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  1. Ethan rolled his shoulders, pulling a hand through tousled black hair before pulling on a t-shirt while he headed for his small kitchen, he was restless and felt like he hadn’t exercised in a long while. Granted his job as a mechanic was a physical job but still working on vehicles wasn’t enough to drain his energy. A trip to the gym or long runs helped to ease him but not forever, sometimes he needed to let loose, he’d grown so used to it when he was younger that now staying normal was hard. A look outside his window into the clear, sunny afternoon was enough for him to make up his mind.

    Stopping to grab his keys Ethan quickly pulled on is worn sneakers before leaving his apartment, locking it behind him. Ignoring the elevator he quickly reached the ground floor and headed off to the west in a quick pace, already seeing the tree tops in the distance. Having rented an apartment not far from the edge of town, there small clusters of trees grew ever closer until the forest that spread far beyond the city took over. As Ethan reached the first trees he breathed deeply, enjoying the fresh air that reminded him of his childhood home. Sometimes he pondered on moving back there but bad memories still kept him anchored in the city where he, ironically enough, felt safer.

    Finally reaching the thick forest he started to relax even more, tension that built up during the weeks was fading as he scanned the woods with green, cautious eyes, ever vigilant on his surroundings, but to his human senses the area around him was empty except for him. Stopping by a large moss covered boulder that had a leafy bush growing so close it partially covered the stone Ethan paused for a while, thinking over his choice, when he’d decided he undressed quickly, the cool air under the trees didn’t bother him even as a slight breeze managed to rustle the leaves around him. Hiding his clothes between the rock and the bush where it lay safely out of sight he took a few steps away, closing his eyes and relaxed, emptying his mind.

    Soon a feeling rippled through him like electricity, the feeling in itself was almost addicting and something he always longed for more than the result itself. A second wave strong enough to bend him forward followed and he felt joints crack and tendons stretch as he shrank forward, feeling his face elongate and his gums itched when teeth grew out. Simultaneously dark fur spread across his skin as a dark river, paler on his stomach and chest and a dark brown mixed with black along his back and shoulders.

    Stretching in his new body Ethan shook his fur straight, his paws skidding outwards in the dirt erasing some of his footprints from earlier, suddenly a whole new world was opened to him, he could hear the faintest of sounds and smell even the river flowing far away. Scanning the forest with his amber eyes he let the wolf psyche take over for a while, noticing a deer several yards away and heard the bustling of all the small creatures living in the woods, from rabbits to insects.

    He’d chosen a wolf because it wasn’t uncommon for them to be seen in these parts, had he had the patience to head much deeper into the forest then he could have chosen another more exotic form. But today a wolf would be more than enough for him, to stretch out in full sprint, feeling the earth beneath him and the forest air around him all the while his graceful body worked to its fullest, that was what fully eased his tensions and worries.
  2. Kieara was still working hard in the office complex. She worked downtown in a busy office with cramped cubicles and pay that was not worth the amount of work she did in the first place. Her co-workers and boss was relentless on her. Of course being the only woman on your floor could be a lot of that. And the fact that she wasn't bad looking didn't help either. Of course she didn't flaunt it like some of the other women would.

    Finally the day was over. The work day that is. She got up from her desk and straightened out her skirt dusting it off. It was black and fell to about two inches above her knees. She then straightened the white button up shirt she was wearing from sitting all day. She moved away from her desk making sure everything was turned off and in order, then she grabbed her purse and started home.

    She walked down the busy streets. Her orange-ish red curls blew around her face from the bun that her hair was currently tied back into. The petite, yet curvy woman didn't know really if she wanted to go home yet today. She needed to unwind a little. The monthly quarters were coming up and it felt like her head was spinning with the amount of work she had to deal with right now. She thought the wind was a little cool and she'd probably get a cold, but she didn't care. She needed the break.

    She brushed another orange curl from her aqua eyes and continued on. She moved into a park that met with the forest at the edge of the city. Her apartment complex wasn't too far into the city, so it wasn't too much of a hassle to walk home. She smiled a little from the already easing tension. The quiet soothed her nerves. The smile made her nose crinkle a little, much like it did when she laughed, and the line of freckles on her pale cheeks and nose crinkled with it. There was a lake in the forest. she remembered always going there with her father when he'd been alive. She longed for a visit and was just crazy enough to try it in dress clothes, so she ventured into the forest.

