Take That Costume Off! (Halloween RP)


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Chestel was almost ready. She had the perfect costume, the perfect decorations, the perfect setting for the party. She always managed to throw parties that never got out of hand, and it seemed like this year, too, would be a respectable party.

Sure, she was young, sure her parents were loaded, but Chestel always had known the value of a dollar and the effort of earning pay. She knew how to work for what she wanted, and not to just expect it to fall into her lap because her daddy had it made. She had paid for all of the props for the party with her own money, even. The foods, the utensils, the disposable plates, the Halloween-themed decorations, such as realistic, fake spiderwebs, and fake zombies "crawling" out of her front lawn.

She had been busy all day, checking everything, setting up the zombies, pinning up the webs, setting up a sound system to play soundtracks from horror movies, keying up a strobe light machine, checking a projector system in one of the rooms to play the original Halloween movie. Fake blood splatters on the walls in the dinning room, bowls of candy near the front door, just to be ready for any trick-or-treat'ers that might come marching up to her double doors, setting up an area where the best costumes would be given awards.

Currently, Chestel was outside, setting up a tin trough, where there would eventually be a station to bob for apples, which she had always found to be a fun activity, so she had always included it in her Halloween parties. Near that, she had marked out where a photo booth would eventually be placed, it would be arriving tomorrow. She had called up Alan to help her with that and a few other things. There was only so much that she could do on her own.

She checked the hose to the water spigot on the side of her house as the afternoon drifted by. Lazy, puffy clouds hung in the sky as she looked around at the splendor of what fall had transformed the grounds around her house into.


After having done as much as she could stand for today, Chestel finally pulled her small -but sturdy- cellphone out of her pocket and dialed up Alan and asked him nicely if he'd like to go to to dinner before helping her check the projector and the strobe machine tonight, joking slightly about testing how their costumes fit after dinner to see if they would need to get tailored for a better fit. She had asked to go to dinner and in the same breath, made plans for the rest of the night with the man, without even waiting for a "yes" or "no" to first question. Such was her behavior.

She was excited for this party and already believed it would be her best yet!
"Oooooooooooh this ones wicked. I like this one. Put that turban down and come check this out." Hector said gesturing his best friend over. "Can't believe we didn't think to come here before, you CK, are a genius!" He lifted the costume from the rack and turned it around looking at the back where the zipper was hey look after my bag I'm going to try this on." A few seconds later he came out in full daemon regalia only in his usual humor he had tied his tie around the daemon's neck.

"I AM REFAZULE! BOW BEFORE THE MIGHT OF MY ROOOOCK" he said in his best death metal voice raising twin devil horns crossed across his chest. "Ok really this thing is uncomfortable, but its badass, I'll take it."
CK was very excited for the upcoming Halloween celebration. When Hector said to bow down to his might of rock, CK made devil horns with his hands and dropped to his knees, his blond hair swishing violently with his head banging.


He nearly fell over when he hastily stood up, laughing idiotically while he caught his balance. CK disappeared in a flash, running around the costume racks until he stopped and stared, wide eyed, at one that was hanging up on its own on the wall. After he put it on, he looked down at his hands, making an evil grin with a laugh to match it.

"Dude. Check it! CHECK IIIT."

He returned to his best friend with his arms crossed, making as serious of a face as he could while one hand stuck out to twirl the fake beard on his chin. "I must figure out a way to get that magic lamp!"
Alan was at home, looking at the pile of bandages on his bed, trying to remember what the clerk at the store had told him about the wrapping method for the bandages. After all this wasn't a pair of pants spray-painted to look like bandages. If his luck held out the costume would look just as good on him at the party as it had inside the store. Not like there had been any trick mirrors right? Everything should come together just as convincingly given the amount of money he'd paid for a pile of bandages, a mask, and some gloves. They looked really damn convincing even as they just laid there on the bed. Still, one other question continued to dog his mind as well:

Should he wear the ENTIRE costume?

Then the phone rang.

Fumbling with it in his hands, the flipped it open to hear Chestel's voice on the other end. Did she just. . .? Yeah she had actually just asked him out to dinner with her tonight. Part of his mind kind of blocked out what was supposed to go on afterward. Not that it would have been a problem for him anyway. Getting to help with the party meant knowing what to expect and possibly getting a teensy bit of credit when the whole shindig went down.

