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What should the new hunters battle first?

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9PM | Bay County, Panama City Florida

    It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear, showing a beautiful dark purple, and the air was perfectly cool. (Despite it being a May day in Florida.) The local high school, Bay High, had let out the day before and on this day they had had their graduation. The long, boring ceremony had taken place in the school's gym and had included a humdrum speech from the mayor, a portly old man, who spoke of the greatness they would bring to their town. He ignored the fact that the graduating class only consisted of about 87% of their actual class. He ignored the fact that of those 87%, only 59% were attending college the next semester, and of those 52% were going to the local college that was currently fighting to stay in business and had no value outside of their small town. Regardless of his toneless words, very few people in this town had a 'bright' future, and it was almost certain that none would 'change the world'.
    Perhaps, however, there were some exceptions in that room.

    It is late now, though, and it is no longer time for parents and pictures and hollow praise. The hats had been thrown, and the tears had been shed. Graduating students, and others simply excited about their now present summer vacation, were partying and drinking. Mistakes and bad decisions were being made. Calmer students, the 'lame' ones, were at home, watching television or reading books. All in all, some form of celebration was being had.

    A group of hunters was being born, as well, on this momentous of days. Getting ready to start a more mobile hunting career, these two girls (after tonight) will never again be carefree, if they ever were before. Before the morning they will meet in their home off of the highway and pull up their map. They will leave the next day on their first mission. What they are doing now? Well that is a very good question.


    Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams

    Basic Info

    Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams
    Eighteen Years Old
    Hunter (A)
    Favorite Color: Purple

    Gwen has long blonde hair that falls down to just below her breasts and is seen as pin straight most of the time. Her eyes are a very dark green color that make her freckles stand out on her nose. Her skin is very fair and is soft to touch in spots that don't have scars from being a mischievous child.
    She is about five foot six and weights 140 pounds. She has a very thin frame that helps her move around easily. Having a bit of muscle in her arms, she is also pretty strong even though she really doesn't look like it.

    Gwen grew up in a large family with two brothers and two sisters. She was the youngest out of all of them and had a very lively childhood. Around the time she was seven, she came home from a friends house to see her parents killed along with half of her siblings. She just watched, paralyzed with fear, as a vampire killed her brother right in front of her. That's really scarred her as she was next to be killed until a hunter came in. He killed the vampires and saved her. It was a horrible experience for her as she never speaks of her family. She was just too young to understand what was going on around her. To this day, it still haunts the girl as she wanted to save them so bad but she couldn't.

    After her parents and siblings got killed, she was shipped off to live with her Aunt and Uncle. They weren't very kind to her as they thought of her more as a burden then their niece who needed them. They never had children of their own so it was hard dealing with Gwen while she grew up. It led her to resent them as they never showed her the love she needed as a child. After years of living under their roof, she saved up enough money and had more from her parents, she decided it would be best to leave.

    Combat: Gwen knows the basics in how to fight against monsters. She is still learning how to get better at it, but she can handle herself. It tends to be too much if she is by herself. Though she has a good hand when it comes down to shooting with a gun or using a knife.

    Flexible: She is very flexible. That helps her a lot on hunts when she needs to move around. It helps her best to get out of bad situations. Especially since she is very fast in speed after years of sports when she was younger.

    Intelligence: She is very intelligent after being good in school for years and was planning on going to college to be an English major. Now she just uses what she learned over the years to do the research that they need to kill the different creature they hunt.
    Megan Annalise Drexel aka "Leese"


    Name : Megan Annalise Drexel aka "Leese"
    Age : 18
    Gender : Female
    Looks :
    5'10" and around 130 lbs, very athletic build with a toned, bronzed body along with layered muscle mass under her curvy figure. Due to her being an athlete in high school she has a heightened reflex, flexibility, and body control about her. She is rather faster than the normal rate of speed among humans and strong as her frame portrays. Her crystal blue eyes are very piercing like that of a wolf's with her mahogany hair coming down to the middle of her back.

    1. Loyal
    2. Honest
    3. Adaptable
    4. Intelligent
    5. Outgoing

    1. Stubborn
    2. Melodramatic
    3. Sensitive
    4. Aloof
    5. Devious

    Biography : Leese was raised spoiled but very disciplined in a nice suburb community in the country along with her younger sister Lacey. She was raised in the best of both worlds, sharing girl moments with her mother and sister, tea parties and shopping sprees. She would also serve as the older protector sibling and the tomboy, spending time with her father going hunting and participating at sports games/television events with him. It was here she developed a love for athletics and the human body, starting early with a fascination in anatomy and biology in school. Always on the honor roll and not even so much as a warning for talking too much on her record, Leese's world changed when she came home from swim practice to see Lacey literally eating their parents, with black fluid spilling from her ears and eyes. Lacey had almost convinced her that what she was doing was right, even shapeshifting into each of their parents one at a time. A distraught Leese almost succumbed to this monster's whims, but suddenly Lacey collapsed and the black fluid disappeared and never returned. Both sisters traumatized, Lacey was admitted to a mental institution and Leese was sent to move in with her Aunt across town in the city. That was three years ago.

