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  1. " Yes, please fill in. Everyone take your seat at the table. "

    Supervillains. Some of them regret what they have done.
    Supervillains. Some of them don't.

    This is Supervillain Rehab. This is where you come in. Some people made some bad decisions, but as the moral standing for the Supervillian Rehab company goes ' everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone. ".
    Its nice, and cheesy. You and some other C-Grade supervillains are invited to turn your lives around.
    These people are the supervillains who weren't evil to keep the role up, but for most people it's too late to turn your life around.
    This is because they have already seen you do all these bad things on television. So how do you make it better for yourself ?
    By doing GOOD THINGS on television. Your job is take down major supervillains with your own team of lesser-known supervillains, so nobody looks at you as a supervillain anymore. Confusing ? You bet. Your only chance ? You bet.

    Here's where you walk in. You can fill out any information you want to and leave out whatever you want to.
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  2. Supervillian Rehab Recruit 33

    Name : The Knitter

    Origin story : For some reason, the world couldn't accept that a man wanted to take up knitting as a hobby. So now, he strikes back at the world for its one-sided views !
    Plus, he really needed the money. So naturally he stole a large supply of nanobots from his local secret laboratory that built weapons and infused them into his needles and knitting supplies.

    Old Enemies : Regularly attacked Batman, but was always dispatched within minutes. Lots of failed attempts on regular superheros.
    Old Allies : Purl was his old sidekick. Purl just really liked knitting. She was really not even a supervillain, she just had snappy one-liners.

    Powers : He can create things from his wool, but he has a limited amount of fabric at a time. He can create these things very fast. If there were to be an electrical villain or EMP of some sort, his nanobots would not work and his power would be basically gone for that amount of time until his nanobots could re-activate himself.

    Other Notes : Its just a coincidence that one of the only villains that uses needles and knitting as his power is homosexual. It doesn't really enforce his point though.
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  3. Super-villain Rehab Recruit 23

    Name: Zaria Rue Cane

    In the album it explains her past.

    Now the reason she wishes to change simple why she can esplain.

    "I admit in the past I've been a nasty they weren't kidding when they called me well a witch. But you'll find that now days I have mended all my ways and made the switch true yes. You see many have find my kind evil. All because of simple origins. I may be a witch and I am a dragon but that doesn't mean I'm always dark unto the core. Years ago yes. But now it has been many years past. I feel perhaps people have changed. And if so then why couldn't I?"

    Basically she is tired of being attack. Tired of always needing to be on guard. She doesn't think she would ever find someone one being evil.

    Other: Just so you know this is me once more trying to get a feel on Zaria. She will have a different personality than what I may usually give her. But at the start it would be the same.

    (Oh and can we do cannon characters as well? If so I have someone in mind. Jack Spicer form Xaiolin Showdown)
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  4. Name: Venic Blackblood, Heir to The Throne of Ultimate Evil
    Bio: Born into the one of the most feared baddy bloodlines in the world one would wonder why Venic would be in Villain Rehab. As she herself would say, it's a long story. At day one her regal father Valentine pressured her to commit many vile acts, all of which she wasn't very good at. Still, her father only hounded her more and more, constantly denying the obvious truth. Not only did she feel what she was doing was wrong but early in her teens she fell in love. She fell in love with the son of famed hero Albus Pureflame. His name was Westly and he loved her back. As soon as her father heard of this he banished and cursed her. Now, eager to be seen as pure enough for Albus to not want to kill her, she has joined Villain Rehab.

    Albus Pureflame (open)
    A holy paladin of the highest level. Is either fighting Venic's father or hunting the girl down to 'cut off the head of the snake.'

    Westly Pureflame (open)
    Deeply in love with Venic. Can't work up the courage to tell his father. He does whatever he can to help her purify and keep Albus from finding her.

    Powers: Capable of using dark and illusion magic. However she can run out of mana quickly and has trouble controlling more powerful spells, leading her to normally rely on her rapier. That is, unless Vile takes control.

