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    Name: Ryan Johnson
    Age: 21
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Car's Appearance: [​IMG] (with a taxi sign on top of course)

    It was 10:55 on Monday, January 13, 2033

    It was quite a stormy night.

    Ryan's shift was almost over. Alright, gotta get ready for tonight's races, he thought to himself.

    Ryan was an interesting taxi driver. People figured this out, due to the fact that he drove in a classic Dodge Challenger to pick up his customers. He put his life into this car, ever since he was just a kid. It was his dad's car at one point and after he passed, Ryan vowed to keep this car in perfect shape for his father, for the rest of his life.

    But Ryan does more than just keep it in perfect shape. He builds in gadgets and perks to help him out in the night races he does after he retires his taxiing shift. You could say he was his own mechanic and technician.

    Ryan was mostly known as another person. A mysterious vigilante known as Midnight. He runs around using gadgets he makes himself to take down criminals or anything that would cause trouble in his city. He fought with a single katana and dual pistols.

    Ryan seemed like quite the badass. But something new and life threatening was about to permanently become part of his life in mere moments. Ryan is clueless about the hurricane of events that's about to take him by storm.
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  2. Ivy Louis (open)

    Name: Ivy "Darkie" Louis
    Age: 19
    Backstory: Ivy was abducted from her home when she was 6 years old. The people who kidnapped her, sold her to an illegal medical practice that experiments on humans. The top secret organization, or S.T.T.A.R, is designed to created "super warriors" to fight for the government. Ivy was tested with Bird DNA giving her huge bird like wings. Her blood was also fused with that of a mouse that had been experiencing electric shocks and defying gravity. Thus giving her gravity manipulation powers and electric powers. Her whole life she has been locked up, being trained as a human weapon in a high security laboratory. Until today.
    Angel Form:[​IMG]

    Ivy was running from those dicks at S.T.T.A.R, the technology obsessed monsters that had ruined her life and made her this.. thing. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Her torn and tattered clothes she had stolen off of the scientist she had either killed or knocked out, (She still wasn't sure) were not very protective as she ran though the streets. She didn't even know in which town she was, but she didn't care. All Ivy could think about was getting away from here, and fast. She turned her head to look behind her in case she was being persuade, and ended up running right into somebody.

    She felt her heart race as their bodies collided. She fought to catch her breath as she muttered out a soft scratchy "I-I'm so sorry I wasn't looking.. my fault" Her soft voice sounded strange to her, she hadn't spoken this many words in a long time.. possibly years? At any rate she had to keep running, they could be anywhere. She turned her head to look at the person and backed away from his chest. "S-sorry again.."
  3. Ryan exited a corner store where he took a little restroom break and was hit hard by a young girl who seemed to be running from something. He was taken by surprise so he stumbled a little bit. Before he could ask if she was okay, she muttered something he couldn't hear, mostly because the girl was so soft spoken. He squinted at the girl as she ran off, then looked behind him to see if he could make out what was chasing her.

    He saw nothing.

    "Alright...fuck the races. Let's go see what's going on with this girl, he thought to himself before hopping in his car and speeding off in her direction.
  4. Ivy could hear a car racing after her. As she turned her head she saw the man she had just one into. "Fuckkk!" She said as she tried to speed up. He must be with S.T.T.A.R! She thought as she ran though the crowd of people. If she could hide she could get into the air and get away. The impressive looking dodge charger was speeding after her though and she was losing energy. Her stamina may have been improved but her energy and morale were failing her quickly.

    She was huffing just to keep speed, but as she rounded a corner she collapsed onto her knees. She wheezed and huffed as her heart fought to keep up with her body. Her lungs were on fire and she couldn't breath. The car came to a stop behind her and she laid her head on the street. Preparing herself to have been caught and prepared to feel the wrath of hell when she was returned to her cage. Fuck.. She thought to herself as the tears formed in her eyes and began falling from her blue eyes.
  5. In confusion, Ryan scratched his head when he got out of the car to notice the girl down on her knees looking like she was ready for arrest. What does she think I'm a cop? he asked himself in his head.

    "You should get up princess, I'm nothing life threatening at the moment," he said through a smirk. He bent over and tapped her shoulder. "Hey. Pretty girl... believe me I'm not going to hurt you. And shit if you're trying to get away from something, then I'm the perfect man for that job." He hoped that she would believe him.

