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  1. Ready for the questions?

    Do you have any tattoos? Do you have pictures of them? What do they mean, if they have a meaning?

    I have four. The first one I ever got is on the basecond of my neck. It says Love with a little purple heart. I got it when I was 18 by a friend. I got it for the 'To Write Love On Her Arms', which is dedicated to help people through self harm. I have a history with it and I like to have the little reminder there that I can get through it.

    The second one I got is actually pretty shitty. It's the Deathly Hollows symbol from Harry Potter behind my left ear. Somehow the guy found a way to make the lines too thick. This is got because I am in absolute love with everything Harry Potter. I'm devastated I never got my Hogwarts letter...

    My third is an outline of a pikachu that sits between my shoulder blades. Another, and my last, home tattoo. I caught the guy drinking whiskey partway through and noticed he shaded parts that shouldn't be black. So that needs to be fixed. I got it because I've been playing and loving Pokemon since it first came out. I'm almost 26 and I've played every game and still get stoked about the new ones. Shout out for Sun & Moon!

    My last, and absolute best, is an image of Yoda standing in front of his hut in the lagoon, his hand out glowing with green 'Force'. I got this because of my father and my love for Star Wars. My dad has loved it his whole life and I grew up loving it because of him. Me and him have bonded quite a bit through these movies and even went to the latest premier together dressed up as Leia and Obi-Wan. I intend to make this and entire sleeve with a collect of both our favorite characters.

    I plan on getting much more; my grandma's portrait, a bouquet of flowers, a butterfly, etc. I would post pictures but all the ones on my phone are too large and I really don't feel like messing with photo bucket and shit lol
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  2. I plan on getting my first tattoo sometime this coming year. I'd like a wee something of a mushroom on my forearm because... I love mushrooms. 8) They remind me of my Opa, and as stupid as it sounds, they're what brought me out of my crippling depression this year.

    I would eventually like to get a large backpiece done based on my birth tarot card, Death. Just figured I should start with something small.
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  3. As much as I want a tattoo, I can't get one (for reasons).

    But if I could, I'd get one that I saw on someone else. A Canadian flag, sans the maple leaf, and written in it was 'Made in Canada'. I thought it was witty and would make a point as well. ^_^
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  4. I plan on getting my first tattoo with my Mom this year during December! :D

    We're gonna get this mother/daughter celtic knot tattoo but not exactly like that lol xD

    It's gonna be smaller, but I'm sure you get the idea that the tattoo is going to be that mother/daughter celtic knot
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  5. I recently got my first one a couple months ago. It is on my left forearm and it is of a feather with blue and green in it. I got it done for $60 in the kitchen of this woman's house for my best friend's birthday. We have pretty much the same tattoo, but she has more blue (her favorite color), and I have more green (my favorite).

    So, it has that memory associated with it. I also associate it with the verse Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart."

    I'd like to get a second one based off something my dad says. Recently, he has been saying "carry your umbrella." And he told me to him it means no matter if it is raining outside you will have an umbrella to carry your own weather. SO.. my thought was to have an umbrella with a little girl under it, holding it up, and sunshine coming out from under it. Looks good in my head. I dunno how it would translate onto paper or skin.
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  6. I have three. I want more.
  7. [​IMG]

    The first one is a phoenix that I still need to go get colored in, it has the meaning of no matter how many times they die, they always revive back stronger. As such I got it for the fact my sister is terminal and will sadly pass away one day, we don't know when we just know its close by in the future. I share a huge bond with my sister and so her dying and the thought of no longer having her around kills me inside. Yet I know that when she does eventually pass away that I will have to one day not beat myself up about it and carry on in life. Grow stronger from death. Cheesy but means a lot to me since its my first tattoo.

    The second one is a Chinese dragon, and well I have to admit I'm a sucker for mythological creatures. It does have many meanings but I focus on the strength part of it(Cause I sure as hell aint got no wisdom going on) It kind of goes back to my sister again, with the whole strength to carry on. That and it's sick as hellll.

