*Tales of Orenthia*

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Tetsuri Tokai

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*The Land of Orenthia, A place of bliss and prosperity, resides in a dimension known as the "Raith." Long ago it was created by the ancients as a key defense from the threats of invaders from other universes and lands To keep these invaders out they manifested four key elemnts to shield the city and create a barier.The elemnts were known as the sun, moon, light and darkness.

These elments had protectected the city for thousands of years and genrations to come,sealed safely inside the Temple of Teriot. One day, A force known as the "Order," established a base within the walls of Orenthia. Though they seemed as a peaceful group, they had other plans. They had come to cause destruction and chaos and to take the four sacred powers of Orenthia. When the people of Orenthia let their guards down, The Order's leader Terrios, lead an all out assault. on the Temple of Teriot, killing the mystics and taking the four sacred elemnts.

* 5 years later* The Order had completely taken over Orenthia, establishing bases throught the land. Many groups and militia had tried to overcome the order and fought back, but in the end their efforts lay in blood as they were all killed. It seemed all hope has been lost for Orenthia as the Order grows strong. But within this darkness shines two bright lights. Tetsuri; A young boy with a heart to do what is right and to see true peace.

The Neko Guardian.

Iliana: The young girl with a unique spirit and sense of justice as well as one who searches for true harmony in the world.

The Oni.Destined to meet even before birth, the two path will cross.

Will Tetsuri and Iliana be the saviors of Orenthia or will the trials and tribulations tear them appart? It is a tale of love, sadness, and choices. The fate of Orenthia hangs in the balance.

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"Are you cold?"

"Hmm?" No, I'm not cold."

"Iliana....it's raining."

"Hmm?"Iliana stopped under a giant leaf and felt the water slide off of it and hit the forest ground with a patter. Ritesa, the boy with green hair, looked over to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you ever aware of anything that goes on around you or is it all just....mumbo stuff."he said, snatching a branch from a falling tree. Iliana's face flared pink as her cheeks puffed out in annoyance.

"It is NOT all mumbo! I know what i'm talking about!"
she said, stomping her foot lightly, causing a single drop of water to splash on the tip of her nose. Iliana blinked twice, face blushing lightly. Ritesa looked over to her, smirked, and brought his attention back to the trail ahead.

"I'm gonna ignore that."he said, walking ahead and not giving her room to challenge him. With a huff under her breath, she hurried on through Fairenz Forest after him, not knowing where they were going, but not wanting to be alone either.

"Tetsuri! Get up lazy!"

"MMM...Just five more minutes."

"Tetsuri, what am I going to do with you?"
"Yes i would love the pasta." *he said, as he over from his left side to the right side facing the opposite of Nairiah. He scratched his face then smiled and reached outward as if he was grabbing for a plate of food as he slept.*

*Nairiah said as she placed her hands on her hips then glared at Tetsuri.

She puffed out her cheeks as he laughed in his sleep then proceeded to the river to get a bucket of water. She returned to the spot where he slept and tossed the water on him, soaking his white uniform and his hair.

*He said, raising up fast, using his hand for support and rubbing the back of his head as looked at her. As the water dripped off of him, he gave her a look of confusion.*

Seems your upset about something."
*He stood up slowly, and shook off the water then yawned and stretched.*

"You are hopeless and selfish you jerk!"
*she yelled out, turning away from him and folding her arms as tears began to form.* "You promised you would watch the sunset with me! But I see all you care about is yourself!" *she yelled again as her tears began to fall.*

Tetsuri walked over to her, then wrapped his arms arms around her. Just as he did the sun began to set as he looked up at it. Nairiah's eyes widen and she blushed as he held her then loosed her grip on herself and placed his hands gently on his arms as she looked at the sunset with him, resting her head gently on his right sholder."It truely is a beautiful sight." *He said gently, as he held her closer.*

"Yes, it is.
she said, as she got closer to him.* The two of them continued to gaze at the setting sun as a flock of birds flew high above them in the sky across the sun.*​
Ritesa finally stopped at a wide open pasture. Iliana's eyes grew; a meadow like that was hard to find in Fairenz Forest, and Iliana had lived in the forest for most of her life...or at least as long as she could remember. Still wearing the surprised expression, she twisted herself on one foot to spin herself towards him.

"Ri. How did you find this place?"she asked. Ritesa ran his fingers through his hair, his usual trademark, and shrugged.

"I didn't. I just wanted to stop walking. My feet hurt." Iliana's face instantly fell into an annoyed glare while her left eye twitched irritably. Ritesa raised an eyebrow at the gesture, knowing exactly what he had gotten himself into. "What? You want me to say I knew exactly where this place was and that I brought you here just to make you happy? That'd be lying, Ili-chan."

Iliana closed her eyes and stomped passed him, shoving the small bag she held in her hands at his chest.

