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  1. Kids with superpowers attending human school.
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  2. Name: Jason Fader

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dark brown hair, usually cut short to about an inch in length. Lately, he has been paying less attention, so it has grown considerably longer. He has brown eyes and pale skin. His face is pretty angular and sharp. He is tall, about 6ft 1inch, and used to be quite muscular but lost a large amount of that weight so is now quite lanky. In school, he no longer plays sports, which is part of the reason he has lost so much weight. In general, he likes to wear blue jeans, a baggy, dark grey hoodie, and a pair of running shoes. He tries to take pride in his appearance and will often shower twice a day. He is quite insecure, especially now that he doesn't work out regularly.

    Personality: Mostly calm and quiet. He is a withdrawn introvert, and his tendencies to avoid social situations have gotten stronger in the last few months. He tends to dislike large crowds and get annoyed when he isn't listened to.

    Back-story: Wealthy family, good upbringing, but sometimes neglected. He came from money, so is relatively used to luxury. Because of this expectation, he can get testy at school. His childhood was relatively unremarkable and therefore he never feels the need to discuss it.

    Ability: Talking to ghosts and demonic beings. He has done this his whole life. Recently, he has developed the ability to move objects through thought, and who knows where his abilities will go in the future.

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  3. Name: Pankaj

    Age: 17, December baby

    Gender: male

    Appearance: green.png Pankaj has large brown eyes and is about 5 foot 8. He frequently dyes his hair a rusty red colour, but is thinking of letting it grow out.

    Personality: He is severely depressed, occasionally sinking low enough to be non-functioning. Besides this, Pankaj is a passionate person with a goofy streak and a tendency to ramble, a cuddly kid who craves attention and affection. A night-owl and early riser.

    Back-story: Pankaj didn’t have many friends growing up and, with his parents both working as on-call doctors, this meant he was often alone. He found company in spray-painting and became a tag-artist, though he mostly does small stuff.

    Ability: Pankaj is a fire elemental!! He is nervous about his power and tries to avoid using it as often as possible, even if it would be more convenient (for example, if he needs to light a candle doesn’t have any matches he would rather go buy some than use his own fire). Recently he has started on path to accepting and loving his power, but it will be a long time coming.
  4. The day started off rough.

    It took two cups of coffee for Pankaj to wake up, and even then he felt dazed. His watch counted down the seconds until he would be late and he hurried through breakfast trying to beat it, running all over the house with his fingers knotted in his bangs as he tried to find his backpack. It was near the door, stuffed to the brim with a shirt sleeve hanging out the side, exactly where he left it. He had packed his things last night, last minute, and now he noticed just how sloppy of a job he did. He bemoaned his existence briefly but slung the backpack over his shoulders and checked the brakes of his bike before taking off. The school was far, sure, but not too far. Besides, Pankaj had biked this route his whole life.

    Once on campus, among the crowd of students wandering about trying to find their rooms or their friends, Pankaj felt a little panicked. It took a while, but with a little help from a friendly stranger (very tall, third year; she smelled like cinnamon), he managed to weave his way through the sea of unfamiliar faces and make it to the dormitory wing of the school. Two oh one, he reminded himself over and over in his head, afraid to lose the number in this cramped hallway. Room Two oh one.

    The dorm was on the second floor and nicer than he expected, though smaller than the brochure had made it seem, with a wardrobe against the outside wall between two large windows. He set his backpack down on the bed closest to the door, hooking his bike lock around one of the straps, and decided he was ready for another cup of coffee. There were so many things he had to look forward to today, including a roommate and possible new friend, but thinking about it just made him tired. Please, he asked no one in particular. Please let this work out for me.
  5. It was a warm day, but there was enough of a chill to the air to speak of the winter to come. Jason was a bit overwhelmed by the activity and the buzz of excitement permeating from the other first years. Hardly ever did he feel so out of place. With family swarming around him like worried guardians which, he knew, they still were, he could hardly focus on finding his room. He'd packed a large suitcase to the brim with clothing and supplies. His family couldn't afford for him to make the two hour flight home all that often. He'd need to be self reliant for the majority of the time

    Knowing he would have a roommate didn't make it much better. It wasn't that he was against the idea, but he enjoyed his privacy quite a bit and wasn't sure what effect having another person in close proximity would have. If he was honest, he was pants shittingly nervous about it.

