequency: 1-2 times a week. I will not enforce a strict posting order, so use common sense. If it looks like there's just two people going back and forth, I will ask that you write a post up in gdocs/pm/something and then post the collaboration instead. That said, I'd rather not get bogged down in too many people tied up in collabs.
  10. 1 part disgusted, 9 parts proud. It's a healthy balance, I think.
  11. That's acceptable. Better ratio than I imagined.

    Dervs/Soul, is Mister Witty around?

    Everyone: It may take me a few days to get a proper OOC up, I have some reformatting to do to account for the options available here.

    For anyone considering a Talented (read: magic) please know that each Talented person can only have a single, well defined talent, and there must be a tangible cost to it. That will be fully explained in the ooc, but its something to consider as you think on character ideas.
  12. The best kind of horror is the stuff that lets your imagination do all the unsettling, unspoken work. You, sir, nailed it on the head. I'm not normally squeamish, but holy shit that intro post was just as bad for me as that scene in Black Swan where she's pulling back her nail and it and like several inches of skin come with it.

    In short, you have a talent for great evil. It is delightfully entertaining. :D

    I don't think Witty's here. If you want, I can send him a PM and be like "Sup, Vanq wants yo ass." and he'll be like "Daaaymn, bettah answer the call." And exploding fist bumps everywhere.

    Also, if anyone's kind of stuck on the Talent thing, I helped Vanq come up with a lot of the draw backs/ costs to the Talents, so feel free to run something by me if you aren't sure.
  13. Please do PM him. I'd love me some Witty up in here. But only if he responds as you dictated, otherwise he can stay the fuck away ;)

    And yes, Dervs has a great mind when it comes to the Talents, and so many other things, but the only thing relevant now is Talents >.>

    I do like the example I came up with though.
    So if a person's (completely useless) Talent was to sparkle like diamonds, a cost would be that their body hardens like diamonds each time the Talent is used - eventually proving fatal due to repeated or prolonged use.
  14. It is done.

    Now give me payment!
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  15. How do I work this crazy contraption?
  16. Daayyuuum! Its a Witty.
  17. Hello friends and lovers!

    I don't suppose anyone has the remnants of the first crack at this RP do they? Making up a language is hard enough the first time around :p
  18. All I have is Lyra's old character sheet, which will likely need some updating here when the skeleton goes up.
  19. I'll do some digging and see if I do. I'll pm you anything I find!
  20. It's called a computer, Witty. It gets easier with time.
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