    Now she's finishing up senior year at high school, top 10% of her class, and despite her still being a name in swimming and track, she used her seemingly normal high school experience as a mask for what she really does. Three years ago after that incident in her parents demise and Lacey's unexplained abilities, Leese went on the prowl for explanations that landed her in stranger places then she had started out from, but it also led her to Gwen, a female hunter who knew about a world Leese thought only existed in the movies and comics. Gwen enlightened her to the real side of the world, and the things that go bump in the night...and day. What started as a fascination and obsession with finding out what happened to Lacey, the bond between Gwen and Leese sparked into a friendship, and then a partnership with Leese initially being a reference to lookup information and in return help find out the truth behind the night Lacey killed her parents, but slowly Leese became more involved in the field, going on missions and hunts. Obviously she's been proven to handle herself. She's still here isn't she? Leese's divine will and determination sprouted her to become a very dangerous yet valuable asset in the supernatural world, and to this day she fights to avoid any situation she and Gwen had to face in the past with their parents. Oh, she loves the color pale blue.

    Skills :
    • Expert Swimmer: Leese's love for water gives her great ability to swim and hold her breath for a long time.
    • Athletic: Nimble, Crafty, Agile, Fast, Coordinated, and Strong comes from her weight lifting and conditioning in sports.
    • Extensive in Biology/Anatomy: Very adept knowledge in anything biological and anatomical, from cells to pressure points and various biological functions she knows it heavily.
    • Tough as Hell: Leese's mind and will is uncanny, giving her toughness in high pain thresholds, not giving in, etc.
    • Light Chemist: Leese's interest in the science sparked her to learn chemistry as well, capable of putting together various compounds/formulas of helpful and harmful nature.
    • Multi-lingual: Leese speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and Latin.
    • Persuasive: She can utilize her clever wit to appease and attain many different types of situations to her benefit.
    • She watches too many movies: Leese was a low key nerd before being a hunter, she lets things get to her head like kung-fu movies, action sequences, picking locks, hiding stealthy, cop escapes, etc....but also she picked up a few applications from them as well.
    • She can throw down: Krav Maga lessons since she was 8 years old, a current Red Belt, but only fights when absolutely mandatory. Otherwise humble.


    Name: Aviyah
    Age: (of host) 32
    Hunter: No
    Current Occupation: Angel
    Species: Angel
    Biography: Aviyah was one of the most devout of the followers of God, never straying even a little from the path set out for her as one of his angels. However, as time passed and God continued to be absent, she began to take matters into her own hands. If he was not here to direct her, then she should follow the general gist of his commands, shouldn't she? Assenia has come to earth to destroy demons. That was what God wanted after all, right? The first thing she did when she first landed was sire a child with a vessel, in the hopes that one day they might become a useful tool. She had to use another angel to do this, and has only sired one. Since then, she has destroyed demons quietly, and watched the humans and hunters carefully, waiting for perhaps a good time to wipe out all of the demons. Her favorite color is sky blue.
    Diarmuid McCallum


    Name: Diarmuid McCallum
    Age: 18
    Hunter: Yes
    Current Occupation: None besides being a hunter.
    Species: Human
    Biography: Diarmuid didn't have a tragic history like so many of his hunter colleagues. He was introduced to the hunter world by his parents. Both of his parents were hunters, and he grew up without the smallest doubt that he was going to follow in their footsteps. He is an only child, and never experienced what it was like to have siblings, but he never felt lonely. His parents had taught him well, after all, that when you become a hunter, you're always alone, no sense wasting time feeling lonely. As if to hammer this point in, while his parents were not necessarily neglectful or abusive, they did not pour love and affection into him, teaching him to be self-sufficient. To give him his first taste, they took him on a hunt when he was ten, and allowed him to make the final blow. He's never looked back from this path since then. His favorite color is forest green.
    Van Zabel


    Name : Van Zabel

    Age : 22 (?)

    Looks :
    Standing at 6' 1.6" ft, (187 cm), his dark hair and hazel eyes give Van an attractive look, but mysterious as well. His body is well toned, though not too much, just enough to notice the vanity in his traits. He's always really well dressed, his clothes usually in the color of black, his favorite one, along with white.

    Hunter : No

    Current Occupation : No one really knows what he's usually up to.

    Species : ?

    Biography : Van is a mysterious person, no one really knows about his past, or even about his present. He simply is there. His somewhat narcissistic persona and sarcastic behaviour draws people away from him, some say he releases an "aura" that leaves them uneasy around him, especially when he smiles. It's never sincere. It's malicious and full of secrets. They say his eyes carry a personality that is not his, that they're too old for someone so young, too ancient.

    And yet, and yet, he looks so innocent at times. Charming. Friendly. Kind. Romantic. His eyes will shine in bright joy, his smile wide. He'll laugh, comfort, cry,love, and everybody forgets of the malice. Of the off-putting aura. Ah, yes. A talented con-man, this Van Zabel. It's always a game of chess, and Van does love a good old game

    @C O N S U M E D☯R A G E
    Name : Vessel's - Jimmy Novak, Real - Castiel
    Age : Vessel's - 43
    Hunter : No

    Current Occupation : Angel
    Species : Angel
    Biography : Following orders, being a perfect angel, do not disobey.

    These were the only things Castiel knew and he wasn't the only one. Unfortunately,
    everyone else didn't have a peak of curiosity like Cas did, which lead to doubts about
    what they needed him to do. Castiel was fond of humans, they always were interesting
    to him even though the developments of such technology confused him. When he was
    given an order from God to pull a hunter out of hell, he began to change his way of
    thinking. He started to question God's word and stray away from what he was meant
    to be. As his relationship grew with the Hunters, his beliefs shrunk and he began to
    open up his eyes and see what was really going on. The higher angels began to see
    what Castiel was doing so they warned him, but he didn't listen. So he began to get
    closer to the hunters, beginning to see different views on everything. Because of this
    he's been killed and resurrected and now? Now Castiel doesn't know what to believe,
    where to go, and why he has these obsession with green jelly beans!