    His room number was two hundred and one. He'd been informed that that meant it would be on the second floor. The buildings name, Benson, was innocuous enough, but he'd heard some crazy stuff about it. Normally, he wouldn't count himself as superstitious. The whole belief in some higher power just wasn't his thing. But still, it's pretty hard to discount quite so many rumours. Benson was a pretty huge building, meaning it was probably somewhat newer. The smaller buildings were further off, and he was half convinced he'd prefer to live in one of them, just on account of having fewer people. Still, he was putting aside his misgivings to give Benson a shot. That was about all he could do.

    His family followed him around like a bunch of lost puppies. They were sad, excited, apprehensive. All his emotions reflected back at him. Though he felt it was a bit mean, their unhappiness comforted him. Maybe he just didn't want to feel like they were dumping him.

    Finally, he found the room. He had to give her credit though, his mom was a big help. She'd poured over the map in a bit of a neurotic fit in order to ensure they knew exactly where to go on moving day.

    The room was empty, but the presence of a bag on the first bed indicated someone had already been there. Sighing, he opened his own suitcase and began with the process of putting his clothes away in the wardrobe furthest from the door. The bed was an extra long single bed, as he'd been informed prior to move in. It would be a difficult adjustment. It was hard to go from being used to splaying yourself out in a queen bed to hardly having room in a single bed.

    Jason sighed, gathering his thoughts. He needed to stay positive. This had to work.
  6. Pankaj stopped just outside his room to check his reflection on the glass of the curled up fire hose, in case of emergency break glass, and fixed his wind-strewn bangs. He still wasn’t fully satisfied but couldn’t stall any longer. He knew sooner or later he would have to meet his roommate. He was excited, really, but also unsure. What if they hated him? The next couple years would be Hell on earth if they didn’t manage to get along…

    Whatever, he lied to himself stubbornly as he opened the door, it doesn’t matter.

    This boy was tall- well, not abnormally tall but still taller than Pankaj- with that kind of short hair you want to mess up all the time. He smiled at that thought, ducking around to his side of the room and setting his coffee down on the floor. He sat down on his bed, head tilted at his new roommate.

    “So you’re my roomie, huh?” He bent to pick up his coffee and then worried with a stray hair that fell across the bridge of his nose and didn’t seem to have a proper place. “Woulda gotten you a coffee but I left before you showed up, and also have no idea if you even like coffee. That woulda been horrible. Me showin’ up with a coffee you wouldn’t wanna drink. Anyway, I’m Pankaj, English major. What about you?”
  7. Jason smiles at the introduction. "I'm Jason. Biochemistry major. And yeah, not a huge coffee fan. i prefer tea, if I'm honest. So, you from around here?" I ask, continuing to pack my clothes away. "Oh, and this is my family." He waves his hand around him and introduces his younger sister, El, his mother, and his father. "Is your family not here with you?"

    He examines Pankaj, his new roommate. The idea is so strange. But the guy looks friendly enough. Hopefully not loud. All he could hope for was someone who preferred quietly played music to loud ass partying. Sure, Jason liked to party, but not where it could damage his stuff.
  8. "Biochem, whoa. Sounds intense." Pankaj nods to Jason's family and says his hellos, mentally back-tracking through what he had already said and hoping he hadn't sworn. He couldn't bear to make that kind of first impression. "You some kinda brainiac?"

    "And actually I live about a twenty minute bike ride, just on the other side of town," he takes the lid off his coffee, releasing a cloud of steam, and blows on it. He tests a sip, still too hot, and shrugs. "but nah, my parents're pretty busy people. But more importantly, did you hear that this place is s'posed to be haunted? Ghosts and demons and poltergeists! Maybe we'll get to witness it firsthand, huh? I mean, if we're lucky."
  9. Jason's lip twitches. "Yeah, I'm not so sure I'd want the place to be haunted. I'm not superstitious, but--" he trails off. "So if you live so close, why live on campus? It's pretty expensive." Finished with his unpacking, he lifts his empty suitcase and hoists it on top of his wardrobe.