    Something about Ryan was he loved helping. There was nothing better than the satisfactory smile that he gets from customers, citizens he might save, etc. In his opinion it makes up for his father's death, because back then he really couldn't do anything to help him. Saving and helping people out is like his therapy for that.
  6. Ivy's head snapped up and she grabbed his hand and twisted it. It was a reflex and when she noticed he was only trying to help she released his arm and stepped back. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! It's a reflex!" She said as she put her hand over her mouth. Her eyes quickly adjusted and she narrowed them at him. "Who the hell are you calling princess?" She asked him. Her guard was always up and just because he didn't look threatening didn't mean he wasn't.

    Her arms crossed over her chest as she stared the boy down. She definitely wasn't a princess by any means. She was an angel, maybe, but she wasn't a princess. Her life was a horror story come to life and she wasn't about to go back to that hell. "It's fine. I mean I'm fine.. I don't need help.. But maybe next time you shouldn't chase people in your little.. What is that a dodge charger made to be bat mobile?" She asked as she walked over to the car and inspected it. Her dad was very into cars and she knew cars pretty well. She noticed the taxi sign and she turned to look at the scruffy boy. "Made taxi?" She asked, a slight smirk appearing on her lips.
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  7. This chick is crazy.

    Ryan grabbed at his wrist which was now slightly twisted. "Yeah it's how I make a living..." he said looking at her through concerned eyes. "Shit." Ryan reached into his car and opened the glove compartment. There were Ace bandages in a first aid kit he kept in there. He always had a first aid kit on him, due to the whole night vigilante ordeal he had going on. He did have a gadget that could fix his wrist up right away, but he didn't want to show this crazy chick any of that, so in the meantime it was smart to just use some plain old bandages. He opened the first aid kit and took them out. He wrapped some around his wrist and hand tightly, keeping a close eye on the girl as well. He gnawed off the roll of the bandages and stuck it together with a band-aid. He then closed his first aid kit and stuck it under the drivers seat this time.

    "What were you running from back there?" he asked.
  8. "Well I guess a living is better than not living at all.." She said as her eyes softened and she looked away. She watched him open the car door and take out a bandage. "At least I didn't break it.." she said softly as she watched him wrap his wrist and hand tightly. She shook her head as he bit off the gauze wrap. "Boys.." She said as he topped it off with a band-aid.

    When he inquired about who she was running from she froze. Should she tell him or lie.. He wouldn't believe her if she told him the truth. "I.. was running from my ex boyfriend.." She lied smoothly. "He's awful and dangerous..." She said, well S.T..T.A.R was dangerous. Ivy let her hair fall in her face as she pulled her jacket around her tightly. Her huge wings were curled on her back so they wouldn't be noticed.
  9. "Ex Boyfriend...oh really?" Ryan contemplated going after the guy and maybe scaring him a little with his weapons. "Where's he at? Let 'im come to me. I got just the thing for him," He put his hand over his hidden holsters on belt loops on his shorts on both sides. They were hidden by a baggy shirt. They held his two of four prized possessions, Yin & Yang. He then turned around to his car and looked toward where he held his sword, Confucius. It was hidden in a secret compartment in the roof of the car. In the trunk of his car. When he's in the drivers seat he had a button that he can press that shoots the katana through a tube that leads the the drivers seat so if he ever needed it at short notice he wouldn't have to go through too much get it.

    It's just some low life guy. He doesn't need anything but a gun aimed at his head for him to leave the girl alone. he thought to himself.
  10. "N-NO!" Ivy said putting her hands up. "I.. I m-mean no no that's okay I'm fine honestly!" The last thing Ivy needed was some boy playing hero going after a huge organization like S.T.T.A.R. "T-Thank you for trying to help though" She said trying to regain her composure.

    Stumbling for words she held her hand out to the boy. "I'm Ivy.. nice to meet you" She said, her cheeks were tinted slightly with her red blush. She had finally got her heart beat under control and her breathing back to normal as she awkwardly stood there looking at the boy. She realized she must look terrible in the tattered clothes and to big for her jacket. She didn't even want to see her hair or face at the moment.
  11. Ryan hesitated at first, but shook the girl's hand.

    "Hey, listen I want to make an offer. It's way too late for a pretty girl like you to be running around alone. Something bad could happen. I'll give you a ride to wherever you need to go, free of charge." He gave the girl one of those irresistible smirks the the local girls knew him so well for.