"Don't Ili-chan, me."
she grumbled, making her way over to a decent sized boulder so that she could rest her back against it. With a huff, she plopped down on the grass, steam still pouring from her face. Ritesa chuckled and made his way over to her and knelt down in front of her.

"Now, Ili. Don't be so upset. If I had known of this place, I would've brought you to it." No response came out of her mouth and Ritesa was forced to sigh loudly, his head hanging down in defeat as he hoisted himself up. "There's never any disputing with you....is there?" Iliana opened one eye and glared at him angrily. To her surprise, Ritesa was looking upwards to the sky, a distance look in his eyes. She waited a minute before making any movement, then she stood up and walked over to him.

"Ri...? Is there something wrong....?"she asked softly. It took him a moment before he turned to her with a serious look in his green eyes.

"Yeah. We gotta go."
The sun set as the day turned to night and the moon sat high in the sky. The stars shined around it and Tetsuri held Nairiah closer as she turned to face him her, crimson eyes sparkiling in the moonlight."Tetsuri..." *she whispered softly, gazing into Tetsuri's eyes.* "Can I ask you something?""Yes, Nairiah?" *Tetsuri said as he looked at her with a curiously.* "What is it?"Nairiah blushed as she looked into his eyes and spoke shyly. "Will...you...always bring me here?" *she said softly, as she looked down shyly**Tetsuri blushed as he spoke shyly in return.* "Y-yes, I will bring you here as often as you want."

*Nairiah smiled with a blush as she raised her head to kiss him. "Thank you so much, Tetsuri." *She breathed out as she brought her lips close to his. "Nairiah....I...." *he spoke hesitantly as he brought his lips closer to hers. "Tetsuri...I..." *As hey closed in for the kiss, a voice on the loudspeaker rang out.*

"Tetsuri! report immediatly!
She didnt question him and grabbed her bag that he still had held in his left hand. A look of disappointment was plastered on her face, though she turned her head away from him so that he wouldn't noticed. They had just arrived at the beautiful meadow...and seconds later that had to leave in a rush. Ritesa knows what he's doing...she reminded herself, looking down at the ground before returning her gaze to her green haired friend.

"Is it the Order?"

"Yeah. They're doing one of those mad Oni searches again. Their taking every woman in. Hell, wouldn't be surprised if they took you too."

"H-hey, dont say that!"she stammered, giving him an incredulous look. "I can't be an Oni! I can't even find a place to sleep at night!"

"Quiet, Ili."he spoke, making his way over to her and quickly sweeping her off her feet and into his arms. The result was a dark blush on her cheeks behind the still annoyed face.

"So...how do we get out of here? We can't use Mioblo. He's too big."she said with a whisper. Ritesa looked around, sharp green eyes scanning all nearby areas of the forest. Iliana looked at him more closely, admiring the way the new morning sunlight danced around his evergreen hair and eyes. Even at a serious time like this, Ritesa stood handsome and strong, holding her close to his chest. To her surprise, Ritesa looked right back at her, serious look not faltering.

"We have to vanish to Lake Quaze. You'll meet your brother there. Alright?"he ordered. Iliana blushed again and nodded in understanding before Ritesa's eyes closed...and the two of them vanished in a flash of green light, leaving the forest quiet.
The sound of the loudspeaker broke both Nairiah's and Tetsuri's attention away from each other and towards the base. Tetsuri let out a sigh as well as Nairiah, as they both released each other they turned to face the base, then headed towards it. Once inside, the soldiers lined along the walls saluted shouting out the words "Sir" and "Madam." Neither ofthem acknowledged the soldiers, only moved forward. " I Guess they got impatient."

*Tetsuri mumbled to Nairiah, as he walked down the long hall side by side with her.* "Yes, and at the worst possible time too." *she said, as she kept the same pace with him giving a glare straight ahead." "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you." *he said softly, as he now smiled.* "You promise Tetsuri?" *she asked, with a curious voice.* "Yes, I promise, and it will be worth the wait." *He said softly, as he winked at Nairiah.* *In response, Nairiah nodded and blushed. They came apon the training room in which Tetsuri and his brother trained to better their skills.

Tetsuri turned to Nairiah and placed his hand on her left face cheek, as a blush flushed his face. Nairiah blushed at him and brought her lips closer to his as she whispered his name.* "Tetsuri GET IN HERE, NOW!!!" *The voice on the loudspeaker yelped. Tetsuri and Nairiah open their eyes in unison and turned towards the loudspeaker.* "Well now, he's full of life, aside from the fact, that he's like the living dead most of the time." *Tetsuri said playfully, as he began acting like a zombie walking towards Nairiah.* "Hey, cut it out Tetsuri!" Nairiah giggled, giving him a playful push. They both laughed and Tetsuri turned away with a smile then headed towards the doors. He looked back at her with one final smile and headed inside. dissapearing behind the closed doors. *At that moment, Nairiah felt a sharp pain in her heart and she placed her hand over her chest.* "Be careful....Tetsuri"

"In tough times like these, I find myself cornered in a cast cave of tough decisions. There is always a sacrifice, a task to complete, a goal to reach, and a life that must be taken. Whether willingly or unwillingly, I do not know, but the world doesn't have much time left. The darker forces in life are multiplying and are becoming agitated. We need the goddess of power and the god of protection soon, or I fear the worst has come for all of us. News of the Oni's creation is spreading...and I am gifted with the task of transfusing her life in the human girl. But...answer me....why does the human girl have to be--"

A flash of green flared through the lake bed of Lake Quaze as the boy with golden hair and brown eyes looked upon Ritesa and Iliana's arrival.