    "Ah well, we should get going. You're mother will be back later. Tell her if you need her to get anything!" Jason's father folds him into an awkward hug, as he is still not used to his son being shorter. Smiling a little, Jason squeezes his father back.

    "Bye, dad. Have a safe drive home." Next, he takes his younger sister into a bear hug and lifts her up in the air. "Bye Ella, you be good without me!"

    Smiling, the girl nods. "Aw, you know me, I'm always good!" she giggles. Jason snorts before putting her back down.

    "Ok sweetie, we'll see you in a bit!" His mother kisses him on the cheek before ushering the rest of the family out of the room. She would be staying a week to help him settle in. The rest of his family was on their way home.

    "So tell me about the demons," Jason commands, as his family disappears down the stairwell.
  10. "I'm on scholarship," Pankaj boasts with a playful smile directed into his coffee as he takes a long drink. He nearly chokes trying to swallows fast enough to say goodbye to Jason's family, waving as they head out the door. He's about to say something stupid, like 'your family is cute' or 'you seem to get along good with your little sister', when Jason asks him about the demons and he thinks back to the rumours.

    "I'm sure it's just talk, y'know," he says, getting up and taking his clothes out of his backpack. He puts all the folded clothes on his bed in sorted piles as he talks. "Gossip and whatever. Some kids say they got pushed down stairs but they were probably just smashed, and this girl who used to live on my street told me that her friends saw real shit. Like, physical manifestations of people walking around or whatever. Like I said though, just talk. Drugs, alcohol, attention-seekers, you know the drill."
  11. Jason's brow furrows. "Well, that's not nearly as exciting as I was hoping, but I guess it's a start. You see, I'm kind of into that stuff. Im not superstitious or anything, but my own experiences have left thinking that maybe there's something to the whole ghost thing. You know? Anyway, I guess it's almost lunch time. Do you want to go get a bite to eat, or are you good?" He rifles through his belongs until he finds the meal card that came in the same envelope as the key to the room. It would be his only meal ticket for the next couple of months.

    Feeling a bit warm, he opened the window near his bed and tried his best to figure out how to turn down the thermostat and reduce the heat. He knew he should appreciate the heat while it lasted, but all he longed for was the cold of the winter, at least in that instance. It was hard, changing his mind so often. Almost as though he could never make up his mind.
  12. “Sure there’s more, probably, but I try to stay out of it,” Pankaj fidgets with the cuffs of his sweater, threading the fabric between his fingers and thinking that Jason is a little bit odd. In a good way. “But I get it, don’t worry, I definitely believe in ghosts though I guess I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum because I’m scared,” he finishes with a little laugh, trying to sound nonchalant but honestly unnerved.

    He buries his hands in his pockets when Jason opens the window. When Jason asks if he wants to come get some good, he takes a look at his mostly-empty coffee cup and debates buying another. Three is too many, he tells himself, but knows he’ll probably give in to temptation.

    “Sure, I’ll tag along. Hey, maybe we’ll run into some ghosts in the hallways!”

    (OOC: anytime you wanna skip forward go ahead! <3)
  13. (Ok, let's skip ahead about a month)

    Jason's eye twitches. He's trapped within a dream. Or is it a dream? The impossibility of the situation says yes, but the contents do not. A dark being, about 7 feet tall, just a bit too thin to be human, standing in front of him. A woman, her eyes veiled in shadow, stands at his side. They are old friends. Or old enemies. Even that, Jason is not sure of. This place, this dark, haunted place, is not his own. It is their domain. A place for freedom of creativity but enslavement of thought. A place of pleasure and torture. Mental and physical.

    He finds it impossible to keep his eyes off the black figure, the creature is speaking, but is so quiet that Jason cannot pick up a single word. Despite the difficulty, he knows it is explaining something of importance. "Haunted..." Jason cocks his head, trying to hear the words a bit better. He cannot move any closer. The presence has frozen him mentally, and the woman restrains him physically. "You should run..."

    Head darting up, Jason's eyes narrow at the creature. "Why?" he calls.

    "Danger!" The blackness cries, before rising to engulf him in a chilling embrace.