    Vile was the first of the Blackblood clan, and pure evil even on their standards. When it died its terrible soul was sealed within a jewel orb. When Venic's father banished her, he attached the stone to her hat and cursed it so she could not take it off. Now she is forced to share a consciousness with the monster. Normally it's just a voice in her head, however sometimes Vile can take control of her mind making her go from shy to murderous. Even rarer, if her will is faltering greatly Vile can take over and change Venic's form into a extremely powerful being that desires nothing more but the destruction of everything.
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  5. Venic took her seat at the table. She filled out her waver quickly and passed the drawn out minutes scanning the room. It was a take on your typical villain meeting room: dark with a long table and only three lights. Everyone but the man at the end was at least faintly illuminated. But of course this was Villain Rehab so there were a few changes. Inspirational posters hung unreadable on the walls and the room was coated in every color that wasn't 'evil.' A exasperated groan sounded in her head. 'What in the seven hells is this, a clown convention!? Actually that's pretty accurate, you fit right in with all these morons dont you?' "Shush." Venic muttered to herself, eyes turning to the one next to her. The woman looked regal and scary, but she couldn't just sit there in silence. "H-hello there miss." 'Yowza! Quick, ask her if she's single!'
  6. Zaria wasn't sure if she would fit in here seeing the signs and table. She had been rather quiet and then she heard someone speak. She had never been one to be approached so she figured it most certainly wasn't her. But if it was why? She would have to ask. Zaria looked in the room seeing Revan she moved her hand for her bird to land. "Good boy" She stated and then began to stroke his feathers while waiting for this stupid meeting to start. Then after thinking a moment she realized the voice who spoke was sitting next to her. Her eyes turned along with her head slightly. "Hello" She replied her voice sounding like a hiss but not a normal hiss someone may try and create but one that sounded natural and more like some kind of animal. For her it was a dragon who you normally wouldn't care to recon with. She had actually never had a need for one of these meeting so obviously her being friendly the first day wasn't likely.
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  7. (( Any characters are accepted, canon, OC, etc.

    The villain with the love of knitting was sifting through files of the people around him..
    Ah yes. Witchs,vampires, and the like.
    He was very intimidated.

    The current room was drab. He wished there were more posters about believing in yourself. He also wished Purl was here to help him get through the day.
    He would miss her classic one-liners. Next to him were other villians of his caliber, but around the room were some more well-known.
    The two girls scared him, but so did most things. The person at the end of the table piped up.

    " Hello. I am Iniquity. Today ,me and Onomatopoeia will be your teachers. We will teach you the ways of being a good guy. We will teach you to get rid of your inhibitions and live a happy life ! "

    He really wanted to tell him how obvious his fake happyness was.

    " You may know me for killing the hero Captain Hindsight. You may know my friend from coming from another galaxy, killing mass otherworldy creatures, and running with a Suicide Squad. He has revamped his image from the squad to be a shining light of brilliance and heroism ! "

    He raises his hand, obviously bored. Iniquity is wearing a dark tan robe covering all of his skin. Onomatopoeia is wearing a black mask with a zero on it , a brown trenchcoat, and white gloves. Under it, he has what seems to be a leather skintight outfit. You know of him - before crashing into Canda and having a shockwave disrupt most of the planet, he immediantly attacked the heros that were sent to negotiate. He talks in various tones, but seems to understand our language. He attacked by sending out shockwaves by a device on his head, looks like an earpice. There is a small gauge on the side with various levels of intensity. If he needs, he can keep a continious ultrapitch soundwave out that will blow you away and rot your mind at the same time. He could kill everyone in his room in under five minutes.

    You are extremely scared of being here and wish you were at home knitting with Purl and eating cheetos.
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  8. " We have assigned you in groups to try and defeat different well-known supervillains today. We will be watching you through monitors to see your progress. "

    He passed out slips with information containing the villain you had to try and bring down. The Knitter got Doctor Evil - a well-known villain whose only purpose is to spread chaos.
    It says that you would have to fight through his horde of robotic creations. The Knitter was cradling a tiny knit monster while reading over his slip.

