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  1. PrologueA loud thundering sound rang out through the air, as the northern city wall came crumbling down. Trebuchet after trebuchet rained fire and stone upon the crumbling castle city. As they did, many a knight fought on against hordes of townspeople. The revolt had begun. Hundreds of settlements across the land, ruled by two sets of kings and queens, fought against one another, and against the knights of the castles, many with different views, and some with their own personal agendas. Bloodshed, orders, clashing steel, the stench of blood, sweat, and tears, filled the air as the fighting continued across the land of Svanoltia. Many fought against the secret working of the Church of Salvation, a church of people who had cleverly made their own fake religion up, in order to take money from the blind of faith.

    "Push them back!" A Knight General yelled, "Do not let them advance! crush all who dare to so much as think of opposing us!" He said these words loudly, and they rang out across the battlefield of a destroyed city. As he clashed steel upon steel, townspeople surrounded and overwhelmed him, stabbing and chopping at his armor, wearing it down, until one lucky thrust of a sword, met the tender flesh underneath the armor. Blood spewed out as the sword was released from the prison of flesh, the General falling to the ground. Screams and yells echoed out through the city, as more and more fell to the blades of the Revolt.

    A young woman rushed through the crowds of fighting, causing more than a few people, knights and civilians alike, to be struck down. This woman was of no more than her early teens, and had nothing more than a tank top and pants on, and rushed through the crowds with a sword in hand. The clashing of steel stopped her in her tracks at the great castle door, as she crossed blades with the Sword Goddess, General Eiko Marubeni. "You're Yukiyo Tokaji, the leader of such a fine rebellion?" The sinister general asked. Yuki said nothing, and an evil bloodlust filled her eyes, as she struck out against her foe.

    Hours and hours of fighting, and both warriors were tired and worn from battle. The Sword Goddess attacked once more, before backing off into the castle. "We'll meet again. Let's not die before then." She said, and chuckled as the thick metal wall slammed to the ground, blocking the way into the castle. Most of the knights and townspeople had exhausted their power, or were dead. Yukiyo walked lazily away, back towards the northern wall, and upon making it just outside, collapsed from exhaustion. The rebellion against one of the ruling castles themselves was over, for now. There would come a time when the castle would fall under siege once more, but that time would have to wait, for both sides to regain their strength and numbers.

    The fire and flames littering the countryside looked as though an apocalypse was taking place. It almost looked as if holes to the Underworld itself were opening up and steaming. Yukiyo awoke in a field tent about the size of a tennis court. Many people were treating injuries and casualties. This is where the story begins. Many of the leaders of the land, as well as the kings and queens who rule over all, are corrupt, and deceiving the public, and it is up to all of the inhabitants of Svanoltia to move history along, in their own way. It is up to these individuals to forge their own path, to make a name of themselves, and how they decide to do it, is up to them. Those who lie, and deceive the public for their own greedy gain, or those who pull the curtains down on their subjects, for their so-called 'protection', must be wiped out. The seeds of evil within the land must be cleansed of their dark ways, or left behind on the road to renewal.

    Many will fall, for sure, and many will surpass the limits of their physicals bodies, and be broke forever by the damage caused, but for those who can pass the trials and harshness of time and and remain standing, their resolve forging their path to success through the trenches of deceit, lies, and opposition that awaits them, shall have a special place in the history books of the land of Svanoltia. It is up to these skilled entities to mold the future of a land of corruption..

    City Names (open)
    City/Village/Town names you could use:
    Goldport: The Rebels of Soderman: A splinter rebel group that does their own thing, and whose side goal is to surpass Yukiyo, and win the fight to take the crown for themselves.


    Northshore: Chamons Brothers: A large group of knights whose only goal is the eradication of any and all who would oppose the kings. You'll frequently be greeted by these guys.

    Erimead: Reapers Rebels: A rebellious guild of thieves and pickpockets, largely uncaring of a huge war going on around them.

    Redkeep: The Eagles of Redkeep: A group of exceptional warriors and bowmen, who want nothing more than to watch the world burn, as they make a name for themselves, and their village.


    Whiteviolet: The Whiteviolet Purge; An elite group of knights residing in Whiteviolet who wish to rid the world of necromancy, ritualistic praise and the undead.


    Westerden: Bandits of Westerden: Just your standard group of bandits, with the exception of a few good fighters.

    Brighthurst: Savages of Brighthurst: This land is largely hostile, and the occupants are nothing more than savages, killing anyone on sight.


    Mithas Ithril: The Forsaken: A group of visionary assassins hellbent on the creation of a new world order.

    Nepheline: The Ashen Revanchist: A group revolting against the king or overlord of Nepheline, Virulos the Dragonbane, whose main goal is to wipe out all dragonkin.

    FallCourt: Fallcourt Mercenaries: A group of mercenaries, led by Yukiyo Tokaji, whose interests are many. But among them all, there is one that stands out. Their goal above all else, is to see the current Kings and Queens killed, and replaced with more competent, honest hearts. Unlike most mercenary groups, Fallcourt Mercs do not accept contracts. Rather, their members go on missions to complete whatever assignment must be done, usually in the form of peace making between groups, or killing anyone too hostile against their cause.

