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  1. Just running an interest check for this. So far there are several arcs planned for this story and I hope there are enough interested to get us through the arcs.

    Amidst the Eternal Gardens of Sentrance nestled at the heart of a vast forest the Guardian of Life has grown restless. The inhabitants of the Elemental Planes of Sentrance have felt the ripples of discomfort radiating from Genacious and the once soothing ambiance of the four moons seems tainted as of late.

    Although there have been no wars between the Elemental Clans for quite some time, Genacious the Guardian of life finds no comfort in these relatively peaceful times. Deseroh has been silent for far too long. Not even a trace of the Guardian of Death has been felt and the absence of Deseroh means the cycle of life and death is currently unbalanced.

    Genacious is unable to spark new Elemental Senteniants into existence. Currently, whatever is left of the four Elemental clans : Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water can not be replenished and their populations are at an all time low.

    Genacious calls upon two of his most trusted pupils Deuce of the Earth Clan and a Wild Elemental sprite named Dayna. Bearing the Mark of Genacious, their mission is to scout the remaining Elemental clans of Sentrance with the sole purpose of seeking out and uniting a small group of Senteniants to search for the Guardian of Death and learn anything they can about her Strange disappearance.

    To keep this interest check relatively tiny, Here is a link to follow for more information:Tears of the Elements RP

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions.
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  2. Ooooo I like this already...
  3. Thanks for your interest Ko T'suno. I think I should have held off for another week or so though since a lot of people are busy with mid terms and spring break.

    Feel free to ask questions in the mean time and hopefully we get a few more hits!
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  4. I feel ya. T'is a busy time.
    Oo questions, I'll finish reading the link above and should I have questions, no worries I'll ask.
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  5. I am actually quite interested in this, I do have a few questions about the Sentenials, how long is the life cycle usually? Also how long ago was this war that you mention on the website, was it like 5 years or 100 years kind of thing, (Basically are the wounds still fresh or has a bit of time managed to pass?)

    Not gonna lie, I will most likely have more questions later on, but I am really interested in this.
  6. Yay questions!!

    To be honest I hadn't really given much focus on actually how time would pass as far as minutes, hours, and days but if we need something to compare it to I would say that given the thought that there are four seasons on Sentrance lets make one complete cycle equal to four regular years. If I have to put and expiration date on a Sentenial I'd say perhaps fifty cycles. which would be 200 regular years.

    This is open to suggestions though.

    Lets say the war was two cycles ago, so eight years, the wounds and tension woudl still be very real. this is why Genacious places a binding sigil on each of the chosen clan members so thaty can't actually kill each other. but they could still dislike one another and be angry. So plenty of room for drama, because lets face it, everyone love sa little drama here and there don't they. But if any were to actually attempt an attack one of the party members, there would be hell to pay by the binding sigil.
  7. the initial concept of this RP was for a novel i was writing in my spare time. so I never really invested time in heavy details. But since I've converted this to an RP, there might be some things that we need to flesh out so thoughts and views are more than welcome on things that need to be ellaborated on.
  8. Odds are I will have more questions later on, but that answered the most immediate ones for me, thank you :bsmile:
  9. Bump. I know there's more interested people out there!
  10. If you want, you could always advertise on the group seeking thread, there are a bunch of people who would most likely be interested, and you could also tag some friends to see if they are interested if that helps get more people here.
  11. do you think I should rewrite the Interest check? Or is what I have there catchy enough?
  12. well you got my attention. Just reading the stuff you put up. questions to come.
  13. How many people do you want before we even hope to begin, how many of the Elementals are you hoping on having? I know you would probably want one of each kind, but are you hoping for more or are you making the cut off at the four?
  14. o.o I like~ Color me interested.
  15. well the amount of elementals we have is up to you all. I want everyone to create a character they will really enjoy. if we end up having all air elementals, or something else, I'll find a way to balance it out, even if it means adding a few npc's to get things going.

    I was just hoping for a few more interested parties which it looks like i have now. if everyone is interested here now, I can get to work on the OOC, CS pages and things like that. You all can be whatever element you want except a wild sprite.

    There's several arcs planned and if it gets going all sorts f things will open up. But for now, the elementals can only have a beast form since they have not had any interactions with humans yet.
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  16. Now if only I could find a place to start a group for this RP. that's what I've always Used when participating in rps for this site. but I cant find a way to make a new group perhaps it is disabled for maintenance right now.
  17. I figured more or less something was off wiht it. i was juts looking for a confirmation. Thanks for that link. guess we will have to manage
  18. so I presume we're just using a standard thread then?
  19. well I found and example thread by a staff member that uses buttons at the top of a sticky thread so we can navigate to each of this Rp's corresponding Threads. there will be one for characters, one for IC, and one for OOC . i just have to make them all then figure out how to get those buttons working .

    * cracks knuckles*
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