    Doctor Evil himself looked like the stereotype evil scientist - he apparently released three albums about his evil machinations. It was reccomended to listen to them before fighting them for any extra information.
  9. Zaria was quiet listing once the meeting had started. She didn't feel this would be easy and was curious who she might get. She looked to the paper to read who she might fight then heard someone open the door arriving a bit late. Seeing who it was she was tempted to laugh a moment.


    "Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genius reporting for.." He looked around and grew quiet a moment re-looking at what he had written to say. "I mean. Jack Spicer Ex-Evil Boy Genius..." He said. "The Xaiolin Monks won't give me a break and Omi said I should try here and prove myself that I may be better at being a hero than villain." He explained looking around.
  10. name:captain boomerang​


    Brief Bio: since child hood he was amazed by the boomerangs,he was hired as a mascot for a toy company that sells boomerangs but his career as a mascot started spiraling down as the company declared bankruptcy ans so began his life of crime. at the end of brightest day arc he got to turn a new leaf and wanted to turn good knowing that he ca no longer reenter the suicide squad and so he joins the super villain rehab club. he can rial dead shot

    Former affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains, Rogues, Suicide Squad, Injustice Gang, Black Lantern Corps

    former enemies: J L A (JUSTICE LEAGUE) FLASH, ARROW

    powers/ abilities:
    Captain Boomerang is skilled in the area of creating and using complicated boomerangs of his own designs as weapons.
    These are some of the boomerangs he has created:
    Electro-boomerang: Emit spark trails carrying a deadly 5,000 volts, which circle around the target.
    Exploso-boomerang :Detonates on contact, damage to all in one area.
    Gas boomerang: Monstrous intensity tear gas, affects one area.
    Razor boomerang
    Bladed boomerang
    Acid-spewing boomerang
    Sonic boomerang: Excellent intensity sonic attack.
    Gravity boomerang: Creates local gravity field of Incredible intensity.
    Weighted boomerangs: Solid-weighted boomerang.
    Preprogrammed boomerangs: These boomerangs are rocket propelled and are preprogrammed to fly to a target, pick up whatever item, and returned to a predesignated spot with amazing flight speed and range.
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  11. as captain boomerang entered the facility what he noticed was 1: he'd never thought to see an old acquaintance from the suicide squad and 2: a hitlist that requires teaming up wit other villains just like what he had done with the suicide squad but this time it was in pairs but didn't know the other because he was late and had missed the introductions. "I'm sorry mai't i had a hard time finding the place! so who am i paired with? or should i team-up with you Onomatopoeia! heh to catch up from the old days as suicide squad mai't."

    ((in trying to go for an Australian accent since cap.t bommerang is an ausi citizen that had migrated to the us.))
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  12. Vanic didn't continue the conversation any further, she seemed to be absorbed in an whispered argument with herself. "What the crap? I'm a girl you creep!" 'Hey, just because the shop's not open doesn't mean I can't inspect the wears!' "That is so fucking perverted." 'Hush potty mouth. Bathrobe Man and Zero Face over there are talking.' She was passed a card with some evil scientist on it, of course Vile had a comment to make. 'The crap? Didn't these fucks get more original after the black and white movies?! Watch, next we'll be fighting some loser with a curly mustache and a eyepatch.'

    Venic looked up at the newcomer, hiding a giggle at his mistake. Vile made his usual sarcastic remark. 'Is that a backpack? Do those goggles even work? Go back to school 'genius. And who's this? What type of weapon is a boomerang?' Then a large shadow was casted over the ex-evil genius. A massive suit of threatening armor was filling up the doorway, waiting for him to move.

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  13. The Knitter saw who he was partnered with and didn't know if he were to be happy or scared out of his mind. This should be pretty easy now after all.

