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    He traversed the halls, and glanced around, viewing the pretty artwork and paintings on the wall. The king had told him to do it, but he didn't want to. It was just one of those missions. The poor fool had slipped up, said something about another kingdom that had him on his toes. And the king had overheard it clearly. "Jester... Pass the tea to our friend, will you?" The fool merely nodded, to the confused knight's discontentment, and responded with a grin.

    So here he was, wandering and looking for what he needed to do the deed. He dug around some pouches above his desk, and found several fine white powders. They were perfect, the fast kind. Didn't want to draw attention and suspicion with a screaming, painful, gut-wrenching death. That just wouldn't be suitable to the situation at all. Peasant or no peasant, the disruption wasn't necessary or needed. He wished it was a mouthy noble. Then it would make sense for it. Most of them died horrible deaths from enemies sneak attacking them in their sleep anyway. Any number of people could be the murderer. They were rarely caught.

    Secrecy and quiet. That was the key to just about anything. He pulled a small cloth out of his wrist, and then mixed the white powder in with some water in a small dish. When he was sure it was ready, he dabbed it onto the cloth, and then wrapped that cloth in a thin film of plastic, shoving it back into his sleeve.

    When the time came, the poor idiot wouldn't even know what happened to him.
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    Arthur walked slowly down the stone halls, his patchwork skirt brushing the rough stone floor. Just the walk from the dining hall to his room was tiring. He passed a room and heard some soft commotion. He knew Jester had been given a mission. He wanted to go along and see who the poor piece of work was. But he knew what Jester would end up telling him

    "You're sick again, Artie. Just look at you, stay here and rest." Then he would pat him on the head like a dog and the tall lanky jester would walk off.

    He growled in annoyance but it soon turned into a coughing fit. He landed hard on his knees and clutched at his chest until the attack was over. A few more agonizing steps to his room next to Jester's and he fell into his bed, not even bothering to cover himself up.
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    The little man was hovering in his cell, and as the fool walked up, he flung himself into the bars and reached his arms through. He screamed incoherently at him, but from what he could understand through the man's accent, it was along the lines of, "Help me, please! Tell him to let me go, I swear, I didn't mean any threat in what I said! I was just repeating what another king had given a speech about!"

    The jester rolled his eyes, and then handed the man a dish through a gap in the bottom of the cell bars. "This is for you, for you, you darling little imp, from the king, the king, the one for whom you're limp!"

    The man gobbled up his food as fast as he could, barely hearing Jester's sing-song voice. When his words registered, he looked up with a weird look. "What do you mean, go limp?" His accent was so thick, the fool had to strain to understand him.

    "Would you like a napkin?" The fool yanked the colorful cloth from his sleeve, and handed it through the bars to the man. He nabbed it greedily, and wiped his face all over. "You can keep it," he said, raising his palm as the man tried to hand it back, and then stood up straight to leave. He'd been kneeling, watching the man's panic. He wouldn't feel it long.

    Even before he got up the steps, he heard a soft thump noise, and a rustle of cloth behind him. The man had cracked his head on the hard floor, and was out cold. Indeed, quite a powerful, quiet, and painless poison.
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    Sleep slowly walked away from him as his eyes opened and he was greeted by the sight of his bed chambers. What time was it? Or even a better question: what day was it? He sat up and walked over to the window and opened the shutter. Dark littered with torches covered the area.

    "I slept a whole day again." He sighed. "Father will not be happy with this."

    With renewed strength he opened his wooden door and went to seek out one of his few friends.

    "Arthur, have you slept all day? Your father was looking for you!" His nanny, Egra scolded him.

    "I wasn't feeling well." He said softly and walked off. He shook his head as he heard the woman sigh and rush off, probably to tell his father.

    Not many people understood why he was always so ill. Many actually had the balls to tell him that he was faking it! His pretty pale face screwed into a grimace. If only they could live a day in his shoes!

