Take That Costume Off! (Halloween RP)


Cosmic Orion

Alan might have spit out the food in his mouth had be been a scaredy cat given how random and intense Chestel's ringtone was compared to most others. But he managed to save face if for no other reason than not to look foolish in front of Chestel inside of what was pretty much her own restaurant. Not to mention the fact he now knew she pretty much held sole responsibility for his job security. It felt as though he were dating his manager now or something odd like that.


He replied to her need to talk on the phone. Not like she would really await his permission to speak to some close friend or family member. It reminded the young man just how easily he might get placed aside. Could it be she had a boyfriend already and he didn't realize it? That just might make the current situation awkward. So what, though? A smile came onto his face, tasting the richness of the restaurant food. Even if nothing else worked out, at least a free dinner came out of the whole night.


With a jingle he fished the keys out of his pocket and held them up pressing the button. A car close on their right flashes it's indicators and emitted a sharp chirp. Spreading his arms and smiling in salute to CK's idea before waking over to his car and getting in, the central locking letting CK in. Pullign out of the parking space and easing the car down the road.

"Not sure if that would work, maybe gust one of us, though he are pretty well know around any place that serves good food or booze around here. Maybe that new place thats just opened up for Halloween?"