    What she witnessed next she'd never expected. She saw a man strip, an attractive man.....AHEM anywho, he shifted into a creature! A wolf! She stood stark still not sure what to do next.
  3. First Ethan was blissfully unaware of anything except the sounds and smells of the forest until the wolf's psyche registrered a new scent, something he'd missed earlier as a human and he'd been too caught up in the change to fully take in every new thing in the woods. He could easily pick up the delicate scent of a woman, a human woman at that, he heard the faint rustle of clothes and quick breathing behind him. In one single motion Ethan swiveled around to face her, the wolf body letting him move far quicker than he'd ever manage as a human, fixating his amber eyes on the red headed woman he raised his lips in a snarl. He still was in control but the deep instincts of the animal stayed even though the core was human, and wild animals, especially wolves wanted nothing to do with humans, certainly not when taken by surprise.

    He wondered if he'd been as lucky that the woman had appeared first after he had shifted, but no, he thought with an sigh that came out as low rumble in the wolf's throat, he was never that lucky. She had most likely seen everything, had he been anything like his former friends from Alaska then he'd kill her where she stood, it would be quick and easy with the plus side of leaving no witnessess, but he had long since turned his back to such barbaric, and risky, ways. But perhaps he could act enough as a wild animal that he could confuse her into believing she had been halucinating or dreaming or whatever explanation she could come up with.

    Staring intently at the woman, his body stiff, Ethan pulled back black lips baring his teeth and kept his tail up, even if she was no animal person anyone should recognize a wolf in a bad mood. Now Ethan didn't anymore want to hurt the woman as any real wolf would, but he wanted to act as a suspicious and irritated wolf to make her believe she was seeing things. Not that he'd been too sure of how much she'd seen, it was one of his big faults, he always got too caught up in the shift, but he assumed the worst, it was always best like so, it ensured that you'd be less likely to make a mistake.

    He knew he could run away and return later to find his clothes and head home, he knew this forest inside and out even without the wolf's senses but his curiosity was awoken as well, and once stirred it didn't settle without a fight. This woman, who looked like an office worker, was out in the woods dressed in typical dress clothes for a day in the office. Tilting his head slightly Ethan examined her, trying to figure her out, perhaps with a bit more human intellect visible in his eyes than a normal wolf could muster.

    Restraining an urge to shake himself of his stupidity he started backing away as if he didn't want to show a human his back before he turned on a paw and disappeared into the foliage, he didn't go far, his colouring and the animal itself was made to hide in a wood like this and so he stayed close. Hiding among the bushes and trees keeping watch until the woman would leave so he would feel a bit more secure, he also wanted to make sure she didn't find his clothes. Ethan didn't want to walk home naked or in animal form, plus his keys were in his jeans pocket and while he could get into his apartment anyway he had been stupid enough to not take out his wallet from the back pocket where he always kept it.
  4. Kieara was stark stiff til the wolf seemed to sense her. The turning towards her and the growl was enough to earn a yelp and cause her to stumble backwards over a tree root and fall onto the forest floor. She shook as she looked up at the huge creature her pink lips parted and taking sharp breaths of fear. She cowered before him like a child fearing a thunder storm. She just knew in her heart she was about to be eaten.

    Seeing him seem to contemplate her made her slightly curious through the fear. Did he still think like a human? Was she dreaming? She'd just seen him shift! Or was she imagining things? She surely wasn't, she'd seen him hide his clothing! It further proved her suspicions when he turned tail and ran off. Most wolves wouldn't run off. They would've attacked her viciously and torn her to shreds.

    She slowly moved up as he ran off. She listened hard for him wondering if he was truly gone. Assuming he was, she crept to the rock and bush. She looked around then reached in. Sure enough, she pulled out the man's clothes. Her shock was renewed as she dropped them in her jolt of shock and fell back onto her butt again. What should she do? Forget she saw it? Wait him out? She hadn't a clue.
  5. As the woman didn't leave but instead bent down by the bush and rock and found his clothes Ethan growled quietly to himself where he lay hidden in the shadows, he had only wanted to leave the city for a few hours, and run till his muscles ached and his sense of being boxed in would be gone awhile longer. But now he had instead been too sloppy and had now a curious human on his hands, or paws, that just wouldn't leave and who probably would be less inclined to believeit had been her imagination now that she'd found his clothes. That also proved that she must have seen everything as Ethan was quite sure the clothes couldn't be seen through the bush and in the shadows by the rock.