"My sister. How have you been?"he asked casually, as if he had not been meditating and talking to himself. Iliana jumped down from Ritesa's arms and ran up to her brother who was sitting on the ground, cross-legged.

"Xavien! Oh, it's been so long!"she said as she wrapped her arms around him. Xavien's eyes bulged slightly with the pressure of the hug.

"I-Ili...a-ana.....ple..ase!"he gasped for air. Iliana, head over his shoulder, blinked twice at her brother's gargling and released him. Xavien inhaled and exhaled, purple face returning back to its original color. "I haven't seen you in days and you try to kill me. Why is that?"he asked, scratching the back of his head.

"S-sorry!"she apologized, bowing to him in respect. Her brother was a white mage, one of the wisest people to ever walk the planet. He practically raised her ever since her parents....Iliana shook the thought out of her head and tilted her head over to Ritesa.

"Why are we here?"she asked curiously. Ritesa didn't answer at first as he and Xavien exchanged glances. When Ritesa's green eyes met Xavien's brown ones, Xavien hesitated.

I don't want to do this... Ritesa looked down at the ground then over to Iliana. You know how I feel about her.

Feelings can't get in the way of this.

She's your sister! Ritesa sent a fiery glare towards Xavien who only looked down sadly. When Ritesa saw the expression, he paused his tirade and looked over to Iliana once more. Why does it have to be her?

I...wish I knew. But we shouldn't question this. The Order are already doing all they can to find the nearest and closest source of feminine power. Iliana is strong enough without the power of the Oni...its only a matter of time before they--

Don't say that. I won't let anyone....anyone...touch my Ili-chan. Ritesa looked at Xavien with stern eyes. Xavien, taken by surprise at first, smiled at Ritesa. Iliana looked between the two of them with a wrinkled nose.

"Um...are you two okay?"she asked. Xavien chuckled, eyes closed as he scratched the back of his head once more.

"Of course we are. Ritesa, I want you to take this arrow. Train Iliana well with it, okay?"he said, rummaging through a sack to find a single arrow. Iliana's eyes lit up when Ritesa took the arrow.

"Ri-kun you're going to train me to get better at archery?!"she asked. Ritesa's green eyes slid over to hers and Iliana instantly felt a cold thud beat against her heart at is blank expression. Time slowed as the wind brushed past the three of them, Xavien standing with his back turned to the two, Ritesa holding the arrow and Iliana clasping both hands together. Before anyone else could say a word, Xavien vanished in a burst of golden feathers, leaving Iliana and Ritesa alone, looking at each other. Iliana's body began to shake. What....is going on...?

*Rave tapped his foot as he waited for Tetsuri*
(He's Always late.)
*Once Tetsuri entered through the doors he looked over at him not speaking at first, only watching him walk.*

*Tetsuri put his hands behind his head as he made his way towards his brother, who held his Tyrs Blade firmly. There was always a strange air that surrounded Rave, but it never felt like a threat, so he thought nothing of it. But, it was different this time. Tetsuri stopped five feet away and glared as he felt a dark aura from his brother. His brother smiled and the dark aura Tetsuri felt had dissapeared. Tetsuri relaxed then looked at his brother. It was still strange to him that his older brother had become a commander at the age of six. As well as he lead an elite group of Order soldiers known as the Rangards. Tetsuri began to think more about his brothers ranking, but his train of thought was broken by the sound of his brother's voice.*

"I was beggining to think you were either deaf or wouldn't show up."
*Rave said, as he lowered his blade to the left side of him.*

"All of Orenthia heard that elephant-sized voice of yours, Rave"
*Tetsuri said playfully, as he summoned his Aurioth Blade, readied for battle now.*
"Besides, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to pay you back for your little sneak attack, last training session."