Which was fucking awesome!

Looking at himself in the mirror, Alan wondered if what he had on was good enough to go out to dinner with her. After all she was the richest person he knew. Or at least her dad was for sure. Taking off all his clothes, he searched his closet for somewhat nicer clothes. Since it was a few days before halloween a smile came to his face as he found certain clothes. These would at least make her giggle even if they weren't exactly some kind of fancy clothes.

Chestel's doorbell was rung soon enough by a young man wearing an orange t-shirt with a chibi-mummy on the front, a relatively plain black leather jacket, black jeans, and some black 'dress' shoes. But not the shiney kind. Did he look good enough for her? The clothes had all been washed recently! Plus he had showered and brushed his teeth today among several other hygiene-related things that were expected of a guy his age who dared to take a girl like Chestel somewhere out to dinner. Lightly rocking back and forth from his toes to his heels the young man waited at her front door with a bag slung over his shoulder.

Inside were a bunch of bandages, a mask, and a pair of gloves. . .

And the second the door started to open he would stop rocking on his feet.


Chestel had been busy changing out of the tank top and shorts that she had been in while she had been practically rutting with the filth around the house. On second thought, though, she immediately took that back, if she had been that intimate with the dust, it would be worse. She had ran a brush through her hair, pulled off all of her clothes, grabbed a small hand-towel, soaked it, then wiped away all the dirt and sweat from her body.

She then changed into a orange and black, striped, long sleeved shirt, with pieces that looked torn away, with black mesh underneath. The sleeves were extra long, so they went a little past her fingertips, over that, she wore a fashionably "torn-up", black, crop-top vest. With that was a pair of jeans, that had rips and tears all over, and a fake blood splatter on the right thigh. With that she wore some boots that, again, were fashionably degraded and made to look like they've been through hell. They went up to the knee and were shiny and black for the most part, with a three inch heel which made her 5'8, which was a nice bonus. Chestel put on a small amount of makeup before she finally checked throughout the house if she had done everything right, and if there was anything that needed a change.

There wasn't, but she added a few more fake bloodsplatter's to the walls of the house. Then as the doorbell rang, Chestel clicked a button to make the door open while she was hidden in the shadows of the unlit dinning room, then as the door fully-opened, she leaped-out at Alan while gripping at his shoulders, growling in a particularly satanic voice that she wanted to "Make a sacrifice to the gods tonight so that she may remain beautiful for another hundred years."

She enjoyed the holiday much too much.

She finally let go of him when she had pulled him past the thresh hold, grinning. Then she checked him over, immediately taking notice of the small chibi-mummy on his shirt. She grinned widely at that. Then, as she looked around from where she was at, she decided that all decorations were properly put up for the moment, and that everything was all good in the house. So she keyed into the security pad and then switched off most of the lights in the house while she walked out, Alan beside her as she locked up the door. The second that was done, she practically steam-rolled him with an instant and on-going amount of dialogue, due to the fact that she was excited and so wound up for the upcoming holiday. To say Chestel was obsessed would be too nice.

"Come on! Come on! The place is like, right down the street, so I thought it might be nice to stretch our legs and walk there... Plus it gives us some time to look more at the beauty around us.... don't you think fall is beautiful? Oooo! Looks like it might rain tonight! Look at the sky! Look! Look! Hey, you're not looking! LOOK!" Chestel grabbed Alan's arm and gestured around them.


She went on for another moment about the mistiness of the sky and then, changed subjects to how they would be watching a horror movie tonight on the projector to check and make sure it would work properly. They soon came upon a house-style restaurant that seemed to give "Halloween Boo!" a run for it's money in the "Hackles rising upon sight of the place" factor, the name on the sign was "Last Meal".

"I love going to this place... It's only open in October, you know?.... My dad helped them pay for the place, because I liked the concept." She beamed slightly, proud of herself. "I get discounts all the time there, too. The people know me there, they're always so nice! You'll totally like it!" She exclaimed excitedly, and stopped right outside the door, finally noticing his bag. "You brought your costume... right?" She asked curiously, then without waiting for an answer, she dragged him inside. The place looked like it would be where Jason and Freddy, two awesome figures from the horror movies, would eat at. A server came quickly, and true to Chestel's word, they knew each other, cooing and hooting over each other before she led them to a booth, where the upholstery was made to look as though it has been stabbed and blood splatters all over.