    Ryan definitely was one with the ladies. Like when a girl couldn't always pay her fair, they would find certain...ways to work things out. He was never turned down due to that one smolder he'd do. Of course that is if his body and looks weren't enough. But he could never do something like that to this girls, Ivy. She looked like she'd been regurgitated by the mouth of hell. She's obviously been through a lot.

    Ryan hopped in his car and pressed a button to start it. He then revved the engine once. "Come on! Get in the front seat. Just tell me where you need to go."
  12. Ivy's fake smile faltered and she shook her head. "I really shouldn't I..I should be getting back." She didn't trust the boy if she was honest with herself. She didn't even know the guys name.

    He gave her a cute smile and she felt a slight blush rise into her cheeks. "I..I.. okay.." She said before giving up and walking over to the passenger side. She got into the car and closed it. 'Please don't rape me.. Please don't rape me' She thought as she buckled herself in. She realized she had no idea where she was and where she was going and decided she'd make it up as she went. "Can you uh drop me off by a drugstore in town or something?" She asked as she took in the car.

    It was a nice car, clean and modern. She looked over at the guy and noticed his blonde hair and scruffy facial hair. "Since I don't know your name I'm gonna call you Scruffy okay?" She said with a slight smile as he revered the car's engine. She turned her head to look out the window and leaned her head on her elbow. She was lost and alone. Beaten and mutated. How was she ever suppose to recover from the hell she'd been put though. No one could ever love her, she'd never learn how to trust someone. Would she just have to go and live the rest of her life on the run and as a thief? She sighed and tried to choke back the tears. Maybe he could find her family.. maybe they'd still want her.
  13. "Well, I just don't give out my name like that anymore due to," he paused and sighed, "past endeavours, but yeah. Scruffy works just fine." "Scruffy," kept his eyes on the dark road ahead, as he merged onto the interstate. The nearest drug store was about three exits down. It was a smooth drive until a gunshot hit his tire. Due to modifications, the tire reinflated itself, but Ryan was no extremely alarmed. In reflex Ryan pushed the button behind his steering wheel and sheathed Confucius shot up into his hand. He laid it in the Ivy's lap. "Hold that for me would you?" Since they were the only ones on the road, Ryan swerved over a couple lains and put the car into autodrive. He then rolled down his window and shot blindly back into the faint direction of where the first gunshot came from. Two gunshots to his bullet proof back window was the enemies response.

    "IS THAT YOUR EX BOYFRIEND? WHAT THE FUCK!?" he yelled. He tried to see through his rear views, but it was too dark to see anything. He thought about slipping on his hightech mask that he used when he played his vigilante card. It had night vision and a whole bunch of other fun things on it, but he wasn't risking being discovered all together he wasn't already heading in that direction.

    Gunshots flooded the air and pierced his armored car. "YOUR EX IS CRAZY! NONE OF MY GIRLS HAVE EVER DONE SHIT LIKE THIS!...on second thought..." before he had to long to ponder over it a black car pulled up next to his. "Shit..." Another button was pressed and his spiked rims sprung out. Torrents unfolded out of the car door and started unleashing hell onto the car that was next to him. The car was not phased. "My car can't even do that..."

    Before Ryan had a chance to fathom what was happening, something plopped on top of his car. "Is your ex on top of my car right now....give me the sword plea-" he was cut off by a fist that punched through Ryan's roof. "HOW THE HE-....THIS IS HEAVILY ARMORED SHIT HOW DID YOU PUNCH THROUGH!?" The hand seemed to have been reaching for Ivy grabbing her by her tattered shirt and trying to pull her up. Ryan unsheathed the sword quickly and in one clean slice, the arm was cut off and now inside the car. It went rigamortis almost immediately and it gripped onto Ivy's shirt as it fell onto the seat between her legs.