*A split second after Tetsuri had spoken Rave, appeared in his face. He held his sword firmly as he spoke boldly.*
"Well then, maybe I'll try the frontal approach this time."
*Rave said boldly, as he began to swing his sword upward towards Tetsuri.*

~!The Air around Rave's blade began to twist as he swung upward with a smirk. Time seemed to slow down as if to slow his attack, but build up the force of the attack to do a devasting move. Tetsuri, caught of guard, held his sword downward and out to block the attack at the last minute. He managed to stop the assault as time sped up again. A massive wave shot out from the impact of their swords clashing and sent Tetsuri sliding backward. Rave smirked then dashed towards him in zig-zag formation,as he readied his sword for another attack. Tetsuri regained himself, then whipped his leg, doing a three-sixty spin then stopped andfaced his brother. He stayed low then dashed forward and locked swords with his brother. They glared at each other, not in anger, but in acknoledgement to each others power. As they locked, their auras began to spike at an extremely high rate. With each passing secon their auras grew and in the final moment, when thier auras clashed and combined, they pushed back away from each other. The floor and walls began to crack as the room started to fall apart. Tetsuri and Rave smirked at each other, waiting for each other to make the next move!~

"Well, I guess I shouldn't hold back any longer."
*Rave said, as he leaned forward smirking, then faded away.*

"Then, lets settle the score,right here and now, Rave."
*Tetsuri said with a smirk as he leaned forward as well, then faded away.*

~!The sound of clashing could be heard as Tetsuri and Rave clashed against each other. All that could be seen, was a streak of Red and Purple, hitting against each other as well as craters left behind, in which the two streaks hit. In one final attenpt, each of them came into view as they called out each others name in unison.
*Swings his blade towards Tetsuri."

*Swings his blade towards Rave.*

~!The two clash one final time, creating a massive half-red and half-blue aura vortex that twisted around them, then shot up through the roof of the room and pierced through the clouds.!~

~!Meanwhile, at the training grounds of the Order's base!~

"Rem looked up at the explosion with the other soldiers who were training with her.*
"So, it has begun."
*Rem said softly, as she smiled.*


"Hm?" Ritesa shook his head ever-so-slightly to give her his attention. He looked downwards at the arrow that was grasped in his hand, squeezing it. Not now.

"Is everything alright? You look...like you're worried about something?"Iliana asked, taking a single step towards him. She noticed that his expression turned into the normal look of observance and loosened up just as quickly.

"Oh, everything is fine, Ili-chan. Just had...something on my mind."Ritesa replied, putting the arrow in the bag he had slung around his arm. He didn't technically lie to her so he felt no guilt when he ended the conversation. Iliana's nose wrinkled as she watched Ritesa walk over from tree to tree, leaning his face close to the bark. She had no idea what he was doing but also decided not to question his intentions. She trusted him enough to believe he knew what he was doing.


"Yes?"she answered quickly, giving him her full attention. He swiveled over to face her, head tilting to the right.

"Where are we?"he asked. Iliana's hand twitched, using every muscle in her body from stopping a full frontal face palm.

"We're in Fairenz Forest, of course. How could you forget that quickly?"she asked, nose wrinkling. Ritesa smiled at the familiar gesture. As long as he had known her, he recognized every gesture and feature she made and remembered it like the back of his hand. The twitching eyes, the wrinkling nose, and even the widened gazes. Iliana was like a giant picture book: completely easy to read. He read the confused look on her face as the minuscule wrinkles on her nose formed. But there wasn't time to mull over that.

"I know that. It's just...i smell smoke. Don't you?"he asked. Iliana blinked and lifted her nose high into the air, taking a small sniff. Seconds passed until she returned her gaze to his.

"No." Ritesa sniffed once more in the air and felt a burning, soot clog his sense as his hissed and covered his nose. His senses were higher than hers so it was no wonder he could smell it and she couldn't.

"Where is the...nearest town?"he asked, coughing once as he covered his mouth. Iliana, eyes now coated with worry, stepped next to him and tried to be as bold as possible, to reassure him that all was alright.

"Polies. Is that where the fire is coming from?"

"Might be. Come. We need to be there now."he ordered, holding his hand out to teleport. Iliana took it with no retort and closed her eyes, concentrating on the last vision of Polies she could come up with. Learning how to teleport didn't come easy to Iliana. Xavien spent hours and hours discussing on the how to's and what not to do's of teleporting, but even as she sat dutifully in front of him, listening and comprehending every word, it never did click. Ritesa, being an enchanter, had the gift come naturally. Of course, you need to have a good memory and vivid picture of your destination before arriving there, and since he knew nothing of Polies, it was up to Iliana to provide the transportation. So, with her eyes shut, she focused every ounce of concentration she had on remembering Polies until, in a flash of green, they vanished.

....and were suddenly thrown in front of a burning building.

Ritesa was the first to react, throwing Iliana out of the way of a falling pillar that was coated in a scorching fire. He dodged the pillar barely, looking down at Iliana who was currently on the ground.


"I...I'm alright..."she coughed, curling her arm around her mouth to cough hard. Ritesa had to make the same motion. The smell and heat were phenomenal, but he had to remain conscious to watch after Iliana, who was currently picking herself off the ground. Iliana, arm still over her mouth, looked around in fear.

"What...happened here...?"she asked. Her answer was a stuttering cough from in front of her.


