Team 7 Reborn (Open)

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Naruto

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  2. Naruto: Shippuden

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  1. Naruto RP

    The Fourth Great Shinobi war was a nightmare to everyone involved. But, it finally ended, ushering in a new era of peace. Time passed, almost a century has gone by since the end of the war. Konohagakure has not only rebuilt, but it has flourished in the time since the conflict. The village has continued to produce gifted shinobi, and a new batch of genin are just beginning their lives as ninja. The shinobi world is past due for another conflict, it is only a matter of time.


    Team 7

    Hannori, Kimiko - Astraeus
    Arakawa, Rikuo - TakedaXxXKaori
    Uchiha, Mikasa - Noceur
    Senju, Ryuu - Urdnot Grunt

    Additional roles will open if it calls for it. The primary focus of this rp will be the team/s beginning their career, and will evolve into a more fluid and in depth storyline. I may play additional characters if I get enough interest as well.

    Chakra Nature:
    Kekkei Genkai: (If applicable.)
    Preferred Weapon: (Swords, Taijutsu, Kunai, Shuriken, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc...)
    Personality: (3-5 Sentences. Optional)
    Biography: (Paragraph or two. Optional)
    Appearance: (Pic or description.)​
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  2. I'm interested!
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  3. Yay! Just two more peoples! Please? Haha
  4. I'm interested XD.

    Willing to play a female version of sasuke. The good turned bad I mean :3
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  5. I'm interested
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  6. I think we should do it from the start like naruto. Young (still in exams, etc) then growing up older.
    Naruto -> naruto shippuden
    How they were all a team, then it progresses as they get older. I feel like it'll give us more ideas for the future as it progresses and keeps the rp longer
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  7. Wonderful suggestion. ^_^ I was actually intending on starting just when the team was formed, then play out from there. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about allowing Uchiha characters, but, I may. Haha
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  8. She won't be entirely based on sasuke //shot. I'll add some originalities here and there.

    But other then that im mainly fousing on Just the good to bad guy idea.

    And as far as the sharingan goes I'm making that SLIGHTLY different... Just saying XD...
  9. Lol Aight then. When I can, I'll make a character sheet and full out one for the sensei. Hopefully you all don't go making über characters haha
  10. Heh ~ I'm excited ;3
  11. [​IMG]
    Hannori, Kimiko
    Chakra Nature:
    Katon (Fire)
    Preferred Weapon:
    Parasol Sword (Blade hidden in her parasol)

    Here she is, the sensei character for team 7. Hope you like her. Don't mind the placement, its just a preference. You can arrange your profile however you'd like. Her back story and her personality will be revealed during the rp.​
  12. Sorry, Taking a break from Iwaku for a week. I have to drop out.
  13. Its all good, don't sweat it. Thanks for the heads up, mate.
  14. Actually, retract that. I'm not taking a break, will make a CS Soon
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  16. [​IMG]
    "What about you? From what I heard--Your childhood wasn't a lot fun either."
    "I had my traumas, but I also had a lot of people to help. _____, ______, and others. I had friends."
    "--and as far as I can tell, all you've had are trainers. There's a difference Mikasa."

    Name: Mikasa Uchiha
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female

    Chakra Nature: Katon
    Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan (for now as it will soon change)
    Preferred Weapon: Fūma shuriken, Wire strings, -basic/regular- Kunais and Shurikens.

    Personality: Though being a descendant of Sasuke Uchiha, or atleast the uchiha clan in general which still isn't 'fully restored' despite a century flying by--She seems to possess both similar and different traits of his. But to put it simply, Mikasa is quite deceiving. Unlike Sasuke whom was cold at all times, yet secretly kind after a while (even in his cruel times), Mikasa is the opposite.

    Though she seems and can surely act kind towards people once you know her on a deeper scale you will find out that this is nothing more than just a simple act. A facade really. The second you befriend Mikasa the girl is cold, indifferent, cynical, and somewhat arrogant. She is unreasonable and independent, refusing teamwork while she has a snarky and over confident behavior however her sensei would immediately understand her personality and sum it up as 'both a superiority and an inferiority complex' as she is unwilling to acknowledge when someone is stronger than her, but obsesses when she believes that they are.

    The girl has a competitive nature and despite acting kind towards people, few will notice that she plays distant with herself while being kind. As most boys will fawn over her, maybe some girls too and try to start a conversation with her you will find that she tends to naturally end the conversation quickly in some kind of way with her 'kind attitude'. An act of not trusting anyone yet indirectly showing her true personality.