    Ætheros, The Floating City of magic

    Himmelheim: home to the Merchants Guild, and Shipwrights Guild
  2. Fallcourt Mercenaries~Chapter 1: Universal Collapse, Heros Arise~

    Location: Medical field tent, not far from Fallcourt Mercenary Guild Hall
    Interactions: Yukiyo Tokaji, various npcs, Amiko(npc)
    Weather: Sunny with very few clouds

    Yuki awoke to the sounds of many people crying out for help, and the smell of many dead rebels. The sight made her sick. The thought of the kings men killing and injuring these people, all to keep safe from their inevitable death for their treachery, disgusted her. She rose up, and stood on her feet, feeling a little light headed. "Ma'am, you need to rest. You're in no condition to be moving around." A medic said, rushing over to her. "I'm perfectly fi--" Yuki's words were cut short, as she coughed up blood into her hand. Did that Iron Reaper woman actually hit me? She thought to herself. "My my, you're injured." A young lady walked into the tent, and spoke as she made her way to Yukiyo.

    "She got lucky is all. Next time she won't escape with her life." Yuki said surely and firmly. She wasn't wasn't about to let this woman help ruling tyrants, without some form of consequence. The Fallcourt mercenary leader made her way out of the tent, her sword in hand, and headed to the guild hall in Fallcourt. It worked under the cover of a tavern, and it worked well. As it was so close to the castle on the western side of the continent, the knights came down regularly to collect tax, but never knew where her mercenaries hid out at. The sky was bright and sunny, with only a few clouds floating around. Today would be a good day for training.
  3. Kylar Valleyhoof

    Location: Underground, near the City of Whiteviolet.
    Weather: Slight breeze.
    Interactions: None.​

    Kylar had to deal with this for the glory of the purge. Another necromantic hideout, hidden with a mine close to Whiteviolet. He sighed, taking in the dusty, musky fumes of the abandoned cathedral. There would be blood spilled. The soft breaths resonated through his chest and out through his mouth like a meek whisper, not wishing to attract undue attention from necromantic cultists who would use his parts for their abhorrent rituals. Through the dirty and derelict halls he walked, no purpose other than the mind for slaughter and butchery of an entire lifestyle.

    He could hear the chanting as he approached, the light of the room seemingly absorbed into the colour of eerie violet, the church's members praying to Mehriik, furthering their sinful lives. It was a small, yet powerful sect, not the most abhorrent by any means, but yet elimination would still be their punishment. "Nos mundum purget nefariis lux Domine Mehriik. Sumus agnus superducentes servitutis aeternae dominationis gentiles. Oramus cepi." they spoke in the ancient tongues, translating to 'We shall cleanse the world of traitorous light, Lord Mehriik. We are your lamb, bringing upon the heathens a dominion of eternal servitude. We pray to appease you.' Kylar smiled at their focus. It meant he had the upper hand.
    The fools did pray, their Priest withered and malnourished, standing over an empty pit. He recited the same desperate prayer with purpose, a deep, gravelly tone resonating from his throat. His hands waved over the pit, a smile across his face, and delight in his eyes as the pit began to glow a sickly green, wisps of mana and smoke emanating from it's core. "Lord Mehriik." He spoke, and the necromancer acolytes ceased their prayer. Kylar's eyebrow raised in curiosity. "You have answered our prayers, and we wish to bring forth a familiar of yours. To purge this world of rotten light and those who would care to guide us toward us. We pray for... The Lich." The crowd simply stared as the pit, now seemingly designated as a portal, rumbled, the souls of the damned flying in wisps of dark mana through the auditorium of the church. "You summoned me, moooooortaaaaals." The pit spoke. "You are foooooolish. is mine." spoke a ghastly voice, resonating from the pit as like magnets, the flecks of darkness formed into a single entity of darkness and silver. The Lich.

    The Lich was in the mortal realm. A being greater than simple undead, and close to Mehriik himself in leagues of power. The being raised it's hand toward the acolytes who worshipped it, and it let out a blood curdling cackle. "Your souls shall serve as nourishment, my lambs." The being spoke, and each acolyte was lifted into the air, and ripped in half by an unseen force, their corrupted souls drawn to the Liches body. "You are my sustenance. You are my nourishment. Now I must cleanse this world of light." The being spoke, before it vanished into the darkness it appeared from. Kylar's eyes were alight with fear, and with no sign of stopping, he fled the church. The Lich had done his job, but now Lady Roseleaf would have a greater problem to worry about. He would need to gather more forces for the Purge, if a Lich was going to be trying to assert its dominance over a fractured Svanoltia. He'd need to contact the guilds.