    The instructor directed them outside and to introduce themselves to his or her partners.

    The knitter was a little outside his group waiting for everyone else to finish.
  14. Jack followed when he was told they would meet there partners outside.

    Zaira was quiet but hoped to be as far away from a few of the old villains as possible already so going out wasn't a bad idea. Her tail lashed putting the sit fully in quickly then swayed as if she was anxiety to perhaps kill something.
  15. Knitter decided it would be best to get it out of the way.

    " My name is The Knitter, I make monsters out of knitting wool. "

    He then showed them the tiny monster in his hand.
  16. The knight looked confused. "Isn't this the mini boss expo?" "Down the road and to the right." Someone said, causing it to hurriedly leave. Venic quickly made her way out and with her group. A man in a very exotic scarf walked forward and introduced himself. She found the little monster cute, Vile however, did not. 'LAME. What are you going to say? 'I'm Venic and I can't do jack shit. I'm also in love with a hero and possesed by the ultimate evil.' Venic however was not listening. She swallowed and took a step forward. "H-hi. I'm Venic, Venic Blackblood." 'Your blowing it.' "I -um- can make illusions." Suddenly there were two of her, but the fake one disappeared in a few seconds. "Not very good at it though." 'You blew it.' She muttered under her breath and stepped back, feeling completely useless.
  17. Zaria looked a the group her tail swaying. She was quiet a moment. The stepped to speak. "I am Zaria Rue Cane. A witch who is also a dragon. For years I have given into he more violent nature. I felt being the new century I might should try for a change." She stated and simply glanced making fire appear a moment then vanish.

    Jack stepped forward. "Already told you I'm the famous Evil Jack Spicer. Well ex-evil Jack Spicier. Still a boy genius I might say." Then he moved his hand left hand with a watch. "Jack Bots" He called and three bots appeared.

  18. capt. Boomerang stepped out of the facility and into the dark streets and saw the others re introducing themselves while showing off their abilities. he took a deep breath and approached the others."the name's cap.Boomerang mai'ts and as for my abilities its a no brainier obviously"he spoke telling the group while pointing his thumb at his boomerangs."so basically i'm also a marksman and can rival suicide squad's deadshot."he added.
  19. The Knitter waited patiently while the limo arrived, soon to take them to wherever the villain's hideout was.
    He wasn't quite sure what he would do. Throw little knit guys at him until he died ? Or would they imprison him ? Would they be anti-heroes ??
    He didn't know. He was a little surprised when he found out he would be working with more high-profile villains.
    He read a little more about Doctor Evil. They would be fighting robots and his sidekick, The Manipulator.
    It was unknown what The Manipulator's powers were. This would be a doozy.

    The limo rolled up along three other ones. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head.

    " You will be separated into three different teams. The first team will be fighting Crazy Quilt. The second team will be fighting Polka Dot. The third team will be fighting Doctor Evil. You have all been assigned team leaders who will be given transponders before the battle. Team One's leader will be Vale, the pirate. Team Two's will be Visage, the seer. The third teams leader will be Venic, the magician. We will be monitoring your process throughout. "
  20. Zaria listened and only gave a nod. She noticed the Limo and was curious if they were using it and why. She would rather fly in her own option. She hadn't heard of any of theses villain's. The ones she new were mainly other witches however so it didn't bother her. The one some feared was Sorceress Thagan. Soon with out realizing it she was humming the famous Sorceress's riddle.



    At hearing Doctor Evil's name Jack grinned what appeared to be his old evil smile. "Please tell me I'm in Mr. Evil's group" He said sounding like a little fan girl. "I'd love to meet him." He stated jumping up and down then grabbed out a note book and pen. "He's one of the few I still need to sign my notebook. I already have Wuya, and my favorite Chase Young. See he left a paw mark and a he clawed this page." He said turning the book showing the group like a little kid. "Then on this page Big Panda." He said showing Big Panda's famous mark.
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