Sword Art Online: Fight For Aincrad

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  1. It has been two months since Akikiko Kayaba locked the 10000 players in his VRMMORPG game, Sword Art Online. His rules were simple. To leave, clear all 100 floors of Aincrad. If you are unplugged, the headset removed from your head in the real world, or the game shut off, you die. If you die in-game, you die in the real world. Since that day in the Town of Beginnings, 2000 players have died.

    You start on Floor Seven, in the town of Stohess. Your mission: Clear the game, using whatever means necessary.

    Will you be a member of the infamous Knights of the Blood Oath, the leaders of combat on the front lines, or will you play solo? Will you join a guild or party for good, or will you join a guild that kills other players, such as the Titans Hand? The choice is yours. Clear the game. Godspeed.

    Kirito slowly walks down the street of Stohess. Two months, and already 2000 dead. It's unreal. He continues walking until he reaches the blacksmith shop of his friend Goro. "Hey Goro. How's business?"

    "Ah, you know, Kirito. Business is business. Have you located the floor boss yet?"

    "Not yet. That's why I'm here. You got any info? I'm on the front lines and don't get much news."

    "Nah. Maybe the Knights of the Blodd Oath have some. Check with them."

    "I don't know, Goro. They don't take well to solo beaters like me."

    "Well, you ain't asking them standing there."

    "I know. See you , Goro." Kirito walks down towards the teleport gate. He's going to see an old friend in the Knights.
  2. Kuradeel yanked Asuna into headquarters telling her to report. she went in and Heathcliff said come in asuna what do you have to report? Asuna said no i have nothing my bodyguard is being overprotective im fine. Tell him to cool it im going home then i will find some more information but so far we have no information on the floor boss. Heathcliff says your dismissed. Asuna turned and slowly walked out of the hq room and towards the door Kuradeel close behind tailing her.
  3. Steam walked past the knights HQ. His heavy armor gleamed in the sun. He held a shiny new item that pointed in the direction of the floor boss. Trouble was it had a 3/4 chance of leading the user into a trap or in a circle. Right now it was leading him through a safe zone. It didn't make sense for the boss to be anywhere near here so the item must have been screwing with him. What a waste of gold. He was so intent on watching the compass that he wasn't watching where he was going, and he bumped into a few Knights of the Blood Oath.
  4. Kuradeel wasn't paying attention either and walked into steam. Asuna had dodged steam and laughed as Duracell looked stunned she took this moment and slipped into the crowd.
  5. Kirito continues walking and sees the small pileup in the center of the street. He sees that one of them is asuna. He keeps walking and stops a short distance from them, content to watch for right now.
  6. Valkyrie was making her way back from the northern region where she had spent the day mapping out the caves. She had found the boss room but that wasn't the the problem. The problem came from trying to reach the room was it was swarming with high level enemies. As she was making her way to the tavern where the front line members hung out she noticed asuna slip through the crowd and followed her. It didn't take long to catch her. "Hey asuna I have something for you."
  7. Asuna turned and said valkyrie what is it? Can we talk somewhere else and leave kuradeel here so I don't have to deal with him?
  8. Kirito walks up to asuna. "I'll handle kuradeel. I've done it before. I'll catch up with you later if you want. "
  9. she says thank you kirito she walked over and hugged him and says meet me later and please deal with him. She then watched kuradeel walk towards her angrily she pulled out lampent light and clutched the sword.
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  10. Valkyrie opened her menu and pulled up map transfer. "I've been mapping out the northern region and found the boss room. I'd figure I'd give it you first as I'm going to the tavern to give it to the rest of the front lines."
  11. She says Valkyrie take that map straight to Heathcliff now dont give it to me at the moment, tell heathcliff i sent you! she then hid behind kirito kuradeel yelled saying IM YOUR BODYGUARD YOU ARE UNDER STRICT ORDERS TO GO TO HEADQUARTERS ASUNA!!! she stayed behind kirito as kuradeel readied his sword at asuna and kirito.
  12. Valkyrie signed as she turned around to face kuradeel. Her shield was still equipped in her left arm as she drove the bottom edge into his stomach and as he crumpled in pain, she slammed the shield down on the back of his head sending him to the ground. Almost immediately afterwards, her icon turned from green to orange signalling she attacked another player.
  13. Asuna watched from behind kirito she slowly came out rapier in her hand. she said valkyrie careful! kuradeel says oh so you think your tough woman lets duel this out! Asuna watched in horror of all this happening she hated having him as a body guard he was such a pushover and annoying and stalked her all the time. Kirito please stop them do something! she went over towards steam and said im sorry about my bodyguard he doesnt realize anything around him and the knights of the blood oath are nothing like him this one is just overly rude.
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  14. Steam was about to apologize to the Knight he ran into when said Knight ran off after whomever it was he was protecting. "How rude." Steam turned to leave when the Knight pointed his sword at two other players and was promptly throw to the ground by another. Steam decided to stay and watch them go at it. If this was how Knights acted then he was smart to refuse their recruitment offer a month ago.
  15. Kirito steps in front of valkyrie. He pulls his sword out, ready to duel kuradeel.
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  16. she went over towards steam, bowed and said im sorry about my bodyguard he doesnt realize anything around him and the knights of the blood oath are nothing like him this one is just overly rude. she watched kirito get ready to fight. she knew he would win against this jerk! she put rapier back in the sheath and said Sir im very sorry for my rude bodyguard.Kuradeel says so ive heard of you black swordsman has this turned into a fight between us two?
  17. "No need to apologize. But I recommend refining your recruitment process. I've seen 2 guilds fall because of players like him." Steam returned his compass to his inventory.
  18. "I go by many names. Slayer of Ill Fang Kobold. Beater. Black Swordsman. Kirito. Any will do. This has been between us longer than you think, Kuradeel. Asuna has told me much about you." He hefts his sword."I've just never had the pleasure of meeting you."
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  19. asuna says i know i will be reporting all of this to the leader of the knights of the blood oath. kuradeel laughs and says so lets do this then he moves out of the safety zone and says battle to the death then. asuna gasps and says kirito be careful he wants a battle outside a safety area that means one you will die. she yells Kuradeel this is not protocol for the KoB what are you doing kirito isnt going to hurt me! she walked toward kuradeel fully intending to sort out this issue. a battle not within a safe zone was extremely dangerous and the knights of the blood oath didnt kill people something wasnt right here.
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  20. Kirito goes into his menu and equips his Dragon Flame. It materializes on his back. Slowly, he draws it. With Elucidator and Dragon Flame in hand, he steps out. "You're the challenger. Start the duel."