    Clinging to the wall and taking small, and painfully slow steps he made his way to Jester's room. Hoping that he was there and back from his previous mission.
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    He rested on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. The day had passed so fast. The murmurs of the dead prisoner went through the castle walls like water. Rumors spread so fast. Before long, he heard a tapping noise at his door. The light sound told him who it was already. He didn't even have to speak. "I'm here, Artie," he said calmly. His rested on his back, arms behind his head on his pillow, and one leg thrown over the other in the air, swinging, bored.
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    Artie opened the door slowly, quietly. "Hello, Jester." He smiled and sat on the chair next to the door. "How was the mission?! Was it boring? Did he fight? How did you kill him?" The questions poured out of the young boy's mouth. He was bored being shut up in the castle. Every time Jester had a mission he would ask about how it went. No matter how small and insignificant the task was. He pushed a lock of amber hair out of his face and fixed his green eyes on the lanky, bored jester.
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    He jerked up, startled. "Shh, boy, shh! There could be ears pressed everywhere. The other kingdoms have spies too, you know," he said with a smirk. "But no, he didn't struggle. Confused him a little bit, but he basically just killed himself, the stupid glutton. Teach him to degrade King Lor's valor." He picked a grape off of a small plate next to his nightstand, and chewed it, sucking on the juice. "You know, I often wonder how rumors of the T.E.A. Guild even got around. Half of them don't believe it. Half of them do. And I notice, the ones that do believe in it are never targets." He laughed. "Poor saps who don't always wind up with the short end of the stick." He tossed the stem onto the floor. "What about you, Artie? Any contracts lately? You slept a full day, you know."
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    "I'm sorry." His voice got softer. "I just guess i got a bit excited, is all." He tucked in the corner of his mouth. "I get bored, really." Artie averted his eyes. "I know I slept a whole day. I can't help it, i just get really tired and then I cough a lot." He crossed his arms over his chest. "I wish I could get more contracts. I keep asking for them, but I think King Lor just doesn't trust me yet. My bow is getting dusty." His eyes grew wide as he erupted into a horrific coughing spell. He tried to draw in a deep breath, but as soon as he breathed in; a cough racked his chest.
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    He watched him cough, and waited calmly. "That's your problem there," he said, and pressed a finger to his chest lightly. "The king's worried about you. He thinks you're not going to make it. Being in the middle of poisoning someone, and coughing, would be a disaster. Especially considering Nivak. You screw up near there, and they'll gladly torture you before you die. It's one of the cruelest countries in the east of Kalta, and the last thing you need is something to give away your position." He sat up a little straighter, and then concentrated enough to gather some ice onto his palm. "Here," he said, and pressed it against the skin of his chest. "That should help you a little bit - I know, I know, it's cold," he laughed. "I'll talk to King Lor for you."
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    "I'm old enough to talk to him myself." He said a little louder than usual. The ice on his chest had calmed his coughing and relaxed him to the point of sleep. "I don't want to sleep again." He murmured. "Maybe one day we'll find out what's wrong with me, and then I can go on a big mission with you. Then the other members won't look down on me when we see each other." He did exaggerate there. He only seen other members of the group very few times, but when they did...the look of disgust came upon their dark faces. "Promise me we'll go on a mission together, Jester." A smile etched itself on his pallid face.
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    Jester rolled his eyes, and then grinned. "Sure, sure... You can talk to him yourself, and then we can go on a mission," he chuckled. He left him there in his room, and closed the door. He could sleep there all he wanted. If anything, Artie's room was literally right next door, so it didn't make much of a difference.

    The next morning, Jester crawled out of Artie's room disoriented. He must have clocked out somewhere when he was reading. When he hobbled down the hallway to the king's throne room, he noticed several guards hovering outside of it. One far too many than usual. "What's going on?"

    "Well, according to King Lor, you're the only person allowed in there at the moment," one said crossly. "And according to everyone else, you're in trouble."

    "But none of you know that for certain," Jester said, without actually asking it as a question. "I'll be going in now. And you can mind your own business," he said with a warning. There had been several guards before who'd put the puzzle pieces together. The last order they got from King Lor was to rest up in their chambers for a big event the next day. Oh, and a nice hot cup of T.E.A.

    When he popped his head into the room and looked around, he saw the man sitting on his throne, and looking restless. he tapped the arm of his chair, and then looked about nervously. "Jack! Thank God, we need to talk."