    Ryan looked at his rearview and noticed a body rolling off of the car and being taken away by the darkness as it fell onto the road. The car next to him then retreated and disappeared into the darkness behind them as well. Ryans breath was heavy. He turned his head slowly to Ivy. "Is there're not telling me?"
  14. Ivy was content with staring out the window of the muscle car until she heard a gunshot. Her head immediately shot up and she looked over to see a freaking sword in her lap. "Uhh" Was all she could mutter as the car swerved into another lane. She unbuckled quickly and looked out the back window. "Shit shit shit shit shit!!" She said as the black car pulled up next to them. "THAT"S NOT MY EX"

    "Gah!" She screamed as a man plopped on top of the car. She could hear the man screaming at her though the metal that protected her. He punched though the metal and screamed "IT'S OVER IVY GIVE UP NOW DOLL" Ivy felt the tears run down her face as she pondered if she could stabbed him from here. They continued to drive with the guns firing and Ivy felt the hand grab her and pull her up. She quickly bite his hand so hard that blood started pouring out from the wounds and Scruffy cut his arm clean off. Ivy screamed as the arm fell between her legs and pushed it into the back screaming "EW EW EW EW!"

    The body rolled off and disappeared completely along with the car. Ivy placed her hand on her beating heart as she fought to catch her breath. She could feel Scruffy's eyes on her as he asked her "Is there're not telling me?". Ivy's breath caught in her throat as she slowly looked over to the boy. "Just that I'm sorry I put you in danger.. You were kind to me and I almost got you killed." She said softly as her hands tried to find her jacket. She reached over to see the her jacket had been thrown into the back with the arm, in the mist of all the chaos she had lost it. Her eyes widened as she know knew her wings were on full display for Scruffy and threw her back into the seat, praying he didn't see them. 'Let me out let me out let me out' She prayed silently as she closed her eyes.
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  15. Were those wings I just caught a glimpse of on her't be... he pondered.

    "Listen. I'm always in danger okay? I've been in worse situations than that, but I'm going to need you to be honest with me okay? Who's after you, and why are they after you? Please be honest this time," he said. Ryan wasn't in the mood for any type of bullshit. "Just tell me."
  16. Ivy's body shook. She didn't know what to do. He scared her and she wanted to be left alone. "I..I.." She stuttered and tried to get out of the moving car. "I can't do that Scruffy.." Ivy said as she tried to unlock the car door. "Please just let me out!" She said as she tried to hide her wings more. She was hyper ventilating and was squirming with her wings pressed against the seat, her flushed cheeks sparked with electricity.

    As she tried to calm down she couldn't hold it in anymore and her electric sparks became lightening as strike after lightening strike surrounded the car. The scientist had just recently given her electric powers and gravity manipulation powers, that were out of Ivy's control for the most part. Her blue eyes were red from crying but wide as she watched the burning hot strikes land close to the car. Once she started to calm down, the lightening disappeared. All in a matter of minutes.

    Ivy closed her eyes and focused her breathing back to normal. When she opened her eyes and looked at Scruffy she was back to normal, and with a sigh she said. "Alright, I'll tell you."

    "My name is Ivy Louis, I'm 19 years old and I'm a runaway from the corporation S.T.T.A.R. You know, the organization that makes "new and better" tech stuff? I guess I should start at the beginning. I was 6 years old when I was kidnapped from my home and sold to the organization. They designed me as a human weapon, I have 60% of an eagles DNA.. hence my wings." She said, motioning to the wings that were tucked neatly on her back. "The lightening was a new "weapon" they were working on with me.. I can also "Control" gravity to some extent. Though it's all very new to me.. as you can tell." She said, her tone serious and not at all joking. "Those men are S.T.T.A.R people hired to bring me back, they'll shove me in a cage and brain wash me over and over again.. I'm worth millions of dollars.. I'm nothing to them but an expensive lab rat.." She said hugging herself. "I escaped yesterday night from my cage.. someone left the door open and I fled.. I don't want to go.. I refuse to go back.. So that's why I need to leave now.." She said looking up at him.
  17. "You're a freakin mutant...but I'm not going to let you go," he said before looking at her sternly. "How can I help Ivy?" he asked. No matter what the risk or cost, Ryan felt like he was put on this earth to help people like Ivy out, and that's exactly what he'd do.
  18. "No really?" She asked as she folded her arms on her chest. "You really don't have to do that.. I'll be fine on my own.. plus your risking your life and your "living" for me. You barley know me.. " She said
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  19. "I made a promise to someone special in the past that I'd help those who need it in anyway possible. I'm not going to break that vow, just because you said 'no'" he said with pride. "I'm going to help you...whether you like it or not,"
  20. Ivy looked the boy over and sighed. "Fine Scruffy, but it's your funeral." The boy obviously wasn't going to let Ivy go, so why not accept his help. "So by helping me.. what are you going to help me with exactly?" She said with a smirk as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the seat.
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