Chestel leaned over, her elbows on the table as she rested her chin on the backs of her hands, grinning at Alan. "Soooooo, what do you think of the place?" She asked.
Alice sat at her desk in her dorm room, typing up a report for her English class. She was on her last paragraph of the five paged report. She had been typing it up since class left out that day -about three-five hours- and was glad that she was almost finished. She had already known what she wanted to do with the report before class had gotten out, so it wasn't hard for her at all to type it up. She clicked on the save button at the left hand corner of the Microsoft Office Word 2007 page. Her laptop was a bit nutty at times and would go off by itself, so she learned to save her progress every five to ten minutes. She typed a few more keys and sighed contently to herself as she finished up the last sentence. She clicked on the save button again, before going to the first page and starting to read over the report.

After correcting a few errors and changing some things around, Alice was finally finished with the report. She happily closed out of it and shut her computer down. She got up from her chair and went to her closet. She grabbed the green cargo pants, gray shirt, black vest, and black fedora she was wearing earlier that day and threw them on the bed. She de-clothed from her pajama pants and t-shirt and quickly put the Cargo pants and gray shirt on. She draped her vest on and buttoned it up and zipped up the pockets that were on it. She brushed her hair before putting on the fedora. Alice grabbed her car and dorm keys, her cell phone, and her wallet. She looked around to make sure that was everything before opening the dorm door and going out. She locked the door and headed down the corridor.
At the end of the corridor, there was a door that led to a flight a stairs that went down. She made her way down them quickly and opened the door that led onto the pavement outside. Alice looked both ways before crossing the street, going into the parking lot. She went to her car, unlocked it, jumped in, and started it up. She popped in Nirvana's InUterio album CD into her CD player in her car as she let the engine warm up for a few minutes. After a bit she backed out, then put it in Drive, and drove out the parking lot and turning a few corners before heading out the collage compass.

She didn't have to go too far to get to where she was going. She was going to a restaurant that was only opened in October. Alice loved the food there and was sad that it was only open for one month throughout the year. She made it like a tradition to go there at least once in every October. She drove up to the parking lot and parked next to the doors. She hopped out, locked the car, and went inside the restaurant, where she was met up by a waitress. The waitress led her to a booth in the corner and gave her a menu and asked her what to drink.
"I'd get a sweet tea." Alice replied with a smile to the waitress. The waitress took it down and said she'd return with the drink. Alice smiled again and then went to her menu as the waitress disappeared from sight.

The waitress came back before long and set the sweet tea down on the table. The glass the sweat tea was in was orange and black and had spiders and webs molded on it.
"Are you ready to order?" The waitress asked with a slight smile on her face as she held out a pen and pad. "Yes, I would like the chicken teriyaki and a baked potato." Alice answered. The waitress said okay and took it down. She took the menu from Alice and disappeared out of sight again.
Arianna frowned at herself in the mirror, standing in her bedroom's personal bathroom, a brush poised in one hand, a long lock of seal brown hair in the other. A tattered, off-white dress barely covered her body, sleeves falling off her shoulders, a slash across the stomach, barely falling past her hips in the front, leaving a ragged tail to her ankles behind her. A small portion of the hair on the left side of her head was already teased into forced disobedience, but Ari heaved a sigh of frustration and threw the brush down onto the dresser-top in front of her. "This is ridiculous," she huffed to herself. "I need a personal servant for this. Quickly brushing the tangled mess back into shining flatness, Ari began rooting through the bathroom cabinets until she found the curling iron. Grinning in triumph, she plugged it in and watched it get hot.

Always as prepared as possible for social events, Ari planned on putting together all the pieces of her costume—hair, make-up, accessories—and give it a dress rehearsal a few days before the big party. Taking small chunks of her hair, Ari rapidly and skilfully styled her long hair into streams of small ringlets. Then, grabbing the brush, she carefully teased them into loose, messy waves. "I guess I should probably see a stylist after this great party; my hair is going to be a wreck," she mused softly to herself, turning her head this way and that to make sure she got it all. Next on her list was the makeup, a skill at which she considered herself a pro. Pale foundation, white powder, silver eyeshadow blended into black, elegant eyeliner, mascara, an almost nude-coloured lipstick, and she was finished in under five minutes. Her olive green eyes almost seemed to smoulder in her pale face, she Ari smiled indulgently, silently congratulating herself on such a well-done job. Reaching over to the opposite counter, she picked up the two devil-horn hair clips that had come with the costume and affixed them to her hairline right above her temples, making faces as she examined them in the mirror, adjusting, re-adjusting, fixing, and nudging until they were in the exact same place she'd originally put them. "Perfect," Ari nearly purred, and went back to her bedroom, snatching the arm-warmers up from her bed and pulling them onto her arms, letting the ragged threads fall over the backs of her hands.

