Team Fortress 2 now Free To Play

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  1. Yep. The Mann Co Store's micro payments have finally hit critical mass and Team Fortress 2 is now free to play.

    ...I dunno really what to say other than that except that if you have steam to pull up a chair, grab a copy, and turn around so I can totally-not-backstab you.

    ...Actually just grab a copy anyway. Its a AAA title for free!

    Cause if you do turn around I'm just gonna shoot you with my new spy revolver. >:D
  2. Wait, it's free? Like... Free free? AND I WAS JUST DOWNLOADING THIS THE OTHER DAY, TOO. FUCK YES.
  3. This makes me happy. NOW I CAN PLAY WITH YOU GUYS!
  4. AWWWW YEAHHHHH Was thinking of buying this to have its again.
  5. Heehee! This is great news! I got the game a couple months ago, but I haven't played it much. Mostly because I suck and the practice AI is kind of horrible (it once gave me an entire team of explosive guys when I needed offensive classes!).

    But yeah, I'm totally going to start playing again.
  6. I'm happy that it's free but it's lame that I just paid ten bucks for the fucking game less than a couple of weeks ago.

    EDIT: From what I hear, if you already paid for it, then you get a premium account which means more rare weapon and cosmetic item drops. Plus an expanded backpack in comparison to the others.
  7. Ooooh, I hope so. This reminds me I have so much shit to craft into metal. Now I'll get MORE shit. Yay-uh.
  8. Butterfly, if you had read the link I posted you'd have known about premium.

    And Fluffy, if you're big on playing Soldier, then sacrificing a Black Box is well worth it to craft a Liberty Launcher.

    And for shits and giggles here's the Meet the Medic short!

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. I guess I just found a new game to play.
  10. Doesn't matter for me, computer still can't play it.
  11. You also get a premium account for buying literally anything (even a ¢50 weapon) from the Mann Co. store. And you got a hat for actually buying the game. ISN'T IT GREAT?
  12. Yeah, its kinda nice that basically the "Full game" is as cheap as you can make it on the Mann Co Store.

    The new hat looks retarded though. Not that I'm actually much of a hat person. o_o
  13. I suppose I would have known if I ever clicked on Chaos sponsored links.
  14. Game: Downloaded.

    ...I LEIK TEH SPY!

    I'll have more fun playing once I get a WORKING mouse, instead of looking around with the mouse while I shoot by clicking on the laptop left mouse button with my thumb. AND TRYING TO USE THE WSAD TO ACTUALLY MOVE WITH MY EXTRA FINGERS.
  15. Thus you shall soon know my pain. Paranoid engineers. Pyros running around blowing fire at NOTHING and calling it spy checking. Trying to strafe by that soldier only for him to strafe with you and unintentionally make you eat rocket.

    The life of a spy is a hard one...

    But that makes backstabbing that one uppity fucker worth it. >:D
  16. XDD Nice. I first started with the Heavy, because that's what my friend played with most, so it was what I was most familiar with. But I get a sick joy out of stabbing people in the back, as they think I'm one of them... hehehehe...
  17. Game downloaded. Now i just gotta wait to get home haha.
  18. Nothing better than fucking with the opposing team as a Spy. Except maybe compression blasting/FANing people into range of a sentry. Or off a cliff. XD Oh, how I love Double Cross.
  19. Anyone but me having trouble downloading it?