Iliana and Ritesa stared at the woman who stumbled out of a burning building. She wore a large gash on the top of her head, blood running freely down her face. Her eyes were wide and dazed, mouth open slightly as she coughed out the words, "The O-Order...." Before either Ritesa or Iliana could react, the woman fell forward, revealing a large hole in her back, red blood staining her white robe. Iliana stifled a scream as Ritesa put a hand around her, pulling her close.

"Damn...they're here."
Tetsuri opened his eyes and shook his head. He was in his bed and began to wonder how he had gotten there. "Ungh....how did I...get...here?"

"Finally awake I see."
Rave said, as he sat up a little in his chair.

Tetsuri sat up, then looked over at his brother in curiousity
"What happened? How did I get here?"
he said as he placed a hand over his left eye.

"We clashed and caused an explosion. As a result, the force was too much and we were sent through the walls. At least, thats what Rem said." Rave said as he sat up more then stood up. His hair fell over his eyes as he placed his left hand on his hip. He pushed his hair back with his right hand, as he spoke.
"Father needs to see you. He said its an urgent matter."
He turned away from Tetsuri, then slowly headed to the door.
"We shouldn't keep him waiting, you know how cranky he gets."
*Exits through the door*

That's strange...he never wants to see me, perhaps, just maybe, he finally realizes that I have potential.
Tetsuri whispered to himself, as He stood up and followed Rave out the door. His purple hair fell over his eyes and he peered out of his bangs as the dark aura presence hit him. He looked at Rave, but the room suddenly became shrouded in darkness. Through the darkness a hand grabbed him by the neck as his his brother faded away. Tetsuri tried to scream for help, but it was in vain, as he could not muster a single word. The gripped tightened, and he closed his eyes. Suddenly the force had let him go and he opened his eyes. He looked around, then ahead of him. There, in front of him, was his brother, who now looked at him in concern.

"Tetsuri, are you okay?
He asked, tilting his head a little, then straightning it again.

"Y-yes I-i am fine...."
He said shakely, walking ahead of his brother.
Rave shook his head, then let out a sigh and followed Tetsuri.

The halls were lined with gold and white and giant mirrors were hung high on the walls above tables, which had miniture fruit trees that rested on them. Tetsuri and rave continued to walk until they came to a pair of double doors. They walked inside, Tetsuri first, then Rave. But, As Tetsuri entered, he was bound in chains and subdued. He Looked back at his brother with widened eyes.
"Brother!!!! What are you....doing????!!!!?!!? LET ME GO!!!"
Tetsuri yelled out, as he struggled with the chains. But, the more he struggled, the tighter the chains became.

Rave looked at Tetsuri, then turned and walked out the double doors.
"Forgive me, Tetsuri."
Rave said softly, but, sadly, as the doors shut behind him.


Shouts and screams littered the air as Iliana looked around her, still held closely by Ritesa.

"The Order?"

"Shhh...we need to get out of--"

"ALL MEMBERS OF POLIES STAND WHERE YOU ARE."a soldier shouted out. Iliana instantly stiffened in Ritesa's arms. They were in Polies looking for the Oni, the high source of power. The Oni was a being that resided in the soul of a female, and she is the only person who can bring down the Order. When the word "Order" passed through her head, Iliana's blood began to boil. They were the "high authority." They were the democracy, monarchy, and dictatorship in the world, taking everything from everyone just because they could. And now...they think they've found the Oni in Polies?

Ritesa stiffened, closing his grip around the arrow in his bag. Dammit...they already feel the power from the arrow and I haven't even transferred the Oni's power into her yet? Ritesa was in a bad way. If he stayed still, they would find the arrow and destroy it...destroying the world along with it. But if he ran, the Order would suspect Iliana of being the Oni anyway.

"Ritesa...?"Iliana asked softly. Ritesa merely held her closer. Suddenly, he felt a tremor under his feet, signifying that the soldiers were getting closer. He had to think of something and quick. Turning over to her, he gave her a pained look. Iliana caught the look as her face mirrored it. "Ri-kun...?"

"Hold on to me."he ordered, his head snapping away from her as his eyes lowered when he caught the first glimpse of the green Order uniforms. "Dieox [Shroud]." In that moment, Ritesa and Iliana began to fade away with the air. It was as if they teleported but if he would have done it regularly, they would have saw the large green light that always emitted when he left. Ritesa held close to Iliana as they faded back into view, now on the edge of Lake Quaze. Iliana decided she could open her eyes as she looked around her. It felt as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders to be on the familiar coast of the lake again.

"That was close!"she exclaimed, trying to squirm out of Ritesa's arms...but couldn't. His grip around her waist was firm and got tighter. Iliana's orange eyes slid up to his slowly. Ritesa looked down at her with a blank expression, not moving at all.

As Tetsuri struggled harder against the chains a man appeared before him. His father, Terrios.

"Tetsuri, it is time for you to become what I have wanted you to be since birth. The ultimate killing machine.
Terrios gave Tetsuri a cold look, as his coat swayed while he walked towards him. His aura,which was hidden, had now manifested itself before Tetsuri's eye's, something like a snake. It hissed and snapped at Tetsuri, threatning to bite him, but Terrios grabbed its head it between his hands. He pet it a little, then dispersed it.