"Almost done," she sang in a lilting voice, grabbing the charcoal wings from her closet door and shrugging them on like a backpack. The clear straps almost seemed to disappear as they hugged her skin, and she danced over the the full-length mirror by her bed to admire herself. The costume was startlingly good for being bought at such an out-of-the-way, little known, cheap costume shop. The horns seemed to be growing right out of her head, as opposed to clipped to her hair, and she couldn't even see the straps that held the wings to her back. "I'm so beautiful!" she exclaimed, happily flapping her wings.

Gleeful, she nearly flew downstairs, careful not to clip her wings against the somewhat narrow doorways, and burst into her father's study. "Daddy! Look at the costume I bought for the party!" Her father, in mid-sip of his coffee, looked up and immediately began to splutter.

"Young lady, I know you're wearing something over that. Or under that. Or a different costume." Ari pouted, crossing her arms, wriggling in profound, childish irritation, and opened her mouth to protest, but her father took the offensive and cut her off before she could even begin. "Don't you even think about leaving this house until you're properly covered. You're a decent young woman, not some crazy liberal hooker. I will not have my only daughter gallivanting around the town looking like <i>that</i>. End of discussion." He determinedly looked back down at his paperwork and began to mop up the coffee he'd spilt on his desk.

Arianna stomped her way up the stairs in a fury, slamming her bedroom door behind her, fuming in the mirror for a good couple minutes before calming down slightly, heaving a resigned sigh, and trying to unclip the horns. "That's strange," she muttered to herself, walking into the bathroom to get a closer look, fumbling around for the clips, "They have to be here somewhere." Biting her lip in concentration, her fingers searched in vain for the cool plastic that kept the fake horns in place.

"Ugh, whatever," she sighed, giving up and walking back into her room, looking instead for the clear straps that secured her wings.

Her fingers met nothing but skin. Suddenly chilled, Arianna stopped in front of her mirror, and looked at herself. No longer caring about the state of her delicate hair, she grabbed one of the horns and pulled. Instead of ripping free from her hair, it sent a wave of pain throughout her head. Scared now, she reached around and took hold of one of the wings, though she immediately gasped and released it, startled by the feeling of her hand on the wing. Sitting down on the corner of her bed, she stared numbly into the mirror. "This is not happening."
When she leaped out on him, the guy jumped just a bit as her hands came down on his shoulders off pure human instinct. But when he realized who it was a pleased smile crept along his lips. Her boots actually made the blonde stand toe to toe and eye to eye with him height-wise for once. A hand lightly glided along Chestel's side while her hands were still resting on his shoulder. When he spoke, an intimate emphasis was placed on one word but it remained a bit ambiguous as to whether he was flirting or just playfully teasing.

"Well you look like hell."

Alan could've kissed her. And he did . . . in his mind.

Time passed while he watched her go around the house to check on various things, waiting in the same spot until she returned. Once the verbal steam-roller hit him full force Alan did his best to listen & keep up since most of was actually important and pertained to the party less than a week away. Everything came in pretty fast despite the short-ish walk to whatever place it was they were going to tonight. Chestel really did love this time of year didn't she? Not to mention the holiday itself. But he couldn't blame her since the same passion for it was inside of him too. It was the one time of year everyone could indulge in something that was and wasn't themselves all at once.

Plus the free candy rocked pretty hard too.

"I'm looking! I'm looking!"

Only problem was that she made it so hard to focus on nature. But it did give his eyes an excuse to look around at all the various trees and leaves around them as they walked down the sidewalk. At least it consciously gave Alan something to focus on so he wouldn't stare at her the whole walk. Chestel had an outfit on that made her match the scenery, yet exotic when compared to all the other people walking around. Pride filled him, feeling special that out of all the guys she could have gotten, she had him as a friend for some reason. Sure she had other guy friends but he was the one who would get to help out with what was sure to be such an awesome party.