    In battle, Mikasa is more of the tactical type who observes and analyzes mentally and as precisely as possible. She has proven herself worthy of both combat and observing with her strategic mind for some 'twelve year old kid' and is of course shown to be confident by not showing emotion yet dropping in hints of pride.

    Mikasa is a descendent of Sasuke Uchiha and his family tree. Although the clan has few members since it hasn't been fully restored nor will it ever be she basically missed out on her childhood. Instead of having fun, she was trained for most of her life and will always be trained. Mikasa was expected to be a born combatant of the Uchiha clan, Their treasure and she was believed to be an only child, yet had two older siblings. An eldest sister, and a brother. While other kids played their little games, All Mikasa did was train, and when she didn't train? Work. She grew up to train and if not, work and that's how she was raised.

    Mikasa was taught many things, and basic Jutsus to be better at. For example the basic fire style techniques. They started her early to improve much more quickly and that was how her character and personality was built. To be better, fearless, uncowardly, strong, and powerful. Pure independence. There was no time to make friends--moreover accept people growing up, but despite not making friends she was popular amongst kids her age and in general with people.

    Mikasa is only 4"10, the average height of a twelve year old girl. She bares her descended characteristics of sasuke--Her jet black hair and slight facial features in a way. Mikasa's hair is long, down to her back and she usually prefers to keep it down however she will rarely tie it up and it usually depends on the situation. Most people think a weak spot would be merely grabbing her by her long hair, however being vulpine and fox like--Or even snake like she relies on speed during close combat which gives her eye-hand coordination.

    Mikasa wears the classic Uchiha clan color of Navy blue. She wears a long sleeved sweater with the signature high collar and bares the Uchiha clan symbol, the white and red fan placed in the back of the sweater proudly while on her elbows of the sweater is three black tomoes with the dot at the center of them representing the Sharingan. Although the sweater appears to be slightly oversized, she wears white capris that stops mid center of her thigh (above the knees, yet not to short to be considered as shorts).

    At the right of her thigh is bandages around it with a large navy blue pouch on the side. It hold her Kunais whereas she has a round light tan almost gray pouch on the left side of her lower back that holds her shurikens. She wears many small arm-belts adorning her left arm aswell as few padding under her long sleeved sweater, some type of elbow cover of some sort. She also wears navy blue sandals with bandages on both side of the bottom part of her legs. But also, Mikasa wears bandages under her sweater around her chest area with a chest fishnet tip over it to secure it more and a navy blue cloth uchiha chest wrap with a small uchiha symbol in the back of it over all that.

    Where she wears her navy blue forehead protector varies. It's usually seen on her right arm, and if it's not its on top of the pouch wrapped around the same thigh and hidden by her long sweater that rests over the pouch and slouches there. She only ever hides it if she feels the mission assigned or task is 'special'.

    Reference 1 / reference 2

    - Mikasa is ambidextrous, and just like Sasuke. As he typically punches and uses Chidori with his left hand, he wields his sword and usually weapons like kunai's during close combat with his right hand. This applies to Mikasa exactly and as the roleplay progresses. When asked to raise her dominant hand, much like he, she will raise her left hand.

    - Her fear is snakes, and her favorite animal is foxes. However as the roleplay progresses she will first sign a summoning contract with snakes then leave them to sign another summoning contract with foxes. Foxes also happens to suit her and her personality ironically. However most of the summoned foxes will have heterochromia and she is able to summon them one by one or similar to kakashi--As a group. In the future the only known foxes summoned would be Kizuato (scar), an orange looking fox whom has the ability to speak like humans and bares a pink neck accessory with hearts. He has a scar straight down his right eye, a small one at the top left above his other eye, and another scar forming a large 'X' on his left hip/leg area. The other one is Shiranui (White-wild majesty) a larger fox that takes on various sizes known to be white with special red markings and brightly colored flames over its back.


    -- more pics for future XD --
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  17. Is there a specific age range?:3 cause I plan on making her 16 yet I don't know if it'll make sense with your characters age >_<
  18. I have no qualms with her being 16, but, that is a bit old for a genin. Then again, Kimiko became an academy student at 11 (which is like, 3 years late) so, I suppose its definitely doable.

    So, yeah, roundabout way of saying it, but, you can have her be 16, but, no older. :)
  19. [​IMG]
    We'll time skip to like a few months or years though right? How old would you want our characters to be now on general?*saves that image for when the RP progresses*

    asking cause as an example each character went through a change in outfits IE sasuke and I already got planned pictures saved for my OC XD
    [​IMG] [​IMG]