"F-father! Let me go! Please!
Tetsuri cried out as he looked at his father. Terrios looked at him with a smirk, then turned away. Within a second after his father turned away, Tetsuri's tears formed and a stinging sensation hit his chest, like horde of bees had stung him relentlessly without mercy. He lowered his head and his bangs fell over his eyes, his aura began forming around him,but was quickly depleted by the chains. Tetsuri's eyes widen, as he peered through his bangs, shocked and speechless.

"Its no use,Tetsuri. Those chains deplete any energy source. So any effort you try or attempt, will be all for nothing."
Terrios said coldly, as he began to walk away. The dark aura began to fade away as Terrios put his hands in his pockets. He stopped at the sound of Tetsuri growling, as the chains were broken. He looked back at Tetsuri, who had now charged him,sword in hand. In response, Terrios summoned his Cresent Moon Blade and blocked Tetsuri's attack.

~! Tetsuri locked swords with Terrios and growled more as the ground shook intensly from his power. Terrios smirked, then gripped his blade with two hands and powered up his aura, as the blackness appeared around him. As they stood locking swords, Tetsuri twisted and kicked towards Terrios's head. Terrios dodge it smoothly, then side steped and kneed Tetsuri in the stomach, followed by a body-shaking elbow to the back. Tetsuri hit the ground with a thud, causing the floor to shake. He struggled to get up, but felt the heel of his father drop down on his back. Tetsuri fell back down, eyes filled with pain, wide from the stinging sensation of pain that filled his body. Terrios chuckled then removed his heel and began to walk away. As Terrios got two feet away, Tetsuri Struggled to get up. When he finally made it to his feet He charged Terrios once more. Terrios gave a glare and once Tetsuri got close enough, he uppercutted him in the air then hit tetsuri with multiple aura balls. He then surrounded Tetsuri in a crystal-like aura ball, holding his hand outward, palm up. Minature lasers hit Tetsuri from all sides like lightning and began ripping his clothes to sheds, leaving his shirt tattered, his pants ripped and multiple cuts on his body. Terrios then closed his hand and the aura ball as well as the lasers exploded. Tetsuri fell to his knees then hit the ground, unconcious, as smoke resonated off of his body!~

"Don't."he snapped, grabbing the arrow from the bag which he roughly threw to the ground. Iliana flinched and grabbed her hand, holding them close to her heart. The beating of her heart was the only sound that she could hear. It was loud and melodious, like the single bang of a tribal drum. The sound was amplified by 10 inside her ears as Ritesa's head finally lifted off of the ground and his green eyes landed on hers. Iliana gasped when his piercing green eyes hit her own innocent orange ones.

"Don't tell me not to. Don't tell me to stop. Don't say it."he growled, taking a stuttering step towards her. Iliana felt a stinging pain in her head but decided not to move. Her feet were planted in place as Ritesa crept slowly over to her, the arrow her brother gave to him wedged firmly between his fingertips. What is he doing...? Why does he have that arrow? What is he doi--

Iliana's thoughts were interrupted as Ritesa suddenly flashed in front of her. She was so shocked, she yelped out loudly and scrambled backwards, back smashing into a tree. On contact, a shot of pain zipped through her spine and she closed her eyes. Ritesa only moved in closer to pin her further against the tree, eyes lowering dangerously slowly along with time. Iliana gasped as a tear fell down Ritesa's eye as he held arrow high above his head.

The beating returned. The loud...melodious beating returned in Iliana's ears as her heart pounded relentlessly against her chest. The movement of Ritesa's hand moved dangerously slow as Iliana stared wildly at the boy in front of her. His mouth open as the tear rolled down his cheek. She watched him mouth the words...because the beating was too loud.


In a wisp of air, time returned on its natural course as Ritesa sent the arrow straight into the side of her neck...

the transfer.jpg
A life. A Sacrifice. A Transfer.

For ions we have fought against the superior and the downpressors. All of our attempts of peace have been in vain. Waging war with peasants against elites is a holocaust. Evacuating the land is chaos. The only option we need....is pure destruction of the Order. They themselves are some the most powerful creatures to stride on this land, but we have two beings...two forms of life...that with their power combined...and their harmony as bright as the sun itself should form a bond, the world would be saved.

However, with true power...comes a price. A darkness that dwells within the soul of strength. There can not be one while there is another. So, with this task, we ask you, Xavien, Mage of Yui, to transfer the Oni into a woman of pure heart. For as we speak, the darkness in the heart of the Order...is forming the other being of true strenght, true peace, and true protection: The Neko.

But you must make haste. The Oni...must awaken.
Tetsuri was dragged towards a capsule then placed inside. At the singal of Terrios, a scientist standing next to a control panel pushed a button. The capsule filled with a green liquid and covered Tetsuri completely. Once Tetsuri was fully covered the scientist pressed a red button, whic activated a electrical current device located on the top of the capsule. The liquid twisted and turned and bubbled.