    ♦ Name ♦ Charlie
    ♦ Age ♦ (of host) Nineteen
    ♦ Looks ♦ Standing at a height of six feet, Charlie has definitely been gawked at while walking down the street or through stores. The young male used to get uncomfortable, but, at this point, he's used to the feeling of eyes boring into him. He has a lean physique and hidden muscles that only present themselves when he's flexing them. Blonde hair that you can tell is bleached because of his brown eyebrows frames his face. It's always in a different style and the roots of it is its natural brown. Last, but not least, Charlie has big, brown eyes that are a milk chocolate and has earned him the nickname Bambi.
    ♦ Hunter ♦ No
    ♦ Current Occupation ♦ N/A
    ♦ Species ♦ (Black-Eyed) Demon
    ♦ Biography ♦ Charlie has been doing only three things his entire life, or for as long as he could remember: creating mischief, avoiding Crowley's wrath, and living amongst the humans. And, frankly, it's been a pretty good life for he's been doing these three things without interruption. Having escaped Hell a while back, the blonde has been roaming the Earth since then, leaving destruction in his wake at times. He's encountered Hunters, but would always escape. Bloody and exhausted, yes, but safe. He always dreamed about meeting the famous Winchesters, just wanting to see how they were. His favorite color is yellow and all shades of it.

    Name : Cerberus, Johnathan Kenly
    Age : Unknown
    Hunter : No
    Current Occupation : N/A
    Species : Demon
    Biography : A simple demon of hell, he escaped the Hot Box the first chance he got and has been living in his meat suit since. He likes to take on the demons he used to call brethren, moving from town to town enjoying the human world. Watching people to see what they do, and on occasion causing some trouble. Last he was seen he was driving a cherry Mustang on the Southern California coast.


    Words words words roleplaying words words words. Also remember to use @player name when referencing someones character.

    Uploaded. (If anyone knows how to make it so people can view the code that'd be great...)

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  2. Out Of Character

    Hi everyone! Let's get this RP started! I will post a lot of random side characters to keep the RP on track and such, but will follow the posting template when I do. Here is a list of short rules, please read and reference.
    1. Use the posting template.
    2. Tag a player when referencing or referring to their character. (Even if your character doesn't know.)
    3. Message me with any questions.
    4. Describe your character's shoes in your first post.
    There we go, that's all, have fun kiddos!

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  3. LEESE

    The night after Graduation | Emerald Coast Hospital

    She had been there for hours on end. She didn't care about the parties, the drinking, the celebrating, nothing. She sat in a dry, cool, plush chair, looking at the younger version of herself, who was looking back at her while playing in her light brown honey colored hair. The younger female was smiling, tranquil and content at the company of her older sister. They both stared at each other for a moment, it was like looking in the mirror into both the future and the past. The younger's all white slip on shoes matching her white garments that suggested every stereotypical mental hospital depiction ever, and the older's camouflage print Nike Air Max's with her short cargo shorts and her Bay High Swim Team tank top. They had switched shoes just because, as big sister wanted her little sibling to have some style while in this very clean, facilitated, dump of a place. Leese looks at her younger sister Lacey with promising, but damped eyes.

    Lacey: "I'm proud of you."

    "I'm supposed to say that to you."
    Lacey: "Yeah well, whatevz. I know mom and dad would be proud too..."

    Leese lowers her head at the same time Lacey does. Both tried to hold their emotions in thinking of that dreadful, horrendous day three years ago. Leese couldn't help but nod silently and force a half smile. The irony. Lacey was the calm and collected one, almost zen and peaceful with the truth that occurred back then, almost as if she's embraced it. Megan however was still haunted with that burning memory, closing the door with a smile on her face to walk into the foyer and see nothing but red. A side of black goo. Two mangled corpses and a beast sister that expanded jaws so wide she could have eaten a human whole...very much like the death of their parents. A few tears welled in Megan's eyes as Lacey grabbed her hands from the bed and lifted her chin up.

    Lacey: "Meggy....the doctors said I've been extremely progressive. I may be able to leave soon, within the next half year if I continue."
    "That's...that's wonderful babe. I'm proud of you too. Gosh how are you stronger than me and I'm the big sister."
    Lacey: "Because I allow myself to be weak you big doo doo head."

    They both exchange laughs as the mood resumes in a serious tone.

    Lacey: "'re really going to go off and try to find these beasts? Our fight is over it left. It died."
    "Gotta be sure, and what if there are others going through what we had to? Like Gwen..."
    Lacey: "How is she?"
    " know her. Driven. Too driven."
    Lacey: "Maybe when I leave I can join you guys? Kick monster ass?"
    "Language. And...when you get out you're going with Aunt Janice until I finish this, and then we'll go move to Cali and have a normal life and flirt with all the boys we can muster. Deal?"
    Lacey: "Ughh, [sigh] fine..."

    Leese smiles and delivers a warm hug and kiss to the frontal lobe as Lacey stretches her legs out, looking at the new Nikes given to her. Leese rises and grabs her purse, walking to the outside with the hospital shoes on. She takes one last look at her younger 16 year old sister and processes why she started hunting in the first place. Not for vengeance, but for that little runt on the bed in front of her. That cute smile, that young and innocent face. she wanted to liberate her sister not from the hospital, as she knew she'd be released eventually, but from the burden of memory of being taken over by whatever that thing was. If Leese could find justice in the unknown, then it would justify Lacey back into the realm of normalcy. Leese walks out into the night sky, walking to her aunt's black Jeep Liberty and hopping in, pulling her phone and shooting a text to Gwen [ @Mollz ]

    => 'About to roll out, where are you?'