    "... Okay."
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    Artie awoke slowly and stretched like a contented cat. He grinned, but it slowly melted as he sat up in the long bed. "I'm in Jester's room." He mumbled and and stood on the cold floor. It wasn't the first time he went to talk to his friend, but ended up stealing his bed. He smiled as he thought of Jester sleeping in his tiny bed. With a yawn he slowly made the bed and headed off to his room next door.

    After taking just two steps the hair on the back of his head stood up and he shivered. Two guards had past and were talking softly. He couldn't hear them clearly, but he did hear something about Jester.

    When they had passed he quickly made his way to his own room, he was dissapointed in not seeing his friend there. "Maybe i'm being stupid." he told himself sharply as he opened up his wooden wardrobe. "Maybe they were just gossiping, and being horrid." He frowned and picked out his jester outfit.

    Slowly on went the green and silver striped short pants, long green socks, the silver silky long sleeved tunic, and his favorite dark green bolero jacket. He sat on the bed to put on his pointed shoes, one silver and one dark green with bells attached to the laces. He ran a comb through his unruly auburn hair and looked in the slightly foggy mirror. It has been a long time since he wore his outfit to go out to the streets and dance for coin. Usually he wore a long night gown and was in bed. But for some reason he was breathing fine and his chest didn't feel tight.

    "Let's go out and have some fun, shall we?"

    He opened the door and made his way to the entrance when he spotted the king's throne room guarded heavily with soldiers. With a raised eyebrow he made his way over to the group.

    "King Lor is not seeing anyone today so I suggest you leave, boy." A guard told him haughtily.

    Artie narrowed his eyes and turned to leave, but his ears had caught the slight sound of Jester's bells. He paused for a moment and let a cheshire smile split his face. "Good day." he sang and left the castle.

    He made it as far as the gate and then he turned around. He knew where the set of windows were to the throne room. They were pretty high up, but with the right amount of strength he could put his skills to use.

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    "What's wrong?"

    "There are rumors you were caught out last night with a member of Dalior Court. Apparently they said you were with a lady there, talking in their courtyard. I don't know how you would have traveled that far to begin with, and I don't care. I don't believe the rumors, simply because it doesn't add up. The prisoner is dead, which tells me you were here. Unfortunately for the rest of the castle, that alibi is not going to save you here, since the T.E.A. Guild is a rumor to them. We have to figure something else out."

    Jester thought hard about what he was saying. If he'd been "caught" with a member of another court, talking about who knows what, it could be said he was spreading information he shouldn't have. That would explain everyone's whispering. They were either conspiring to have him hanged, or they were trying to pin him with treason and exile him. He had quite a few enemies he'd made during performances when he would pick on them. Nothing major, but petty folks would be petty. "What do you pitch then?"

    "I say you should actually go to Dalior Court. Talk to the "lady" you were supposedly talking with, and then make it out to be a simple visit. If you must, talk to the Guildmaster there, and have him settle the score. There's surely a way to silence the talkers. Once the kingdom realizes the talkers were murdered, they'll hush their tongues. Everyone knows there is an assassin guild. They don't know who's in it, or how many of you there are. Let's not make it known, shall we? A hint is fine. Completely revealing yourselves can't happen."

    "Got it, go to Dalior, talk to the "lady," and possibly silence some tongues. When I come back, I'll say we were discussing something with a friend there, and nothing more. When nothing comes of it, like a revolt or something, they'll believe it and it'll fade away."

    "Yes, exactly."

    Jester nodded. He would have to do it fast before he was tried for treason. But once it was cleared, it should be fine.
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    Artie lowered himself down from the window and sat in the grass. A rumor going around about Jester? "Ohhh I don't like this." He mumbled and ran as fat as he could back into the castle. He knew Jester could take care of himself, but there was something about the way King Lor explained everything that made him worried. He knew it wasn't like him at all, but he ran to Jester's room and swung the door open.
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    Another of the guild fools was sitting on Jesters bed, swinging his red and green curled feet back and forth. He looked up, eyes painted with black arrows, and then looked back down again. "I heard the rumors. I told the other two about it too, so we're all aware. You managed to climb the wall and listen in. Did you hear anything specific about it? I know our Guildmaster. He's not one to fuck around and get himself into trouble, since he's all to careful about the secret. But if there happens to be something we can do about it, we may as well at least give it a try."