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  4. Felix Volund The Merchant PrinceLocation: Himmelheim; Scalehall, Guildhall of the Merchant's Guild
    Interactions: Felix, Branwell Frain(npc)
    Weather: Cloudy
    Collab: None

    The center of Himmelheim's world smelled of cardamon and apples. Scalehall's meeting chambers boomed with loud debate over the current state of affairs, with wealthy burghers each shouting and accusing the other of having some part to play in the ongoing debacles. Under the watchful eye of three carved gods - one marble, one jet, one quartz - the greatest minds and fattest purses had gathered and were beginning a small civil war all of their own. A swarthy southerner who traded in spices had reached for his dagger at one point and had to be escorted out by members of the Goldwatch, the Merchant's Guilds own security services.

    Felix Volund silenced the crowd with a small gavel, slammed against a fine wooden pulpit. Engraved in the shape of a proud eagle spreading its wings, the speaking-post gave him a great vantage point over both wings of bickering coin-counters. "Honored members of the Merchant's Guild, ladies and gentlemen both." He was projecting his voice firmly, strongly. "We all agree this recent uprising is a foul turn for all of us. We are all of us suffering from the downturn in trade - the roads are closing, bandits prey on our shipments, new taxes narrow our profit margins. In these trying times we must not be pulled apart. No, we must strand strong."

    A scroll was unveiled with the royal crest emblazoned across it, a decree. "Henceforth, all trade with the rebels is to cease. Any found to be providing them, or their allies, with food, supplies or any other form of support is just as guilty of treason as they are. Thus is the word of King Mekell." Felix rolled up the scroll and placed it on the lectern with a sign. "And there you have it. As of now, the Fallcourt Mercenary Guild is persona non-grata. All Merchant's Guild contracts with them are considered null and void. Hopefully having their purse-strings cut like this will keep the rebellion short. See to your own businesses, ladies and gentlemen. Meeting adjourned."

    After the members dispersed from the audience chamber, Felix caught the eye of one of his allies in the Shipwright guild, Branwell Frain. Frain was a tall, slender fellow with rough, brassy skin from a life at sea. Dressed in a fine green-tinged ermine, the older man had been key in Felix's rise to fortune - and vice versa. Felix motioned with his head and Frain followed quietly into the Guildmaster's chambers. The night was slipping in and they had arranged to have dinner while discussing the next strategic move for their respective guilds to take. Felix had always valued those chats.

    Dinner was fish pie, baked with fine soft cheese in the potato crust. The fish was smooth, fresh salmon caught in the mountain regions to the north and the sauce had been flavoured with a rich cocktail of herbs. The wine was an excellent vintage from a vineyard Felix himself owned. As the candle burned low and the manservant tidied the dishes away, the two men went over a map of the region, moving carved wooden tokens to and fro to represent trade routes. There were fewer than they liked and Felix rubbed his chin slowly.

    "Invest in garlic farms and silver mines." He said softly, putting a mark on two farms south of the city and a mountain east of that. "Do it fast. Make sure as many guards are on the brokers as need be. I need the deeds on my desk this time tomorrow."

    "What's the rush?" Frain's voice was low and airy when he spoke, but put him on ship's deck and he became a booming powerhouse.

    "Demand will skyrocket soon. Word's gotten around that the rebel queen's some sort of vampire. Some of the more extreme rumours are saying her army are all vampires, or that she's controlling them through blood-magic."

    Frain sipped his wine and swilled a little before he spoke again. "Garlic and silver to fend off vampires? Does that even work?"

    Felix shrugged. "Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. But the people believe it does and every old woman and child is going to be trying to ward off the scary night-monsters. That should help us shore up our accounts, weather the storm of the rebellion a while longer."

    When Frain went home, Felix lingered a little longer in the room looking over how things were playing out in the rebellion. An attack on the capital, a bold move, but one that had apparently led to a stalemate. Reports of a fight between the rebel queen and the Iron General, one of the city walls destroyed. The siege would impact prices a lot - demand for food to be imported to the capital, construction materials, manpower. Profit to be made, for sure. But from the big picture, looking at the whole thing from above, he couldn't help but feel there was nothing more to do but control damage.

    Fields marked in red were burned; casualties were mounting and those were productive workers taken out of the equation. Many roads were closing, banditry was on the rise as soldiers on both sides defected. Granaries were being emptied out and the winter was going to be a hard one. Whoever won the war, there was going to be a famine this winter and the next five years would be lean. "And for what?" He sighed before turning aside and heading to bed. The thing to consider now was how to end the rebellion as soon as possible.
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  5. Arabella, The trickster

    Location: Himmelheim; Platform; Outside the Leviathan
    Weather: Cloudy
    Interaction: Tydes Crowell/First Mate (npc), Ship repairer (npc)

    "What do you mean you won't be able to finish it!?" Arabella yelled as she grabbed the ship repairer by the collar of his shirt, the latter squirming as he tried to release himself of her hold.