After they had entered the 'Last Meal' Alan looked around as his hackles went back down. The place definitely had atmosphere down to the point that the name felt as real as the building itself. Would the food be safe? Of course it would! He had eaten here once a few years back with some friends. Except he couldn't remember exactly what it was he had ordered. Not that it mattered really since it sounded like Chestel would obviously know the best eats on the menu.

"It seems really cool. Feels pretty creepy. Looks like the type of place Chucky would order off the kid's menu at."

Man he hoped that joke wasn't too lame. It had been spontaneous and without any thought at all. Alan wanted to keep her smiling, it made him feel worth her time. Other girls he had been around before hadn't been quite so popular and somehow managed to put a butterfly in his stomach. But his outer confidence kept the butterfly number down to one. So far he had never done anything too incredibly stupid in front of Chestel since they met. A grin was shot right back at her as if it would cover up the rotting corpse of his humor with a death shroud.
Wrappers crinkled in the darkness...a moment later something crunched...maybe bones...maybe something else...maybe it was the ungodly, sinful mixture of corn syrup, sugar, malic acid, artificial and natural flavors, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, Red #3, Blue #1 and Blue #2...

Or it actually could have been the crunching of bones...'Dem Bones' in particular, which in that case would have been the frighteningly chalky, yet tasty mixture of Dextrose, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Magnesium Sterate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors (Red #40, Red 40 Lake, Yellow #5, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow #6, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Blue #1, Blue 1 Lake, Red #3)...

These ingredients of course were meant to be read in Vincent Price's voice...t'was the season and all that jazz...the season to be as unnecessarily spooky as possible.

Hands moved deftly in the dim light, working swifly to manipulate the still-damp materials while they were at their MOST MALLIABLE...

Oh...they would know true fear...THEY WOULD KNOW TRUE FEAR...if it was the last thing she'd do...and actually it would be, for now anyway.

Erin sighed and flopped back from her makeshift worktable onto her beanbag chair. She reached over and fumbled with her cellphone, flipping it open to look at the time. The young woman grumbled and rubbed at her eyes. Again, she managed to pull an all nighter...and for what? Her eyes looked down at the costume, at the intricate details she was working so hard on...

She glanced at her phone again, her bleary eyes focusing on the photo that made up the wallpaper. The corners of her mouth went down slightly. It wasn't even a good photo either...it probably would have been better if the subject had known they were being photographed...but no...she didn't have the heart to ask.

'Oh well...' she thought as she nestled back into her beanbag chair, hugging the phone tightly to her chest. 'Maybe, if he's impressed by this...he'll at least smile...' she blushed. 'He'd smile...at me!'

Of course, he wouldn't know WHO he was smiling at, if she kept her mask on...but it was the most that she could hope for.

Erin sighed again as she set her alarm to go off in a little while. She didn't want to miss the party, but damn, she needed some sleep!
"No way... just....no way." Hector had the look of a hybrid with the rubber mask in his hands and a human head over the rest of the costume. "No Jaffar for the monkey shall steal your hypnotic staff and make a monkey out of you." He shed the rest of the suit readjusting his collar that had become a bit rumpled and put his jacket back on and slipping the tie into his pocket. "These are perfect for the party! Tell you what I'll pay for these if you get the first few rounds." He was grinning, it had been a while since he and CK had had a guys' night, and this one was shaping out to be legendary.
Trying not to freak out, Ari took a deep breath, sitting down on her floor in front of the mirror. She looked up again, and noticed a faint pale glow coming off her body. "Well, at least it's a fantastic costume," she mused, deciding to look on the bright side. And, like a switch, her mentality changed. "This actually might be really cool. I'm a fallen angel. Can I fly?" Taking another breath, she tried to concentrate on moving her wings. They shuddered a little in response, before she shook her head in frustration and they unfurled for a brief second before coming back to settle on her back.

Triumphant, Arianna skipped to her window and threw it open. "Flight test number one." Her gaze briefly flicked downward to the ground, two stories below, and she almost laughed. "I've jumped out of this window before. I was fine," she assured herself. "Only one way to do this. Let's do it!" And she leapt out the window, opening her wings and easily catching the breeze. The teenager practically shrieked in delight, doing a few loop-de-loops and long glides in the air before promptly clipping her wing on a tree, hissing in pain, and falling onto the roof of the restaurant down the street. It wasn't a long descent, though she did wince at the loud crashing sound she made as her side made contact with the building. "Good thing this restaurant's never open," she remarked, shimmying over to the edge of the roof.