    Eyes shooting open, Jason wakes to the pale light of the midnight moon. Drenched in sweat, he is strangled between the folds of his bedding. The dreams was impossible, yet held so much truth to him that he could not deny its reality.
  14. Pankaj doesn’t sleep so much anymore, even when he wants to. He usually pretends to be asleep through most things anyway, because it’s easier than talking or looking at people in the eye or pretending to be awake, but this is different. He’s heard you’re not supposed to wake someone having a nightmare, but it’s hard to just lie there and wait for it to end. When it does, when he hears the shift in Jason’s breathing, he reaches over as far as he can and slaps Jason’s mattress a few times to get his attention.

    “Hey, Jason, hey,” he calls out, trying not to startle him. “Are you okay?”
  15. Jason groans and rolls over. "Uh, yeah. I'm ok now, just a real bad dream. I haven't slept so badly in a long time. It's this building I guess. For whatever reason, it's been creeping me out." He stares up at the ceiling and sighs, long and low. "I'm not used to this anymore. This feeling of fear. Maybe it's all the stress from courses. My major isn't easy. I kind of think I overestimated how hard these courses would be. I need some water."

    Crawling out of his clammy, sweaty sheets, Jason puts his feet into a pair of flip flops and leaves for the bathroom. The light inside is glaring and he stares at himself as he sprays his face in water. Cupping his hands, he draws his hands to his mouth and sips. The cooling effect is immediate. Gasping with relief, he leans back and examines his disheveled hair. It's laced with sticky sweat. Wiping strands away from his almond eyes, he examined their brown depths. He looked haunted, and the idea bothered him. What was going on?
  16. “I get it,” Pankaj says, even though he doesn’t get it, pointing up at the ceiling for effect. “You’ll get the hang of it though, I know you will.”

    When Jason leaves he sits up and runs his fingers through his hair. He thinks about following him into the bathroom, just to make sure he’s okay (nightmares can be signs of many things; sometimes people need support but don’t ask; sometimes Pankaj cares too much) and decides to wait outside in the hallway until he’s out. Going in would be a little weird. Jason obviously needs a mental health day, and Pankaj has enough pocket change for tea so why not? Midnight is a great time for tea. Sure, Jason might decline but it's worth a shot. Pankaj could use a pick-me-up too.
  17. Jason walks out the door. His eyes immediately fall on Pankaj. "Oh, hey," he murmured, trying to hide his still dilated eyes. "Sorry you had to witness that. I don't like showing weakness around other people. This isn't normal for me." Looking up, he tried to collect his thoughts. "I'll be ok."
  18. "No don't worry, don't worry." It's a bit unnerving, hearing something like that. Something you would heard before someone broke down completely. "But, uh, I was just thinking that we could go off campus and get some tea or something? I mean, I can't sleep anyhow and, y'know, why not! My treat."
  19. Jason looks at him for a second. "You remember I like tea," his face twists into a half smile. "Yeah ok, why not? But what will be open this late at night? Do Starbucks stay open this long?"

    Though he doesn't fully who it, he really appreciates the offer. It's very rare that he let's anyone into his world. He just doesn't see it as tough enough. Deep down, he knows his insecurities are silly and somewhat immature, but the way he was raised gives him pause any time an emotional or vulnerable situation comes up. He just can't stand to not be fully in control at all times.
  20. "It's nothin'," Pankaj waves it off but takes pride in making Jason smile. "And yes, absolutely there's something. Starbucks, no, but there's a Timmies just down the road that literally never closes, I swear. Once me and a friend went at 4 a.m and stayed 'til noon by accident. It's a greyhound stop, y'know, only place in this town actually on the map. Anyway, let's move out."

    Pankaj basically talks the whole walk. He was a bit nervous so the words just kept coming and he found himself telling Jason about spray-painting, something he hadn't told anyone before (not that, truthfully, he had anyone to tell before). When they make it to the Tim Horton's he orders himself a coffee and a tea for Jason, and when they sit down he finally shuts up.

    "God, sorry for rambling," he holds his coffee cup tightly, trying to warm his fingers. "Your turn. I spilled my guts everywhere so it's only fair you have to. Tell me what's been eating you," he slouches over the table a bit, resting his chin on the table. "Maybe I can help."
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