~! 5 Hours Later..... !~

The scientist pressed the red button again and the machine stopped. Tetsuri was slowly revealed as the liquid emptied and the capsule opened. He had been completely reformed into a cat-human, a neko. Tetsuri stepped out then opened his eyes slowly as his vision was blurry. Once his vision cleared, he looked up at his father who stood before him with a sinister smirk. Tetsuri's ears flattened, as he growled and his tail stilled.

"Yes, you have been completely reborn as the ultimate killing machine. We can now set our plans into action to take over the world!"

Terrios boasted, as he looked down at Tetsuri with expressionless eyes. He Reached out to touch Tetsuri, but hand his hand smacked away as it got close.

Tetsuri hissed, as he charged his father.

~! Tetsuri dashed from side to side towards his father as he summoned his Aurioth Blade. Terrios glared then summoned his Trion Blade and locked with him. They began to clash then pushed back. Terrios stood up straight then held his sword loosley beside him. Tetsuri, blinded by anger, had not realized the increasing dark aura his father had released and he charged once more. Terrios took a step forward then sent a knee to Tetsuri's stomach, causing him to bend over in pain. Tetsuri's eyees widened in shock,then he hit the ground with a giant thud,cracking it as Terrios elbowed him in the back. Terrios grabbed Tetsuri by the hair, then held his hand to his face and sent an unseen aura into his mind. Tetsuri struggled to get away, but stopped as he felt his mind slip into darkness. Terrios releaed him and he dropped to his knees then bowed before his father.

"I am ready at your command, father."
Tetsuri said obediently, as he stood up slowly with a serious expression on his face.

Let us begin the search for the ultimate power source which can help us accomplish our goal and become a force the world will fear! Soon the Oni's power will be ours!
Terrios said, as he turned and lead the way outside the doors and Tetsuri, as well as a group of soldiers, followed close behind. When they walked out the doors Nairiah stood outside with her hands over her mouth in shock. When she saw Tetsuri, she reached out to him and spoke softly with fearful, tear-stained eyes.

Tetsuri walked passed her as if she wasn't there with a blank expression and Nairiah's expression changed from fear to shock, as she dropped to her knees and placed a hand over her heart. Her tears fell silently as Terrios, Tetsuri and the soldiers entered the transportation pads and vanished in a flash.

The search has begun and a new chapter is written.


The Faith. The Journey. The Hearts.

The journey has begun for you, a faith you have been bound to. Your destiny sowed within the cosmics blessed by the mystics which embrace you. The fallen cry endless for a savior who will save them along side the one who has been choosen as the spirit of the flames. The Order grows stronger with each city it destroys, each life it takes, each land it conquers.

Make haste for the world is slowly slipping into chaos and destruction with each passing second.

There is the one of upmost harmony, who fights for peace as well as justice in which you must protect: The Oni.

Together, you can bring about peace in this world , but also a doom far greater and beyond that of the Order itself.

Go now. The Order must be stopped....Neko.
Ritesa picked Iliana's body up gingerly in his arms, taking slow, foreboding steps to the edge of Lake Quaze. The moonlight reflected off of the lake's surface, but Ritesa found no beauty in it. He held the body close to his chest, searching desperately for a heartbeat. Her body lay motionless against his chest. Ritesa closed his eyes, walking on to the edge of the lake. He took a deep inhale as he bend down low to the edge of the water, which lapped at the grass. Ritesa pushed a strand of her peach air from her pale face. The color had drained from her body and it hurt him to look down upon her face.

"Iliana..."he whispered to himself, dipping the girl's body into the water. With a light push, Iliana's body floated to the middle of the lake, blood flowing from her neck and into the opaque water of Lake Quaze. Ritesa watched as the crimson color wrapped around the waves and continued to watch as her body slowly made its way to the middle....then suddenly dips underwater. Ritesa let out a gasp when a bright white light erupted from beneath the surface. His eyes doubled in size at the peonom and took a step forward to get a closer look. The white light begins to fade slowly, returning the world into the darkness once more.

Ritesa took one slow breath, when suddenly, a cascading water sprouted from the middle of the lake, revealing a girl with light purple hair wrapped in a tiny ball that was orbited by the water around her. The girl slowly opened her eyes to reveal a purple also. Ritesa watched in awe as the water rapidly revolved around the girl and the white light pulsed, turning into purple.



When the name is called the girl looked over to Ritesa and a pair of purple and white wings sprouted from her back, spraying water everywhere. Ritesa shielded his eyes from the light and sounded as the two pulsed out of control. Seconds passed before the light died out and basked him the night time. He decided to open his eyes once the light disappeared. When he did, he looked down to find Iliana sprawled on the lake bed, hair turned into a burnt orange due to the water. Ritesa picked her up in his arms as she lay there, water dripping down her now color-filled body. A smile tugged at his lips before he closed his eyes, preparing for the teleportation to Fairenz Forest.