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  4. Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9PM | Gwen's House

    "If you're planning on living in this house, you will pay rent until you move out to go to college! I don't understand why you're making this difficult. I think it's a pretty fair situation after having you live here for the past eleven years. At least you could do is pay us back. Afterall, we had to spend so much on you." A sqeaky voice said while making her way down the hall with a cloud of smoke trailing after her. Victoria had a mindset that her niece took her own personal life away. That she stopped all that was going on between her and Phil, her husband, while they gave up a good chunk of their lives to provide for Gwendolyn. The young girl only wanted a family while growing up but she never got to experience that. Now she feels that she could never have one of her own, it would never be like how her own family was. How could she even take care of children or tell her own family what happened to them?

    Gwen's dark eyes clouded over with anger and irritation. Every time she thought of her Aunt and Uncle, it always led back to her parents and siblings. That alone just made her wish she could have been killed with them that day, as all she sees sometimes is the blood that she saw. So much blood.. Her vision started to cloud with flashbacks of that horrible day and it was always so vivid. It took her too much time to snap back to reality as her Aunt Victoria stepped into her little bedroom. She was still a little dazed as her eyes locked with her Aunt's.
    "Did you hear me? I would like that rent money first thing tomorrow morning. This is what you get when you graduate, you become an adult." She said as she leaned back against the door frame. A cigarette hanging out of her mouth while her hands were on her hips as if she were intimidating.

    "Whatever you say, Vic." Was the short reply Gwen gave before going back to the task at hand. Tomorrow morning was the time Leese and her would finally start hunting. She's been packing and getting everything settled for the past weak without her Aunt knowing. If she would have found out, she would have gotten all of her stuff taken away. The last thing she needed to do was collect the money from her parents bank. She's eighteen and can legally obtain it now as that's what the court agreed too. It's all that she had left from them and she needed it to survive. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched her Aunt stare at her before rolling her eyes and exiting the room.

    Looking back down at the bag in front of her, she had started packing all of her clothes in it. Pairs of jeans, tank tops, band shirts, sweatshirts, and a couple pairs of shoes filled the bag. She was thankful for the first time in her life that she didn't have many clothes to begin with. This was going to help her move out in the morning. She was stuffing a couple of extra things in the bag when she cand across the money she's been saving up from years of working. She roughly had around four thousand dollars. Quickly stuffing that into the bag, she moved around the small room. She didn't have anything else to back since her room was bare and very plain. If she decorated it, then it would be her home. This place would never be her home.

    In her back pocket, she could feel her phone vibrate. She stopped to pull it out to see a text from her best friend. Gwen quickly responded back to her.
    --I'm at my Aunts. Where do you want to meet up?-- Pressing send, she shoved it back into her Jean backpocket. Her eyes went back to her bag before she zipped it up and moved to the window. Since she was on the first floor, she pushed it to the ground below so she wouldn't be asked any questions. It fell to the ground with a small thud and she shut her window, locking it, then turned back to the room.

    She went over to her dresser to grab her keys when she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail to show the soft features of her face. Her green eyes were bright against the mascara that covered her lashes. Overall, she looked like a normal teen girl even though she wasn't. Sticking her hands into the Bay High sweatshirt, she turned to pull on her black converse. They were the only shoes she liked as she had a couple of them in different colors. Once she was ready, she moved out of the room and down the hall. She could hear her Aunt and Uncle bickering about the television when she opened up the front door. Not wanting them to notice her, she quickly left. Gwen made her around the front to grab her bag before going to her old car parked out of the street. Once she got her bag into the truck, she started up the car and started to drive while waiting on her friends reply.

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  5. LEESE

    5/27/2015 -- 9:30PM || Aunt Janice's house

    Leese drove the Jeep Liberty from the hospital back towards the small gated community of the inner Bay area. On the way she contemplated her life choices and how they all led up to tomorrow morning, when she would take her leave with her bestie across the nation to hunt for the things that go bump in the night. Years of researching creatures, deities, anything that resembled what she encountered three years ago. Nothing. Closest thing she got to black goo was Ectoplasm. Shapeshifters or skinwalkers definitely didn't leave that behind, those were things of very angry spirits. And the expanding jaws...those a crocotta. Eating flesh like a rugaru but not human at all...So unless a very angry spirit possessed a very hungry shifter who posed as a crocotta, she has absolutely nothing, but that was as close as she'd gotten. The supernatural could have beef with each other too, right? Pop music played on the radio as the dark and clear roads gave way to more thinking. She had to mentally free her little sister. A sister that was threw into this way too young, only 13 years old at the time. Not even a chance to reach high school and go through all those teen girl things, to have friends or a normal life. Lesse was going to grant her that soon enough. She was 18 now, and her parents' life insurance along with the graduation money from her aunt, and outside sponsors in grants for her academic and athletic achievement placed her finances well into five figures. No one knew this of course except Lacey.

    Leese felt a vibration on her right hip, taking her phone out but placing it in the console so she wouldn't text and drive. Soon enough she pulled into the gated community and entered the code 9132005 [<-Easter Egg] to open that gate to the serene, peaceful neighborhood. She drove down the lane slowly and pulled into the two story house. Once parked, she fished her phone from the cup holder and shot back a text to Gwen.

    => 'I'm at Aunt Jan's. Can you pick me up? You know where.' @Mollz

    The shack. Their own little hideout. Completely sealed in the middle of unexplored Bay Area. So many nights spent there when Janice thought she was off being fast or bad. But really she had begun her supernatural crusade for the truth, trying to catch the thing(s) responsible for the death of an entire family, that had the audacity to use the little gem of the family to pull it all off. I turn off the vehicle and hop out to see my aunt's boyfriend already at the door smiling. I return a small smile back and grab my purse before walking in.

