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    The night was still, silent. No signs of life from the street below. The weather had called for a huge thunder storm, but that didn't stop the Night Watcher from being out. He stood up on the side of the building. Fog had slowly rolled into the streets below. That was never a good sign. This fog was a stiff, stale fog. It seemed to be as thick as pea soup. The silence was broken with a loud crash to the right. The Night Watcher's head cocked and his eyes narrowed. There was a spark of a flame through the fog. Then three more.
    'Something isn't right.' He thought to himself. Taking a deep breath and assuring himself nothing would go wrong, The Night Watched hurled himself off the side of the building stomach first. With a flip he landed on his legs but fell to his knees. He felt no pain, but still the impact had hit him. The Night Watcher slowly walked over to the four lights. The source of lights were coming from men dressed up in hazmat suits that were painted black with red skulls on the back of them. He recognized the store. It was a simple jewelry store. The lights turned out to be Molotov cocktails, and they were being now hurled at the side of the building.
    The smashed and broke upon impact, lighting the brick wall ablaze. This was the action Night Watcher had been waiting for. He let out a whistling sound. The four men instantly turned to face him. They all pulled out long metal batons. One man ran at the costumed hero. The weapon was inches from crashing upon his head, but Night Watcher reached out and grasped hold of the baton. He twisted it out of his attackers hand and used it to smash the glass on his hazmat suit. It seemed as if the air ha hurt the attacker, because he fell to the ground holding his face screaming in agonizing pain. The building started to collapse from the inside, and when Night Watcher turned to face the other three, they had vanished.
  2. "Great", she spoke to herself in a sarcastic tone. "Just great."

    The hair on the back of her neck stood up, as she could feel the static in the air and the moisture on her face. She hated flying in the rain, and wasn't about to get stuck out in it tonight.

    She was tearing though the night sky, flying across the big city like she has done for the last year. She was new in town, and wanted to see what the city-life had to offer. Growing up in a small town not even worth mentioning, she had been ridiculed all her life for being poor. Her dad was laid off when she was young; sixteen to be exact, and turned to drinking when her mom had died of cancer. She couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't stand coming home from school and finding her father on the floor passed-out drunk. So, for the last year, she'd been traveling.

    Looking for a place to land before the rain, she noticed a strange patch of fog in the streets below. It was like fog, but somehow... thicker. The building next to it looked damaged, like it was about to collapse at any second. Landing just outside the dense cloud, she could hear sounds from inside. To her, it sounded like someone hitting a door with a baseball bat.

    Strange she thought. Squinting her eyes, she could see small lights inside the fog, and red forms moving about.

    “Hello!” She called out. “Does anyone need help in there?”
  3. The Night Watcher began to panic. He was meant for fighting, not putting out fires. He lifted his right leg and kicked the door in. Instantly, a pillar to the left of him fell in crumbles and blocked the door way for him. He cursed under his breath. The windows weren't the safest way to enter the building, but nothing else seemed like it would work. He took a few steps back, then heard a voice ask if anyone needs help.
    "Hello!" He called out to the voice. "I haven't seen anyone in there, but there is bound to be someone!" He shouted.
  4. She heard part of the building start to collapse, and took a deep breath. She rushed in, glancing down at a body in a red hazmat suit. The mask was shattered and he lay motionless on the pavement. "Hello!" She heard a male voice call back. "I haven't seen anyone in there, but there is bound to be someone!"

    "Okay," she thought, "I can do this!" Rushing in, she saw the owner of the voice that replied to her's. He had broad shoulders, and was in some sort of... costume. "Is tonight Halloween?" She questioned herself. Making it to his side, she noticed the door had collapsed; most likely what she had heard earlier. It looked like parts of the support pillar of the structure, but she knew nothing of carpentry. She reached down, and grabbed one of the large chunks of the building blocking the door, and tried to pick it up. It was weightless! "Unbelievable," she thought. "I can do more than fly!"

    Tossing the rubble behind her, she quickly cleared the doorway. There was a way inside now, but the fires were out of control. She turned to the costumed man, and asked frantically, "Now what!? This place is coming down any second!!"
  5. Night Watcher shook his head, kicking away all negative thoughts to help his mental strength stay up. He stood beside the girl and took a deep breath in.
    "Stay behind me, if you are as strong as you look, I'm going to need you." He took a deep gulp. He took a few steps into the building and instantly heard creaking under him, coming from the floor. "The floors are hard wood! We might just be fu-" He was cut off by banging on a door that was behind a display case.
    "Help us!" The voice called. "We are just the night security guys!"
  6. "Let me handle it," she replied. "I can fly." She lifted off the ground, and floated toward the pleas for help. Throwing aside the display case, she grabbed the red-hot door knob. Feeling no pain, she broke it off, and opened. the door. "It's alright!" She said to the security guards. "I'm here to help." She grabbed each of them by the forearm, and carried them outside the building.