Looking down, Ari instantly blanched, noticing people going in and out, suddenly remembering that though the restaurant was closed for 11 months of the year, it was open in October. "Shit." Folding her wings as tightly to her back as possible, she wondered how to get down most discreetly.

While CK removed his costume and made sure his clothing was adjusted, he folded the costume neatly in his arms with the hat and the staff set neatly on top. He followed his friend to the counter where they'd pay for their things and thought about where they should go to spend their evening. He knew this was going to be epic... After all, Hector needed as much fun as he could get before going off to do adult things.

"It's a deal, man!" He gave Hector a playful slap to the back and grinned widely, taking no notice to the other shoppers that were giving him strange looks.
Chestel was happy, and ordered two "Texas Chainsaw Massacre Meals" for the both of them, saying, without a doubt, that it was the beat meal to get there. She was enjoying her time with Alan before she heard a kind of muffled crash, coming from above them.

"The hell?" She asked quietly, some people looking up at the ceiling as though the perpetrator would MAGICALLY fall through. One of the servers near Alan and Chestel brushed it off, saying it was probably a raccoon trying to get in, or a bird or something. Not to worry. Chestel still looked a little concerned, but continued on.

"Yes, this place is a little..... odd. But I like it. I had the owner watch bunches of scary movies with me and my father.... He got the scheme of the place from a lot of concepts found in those movies. See? The bone structure hanging in the window- That's from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, -Fake, I assure you- and if you go into that room on the right there, it's much like the one in the end of "Psycho", the more recent version. With all the birds. There's a room for Saw movies, even though that's such a trite and overdone series of movies. There's a room for Nightmare on Elm Street, and there's one for Halloween, that room's my favorite, but it doesn't open until the day of Halloween, and it's only open on that day.... So I'll miss it this year.... but that's ok, I really happen to like how I got the ball set up so far!" Chestel rambled, a couple of the servers passing by seemed amused, it was clear that Alan wasn't the first to hear her ramble excitedly about this place.

Outside, the sky grew darker.


Chestel smiled at Alan as she talked for a while longer, then suddenly realized how much she had been dominating the conversation and blushed slightly. "I apologize, I've been talking so much! I just get so excited at this time of year.... So, when you're not dressing up in cute orange shirts with little mummies on them, what are you up to? We never really talk much about what you do for a living.... I've never heard much about your family.... or much at all for that matter. That changes now. Tell me about yourself!" She demanded with a huge grin as the food came.

Two steaks. Made to look bloody, and torn from the body... A few sides, including gigantic fries. Chestel was eating before the server had even walked away. The girl could eat.
Alan listened as close he could to the sheer volume of things Chestel talked about while they awaited the food. Even if he did get to order his own food that was alright, since she had invited him here in the first place. He couldn't even remember what he had ordered last time anyway. Dinner sounded like it would be a scream. Plus Chestel had said it was the best meal in the joint. So now his taste buds eagerly awaited to find out if the Halloween fanatic had good taste in food or not.

Out of nowhere she demanded what felt like his life story compressed into one dinner conversation. Part of him knew she was trying to make up for monopolizing the conversation but he hadn't really minded it all that much. Regardless, now he had to think of something to say. To buy time he dug into the gigantic fries for a couple seconds. Each bite felt warm and soft without too much salt but they weren't soggy with grease either. Quite a few of them were missing before he finally spoke up. The lucky guy WAS hungry after all, sheer coincidence providing the meal placed before him now.

"Well I go to the same college as you. Or University, whichever one you prefer. I was a lifeguard over the summer before I came here. My CURRENT job is working at that video store down on 37th street. And I'm really hoping Netflix doesn't drive them out of business before I graduate. I don't know what I really want to do for a living yet though. . . I need to pick a major soon so I have SOMETHING to do after the gen eds run out."