The Oni has awakened.
Tetsuri stood by his father now dressed in a white uniform. The ship picked up speed and stopped above a forest. In the center of this forest rested a lake known as Quaze. Terrios looked down at the forest then pointed down at it. The hatch of the ship opened and a group of soldiers parachuted downward into the forest. Once in the forest, they spread out into groups and stood saluting as their leader spoke.

"ALRIGHT! We have special orders to find a certain powerful being! The Oni! As legends state, girls who carried the bloodline of the Oni, were brought here in order to complete a special ritual, which transended them into the Oni by terms of death. They would then awaken once more by a mysterious power, reborn. Now, we must search and find this power source and bring it back to our master Terrios and take our rightful place as the true leaders and masters of this world!!!!"

The soldiers cheer and yell out in excitement, then spread throughout the forest and began there search.

~!Aboard The Airship!~

"Its time for you to go, my son" Terrios place his hand on Tetsuri's shoulder then nodded. He removed his hand then peered down at the forest, as he turned his attention away from Tetsuri.

"Leave it to me, father" Tetsuri said obediently, as he walked towards a teleportation circle. He stepped on it and within a second, after he faced his father, he was teleported away down into the forest.
Ritesa was just about to vanish to Fairenz forest before he heard the distant hum of an air ship. His eyes snapped towards the sky to find the familiar emblem of the Order painted on the side of it.

"Dammit..."he swore, holding the unconscious Iliana in his arms as he saw the ship lowering to the lake's bend. He backed up into the forest, branches snagging against his green hair. If I teleport, they'd know it was me. But I can't do much with Iliana knocked out. Dammit! Why now?! Ritesa looked down at her, eyes softening before they nodded in a sudden revelation. He made his way quietly into the forest, trying to ignore the soldier's yells of excitement. When he was sure he made it to a dense part of Fairenz Forest, he placed Iliana to the side of a nearby tree. Her peach hair caressed the side of her face as Ritesa bent low to her. He rubbed her cheek with his thumb, heart racing against his chest.

"I'll come back for you....I promise..."he whispered, before taking off into the forest. Iliana was left alone, slumped against a tree as soldiers barraged through the forest, searching for her.

Tetsuri looked around the forest as he landed by a group of soldiers and glared. "Tch..." He Held out his left hand and charged a blast in it. He turned it towards a group of trees to the side of him, keeping his attention still facing forard. He released the blast and it hit the trees,then twisted upward into a fiery blaze in which it twisted upward, spiraling. "Alright soldiers! The sooner we find this power father is looking for, the sooner we can increase our ranks to even higher limits!"

The soldiers all soluted and yelled out YES SIR in response to the command. Tetsuri swiped his hand and the soldiers dispatched throughout the forest. He looked around then made his way North of the forest. He passed a group of trees and bushes, as well as animals. His bangs feel over his eyes and he gave a piercing look through them as he made his way deeper into the forest.

(I wonder...just what does this girl look like exactly....?)
Iliana's eyes snapped open to a dangerous sound. To her, it sounded like the falling of trees. Trees! Her entire body snapped from its hunch position, which was bad, for a stinging headache immediately followed. Ow...wh...what happened to me? She laid a single hand to her temple, letting out a disturbed groan of pain. The scenery looked familiar enough so she quickly assumed she was in Fairenz Forest. Her nose wrinkled in confusion as she ran a finger through her hair that appeared dark orange because of the setting of the sun.

I...I remember being with Ritesa...at Polies. But then...what happened after that? She looked around the forest once more and thought she saw a glimpse of something running past her. The sudden blur struck fear into her and she tripped backwards over a root with a small yelp. As soon as the high pitched noise left her lips, the blur stopped in its tracks and Iliana found the form of a person. A man. A....soldier!

"I'VE FOUND HER!!!"the man shouted when he crashed through the gap of the trees and glared at her. Iliana's eyes widen in surprise. The Order...is looking for me?! She didn't have enough time to let the man answer before she scrambled to her feet and took off in a sprint.


Iliana sprinted on, dodging trees and leaping over branches as some of them snagged her arms but she ignored it. She was not about to get captured by the Order, even though she still didn't know what she did wrong! A burned smell filled her nose. The stench grew so bad that she had to throw her arm over her nose and mouth, sending out hacking coughs. All the while, the soldiers started running faster behind her. Iliana's eyes began to water as she began to notice the flames around the trees. What...happened here?

"ON THE GROUND!" Simultaneously, Iliana's eyes flashed purple momentarily, before she spun in a circle and faced them. She glared at the oncoming soldiers, though her confidence wasn't so high. Swordsmanship wasn't her strong suit, but long ranged was the last thing she had on her mind. Besides, she had no idea while she was being followed in the first place. The flames began to consume around her as the soldiers massed in front of the orange haired girl.