    "It's impossible! With the Purge upon us, the materials needed are scarce! There' s nothing I can do!" The poor man cried as the Pirate woman tightened her grip on him. His eyes wandered to the ship near them for a second, confirming that, indeed, there was no way for them to repair it at the moment. Not at the state of the giant ship. The Leviathan was in critical state due to the last journey of the Pirate crew that, unfortunately, had crossed paths with The Siren. And Arabella and the captain of said ship, William Sharrow, did not get along that well. Alright, they absolutely hated each other. But that was a story for another time. What really mattered now was that her ship was useless at the moment, and Svanoltia was in the middle of a revolt. A revolt that, honestly, Bella gave zero fucks about. Oh well, it seemed that they would be stuck in here. Until these people ended their inconvenient little rebellion. After she was gone they could kill themselves all they wanted.

    The Captain threw the repairer away, almost throwing him on the sea. A pity he didn't fell.
    "You're lucky I have no ship at the moment, otherwise I'd just have keelhauled your useless ass." Bella growled in clipped tones as she pointed a finger at the man on the ground. She was pissed, nay, beyond pissed. Seriously, fuck Sharrow.

    "Captain." A male voice called. Tydes, Arabella's First Mate and unofficial babysitter. "Calm down. Since we're going to get stuck in here for a while, we might as well keep a low profile. Without our ship-"

    "My ship."

    "Your ship, our defenses decreased notably. And The Leviathan was our main object of intimidation, without it, we are but mere men." As Tydes finished, Bella simply stared at him.

    "You seem to forget who I am, Tydes." The woman's voice was calm, whisper-like, which increased the danger in it, the menace. Her voice cut like knives. Smoothly, but not less dangerous. Tydes suddenly remembered why the woman standing in front of him came to be the Captain of a Pirate Ship, why she was the leader of a group of men who hated rules. He gulped. "I do not, trust me. But I'm also thinking on the rest of the crew."

    After what felt centuries of staring, Arabella finally sighed defeated. Muttering a "very well" as she ordered for her flag to be removed and guarded in a vault. She threw a "satisfied?" Glare to her First Mate, who simply nodded and grinned. Meanwhile, the forgotten ship repairer watched the whole endeavor with widened eyes, apparently never having seen two highly dangerous pirates bickering like children before. Bella turned to him once again, her face lit up in a friendly and fake smile. "And you, honey, not a word of this to anyone, alright? Do remember that I won't be stuck here for too long, and you might as well come with me if you don't uphold your word. Savvy?"

    And with a nod as a reply, the Captain turned satisfied, walking away as she hid her cutlasses under a long coat, signaling for Tydes to do the same. She didn't remove her hat, but tried not to call too much attention, she already had too much problem in her agenda. And being stuck in a rebelling Kingdom with a ruined ship was only one of them, even if only for a short span of time.

    Oh boy, how wrong she was.
  6. Kylar Valleyhoof and Eiko Maurbeni
    The gallop back to the castle of Whiteviolet was one of fraught nervousness on the part of Kylar, the centaur nearly concussing people on the pavestones as he made his way at high speed to the courtyard of the citys leader. The guards knew who he was, their captain, and let him into the grand hall, Lady Luna Roseleaf residing in its center.

    The castle knightess, Eiko, made her way towards Whiteviolet, with the main intent to talk sense into the rulers of the largest city she'd ever seen in her travels, into making an alliance against any and all rebels who would defy their rulers. She knew not what alliances they already had, whether they would be willing to cooperate, or banish her from their sight, a sign they wouldn't cooperate.

    As she made her way, a Centaur blew past her at high speeds, obviously in a hurry. "Watch where you're going!" Marubeni said angrily, almost being knocked over. Her words fell on deaf ears as he sped away towards the grand hall. She knew not who the Centaur was, nor did she care. He was of no importance to her current assignment.

    The Centaur made his way to the Great Hall, out of breath, as the guards surrounded him. "Captain, are you all right?" spouted one of the men, and he waved them off dismissively. "I must speak with Lady Roseleaf. It is of the utmost importance." The Centaur exclaimed, catching his breath as he slowly moved his way to the seat of Lady Roseleaf, whose eyes gazed over him with calm and analytical demeanour.

    "Lord Valleyhoof. I trust your expedition brought about valuable results?" examined Luna Roseleaf, as Kylar shook the confidence to raise his eyes to her level, before getting on two legs, and bowing himself and his head. "Lady Roseleaf, we have a larger problem than anticipated. One that could rock Svanoltia to its very core.

    The royal gasped in shock, leaning in to the centaur. "Lord Valleyhoof, you may rise. I commend you for finding out this information without perishing, but could you please elaborate?" She explained as Kylar did so. "My lady, the necromantic cult I did not kill. That was their own work, as they have summoned one of the most powerful forms of hellspawn; The Lich. We must contact the guilds and ensure the safety of Svanoltia, in fragile times as these, is not compromised." The eyes of Roseleaf went dark and analytical at this information, before she snapped back to reality once more. "We have a guild leader on the way to ensure our allegiance to the crown. I shall let you talk to her and ensure that her allegiance at first is to our realms mere survival rather than politics. I thank you, greatly tahnk you, for bringing me this information. You are dismissed."