    Uncle Jake: "Sup grad girl, you party hard?"
    "No, I was with Lacey."
    Jake: "That's my girl, she doing ok?"
    "Yeah, said she being really progressive and might can leave in about 6 months."
    Jake: "That's incredible!"
    Aunt Jan: "It certainly is! [hugs Leese] so I know you're going to at least go party, celebrate, something?"
    "I'm going out tonight with Gwen."
    Jan: "Well, be careful...I seen her aunt the other day, talking about Gwen like she was a tenant or something, I swear I could knock her upside the head for how she treats that poor girl."
    "Gwen can take it, she doesn't even care really."
    Jake: "Well just have fun and forget about everything tonight. This is your night. Okay?"

    Leese shoots upstairs to her room, thankful Jan found someone not as sketchy as her old uncle Peter. That man was a lunatic. Controlling, mean, and just snobbish. After they split he married a prissy little drama queen that enjoys the rich lavish life. Good riddance in Leese's eyes. She lays on the bed and stares up into the ceiling, thinking about the future. On the road, secureless, nomads, uncertainty. She was in line to go to top tier universities, and sure enough she was going to do her damnest to balance it all if she could. She peers over at her duffel bag packed with toiletries, clothes, and a few keepsakes she knew she's need to take with her. She waited on Gwen and slowly drifted to sleep in the darkness, her mind active with concern and mild anxiety.

  6. Suzie Collins

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ 9:45PM | SCAD Dorms, Savannah, Georgia

    "I just think that you should jump her," Ronnie Milks told Jacob Jones as Suzie headed towards them, to pass them on her way to her dorm. She was meeting Jacob tonight, and hoped he didn't see her before she got a chance to get the library off of her, yuck. She tried to remain unnoticed as Jacob and ROnnie casually made their way to her dorm room.

    Jacob laughed, "Something tells me she doesn't want me to just 'jump' her. She's a special girl - the kind you get flowers and movie tickets."

    "...And then you jump her," Ronnie said with a smirk. His blonde hair getting in his eyes.

    "Maybe, with her permission, I would then 'jump her' but it's more - meaningful than that." Jacob said. Upon Ronnie's laughter he spoke, "No, really, I want to chan..."

    Suzie turned left then, knowing that if she cut down this hallway she'd get to her dorm before Jacob. She was grinning as she went, unable to control her glee. She had known Jacob a long time, since they were in middle school, and finally dating him was a dream come true. She shut the door quickly behind her and ran to her bathroom, getting changed into her best jeans and bra before doing her makeup as quickly as she could. Stupid school, stupid finals! She had planned on getting to her dorm an hour earlier, but had gotten stuck on a math problem in the library and been delayed. When she heard the knock on her door she ran to it, opening it as calm as she could before realizing she had never put a shirt on.

    But it wasn't Jacob, or even Ronnie, at the door and when he clamped his hand over her mouth she knew she was screwed.

    "JSABDGWIER!" Her muffled scream barely escaped the hand, and soon enough he had knocked her out, taking her away and leaving a short note for 'Dear Jacob' to find.

    GM Note (open)
    This has to do with the first mission that @ch0sen1 and @Mollz will take.
  7. Van Zabel

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ 9:25 PM | Pub Lily's House

    Van grinned as the white snooker ball hit the black one, defining his victory over all of the others players. His body righted itself to turn at the others, smirking at their gaped faces.

    "Yeah, okay, no way. There's no way you won in just one turn." One of the man said, still gaping at the lonely white ball.

    "What are you insinuating?" Van replied in an innocent tone, his voice getting higher as he went on. "That I cheated? Please, first of all, how does one cheats at a snooker game?"

    The other, Paul was it? shook his head. "I don't know how you did it, but I know you did do it."

    Zabel snorted. Oh, how amusing, they had no idea.
    "Perhaps you're just bad at it." Said he as he put the club on the table, turning around towards the bar. A distant Hey! Could be heard in between the squeaks of his black leather boots as they pressed on the wooden floor, Paul getting nothing more than a hand wave as a reply. The tick-tock of a clock pulled Zabel's attention, his hazel eyes running around the pub in search for the source of the sound. They landed on an old, but efficient, clock marking 9:25 PM. Oh, already? Time surely passed fast, but not enough.

    Patience, Van, patience. There's plenty of time, no need to rush. No need.

    The wind hit his face as he exited the pub. It was a lovely night, a favorite of his. Full of stars. Bright. Disgustingly so. Ah yes, perfect. Zabel walked away from the pub, his mind wrapped up on what the next 24 hours had to offer to him. Oh, they were going to be sweet. He was so excited.

    And thus, the game is on.

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  8. Castiel

    May 27th, 2015 @ 10:09pm | Heaven

    It was around ten in the night, people were still out an about as always. Some were doing disgraceful activities while others were doing pleasing things in the eyes of the angel's. Castiel sat still on the bench, he was one of the few people who took watch over the humans today to see if anything suspecting would happen. He hasn't seen Dean nor Sam despite the many calls he recieved from both, especially Dean. He thought about seeing them soon, but at the right time since he didn't have enough strenght to actually face them just yet. He knew their pain and what they needed from him...but they had to understand why he was ignoring him and that he hasn't strayed away. He was like a guardian angel to Dean and he wasn't planning on changing that, but even he needed space from the two at times.

