Tears of the Elements

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  1. Just running an interest check for this. So far there are several arcs planned for this story and I hope there are enough interested to get us through the arcs.

    Amidst the Eternal Gardens of Sentrance nestled at the heart of a vast forest the Guardian of Life has grown restless. The inhabitants of the Elemental Planes of Sentrance have felt the ripples of discomfort radiating from Genacious and the once soothing ambiance of the four moons seems tainted as of late.

    Although there have been no wars between the Elemental Clans for quite some time, Genacious the Guardian of life finds no comfort in these relatively peaceful times. Deseroh has been silent for far too long. Not even a trace of the Guardian of Death has been felt and the absence of Deseroh means the cycle of life and death is currently unbalanced.

    Genacious is unable to spark new Elemental Senteniants into existence. Currently, whatever is left of the four Elemental clans : Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water can not be replenished and their populations are at an all time low.

    Genacious calls upon two of his most trusted pupils Deuce of the Earth Clan and a Wild Elemental sprite named Dayna. Bearing the Mark of Genacious, their mission is to scout the remaining Elemental clans of Sentrance with the sole purpose of seeking out and uniting a small group of Senteniants to search for the Guardian of Death and learn anything they can about her Strange disappearance.

    To keep this interest check relatively tiny, Here is a link to follow for more information:Tears of the Elements RP

    The origional Interest Check is here :Tears of the Elements Interest Check
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