    Eiko had made her way into the great hall, as the royal and the centaur finished talking. She did not hear very much of the conversation, but did hear about the safety of the land being at risk. Marubeni made her way to the throne, and kneeled before Lady Roseleaf. "Ma'am, I am here by the order of the rulers of the western castle of Svanoltia. I assume you're aware of my reason for coming." She said, bowing her head, and closing her eyes briefly, before standing back up.

    "Yes, I am aware." Lady Roseleaf replied, looking observantly over the female knight in her presence. "But before we discuss your reason for being here any further, there is something that must be taken care of first. A necromantic cult has been operating for a while now, and Sir Valleyhoof has been tracking them, and trying his best to eradicate them. He can fill you in on the details of recent events." She finished, still examining the knight with her unwavering eyes.

    "Of course, Milady. I suppose it's only fair to help you in your affairs before anything, or at the very least, listen." Eiko responded, shifting her weight slightly to one leg, before positioning both feet side by side, and putting her arms behind her back, standing perfectly at attention.

    "I am Sir Kylar Valleyhoof, Lady Eiko." Kylar explained as he turned his axis sideways so both ladies were faced by him. "I was there when they were summoning it. There was no need for interruption on my part because they were all slaughtered to sate the lich. They will most likely rise as undead due to their recent soullessness. That is an easy objective minimal forces can suceed at. However, with the rise of the Lich, the revolt must take a backseat, I implore you. That Lich will rend our world, even with minimal power. All it will do will acquire souls to feed on, and increase its power five, ten and even fiftyfold if we leave it unchecked. I would like permission from the two of you to forge an alliance between the Whiteviolet Purge and The Iron Reapers. Would you do me and the rest of Svanoltia the honour?"

    Eiko paused a moment at the information she had just been given. Though she didn't care much for the petty happenings of the world, as opposed to the more important things, this would be a problem. Eiko gave a smal sigh, and spoke firmly. "I see no problem with helping in your attempt to destroy this menace." Marubeni unsheathed a small portion of her blade, looking at her relfection within it. "I will fight by your side against the Lich. I'll have my guards stationed at the gate send word to the hall of the Reapers, to inform my men of this alliance, and the need to make their way here at once. Until they arrive, I will stay here, and help prepare for whatever needs to be done."

  7. Xaevin - The Azure Fang
    Xaevin walked with his arms behind his back. They'd just finished their latest mercenary job and gotten back into Himmelheim. It had been a while since they'd been here, that last job had been both long and tedious. Plus, none of the others in Caravan wanted to talk to him. Jerks, the lot of them. Rhevan had gone along with Xaevin's wanderlust, and they'd spent the last hour or so just walking around the city.

    He never got tired of exploring Himmelheim. It was big and bustling and there was just so much to see. Although after they walked past the Merchant's guild for the third time, he decided they should probably head back to to the inn. It wouldn't do to impose on Rhevan''s kindess.

    Looking back at his constant companion for the last years, Xaevin felt anxious. He'd been quiet the last couple months. Well quieter than was usual for him. something was wrong. Change was coming, and Xaevin wasn't looking forward to it. He hated change. Things should just continue how they had been always.

    As they walked into their Inn, Elise the owner noticed and bustled over. "Back from the mission? Your rooms still made up, just head on on up.

    Nodding absentmindedly. Xaevin led the way up, making a split second decision as they were settling in. He spoke up. "Hey, Rhev, I'm thinking we could head west, we've saved up enough money and Himmelheim has gotten too familiar. I heard there might be a village or two that might need help, save the small village, become heroes. Like we used to talk about."

    Meeting Rehvan's eye. He let out an uneasy laugh. Xaevin had a knot in his gut, he had this awful sense of foreboding, but didn't know why.
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  8. Rhevan - The Crimson Talon
    Having been following Xaevin quietly, Rhevan let out a huff at his companion's statement. Every fiber of his being wanted to point out that becoming 'heroes' was something Xaevin always rambled about and Rhevan never had any say in it because, well, he was mute. Folding his arms across his chest, Rhevan shifted on his feet, his mannerisms mimicking how he felt about the matter. With a nonchalant shrug, he let out a low grunt.

    If Xaevir wanted them to become heroes, then heroes they would become.

    'I'm just along for the ride.' He thought quietly, finally nodding to let his fellow Dragoon know he was fine with the plan of action.
  9. Xaevin - The Azure Fang Xaevin was confused. Rhevan was clearly irritated about something. And apparently Xaevin had guessed entirely wrong, because Rehv definitely didn't wanna go play hero. Shrugging a bit, Xaevin was about to open his mouth when Elise entered their room.

