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  1. With his sick younger sister, he knew her condition wasn't good, and this Winter wasn't being exactly kind to them with the below freezing temperatures and the constant snow it seemed to be letting loose from the grey clouds that held it prisoner till it was time to release the white flakes. She'd been coughing all night, keeping both of them from sleeping, and he had no idea what a doctor could do for her or where one even was close by that would help them, since they had no parents or money, even though sometimes he managed to get some for a sandwich or a drink, which didn't last long, and lately, he had been coming up empty when he tried, which was worrying him.

    "C'mon Sis...Please hold on." He murmured to her, wincing at her painful sounding coughs deep from her chest that made her cough up blood. Gently Gatling rocked her back and forth and stroked her long curly hair, just like his own shaggy black matt, since the siblings were twins. Worry was in his eyes, knowing he had to do something, yet couldn't really do much of anything.
  2. The large black car roled down the streat at a slow spead.
    The young woman in the back looked out the wondow in a bored manner.
    Her short red hair were bruched over to the right and her green eyes scaned the outside world.
    It was geting late and she would wish to go home and to to bed. But she had a job to do.
    As they past a allyway she told the driver to stop the car.
    She studied the two people in that allyway for a while before she opened the car door and steped outside, standing tall watching.
  3. As he tried to take care of his sister, he froze when he saw a large black car come to a stop in front of them, and he watched it curiously, slightly adjusting his still-coughing-sister's position, getting a moan out of her as he stroked her long raven hair and her back, trying to comfort her, and he blinked in surprise when a woman stepped out of the car and seemed to be watching him and his sister, making him bite his lip nervously and become protective, unsure if the woman would approach them or not, and if she did, what she would want from the two of them. He knew his sister was in pain, though there really wasn't anything he could do except be there for her, and when her coughing seemed to stop, he let out a sigh of relief and lifted her chin and wiped her mouth and her nose free of blood, watching the woman watching them from the corner of his eyes. "You okay?" He asked softly.

    "I...I don't know...For now maybe..." She breathed, rubbing her eyes, still tasting the blood in her mouth and smelling it from in her nose, making her grimace as she laid her head against her brother's chest, feeling hot and fevery, knowing her brother worried about her too much.
  4. The woman then walked up to them with a few quick steps, her high heals klicking against the ground. She stoped about two meters away from them and gave them one last look before saying, in what could only be described as a soft and warm womans voice:
    "My name is Rose and I am here with a offer you can't decline."
  5. Gatlin's blue eyes, the same as Abigail's, his sister's, went wide at the sudden introduction the woman made. "What are you talking about? Why can't we decline it?" He asked, wrapping his arms a bit more around his thin sister's frame, knowing he would protect her no matter what it took to keep her safe. His blue eyes narrowed at the woman, who had introduced herself as Rose. Just who was she to do this kind of thing? He wondered, hoping his sister wouldn't go into another coughing fit, having just gotten done with the one plaguing her a bit ago. "What would you do to us if we did?" Gatling feared the answer to that question, but it had to be asked and brought out into the open.
  6. "Oh I would not need to do a thing, child. Your sister is sick. It is only a matter of time, without the propper treatment."
    She stated removing her warm cote. With a few steps she kneeled next to them and covered Abigai's shaking body.
    "I repesent a very powerful man, he wishes for the both of you to come to his home. He wish to give you both a home, and to treat your sister."
    She stod once again, she were dressed in a short tight skirt and a white blouse. practical clothing for a secretery.
    Once you came in close you could see faint trases of freckles on her skin."As I said, a offer you cant decline."
  7. It's only a matter of time...At those grim thoughts, Gatling looked down at his sister, not sure of what to do, not having much trust for anyone but Abigail. Still...He knew this woman was right. But who did she represent that was a very powerful man? Who was he? And how could he possibly treat his sister? Standing slowly and helping his younger sister to her feet, trying to be gentle with her, he scooped his sister up into his arms and waited for the woman to lead the way to her black car, thankful his sister hadn't started coughing again.
  8. With a small nod Rose turned and walked back to the car. She opened the door to the back seat and alowed them to get inside.
    Once they were all seated inside she calmly said:
    And the car started moving.
    "Now, lord Dorian is a very powerful man, you will treat him with the outmost respect. You do not speak unless spoken too."
    Rose said calmly
  9. Following the woman silently, he slowly climbed into the back with his sister, worried more for her then anything or anyone else, feeling her trembling and hot body against his, and when Rose instructed they could only speak when spoken to, his eyes grew wide, and he was starting to wonder again just what kind of man this was to do this. Maybe a big business man of some sort, he wondered, letting out a small sigh and grimacing as his sister started coughing against him, bitterly wishing he could do more for her other then stroke her long black curly hair, watching her with sympathetic eyes as she covered her mouth and nose and went into another fit, Gatling knowing she had been having more and more of these fits lately. He held her in his lap, removing Rose's coat and handing it to her, his sister already too hot as it was without the coat.