Stopping to eat some of his food and drink the Dr. Pepper he'd ordered, the brunette gave a relaxed sigh before settling even further into the booth seat. Comfy and comfier! One more sip from the drink left him looking over at Chestel. She sure seemed awfully interested in him all of the sudden. Part of him wondered if this was just dinner or a date. But she had invited him to dinner and not the other way around. Did rich girls do that sort of thing? Eccentricity definitely had a home somewhere in that brain of hers given the holiday she loved and the lengths to which she went to show it.

". . . My family is normal. Pretty normal. To me anyway. It's nice. They're all in another state though, so I won't get to see them again until the winter break."

It didn't feel like his family was an open topic for discussion from the tone in his voice. Nothing really felt hidden so much as kept private. Heidrich's family had raised him to never tell stories about family members to those outside the family. Even harmless funny ones. Living up to that expectation meant that no one would get the wrong impression about someone in the Heidrich family. Respecting their privacy factored into it even more.

"I like hiking? . . . Sorry, this just kind of feels like one of those old video dating service things. I don't know what to say really. Talking about myself was never my favorite thing to do. But I like scary movies! Even the bad ones. They can get really funny sometimes. Ever see Troll 2?"

Something about her was making his usual smoothness fall flat on it's face.
Whatever these costumes cost it was worth spending a few days with His best friend. "So where are we going to hit tonight?" he held out CK's bag to him. "Don't know about you but I'm hungry for steak before we get down to the business of the night... Crap where did we park?" He looked up and down the narrow street outside the costume shop looking for their car.

Midori had heard of a costume store from Chestel, and had just arrived there, hoping to find a good costume for the party. She stared vacantly at the large sign that read "HALLOWEEN BOO" in all capital letters. "Mmh. That's...Flamboyant..." She thought to herself, then walked in. An odd shopkeeper greeted her, or at least, he seemed odd to her. She nodded at the shopkeeper, and began to look around for a costume, roaming the aisles with that same vacant stare before coming upon a particular costume that reminded her of home. "Perfectly frightful.." She mumbled. She wasn't in a very good mood. She did look forward to the party, but for some reason, this shop just didn't give her a good feeling. She shrugged it off. Midori went to the dressing room and tried on the costume, not too surprised that it was a perfect fit, when she saw that the label said "Made in Japan". She got back into her normal clothes, and went to the cashier, where the same shopkeeper that greeted her, who struck even her as a bit odd, checked her out. She payed and quickly hurried home, hanging up the costume in her closet.

"Oh...Chestel did say something about a dinner with that one guy....I wonder how they are doing..."

She began to stare rather an odd, somewhat vacant stare in front of her, though different from the stare she had at the shop. She mumbled lowly to herself...

"Mmh. So that's how it is...? Most likely at least... Well I shouldn't interfere...though...I am sort of..."

She fought off her thoughts of boredom, she had been sort of clingy to Chestel since they met in highschool, and she hadn't been scared off by her. She really didn't want to be a bother, but she did feel the urge to talk to someone, which she rarely did, and there was no doubt in her mind that Chestel had somehow dominated the whole "date" so to speak. She knew Chestel well, she knew even if she were talking a lot during this outing, she would realize it and slow down a bit. That's how she was when they first met. And still is.

She finally decided she would let herself be a bother and picked up her cellphone, dialing Chestel's number. The phone began to ring and she waited...
The waitress came back a few minutes with Alice's food. Alice thanked her and dived right in to the spider-shaped chicken, after the waitress left. The food was excellent here, not to mention the atmosphere and the concept of the place. She picked up the black and orange glass with the webs and the spiders on it, and took a sip of her drink. She set the glass back down and took a look around the place. More people had come in. Just then, a loud THUMP! sounded from the roof. Alice looked up quickly then out the door. She didn't think nothing of it. She was in a Halloween Restaurant and it was close to Halloween itself.

Alice went back to her food, checking outside every once in a while. More people started coming in as well, the place was getting full. She'd come at a good time to order at least, but she wondered if there would be a problem driving out of the parking lot. The lot wasn't that big, there could easily be a jam. She sighed and took her mind of it as she took another sip of her drink. Alice blocked out most of the sounds in the place, like the people talking. She was barely listening to the music either. What she did keep an ear on was for another one of those thumps. There was nothing. She sighed again and let her mind forget about it as her thoughts drifted to what might happen Halloween night.
CK took his bag from his friend with a gleeful smile, his grin never leaving until he realized they forgot where they parked... "Awh, shit! I forget, uh, does the car have one of those, uhhh... Thingies!" Even though the sentence made no sense, he was making a gesture in the air with his hand that looked like he was pushing a button. What he meant to ask was if the car had one of those buttons that could unlock the car from a distance that also made the lights flash. The poor fellow knew exactly what to say in his mind but made no avail on the outside.