    "Somebody just came in asking for you two. Apparently he's heard good things. He said he wanted to meet you in two hour at the merchants guild." and then she was gone as quickly as she had entered. He blinked a bit at the speed with which Elise had come and gone, but Inn owners were on a different level compared to a Dragoon like himself. Looking at Rhevan, he shrugged a bit, before sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

    "I have to go check with Adarian to see if he's fixed my back-up Lance staff yet. I'll swing around the Merchant's guild to see what kind of job it is. You can come if you want, or you can just do whatever while I check it. We can talk more about the entire villages thing later."

    After he was finished, Xaevin walked out of the room at a brisk pace, he threw a small wave over his head a bye to Rhevan.
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  10. Rhevan - The Crimson Talon

    Raising a fist, Rhevan shook it violently at Xaevin.

    'We'll talk, he says. Must be really easy to have a conversation with someone that can't talk!' He thought inwardly, absolutely furious even if his demeanor didn't show it. After several years of travelling together, Rhevan had concluded his partner intentionally ignores his muteness. 'Perhaps that's for the best...' Even if it infuriated him, the fact Xaevin treated him as an equal and liked to 'discuss' things was somewhat comforting.

    'At least he knows I have an opinion...' Sighing, Rhevan exited the inn, nodding to Elise as he left out. Taking a deep breath, he gazed at the bustling street. 'So many people... So many stories... And I'm just another page in a never ending book.' Stepping forward, he merged into the crowd, letting his feet guide him as he strolled through the city..
  11. Xaevin - The Azure Fang Xaevin walked away from the smithy whistling a little tune to himself. Adarian had his back up ready and the entire thing had taken less than 5 minutes , which put Xaevin in a good mood. He'd cut his usual citywide jaunt short earlier, but now he had time to burn.

    He visited all his usual haunts. The old woman who had the tailor shop greeted him as warmly as she always had and sent him on his way with a reprimand to visit sooner after a short conversation. The children were playing at the same place, acting as if a couple months had made them ages older, the little tykes. Xaevin visited the homeless folks in the city who were still hanging around the same alleys. He dropped them some extra money this time around, his last job had paid very well after all.

    He had about half an hour left before his meeting. So he headed to the same place ha always did to end his excursions Kali's Tavern. Her Apple-Cinnamon pie was one of Xaevin's favorite things Sauntering into the Tavern, Xaevin took a seat at the bar as the proprietress glided over. She just raised an eyebrow as if to question him on his order, and he just nodded. They both knew the routine by now. As the pie slid down towards him, Xaevin grabbed his fork and make a big show of digging in.

    While he was about to finish up, somebody bumped into him and the bit of pie fell off the spoon. Frowning a bit, he shrugged to himself, and was about to go for another piece when a imposing voice made itself known from behind him. "Aren't you going to apologize?" Glancing over his shoulder, Xaevin saw a tall bald man with a large black thing tattooed on his mug glaring down at him, He noticed that there was a bit of beer on his shirt, confused a bit at his statement, since he'd done nothing but sit there. Xaevin made a confused sound before responding. "No?"" The man started growling before cracking his knuckles in a intimidating manner. "You sure about that fam?" Xaevin could see the man's mates getting up behind him. He turned around to ignore them and tried to focus on his pie, acutely aware of the glare Kali was sending his way warning him not to start anything on pain of death.

    Xaevin was about to take a bite when he felt something in his gut, tilting his head to the left, he avoided the punch being sent at him, which ended up hitting his dish and ruining what was left of his pie. "You ruined my pie" he exclaimed in anger as he turned around with the pie dish in his hand, unfortunately the bald man was in the line of the dish, and Xaevin accidentally hit him with it as the wooden pie dish exploded from the impact, sending the man flying out through the doors and into the street.

    The man's mates were advancing on Xaevin when Kali took to them with a broom. "Not in my store, out with the lot of ya!" She roared, he attempted to sneak out while this was going on, but Kali picked him out of the crowd and turned a gimlet eye on him. Smiling weakly, he raised his hand in a pacifying manner, before turning and fleeing through the doors. "I left the money for the pie and the broken dish on the counter!" he shouted over his shoulder. As soon as he was out of the store however, he saw the bald man nursing a broken nose and his mates helping him up, they noticed him coming out of the door and looked as if they wanted to continue what had started in the store. Sticking out his tongue at them like a child would, he lept away, landing on a rooftop before leaping towards the Merchant hall.
  12. Felix Volund The Merchant PrinceLocation: Himmelheim; Scalehall, Guildhall of the Merchant's Guild
    Interactions: Felix, Branwell Frain
    Weather: Sunny
    Collab: None

    The leather straps were taking Felix some getting used to. The leather itself was fine and supple stuff, but the weight and presence of the hidden pouches and pockets on the outfit was new and uncomfortable. Still, it was better than the alternative. When everything was affixed, Felix took himself in using a full-length mirror. The merchant prince of Himmelheim hardly looked himself; his hair was dyed a few shades darker, he'd not shaved and make-up had been applied to give his skin a rougher, more sun-worn tone. Instead of fine linen and silk, he wore padded leather under furs, in the Northern fashion, with a longsword rattling at his right hip. It helped to make him look taller, thicker-set and more unruly than he really was.