    The male rubbed his knee caps and looked down at his leather shoes, he was deep in thoughts about a few things. Maybe it was time to help a few other people, specifically hunters? He didn't know for sure. He had already went through major events for going down that road, but it felt so right to help them out even though everyone believed it was wrong. To think that if he had never pulled the hunter out of hell, he wouldn't be right here thinking about what he was and having people second guess his position as an angel. Despite it, Castiel still owed his all to Dean and Sam. Some people called it crazy and stupid, but Castiel didn't back down from his word. The man was up on his feet now, figuring that he had watched that spot far enough and that it was time for him to do something else. Rumors on the angel radio say that new hunters were being added, so maybe he should check that out later on? He didn't really feel like looking down on the two brothers caused him to have thoughts that he didn't want to experience anymore.
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  9. Diarmuid McCallum

    May 27th, 2015 | Diarmuid's House
    Diarmuid stood with his head held high in front of his parents, a bag full of his belongings slung over his shoulder. His father was a burly man with red hair and a thick beard. In figure he was imposing, but his eyes were full of gentle pride. His mother was tall and willowy, dark-skinned like himself, and absolutely glowing with joy. Their son had graduated and was finally ready to become a proper hunter. Diarmuid seemed to be struggling for words, obviously torn between his own joy and an odd sort of sadness, but that was the way people were when one journey ended and another started, after all. "Diarmuid, you've been a hunter for a long time, but it is truly time for you to go out and be free of us. Find other hunters and allies, and never forget what your primary purpose is: to destroy to protect."

    His mother laughed. "You're father, always so dramatic." She took a couple steps forward and put her hand on his shoulder. "We'll miss you, but we're glad to have you out of the house!" She winked playfully at him.

    Diarmuid nodded and smiled at her. "Uhh... thanks, Mother."

    She frowned slightly at him and put her hand to his forehead. "You feeling alright?"

    He shrugged her hand off lightly, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be going now." He turned around and began walking out the door, not looking back.

    His mother continued frowning at his retreating back, somewhat thoughtfully. Then she sighed and turned to her husband with a smile. "He's so silly to be nervous at this point. It's not like living on his own will make much of a difference. Well, I hope he does well, all the same."

    Diarmuid's first objective was to find another Hunter, and he'd long suspected Gwendolyn Williams (@Mollz) to be one of them. Maybe he should try observing her a bit, to see if his hunch was right, after all. He looked down at his plain, dark sneakers before sighing and heading off into a less inhabited area of the town, to set up a small camp for himself.

    OOC (open)

    Sorry if any of this doesn't work with the world or with the characters. Please tell me to fix it if I need to. Since I'm new to the world, I'm kind of dancing around in the dark right now. hehe. Sorrryyyy...
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  10. Cerberus, Johnathan Kenly

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @11:45| Palm Springs, Abondoned Warehoues

    Cerberus twirled the knife in his hand and smiled at the demon sitting in front of him. About 3 feet away was a table with an array of blades and tweezers and nails all sat on top of a large blanket. The two were in an abandoned warehouse, and the demon strapped to a chair with a tight leather mask on his mouth. In the demons arms were several nails, driven into the arms of the chair by Cerberus. The demon had no shirt on so as to expose more skin, and had plenty of markings cut into it. Cerberus bent his knees and put his hands on the demons shoulders, looking him dead in the eyes.

    "So, how long has Lucy had you tailing me?" Cerberus said cocking his head, "Couple days? Or were you the one that smoked out in Fresno?"

    The demon let his head fall and mumbled something under the mask, Cerberus could have easily removed it but he felt like having a bit more fun. He slowly stuck the knife into the demons chest and heard the rapid breath hitting the leather mask. He released his grip on the knife and left it in the demons skin.

    "What was that you were saying?" Cerberus said looking at the demon, he was breathing heavy and was trying to smirk but could barely keep from coughing.

    "I said," The demon said as he caught his breath, "The Devil is gonna have you back… back in his box… and he's gonna have you screaming for the millennia.. millennia to come."

    Cerberus grabbed the knife and twisted it, "How long have you been on me?"

    "Gah," The demon grasped, "Two weeks… I got the order to come after you. Passed down the line… so here I am."

    "What'd he want you watching me for?" Cerberus said.

    "He said to let him know if you talked to anyone from downstairs, or if you met up with anyone I thought was suspicious."

    Cerberus pulled the knife out and cleaned it off using his own shirt. He walked over to the table and dropped the knife on it amongst the other instruments of torture. He picked up a blade with a severe curve at the end of the blade. He walked back over to the demon and unfastened the mask. Then stuck it in the chest, just under the skin, he worked the blade around under the skin and cut a fair chunk out of him.

    "Oh," Cerberus said after the demon stopped screaming, "You can go now. You told me what I needed, so you know smoke up."

    As he said this he used the knife to make the 'go on' gesture. The demon looking at him in awe and he repeated the gesture. The demon threw its head up to the sky and black smoke poured out of its mouth and shot up to the roof and then funneled out a hole in the sheet metal ceiling.