    He pondered over if he should just run up to her again and snatch his clothes from her and dash of to a place that was completely void of human life or if he should just run himself and hope she left his things there but if either of that should work he couldn't afford to lose his wallet as it clearly showed who he was. Maybe the best was to change back into a human and try to explain or threaten her with words, perhaps she would be more reasonable than many other humans he had met himself and heard about. Or maybe not, what should he do to solve this problem?

    Where he lay flat on his stomach beneath a tree with branches almost brushing the ground he could hardly see the woman clearly courtesy of a bush between them but he could vaguely see and strongly smell her confusion and fear. Keeping his eyes on her he relaxed and let out the wolf as much as possible without loosing himself into a hunt on the deer he could still sense, Ethan let the wolf with it's amazing sixth sense take a feel of the situation. Animals over all where very intuitive and both dogs an wolves could quickly tell who they trusted and liked.

    Finally he sighed as he stood up, quietly shaking his fur before moving through the vegetation as quiet as a ghost, emerging from the bushes nearby the woman he still had doubts but he couldn't figure out a way that would work either worse or better than this. Halting in front of her he sat down, keeping his golden gaze on her, serious and a bit hesitant. Then he sighed and shook his head as if he were wondering over his own decision then he started changing. His muzzle shortened and his limbs elongated followed by the familiar cracking and almost painful stretching of joints and limbs.

    Sadly he noted the loss of the wolf's extreme senses but in only a matter of moments he stood on two legs again, his dark fur falling of, leaving his own tanned skin, he had lost all sense of embarrasment over his or anyone else's body from a young age and felt no different standing there naked as if he'd been alone. "Don't scream, please," he said calmly. "I may not have pefect hearing anymore but still." He wished she wouldn't run, the he would have to waste valuable seconds on dressing before running after her and catch her so he could not tell the whole city.
  6. Kieara turned when she heard a rustle. She immediately began to put distance between them. The shaking returned to her limbs and she closed her eyes as her back hit a tree and she turned her head away. She just knew she was going to be eaten. All the while she began to shake harder when she heard the bones crack. She was in for it. She just knew it.

    She heard his voice, which was surprisingly smooth, and dared to slowly open her eyes and look back at him. She turned her head back still shaking. She watched the man averting her gaze from his manly parts. She spoke. "I-I'm sorry p-please! D-don't hurt me please..." She begged.
  7. Rolling his eyes Ethan sighed, did really he look like a crazy murderer or something, he was so used to shifting that he didn't pay it any heed or how it would make normal humans react. "I'm not going to hurt you, okay," he said, keeping his voice even and not show any irritation that would scare her. "I promise." He quicky slipped into his clothes again, aware how humans normally were quite prude actually. Turning his green eyes back at the red haired woman he pulled a hand through his dark hair, wondering what the heck he was going to do now.

    Sure, turning back might not have been the best idea he'd had but so was running off but now he need to get her to keep quiet and perhaps he should think of moving to another city. But still he wanted to know she kept her mouth shut, even a rumour could turn attention to him or his kind and Ethan didn't want to be responsible for that, cursing to himself he nce more wished he had been more careful earlier. As a teenager it was just that, being careful, that Ethan had realized through some hard lessons was important.

    "Look, I must know if you can keep quiet about this," he said. Really hoping for an agreement, he had no wish to tell the others of his mistake and turn their eyes on an innocent woman. "It's important that no one knows about this, no one." Ethan said, emphasising the last words. "It's for your safety as well alright."
  8. Kieara seemed to calm down a little. She saw he didn't appear mad, and he didn't act hostile. She slowly began to stop shaking. She watched him the whole time though with her big blue eyes. She lowered her gaze until he was dressed, then she looked back up at him. That made her feel much much more comfortable around him. She was very shy when it came to things like that.