    New ones I'm thinking about getting are many. One I'm getting for sure one day, is my mom's, sister's and my own favorite animals on my upper left arm. Thats one that set in stone, the others I'm going to keep thinking about cause this stuff is permanent after all.
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  8. I don't have any tattoos yet. I pretty much only want one tattoo. It will cover the inside of my entire left forearm. I want to get a steampunk hourglass that is full of sand on both sides. Perhaps smoke coming from it as well. ^.^
    I still need to find a place I trust to do this. I want this tattoo so it will cover up all of my self-harm scars and allow me to finally be free of the disfigurement I occurred. I want it to be full of sand on both sides because it means my time never runs out. ^.^
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  9. I have just the one, though it's decently big. It's a pair of wings across my shoulderblades. It has some special meaning to me about finding my own wings and all that. Its location was on purpose - it's easily hidden for professional settings - but it makes it a little difficult to show off without being risqué.
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  10. I don't have any tattoos, but I can share some of my cousins. Lots of pics..

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  11. I got one booked for new year -

    Gonna get the dinosaur skeleton from Jurassic Park on my calf because I fuckin love diggin up dinosaurs 8)

    Also gonna get a UFO tattooed on my butt cheek because my ass is out of this world (8
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  12. Yes!! To the dinosaur. I love them myself.
    As far as the UFO.... PERFECT!! lmao
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  13. I have a moogle from final fantasy 9 on my chest writing on a book with a banner that says "save game?"

    I have a tribal polar bear silhouette with a snowflake behind it on my calf.

    I have the "Game Over" script on my inner wrist with 3 heart pips beneath it.

    And I have an ankh just back from my hand.

    I also have a bunch of piercings. owo
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  14. My littler sister would go nuts over that. That's her fave character in final fantasy (I hope that's the right game, I don't play so that explains my ignorance lol)
  15. Spoiler
    [​IMG] "Heit" is Frisian for 'dad'.

    Daughter of a tattoo artist and raised in a world filled with tattoos. I am incredibly perfectionistic judgemental. Got my first done a couple months ago. The picture was taken right after it was done. The angle fucks with the lines a bit. All small imperfections in lines and colours disappeared after healing.
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  16. I don't have any and don't have any plans for any. I don't object to tattoos, but I just can't think of anything I'd want on me ^^
  17. "Family is just blood.
    Friends are the life-saving transfusion."
    Script on upper right arm.

    [There was more here but I changed my mind on sharing it.]
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  18. I got a lot of tattoos that I want to do and apply not only because I think they look cool, but that they also have meaning. But all depends on military and uniform regulations, if I get a good position I will be able to kind of go with pretty much whatever tattoo I want except those that are facial tattoos. But my first core tattoo I am going to get is after I either finish the Air Force Academy or finish Specialist Parachuting Training. An angel's wings signifying the right of passage I have complete to earn those wings.
  19. I have wanted a tattoo for a long time, but I always struggle with what I would have. Because if I am going to have something permanently put on me, I want it to be something truly special. When I find that thing, I shall wear it with pride!
  20. I have four tattoos with one more large one I am going to get on my side. Once I have the money. Tattoos are like a bag of lays chips, or being an owner of a cat... You can't have just one... Apparently.

    The roses shaped like a heart is a a tattoo I share with my mom, who has the same one on the opposite shoulder.

    The butterfly with the tiger face, I think, is self explanatory. I wanted to find a way to bring together something I liked and that my father liked and something that reminds me of him. Hence this tattoo... My dad is fiercely protective of his little cubs/kittens.

    The one on my ankle is for the best damn dog I ever had. His life was cut too short and I miss my fuzzy looks-like-a-wolf-from-a-distance teddy bear.

    Lastly, the anchor is for my grandfather. He suffered from Parkinson's for over 20 years and before he became non-verbal and bed ridden he always talked about his time in the Navy. Even before the diagnosis, there were always stories, from him and his 7 sons (my dad being one of them). It made him who he was and it made me proud of him and the things he taught my dad and his brothers. I miss him as much now as I did when we watched him slip away. The name on the hat is the name of the first ship he was ever posted to, the HMCS Saguenay (which I believe has been sunken near P.E.I (Prince Edward Island) as an artificial reef)

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