    "Buh-bye" Cerberus said as he tossed the knife onto the table and began rolling up the large carpet. He tied its straps and lifted the makeshift carrier, metal tinked against itself. He walked out to the night air and popped his trunk, he tossed the torture instruments in the car and closed the drunk. He pulled the keys from his shirt pocket and unlocked the drivers side door. He climbed in the car and opened the glove box, inside he found a Connecticut cigar and pulled out a lighter. He stuck the cigar in his mouth and flipped the lighter lid open and lit the cigar. Cerberus took a few puffs to get it started and then reached down and turned the engine over. He listened as the machine roared to life, he turned on the radio and smiled at the song that came on.
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  11. Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams

    May 27th, 2015 | Driving Towards Leese's House

    The street was bright while being lit by both the moon and stars up above. They were hypnotizing against the clear sky. It almost seemed like a perfect night for those who got to enjoy the cool air outside with friends and family. That made a frown spread across Gwen's full lips while she drove down the street. She knew that everybody who had graduated today was at one of the popular kids house a couple of blocks over. Any body else was at home or around the corner at the Pub. The idea of even having a real life sounded like it would be fun for a change. She knew that she will never have a normal life after tomorrow and that made her a little uneasy. But the day her family was killed, she had made up her mind for what she was going to do for the rest of her life. She was going to dedicate it to saving those who don't deserve to be where she is, suck with family members who can care less. Once she made up her mind, along with her friend, they were both ready to go the day after graduation.

    Yet, as she moved down the empty streets, her mind moved to her old life when she was a child. How her parents acted like they were still twenty years old and how all of her siblings bickered. They all loved each other though to the point they wouldn't let anybody pick on them. It makes her wish she could have been there sooner to try and help them. But would a seven year old be able to stand up against a vampire? Probably not. She has learned how to kill one of those bloodsuckers and can't wait for her revenge on some of them. That's a case she knows she will never let go. The idea of killing what killed her family sent an odd thrill through her. She could feel it all the way down to her toes as her knuckles gripped the steering wheel.

    It almost made her miss the vibration of her phone sitting next to her. Gwen quickly pulled herself from her thoughts to grab her phone on the seat next to her. She knew that it would be Leese when she opened up the message. Once she read from her friend to go to her house, she dropped it into her cup holder. She wasn't a big person on text messaging. She'll message her back when she gets to her house.

    Turning past the Pub, she made her way toward her friends house. This time she would try to keep her head clear since she gets distracted too easily. Instead, she turned her radio onto the Hard Rock station. Somehow it was the only one that functioned well in her dads old car. He decided one day to restore a classic 1960's red mustang. He only got to work on it for so long before he died. Since then, she's had the car even though some stuff has to get fixed.

    Continuing down a couple of more streets, she saw her friends house a little bit up. She slowed down before stopping right in front. Gwen kept her music blasting while putting her car in park so she could message her back. I'm here. Pressing send, she leaned back in her seat and waited on her. She wasn't in the mood to go inside to say Hello. She'd rather get going.

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  12. Leese

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 | Aunt Jan's House

    Darkness. That's all that Leese could see around her. She sits in a dark void as the black, blank space of universe around her turns into a pool of thick black liquid below her feet. She slowly starts to become submerged in the liquid, her sensations of feeling more profound than ever. The pool rises slowly and gradually as the black goo warms itself around Leese's feet, stifling her from being able to move. Leese just stares into the black body of goo as a head slowly peers up from the liquid, its crystal eyes bearing into Leese's soul with a chilling terror. It remained unbudged, still, only staring. Leese's heart dropped when she realized this it was a was Lacey, covered in black goo. The upper frontal lobe and her eyes are all that sticks out from the liquid, as she stares at Leese. A growl can be heard as fangs extend from behind Leese.

    And then nothing.

    Leese's eyes pop open at the vibration of her phone, pulling it out and seeing that Gwen has arrived. She grabs her duffel bag and shoots down the stairs, walking into the living room and waving to her Aunt and Stepuncle.

    Jan: "Gwen's not coming in? I wanted to congratulate her..."
    "No she's in the car ready to go, I'll relay the message."
    Jake: "You girls have fun, be safe."

    Leese hugs the two guardians that raised her to be the best young woman she can be, all considering what she's been through. Even though they'll never know the real truth behind that day, that defining, chaotic moment. But they still continued to embrace and welcome Megan with love and the closest to parenting that they could attempt. It was just Jan and Leese for a long while, until about a year ago when Jake swept her away an they fell in love. Neither had any kids to bring into the relationship, excluding Leese. This time tomorrow both of them would probably be blowing her phone up asking where she was after the long letter she prepped for them explaining her leave to "go explore herself" for the summer. Many things Leese considered. College, boys, job, career, but that overweighing thought of that night stayed heavy in her mind. She exhales before looking one good time at the two, before heading out to Gwen.

    "Love you guys."

    She closes the door and walks towards the passenger side of Gwen's ride and hops in, sighing as she entered and closed the door. Leese looks at the serene, town house as Gwen backs out and heads to the spot.

    "Hey. was your encounter at home?" [ @Mollz ]

  13. Safety Alert! Missing girls around campus, police recommend "buddy system".
    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ 11:32AM
    Written By: Carrisa Rylee, Writing Major
    Kidnapped Students

    1. Kassidy Hemlock
    2. Sylvia Jones
    3. Lila Tyler
    4. Jacquelynn Eaton
    5. Josephine Mitchell
    6. Sheila Powell
    7. Alice Vaughn
    8. Chrystal Ware
    9. Linda Peterson
    10. Kathleen Thayer
    11. Dena Escobedo
    12. Dorothy Willoughby

    For the past month, 'May Showers' have been replaced with 'May Kidnappings'. Women all across campus have been kidnapped. In their dorms, walking back from class, and even by the sports pavilion. It started on May 1st, with the kidnapping of Kassidy Hemlock. Since then a woman has been kidnapped at least every 3 days, with 12 in total. Police have yet to close to school, with finals in our midst, but recommend using "basic precaution".

