Team Cap or Team Ironman?

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  1. Captain America: Civil War is coming up, so let's talk about this.

    Team Captain America or Team Ironman? :D
  2. Iron Man.

    While in real life I almost always side with liberty over security, in this case having super powered humans running amok with zero accountability is kind of insanity. If a police officer needs training and responsibility, so should guys who can level entire cities. Right now, the only thing keeping a hero from being a villain is motivation, and that can change at a moment's notice.
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  3. Yeah, but if you think about it... Iron Man is in a similar predicament. He can level an entire building with a few blasts. His weapons were for war and killed who knows how many. So, really, tech peeps can be just as bad. And its not like people havent been able to build these things or buy them from him in the past.

    That said, I don't know the specifics of what's going on in the show, but Cap'n is my bae. <3
  4. It's hard to choose. These are the two superheroes I love and two ideals I can understand. Asdfgh
  5. Iron Man's side is pro-registration. They're the ones who are wanting super heroes to be accountable.
  6. Can we have his values with Captain's face?... Cuz I really like his face.
  7. How are you speak ill of Stark's magnificent facial hair!

    But srsly, Chris Evans is a good looking dude and I suppose Captain 'Murika has some points, too. Hmm.
  8. Team Cap.

    #1: These are not inanimate objects (ex: guns) these are people. If people don't want to get registered and instead want to do evil things, they'll do them anyway.

    #2: Even if you get registered and trained, this doesn't stop you from doing evil things either. In fact, it probably just makes you better at them. (Since you'll know exactly how the system works, you'll know how to manipulate it and destroy it too.)

    #3: Even if you could do these things, who defines what is a breach of the registration? The government? What if the government wants you to stand by and let evil flourish? What if the government becomes the flourishing evil? Who watches the watchmen?


    I mean, the US already has problems with cops shooting unarmed black people. Imagine if those cops had super powers.
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  10. I've supported Cap since I first read through Civil War. I'm not changing my stance now.
  11. I am the War-machine to @Dervish 's Iron Man.
  12. You know, it is shockingly hard to find a picture of Iron Man and War Machine high fiving.
  13. -
    This is exactly what I was going to post.

    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Team Cap,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Team Cap,[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Team Cap,[/BCOLOR]
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  14. Maybe spoilery for the movie if it follows suit. Open at own peril! (open)

  15. Team Cap!

    It's not the superpowered humans that suffer. It's the people close to them who do. If keeping their identities secret means keeping their families safe, then it shouldn't even be a question. I mean, look how often a girlfriend or wife has died the minute the bad guys learn who's close to their nemesis. Should it even be a question?
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  16. Team Thanos

    let Civil War happen

    it only weakens Earth for conquest
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  17. This man is the only one speaking some semblance of sense.
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  18. I don't like both... but would prefer Captain America over Iron Man

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  20. Their families lives over the lives of possibly millions? Sorry, Greater fucking good wins the day.

    Team Ironman. Sorry Evans, but hey, your ass likely look great in Prison Orange!
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