    In the shadows of his room, a small door opened in the stone wall. It slid down quietly, and ground to a stop at the floor. Two other jesters scrambled down their stairs, and landed at the bottom in a heap of arms and legs, twisting, arguing, and bruised up. The girl stood, and shook her black and white checkers. "You've got to be kidding me. You've GOT to be kidding me. Exactly how do you plan on handling this, Slap? Exactly how?"

    Slappy thought, and tapped a finger to his chin. "Well, if I'm guessing correctly," he looked at Artie, "King Lor told him to travel Dalior, and speak with the Guildmaster there. I wouldn't know what else he had in mind. Sometimes that crazy, old, fat man has a thousand and one ideas, and none of them ever work out right."
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    Artie placed himself in a corner and watched the jesters spew out plans and curse other people. It was very rare that all of the guild be present in one room. Usually it was too ....dangerous.

    He looked over at the jester on the bed. "I only heard a bit of it. The king was very quiet saying it."

    "How did you all find out so quickly?" He asked in his usual low voice. They didn't hear him. He shrugged and stood on the bed, which made them look. "How did you all find out so quickly?"
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    The black and white jester looked to the blue and white one next to her, and shrugged. "I was walking past the hallway to the kitchens. Jabber?" The blue one looked around and cringed, pointing up with his finger.

    "I got it from him," he said quietly.

    Jester burst into the room, and saw his guild hovering around his bed. Slappy looked suspiciously at them all, and Jabber began to fidget. "Let me guess. You all heard already?" They nodded. "No wonder they hired you all to be assassins. Alli, grab your pack from the upper loft. Jabber, go find the Elder. Artie, you come with me, and Slappy, you guard the door. We're going to look around and "find" some traitors."

    Slappy blinked. "Traitors?"

    "Yes," Jester said, narrowing his eyes. "Someone in here spread the rumor. It's the only way it would have spread as fast as it did, and it's the only way absolutely all of you would have found out at roughly the same time. We're going to play a game now."
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    Artie looked up at Jester and had to hide a smile. For a while now he had wanted to go on a big mission with him, but now wasn't the time he wanted. "A game? You mean to find the traitor? But if we all found out around the same time..." He scratched his head, he wasn't the smartest of boys. With a quick shake of his head he sat on the bed next to the other jester. "How are we going to find out?"
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    "Simple," Jester said, looking around and meeting each face. "The one who spread the rumor won't talk. That makes a big fat guessing game. We're all going to see the Elder to find out for sure if one of you is the traitor." He looked to Artie. "I wouldn't spread a rumor about myself, and you were asleep." He looked back to the other two three jesters, who's eyes widened. "That means it's one of you three. If it turns out it's NOT one of you three, we'll have to search around to find out who really did spread it. And whoever did," he nodded slowly, "knows about T.E.A."

    Slappy gasped, and Jabber jumped up to fly up the steps of the hidden room. The Elder held a small room there, and he guarded the assassins as best he could as a hidden adviser to the king. When Jester reported something suspicious to him, it was taken to King Lor through a hidden room in his wall as well. Especially if he couldn't make it in without being seen, the Elder had the ability to slip around a network of tunnels all throughout the walls of the castle. It was the perfect hideaway, and he was the rarest seen being there. It was extremely rare to talk to him outside of the apprentice period, where a jester was trained in his skills.
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    Artie nodded. "That makes perfect sense." He fixed his jacket. "The only ones that know about us are the King, The Elder, and us. The only people we actually see are the victims...and they die." he looked around the room at the gazes fixed upon him. "Unless someone failed in a mission by not killing someone, or we do have a traitor." He said the last part softly, not wanting to point fingers. The other members have yet to 'accept' him as a assassin due to his sickness. "But why would one of us tell someone else about T.E.A?"