  10. Rose watched the siblings interact.
    "You are very protective over your sister. It is a honreble feature."
    She took out a phone from her pocket and alowed the two to deal with her cough on their own.
    she sent a message and put the phone away again.
    "We shall be there shortly."
  11. "I have to be. She's...all I have left." Gatling admitted, a small sigh of relief escaping him when the woman announced they would be there shortly, and he glanced curiously out the darkened nighttime window as the miles slipped past by through the speed limit, trees and various buildings and other scenery of not much notice passed them up, before he turned his attention back to his sister, a bit more relief seeping into him when she stopped coughing, and once more he took the sleeve of his grey hoody shirt and wiped her nose and mouth gently, resting his sister's head against his shoulder, hoping she would fall asleep to try and rest.
  12. A few minutes past before the car roled in through the gigntic gates of a even bigger house.
    "We are here."
    Rose anounsed calmly and when the car stoped she opened the door and stepped outside.
    The cool nigh air were frezzing cold and the man old man standing by the hugh front doors were shaking slihtly in the cool night.
    "The master awaits."
    Was all he said as he opened the large door for them.
    Rose walked tall and praud:
    "This way follow me."
  13. As he forced his sick sister out of the car, he was hit instantly by the cold, and shivered, though he took that with a welcome to try and help his sister's fevered body, and he carried his sister through the large double doored iron gate and to the grand house he soon stood before, and set his sister on her feet, hearing her groan softly, and he gave her a hug to let her know he was there for her whenever she needed him, and he walked with his sister through the double doors, now greeted by the room with warm air, and once more he scooped up his younger sister, wondering what would be done with them now, starting to feel a touch annoyed his sister wasn't getting help yet.
  14. Rose led them through the house to a rather impresive oke door were she stoped and took a breath:
    "Now then. You are about to meet one of the most powerful men there is today. Remember only to speak when spoken to"
    She opened the door and walked them inside.
    The room in cuestion were a large librery. Books from floor to celling.
    And infront of the open fire were two large arm chairs.
    Rose walked up to one of them, leaned down and whispered something.
    The man in that chair then stood up.
    He were a young man with blond long hair in a pony tail. He looked very clean and stiff.
    "Ahh Gatlin and Abigai. It is a pleasure to finaly meet both of you. Welcome to my humble home."
    He offered a small smile and a even smaller bow of his head.
  15. When reminded of who they were about to meet, Gatling frowned, wondering now what he had possibly gotten himself and his rather...helpless little sister into, and as he followed Rose through the many rooms and hallways, he felt out of place and dirty, which he knew he was, as was Abigail, and his frowned deepened when Rose reminded him not to speak unless spoken to, wondering what was the point then of being able to speak at all, and he once more set his sister onto his feet when they were in what looked to be a grand library or study of some kind, and Gatling looked around with wide amazed eyes, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he and his sister were addressed to suddenly. "H-how do you know our names?" Gatling asked, too surprised to remember Rose's reminder of when to speak.
  16. The mans face fell a bit but answered:
    "I have had my eyes on the two of you for quite some time now. But that is not important."
    He made a small motion with his hand as if waving away the subject.
    "Alow me to intruduse myself. My name is Dorian Montenagro, and I have brought you here for a simple reason, a exange if youd like."
  17. Alarm shot through Gatling as he continued to hold his sister upright, knowing her condition was worsening by the minute, and if something wasn't done soon...Gatling feared the worst for her, and he couldn't let that happen. Still, the thought of this man, whoever he was, following them and watching him gave him the creeps. "What kind of exchange? What do you want from us?" He snapped, irritated his sister wasn't being taken care of, as if this man could care less she was sick. "My sister needs help. She's sick. We have to get her to a hospital." Gatling demanded, not really caring what happened to him so long as his sister was made better.
  18. "They cant do anything for your sister at the hospital. That is why I brought her here."
    He said and seemed to strighten up even more.
    "Rose would you please take young mister Gatling for something to eat in the kitchen. He must be starving."
    He turned back to the siblings:
    "And while you eat I shall see what I can do for your sister."
  19. "And you're better then an entire hospital with doctors and their equipment? Yeah. Right." He said dryly, then pressed his lips into a hard line when he knew the man was trying to get rid of him. "I'm not leaving my sister." He said firmly, feeling Abigail grip his shirt tighter. "And my sister doesn't want me to leave her either." He announced, his green eyes narrowed, and he looked over at his sister when she suddenly coughed and then fell against him, as if passing out or having fainted. "Abigail?" He asked, alarmed, and knelt down, setting her carefully on the floor. "Dammit, Abby! Don't do this to me!" He shouted, taking her face in his hands before he took off his sweatshirt and laid it under her head as a pillow.
  20. Dorian walked up to them and pushed him away with a hand like he were a papper anpying him.
    He then kneeled next to Abigail softly lifting her upper body alowing her head to fall back exposing her neck.
    He then leaned down quickly and sunck his sharp theeth in to the young girls soft skin.
    The taste of rich copper floded his toung, sweet yet strong.
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