Tattoos, let there be ink.

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  1. I adore tattoos. I realize they're permanent, but that's why you ensure it's something that will never make you regret them. I think it's silly how averse people are to them - if you have nothing in your life that you won't hate in ten years, well, that's your problem, I guess.

    Moving on - I plan to get a tattoo on my eighteenth birthday. Not as large as the one linked there, but the pair across my left shoulder blade.

    So, who wants to get one? And for those of you who have them - let's see them!
    If you have one, or are planning to get one, does it have a special significance to you?
  2. Oooooh, Kitti, My bro told me his sholderblade was one of the most painful spots.

    Anywhere were it's thin on skin and thick on bone. Like your ankles, fingers, knuckles, clavicle, ECT.

    Either way, I'm designing my own tattoo, It's prolly going to be on one of my biceps.
  3. I have some tattoos. It was hard to get a good picture cause of the flash in photo booth so its a little fuzzy.

  5. I wanna get a tattoo but I have no idea what the fuck kind of design to get, so I might never get one anyway.
  6. OK, have I ever told you how badass I think you are? xD
    That tattoo is awesome!
  7. I'd love to get a tattoo! But I can never make up my mind where to put it or what to put. Go figure.
  8. I've thought about getting an Ouroboros done around my right ankle. I think some of the symbolism behind it sums up a lot about my personality. However, I have this weird thing about distinguishing marks that I won't go into in this post.
  9. Shweet tat O.K.!

    I'm going to get one on my foot (supposedly one of the top painful places, but eh) within the next 4 months. It will be a whimsical web that wraps around my ankle. Signifies my last name.
    I have more in mind, but still in the process of deciding details.
  10. Thanks Ya'll. That one looks a lot better irl, the picture kinda made it look weird.
  11. Grumpy is getting something along the lines of this done soon:

    GOES ON SIDE (open)

    Working on it with a bunch of artfag friends, so hopefully it'll look better when finished. I'm enough of a video game nutjob to justify having a tattoo about them.

    Aside from that, working on a few sleeve designs. Think I might do a cyberpunk-inspired one, all electronics and metal parts coming out from the arm.

    And OK, that's one hell of an awesome design you got there. I like Kitti's too. So many people just go for small wing designs; it's nice to see someone going all out and having a piece that dominates most of the back. It'll look epic.
  12. Awesome art there Grumps@ It'll prolly look real good when it's finished! And sleeves are badass!
  13. I've got a few tattoos, and one more in mind that I plan to get to tie everything together. They were both on my shoulder blades, and did not hurt that badly. More like bee stings during and a majorly bad sunburn for a week after.

    I recommend carrying around any designs you may have in mind for at least two years before you get it. You'll change your mind constantly over the next few years; so don't get stuck with something you'll hate. I love both of mine, but I had them done seperately and while they are good, from a designer standpoint they don't work. So I'm getting a larger backpiece done to bring them together.

    I like themes. XD
  14. Yeah... I've got two that are the same design on both arms.

    Show Spoiler

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    I'm getting a Compass tattooed over my heart, and then probably that Dragon tattooed on my abs.


  15. Jumi, that's honestly kinda badass.

    *Projects Tegan, Jumi and OK into the Cool Tattoos People Club*
  16. You don't know what my tattoos are. >_> For all you know they could be totally lame.

    I never really view a tattoo as "lame" because it could have a great deal of meaning to that person, or it's a mistake and they don't need to be told again, or what not. Tattoos are art upon the body that no one else but the owner of that body can judge.

    Then again, that's just my odd viewpoint.
  18. Here is my view on tattoos and meanings.

    Throughout my life I have had many things that I have felt strongly about/for/against. As time goes on I change my mind about them (Even after 5 years or more) So I don't get tattoos that have any meaning to me, but rather are just cool looking. As I get older my views change, but my tattoos won't. I don't want to get stuck with my "early twenties" views for a life time.

    That being said, I do have a few tattoos that are for Loved ones that have passed away (My Father, Half sister and a good friend) those have meaning to me that will never I love the people they are in tribute of.

    And that is pretty Badass Jumi
  19. I beg to differ.

  20. After finding this... I'm thinking on getting something like it.