    "I look like an illiterate goatherder." He said to an empty room, before smiling. This was exactly how he intended to look. He left his chambers and trotted down the winding staircase from the tower to the Guildhall proper.

    The meeting had been arranged for two dragoons to come in and take on a contract from the Merchant's Guild. Times were tense and it made sense for a little extra security to be laid on. But in times of rebellion and insurrection, there were additional precautions to take when you aren't sure whether the sword at your back is a friend or foe. Felix entered the meeting chamber from the servants entrance, having detoured through the kitchen to snatch up a flagon of coarse red wine to swig - and sprinkle some spirits around the furs to add to the impression of being a barely-civil, northern mountain savage.

    Branwell Frain, his ally in all things, sat in the Guildmaster's seat. They shared a momentary look, the plan they'd previously formulated being rehearsed in that unspoken connection. Felix took a position behind Branwell's seat and to his left, crossing his arms and looking at the door. Branwell raised his hand and gave to the command to permit entry to the two dragoons.
  13. Xaevin - The Azure Fang Xaevin was hurtling through the air, the wind whipping through his hair and the city beneath his feet, it was the best feeling in the world. The people below didn't matter, where he had been before this or where he was headed didn't matter. All that mattered was the wide open expanse of the sky in front of him.

    While he was in the middle of a leap, he spotted some red out of the corner of his eye, he knew that shade of red, using his back-up staff as something solid push off of. Xaevin altered his course in mid-air and came down directly in front of Rhev(rather dramatically Xaevin thought to himself)who was already near the Merchant Hall.

    "You ready?"

    Getting the affirmative from Rhev, Xaevin turned and headed into the hall with Rhevan at his side.
  14. Rhevan - The Crimson Talon

    Pausing when Xaevin dropped down in front of him, Rhevan blinked calmly, having grown accustomed to his partner's antics over the years. Applauding Xaevin's entrance without an ounce of enthusiasm, Rhevan rolled his eyes at the Azure Dragoon's inquiry.

    'Of course I'm ready, you fool. Why else would I be standing here?' He inquired mentally, wishing he could vocalize his annoyance. Folding his arms, Rhevan inclined his head before following behind Xaevin. As soon as they entered the Guild Hall, Rhevan couldn't help but notice the usual mixtures of stares. Some were stares of curiosity - those he didn't mind. But the others? The ones that held barely concealed disdain aggravated him. He understood why almost all Dragoons were disliked - after all, interspecies unions weren't exactly something that was praised and held in high regard.

    Nudging Xaevir forward, he urged his fellow Dragoon to take the lead.
  15. Xaevin - The Azure Fang Xaevin stepped into the room and instantly felt the stares on him and Rhev. His smile never wavered, but if the temperature of the room dropped a dozen degrees, it surely wasn't related. Understanding the nudge for what it was. Xaevin strode forward with all of his usual cheer into the room with the client.

    Smiling widely to the two in the room, he introduced himself and his companion in his usual mile a minute manner of speech. "Greetings. My name is Xaevin, and this is my companion Rhevan. We are the Dragoons and were told we were to meet somebody here for a potential job?" While speaking, Xaevin's eyes were darting over the two situated in the room. Xaevin was sure they were wonderful people, but they had run into less than reputable merchants on their travels as well.

    His eyes lingered on the man to the left, at first he appeared to be someone from the northern mountains, but his clothing was too new, too fine, and the smell of wine that he basically radiated to Xaevin's dragonkin nose indicated he'd been drinking, although the man didn't look even a bit intoxicated. Either he was very good at keeping his drink down, or the wine was something else.

    Xaevin pondered the safety of this potential job while he waited for the other party to continue the business meeting.
  16. Felix Volund The Merchant PrinceLocation: Himmelheim; Scalehall, Guildhall of the Merchant's Guild
    Interactions: Felix & Branwell; Xaevin & Rhaevan
    Weather: Sunny

    It was an odd pair that walked in. Not quite human, that much was apparent. Skin too sheer, too pale and reflective, catching the light like snakeskin. Dragonkin. It was almost funny, dragonkin becoming dragoons. He idly wondered if that was an occupation they fell into purely because of the pun? Was it all some grand cosmic joke or did they really happen to develop those talents naturally? He looked each of them up and down, taking their measure. Young, barely older than twenty. Unproven, untested. Risky investment. But that age meant they were cheaper too. Not as much experience to haggle up a higher price. He could only hope Branwell could play the part of the miser well enough to make it work. The man was a wonderful maker of ships, but he relied too heavily on Felix for his finances.

    "Gentlemen, good of you to come. My name is Felix Volund. Please, sit." Branwell spoke in a decent imitation of Felix's smoothed-out roughness, putting just enough backalley in the vowels. There was a plain brass jug on the table between them, multiple goblets. Automatically, Felix began pouring out portions for all four of them. He knew the vintage well, another one from his valley; deep, rich and insistent, nourished by mellow clay aftertaste. Two cups slid together over to the two dragoons, one was placed in Branwell's outstretched palm and of course one stayed with Felix himself.