"We should totally go to the steakhouse or something and say it's our birthdays so we can get that free cake." He chuckled and seemed proud of himself for coming up with the idea. Places lately don't trust men of their age, though. He wondered if they'd ask for ID so they could have proof it's their birthdays.

Chestel looked across at Alan as she spoke of his life, grinning while chewing on a piece of steak, happily encouraging him as answered her questions. When he told her of his occupation for the moment, she brightened up and immediately started gesturing with her hands quickly while she was still chewing, trying to catch his attention before he moved on. Finally she finished the bite in her mouth and then took a sip of the of the soda she had and then took a breath before hurriedly spitting out the next sentence.

"I own that shop! I built it up with a couple grand that my father gave me in starter money! No wonder your name sounded familiar when I met you in that class!" She beamed, oh-so-proud of her business. This was how she had gained quite a percentage of her current wealth, and she was proud that she was able to make her own money at her age and live with as many perks as she did.

As he switched subjects to his family she tilted her head and quietly asked Alan if it ever bothered him that he was far from his family. She got from the tone that she shouldn't pry further into that area, but.... it was much more interesting of the situation of being far from home. This was a concept she had never really quite experienced, her family having always been around her. She had never been far from them. She had never traveled far without them. Regardless of a good, healthy social life, she had never gone through what it might be like to not be able to go to them physically, should there ever be a problem.

She was about to answer Alan of his comment of this almost seeming like a dating site, she was about to try and smooth things over, wondering if she had made him uncomfortable with her questions. Her phone rang out with a particular tune that, had someone not known her eccentricities, would be a little concerned and possibly afraid of her.

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Chestel, pick up! PICK UP!" The phone screamed loudly out in a female voice, screaming in a shrill, high-pitched tone near the end again, cut off as she picked up. Some of the patrons turned to look at her before shaking their heads and continuing on with their meals. She figured it was probably Midori. The girl knew full well she was interrupting dinnertime, but Chestel couldn't bring herself to be even irked in the slightest at her best friend.

"I'm sorry, Alan, this will only take a moment." She smiled slightly, apologetic as she moved from the table and walked out of the restaurant, meanwhile talking to Midori.

"Hey hey, wassup?" She chirped as she paced around outside, pausing for a moment when she almost swore she saw something on the roof of the restaurant, and most certainly bigger than the raccoon theory that the waitress had given. But as soon as she saw it, it was gone. She waved it off as nerves and paranoia as she waited for her friend's response.
"Vooiii....." Midori quoted the greeting of one of her favorite anime characters. "I'm bored Ches-chan, I would go to that diner and all but....I don't really know anyone around here besides you....I mean, I never really got along with them or anything rather....I am going to your college soon though!...Uh....Your party! I got my costume, from the store you told me about. Halloween Boo or whatever. That shopkeeper gave even me the creeps man....he was weird, and that's coming from......FROM ME!....Uhmm....You know, I know this might sound weird coming from someone as introverted as me, but I've been getting curious about what having a boyfriend is like....I mean, at 18, isn't it only natural I get one around now?....I wonder how love feels....." She pondered the thought to herself for a moment, then started right back in. "Sorry for interrupting your dinner and all, but seriously, I've got nothing to do here ches-chan...I mean, really....Do you have anyone I could meet tonight? Like, at all? I'm curious about the people you hang out with...It would be nice to get acquainted before the party with some of them..." She paused for a minute, trying to give Chestel room to speak, knowing how much the girl loved to talk.

"So, what's up with you?"

She put Chestel on speakerphone and started changing and redoing her hair, hoping for some change of plan in her own schedule to occur from this conversation. She did her nails brand new, some black and heavily jeweled, and some white and diamond jeweled. Her top was black webbed and and very halloweenish, and she wore a cross choker around her neck, and her hair in loose curls, with red extensions in a few places. she wore a headband and some hair stood up in back, her makeup a simple dark eyeliner, pink lipgloss, and mascara she used in her modeling days.

And she did all this while talking to Chestel and awaiting her reply.