    "Are you guys the only ones? Is there anyone else?" She asked one of the guards, who was looking freaked out of his mind. He could have probably handled being saved from a burning building, but not by a little 19 year old girl that could fly.
  7. The Night Watcher sensed something wasn't right. He heard and saw the walls falling in, almost like an implosion. He quickly jumped out as the building fell down on itself.
    "No, it was just us.." The guard replied, his eyes wide, sweat beating down the side of his face. The Night Watcher walked over to the hazmat suit and crouched down infront of him. His face hard shrunken like a grape, and turned green.
  8. "So, what the hell happened here?" She asked the costumed man, while walking up to see what he was looking at. She seen the misshapen face in the hazmat suit, and quickly turned away.

    "Ew! Gross!" She almost gagged at the disgusting sight. "What the hell did I just get into?"
  9. "My question is, where did the other three go." He stood up. "Four guys torched the place. I have no idea at all who they were or why they were here, but I have a feeling it has to do with the jewelry."
  10. "Other three?" She asked aloud.

    Oh, that's right, she thought. That's what those red forms were when I first landed.

    Turning to look at the two guards, she asked, "So, did they get anything? Why would these guys go to all the trouble to rob this store out of all the others?"

    She noticed the costumed man was calm. Really calm, like what just happened didn't affect him at all. He seemed professional, like he dealt with these kinds of things all the time. Running her fingers through her wavy red hair, she wondered what this guy must think of her! He didn't seemed surprised at all that she could fly or could carry two men with ease. She was surprised she could do these things herself.

    Secretly wanting to discover what was behind this vandalism and robbery, she couldn't deny her curiosity. She decided to stick with this mysterious hero, and help him solve this crime.
  11. "I don't think this is a robbery. I didn't see any sacks or things being stolen." The Night Watcher turned back to the burning building. "How did you guys get locked in those doors?" as he turned back to the guards, the night watcher watcher in horror as the guards faces shriveled up, skin turned olive green, and they fell down dead.
  12. "Yaaah!" She screamed at the sight, without thinking. Looking hurriedly to the hero. "What the hell is happening? Are we gonna die like that too?" She was getting a little worried now.
  13. He walked over to the bodies, shaking lightly. He looked on their backs, they both had what looked like needles in their back. "Come on. We are getting out of here." He said and snatched up a needle. "Night Watcher, by the way." he said.
  14. Night Watcher? Her name was Donna, but I guess they had to go by call-signs. She hadn't put any thought into it.

    "Um," she quickly tried to think of her nickname. "I'm... Lady Foxtrot. I guess you can just call me... Fox?"

    She seen him pull a needle out of the body's back, and looked around the street corner. "Somebodies trying to kill us! Where are we going to go!" She looked to the Night Watcher, ready to follow him.
  15. He held out his hand to this female. "Fox, let's go." he whispered. "Don't run until I tell you to, I have a place we can go."
  16. She took hold of his outstretched hand, and waited for his signal. When he told her to, she would run with him to this hideout in hopes to find out more about what was going on. "Okay," she whispered back.
  17. "Now!" he shouted and started to run. He heard light gun shots, and darts sinking into the walls. He took a deep breath in and turned the corner, leading her to a sub-division condo.
  18. Akuma jumped off the ledge, landing in front of Night Watcher and the girl with him. She pulled open a door and entered the building quickly. "Hurry. Before they come this way." She said and closed the door quickly once they were inside. Her mask shielded her face from view, but it also covered her mouth which muffled her voice slightly. She looked back at Night watcher for a moment then began to lead them through the building, heading towards the roof so they could get a better view of what was going on.
  19. Soft clicks echoed coldly through the house, not to many people actually lived nearby anymore so there was little to interfere with or pollute the sounds. From atop a large metal cabinet came movement, a slight shifting in the shadows to indicate that someone was there. With gently flicking ears Shade raised herself up onto her elbows so that she had a clear view of the door. She had arrived only half an hour ago, having spent the last several hours patrolling around some of the father reaches of the city. It was not something that she particularly enjoyed. Sure she liked the running, leaping, and hunting but to get out to those outer edges meant that she either had to travel through a weaving network of tunnels that could house almost anything, travel through the streets something she avoided doing for all the noise and commotion down at that level, or travel over the roof tops. The last option is what she usually went with but up there she felt exposed, so used to tight almost claustrophobic spaces the open expanses felt like an invitation for an attack from above. Even now with nobody around she felt wary, the clicks of the heating system, and the hissing of a computer fan was enough to make her jump.

    But there was no one, and perhaps that is what made it worst. Night Watcher could come back anytime from now until noon tomorrow and at least if there was an intruder or something she would have something to concentrate on. An exercise, something to occupy her time. A snack wouldn't go amiss either, with a metabolism like hers food was in constant demand. But she was at least temporarily banned from the kitchen after the mess she had made last time she had gotten the fancy to get herself a midnight snack. So there was little to do but wait. Shifting around she gently tugged the blanket she had pulled off the couch earlier up under her head and then scooted as far back as she could until the only thing that was visible of her was the tips of her ears and part of her wings.
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  20. "We aren't safe anymore." Night Watcher panted as he rested his hands on his knees. "We are basically witnesses to this whole thing." He sighed. "A block or so away I bought a town house that belongs in a condo, nobody really lives around there anymore. I use it as my secret hide out. Think we could make it there?"
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