    "As you might know, things are getting tense in the wider world. As such, the Merchant's Guild has been gathering talented young men like yourself to supplement the security services of our own Goldwatch." Branwell motioned with his goblet to small groups of men and women dotted around the meeting chamber, their armour and cloaks dyed gold. "Very reasonable rates for pay you won't find too challenging. My associate here, in the furs - Sorric Kolwen - needs to deliver some Guild documentation to our halls in Mithas Ithril. He trades in furs and cheeses, you see. We work closely with Erin Vermintooth to - well, you don't need to know all that stuff. As I say, reasonable rates for the work. You'll be traveling light, just you and Sorric. The only condition is that you don't interfere with Sorric's person or what he carries with him. Guild documents have to stay confidential, you see. That's right, Sorric?"

    Felix nodded at Branwell, showing teeth he'd carefully stained. "Ja. Ve pay you to poke wiz your spearz, not poke wiz your nozes."
  17. Rhevan - The Crimson Talon
    Location: Himmelheim; Scalehall, Guildhall of the Merchant's Guild
    Interactions: Rhaevan; Xaevin & Felix & Branwell
    Weather: Sunny

    With narrowed eyes, Rhevan took one of the goblets and raised it to his lips. Inhaling quietly, he took in the scent and he could almost taste the liquid. With a twitching mouth, he placed it back down on the table carefully, hoping his actions wouldn't offend his prospective employers. Listening quietly as Branwell spoke and informed them of their proposed duties, Rhevan couldn't hide the sneer that made its way over his face when Sorric began to speak.

    Rhevan was not to type to immediately jump to conclusions, but the man's immediate defensive and somewhat aggressive attitude raised warning flags in the Dragoon's mind.

    'What are you hiding...?' Rhevan inquired mentally, his mind racing. The last thing he wanted was to get caught up in something beyond him. Rhevan was always one to avoid politics - preferring to keep things simple and deal with monsters. They were predictable. Learn their routine and they were easily quelled. But humans? They were too unpredictable and full of surprises, which is what worried Rhevan.

  18. Xaevin - The Azure Fang Xaevin noticed the man who smelled of wine give him and Rhevan the once over. Predictable, all clients did that. Although he was surprised that a snide remark about their age or rather obvious origin wasn't forthcoming. Xaevin and Rhevan were not too old to begin with, but their..heritage did a smashing job of keeping them looking even younger than they really were.

    There was something niggling in his mind, the man sitting in front of them in the seat of the Guildmaster did not look like the leader of the Merchant Guild head he'd heard about, Felix was his name he recalled, from his multitude of friends around the city. Strange. Smiling widely at their benefactor's offering of wine. Xaevin inclined his head in thanks, but made no move to grab the goblet that was intended for him. He didn't partake of the liquid many men practically lived off of. It had never really suited his palate.

    Letting his eyes wander, he noticed the small details in room they were in, before his eyes drifted back over Felix and the other man, who was introduced as Sorric, eyeing his teeth Xaevin couldn't help but think 'Yup, those are definitely stained with something.' Although the words that came out of the man's mouth puzzled him. The accent seemed authentic enough, but it was still strange. Xaevin and Rhevan had done a lot of traveling in the years after...afterwards, and could usually identify and understand a multitude of accents, but he couldn't place this one. Shrugging to himself, Xaevin merely filed away the piece of information into his folder of 'Stuff that is strange about the nice gentleman looking to hire us.'

    Keeping his 100 Lantern smile going. Xaevin opened his mouth. "I hope you don't mind, we appreciate the obviously high quality liquor but neither of us partake. The terms seem agreeable, we've been doing this a while and respect the need for the client to have his privacy. Please give us a couple minutes, so me and my comrade can talk" Spinning on his heel even before he had finished talking, so he was firmly between Felix, Sorric and Rhevan's sneer.

    Xaevin hesitated a moment, flashing back to the jobs where the clients had been ferrying stolen children under the pretense of butchered meat. 'For their sake, everything about this better be above board.' Using the string of symbols they'd developed as teenagers, Xaevin asked Rhevan's opinion.

  19. Characters: Yukiyo Tokaji
  20. Rhevan - The Crimson Talon
    Location: Himmelheim; Scalehall, Guildhall of the Merchant's Guild
    Interactions: Rhaevan; Xaevin & Felix & Branwell
    Weather: Sky has begun to grey.

    Staring blandly at his partner, Rhevan read the signs Xaevin made. Huffing out a sigh, the Crimson Talon took a moment to think things over. There was something slightly sketchy about the situation, yet the two Dragoons needed work, undeniably.

    'Request a quarter of the payment upfront. If something isn't on the up and up, we can stop whatever they are up to and still have some form of payment.' He replied, his hands moving swiftly. 'Also, you know I cannot talk. So stop pretending like I can.' He promptly added, ending his string of signs with a raised middle finger.
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