    Listening to his words, she responded. "I w-won't tell...I promise...." She said to him.
  9. Studying her as she spoke Ethan tried to judge if she spoke the truth, but no matter how much she meant her words he knew from experience that it wasn't always that easy, even an innocently meant sentence could draw attention. "I hope so, as much as I don't like it not all of us are capable of rational thinking, much like normal humans, and they may not trust your word." It was meant more as a warning then a threat, but no less the truth nonetheless. "What are you even doing out her dressed like that?" He asked curiously, eye brows raised, after another look at her clothes as he offered her a hand to help her up from the ground.
  10. Kieara meant what she said. However, he was right. IT wasn't always that easy. She didn't take his words as a threat. They sounded rational enough to her. When he asked the question, she took his hand allowing him to help her up and she dusted herself off. She spoke. "Well, I work at the office building at the corner of 5th avenue and quarters are coming up. I like to come out here to unwind sometimes. It just happened to be after work today." She said to him. "My dad used to bring me to a pond out here all the time before he passed and I was going to visit it."
  11. Being prone to feeling locked in easily Ethan was always a bit impressed by people who could work all day in offices, had it been him he'd probably devoloped claustrophobia early on, even in school he'd had enjoyed recesses more as he could be outside. Seasons didn't matter to him either, he had alwasy been able to handle cold temperatures easier than some others, walking around in a sweater when others would wear a jacket, besides once he was out of sight and safe he could get the warmest fur possible to be as comfortable even in the middle of winter.

    "I think I know that place," Ethan said, or rather he knew of every small pond, river and glade in this forest from his many explorations with heightened senses of various animals, but if her father had taken her there then Ethan guessed it would be one of the closer ones that would be easier for humans to reach. "I've been out her a lot since I moved here."
  12. Kieara offered a small smile at the memory. Then she started to relax seeing he meant no harm. "do you?" She blinked and gasped. "Oh where are my manners....My name is Kieara." she said to him. She picked up his wallet that had fallen from his pocket and held it out to him. "You dropped this. And you don't have to tell me your name if you don't want to..." she folded her hands in front of her nervously. She could understand why. It was a big secret. And he wanted to keep his identity secret.
  13. Taking the wallet she offered back he smiled at her, small wrinkles forming in the corner of his eyes. "The name's Ethan," he said, putting back the wallet in his back pocket. Not even some of the best could do much with only a name after all, and a common name as his would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. "Are you feeling alright now?" He may not instantly warm up to people and all that but he wasn't jerk that didn't care the least about others either, and leaving her out in the woods after what she'd been through seemed a bit cold. It was, to his shame now a days, something he enjoyed when he was a reckless teenager, scaring clueless humans only to move to the next one just for fun.
  14. Kieara smiled becoming more loose. She spoke. "I like that name." She was trying to be friendly. That wasn't hard for her to do. She was a naturally friendly person. "I feel better. I am sorry for how I reacted." She smiled and kept her hands folded in front of her. She didn't like being left out here alone after meeting him. She didn't want to be left. It was getting closer to evening.
  15. "Don't be, I don't think many would take something like this in a stride," he'd seen way too many humans freaking out way more than this girl had for him to judge. Not that he could really relate seeing as he had been around this from birth but he could imagine the shock of something like that happening, even knowing about it shouldn't really dampen the blow although Ethan wasn't, as stated, too sure about that as to him it was normal. "Are you still going to that pond or back into the city?" He himself had all the time he needed, or not all the time seeing as he had to go to work early the next day but he still had hours and the darkness of the night wouldn't bother him.
  16. Kieara looked up towards the sky. "I should probably be headed home. It's going to be dark soon. And I have to walk all the way to 15th street to get home. I live in the apartment building there." She explained to him. She dusted off her skirt where she'd fallen onto the ground, but it still needed a thourough washing to solve the issue.
  17. "Well my place is a bit away from that on 26th but if you want to I can walk with you back," the road back to his place wouldn't be hazzle to him, as he took what chance he got to be outside and neither the dark nor the chill bothered him. "The detour wouldn't hinder me much, trust me." Ethan added with a slight grin, a glint in his green eyes.
  18. She smiled at his offer. "Are you sure? If hate to be an inconvenience." She pushed a red curl behind her ear and then turned to walk off. "I'd like that if you're sure you don't mind."
  19. "I don't mind," Ethan said as he feel into step beside her. "I like being outside anyway, always done." Back home when he was younger it was almost rare to see him inside for any long period of time, almost only to eat and sleep, unless it was summer and he ate outside, he and his friends had roamed the city and the wilderness until they knew every part as well as their own room. That's when they started to find new things to do, not entirely good things perhaps. "So, what do you do?" He asked Kieara, shocing his hands in his pockets as he glanced over at her.
  20. Kieara smiled as he walked alongside her. "I like being outside too. Though working in an office I don't get to much anymore." She said to him and it was silent for a bit on their walk. She moved alongside him until he asked her what she did. "Oh? In the office? I am an accountant." She said and offered a smile. "I always was really good with numbers."
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