    Kassidy Hemlock, the first to be kidnapped, was a senior African American student with a Dramatic Writing major who was to graduate at the end of this semester the top of her class. Sheila Powell, the 6th to be kidnapped, was a sophomore Asian student with an Interior Design major, she had moderate grades and was scheduled to graduate on time. The list goes on, and the only thing that these students appear to have in common is gender and school. They have different ages, ethnicities, majors, and grades.

    "I just don't understand," Suzie Collins, friend to Linda Peterson (it should be noted that while these students may know each other, none of these girls have been reported as close friends), spoke to me with tears in her eyes. "I know it is terrible, but the reality didn't hit me until they took Linda. She's such a good girl! She's never done anything, we've been in church group together since we were kids! I am sure all of the other kidnapped girls are just as innocent, so why is this happening?"

    Why is this happening indeed. Henry Jones, long time significant other to Kassidy Hemlock (it is rumored that he was planning to propose to her on graduation, but this is as yet unconfirmed), would like to know.

    "It is her graduating year," He said. "And she, along with all of the other girls, needs to get out and get back to that. That's why I am leading a group dedicated to making our school safer, we all keep an eye out for any females that are in small groups or alone and make sure to help them get home safely. It's finals week, and no one needs this stress."

    When asked about his opinion on cops not closing the school in light of the kidnappings, which is reportedly due to finals, Henry was on the fence. "I can only hope that while we do what we can here to protect our own that the cops are doing their best to end these kidnappings."

    I spoke to the police about the kidnappings myself, and asked them why they haven't closed the school. They declined to comment but when I asked what we can do to keep ourselves safe while taking our finals they did say this: "Stay in groups and be aware, learn to protect yourself and be loud." Officer Gregory continued, "The last thing we want is any students hurt, we're doing our best to find the missing students and I, personally, recommend using the buddy system when leaving your dorms."

    I will be taking his advice to heart, and recommend that all of my fellow students do the same. As always, be safe, don't drink too much, and enjoy your last week of school!

    OOC: GM Notes (open)
    This is an article from the morning that our Hunters @ch0sen1 and @Mollz may only now find. (This will be the article [along with anything else I post] that leads them to head to Savannah. I don't care when they head out, though they have to head out by 10AM Thursday, the next day of the RP.)
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  14. Charlie

    Thursday, May 28, 2015 @6AM | Thunderbird Inn, Savannah, Georgia

    Sunlight infiltrated through the one window that decorated Charlie's room, shining streaks of light in the otherwise dark room. The blonde was in his bed, though he wasn't sleep. In fact, he was wide awake and had been for the past half hour. Silently, he checked the clock that was placed on the nightstand next to his side of the bed. It was six o'clock. It seemed like a reasonable time to get up and get moving. He had things to do and places to be and none of it would get done if he just stayed in bed. That being said, the Demon pushed himself up into a sitting position, the arm that was thrown around him sliding down, along with the covers, which pooled at his waist. He gently pushed the arm away so he could exit the warm bed and be greeted with the nippy air. As he moved around the room, slipping on clothes from here and there, he heard rustling behind him, causing him to stop and look at the lump in the bed. The rustles stopped and a sigh was heard before it was quiet once more.

    Charlie released the breath he was holding and finished lacing up his beat up, black Converse, which happened to be high tops. They were worn and you could obviously tell that he wore them a lot. Straightening up, he went to do his other morning routines before writing a note and leaving it where the other sleeping person could see it. Once that was done, he head out of the room and out of the motel, breathing in the slightly crisp morning air. It was refreshing and put a smile on Charlie's face. Today was a new day and that meant new chaos to create. But, before that, he had to meet Cerberus, or Pup as he liked to call him, at their designated meeting place. That being said, the blonde began to make his way over there.

    [ @HellHoundWoof I had put him in Savannah since it seemed that Cerberus had to be there.

    Also, I'm sorry for it being short, or the picture being big.]

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  15. Castiel

    May 28th, 2015 @ 6:09 am | Heaven -> Savannah

    Castiel made a confused face as he looked down to where Savannah was, something wasn't right. He didn't know what it was, but he could sense that people were beginning to come up missing...or dead. He couldn't quite put his finger on the names of each person or how many there was, but it didn't matter. He quickly stood up from kneeling down and was about to go see what was going on until someone grabbed his shoulder. "Castiel, where are you going?" a fellow angel said looking at him. He slowly turned around, "There seems to be an usual situation, I must figure out what is taking place." he told him and turned. "Wait, you know the others will not agree to you going off without permission." he spoke. "Then cover me until I return, I must leave." he spoke before turning around again. The angel stopped him again, "They want to kill you Castiel, you know this. If you screw up, they won't hesitate to murder you and stow away the evidence." Castiel turned slightly, "I am aware of the situation I have been positioned in, but I mustn't stay here when I can be of great help." the male spoke before disappearing. The angel sighed and turned off to do something else, he would do all he could to cover for Castiel, but he couldn't promise anything major. Castiel was in a deep position with the higher angels and if he did even the slightest thing wrong, he would probably be put into a deeper spot than what he's in now. Despite this, Cas didn't seem to care. Even though he broke contact with the two hunters doesn't mean that he shouldn't go check out some possible places were the super natural creatures were at work and it seemed like Savannah was the place, at least until he figures out other wise.

    Castiel appeared in Savannah not too long ago, looking around for clues and/or evidence was a bit hard since it seemed like they've cleared the place. Now Castiel wasn't a hunter, but he did know a hand or two in it from Dean, Sam,....and Crowley. Crowley... the name was all too familiar to Castiel and he wasn't proud of it. He had to do what was needed, or what he thought was needed, to win the war and went forward with it. He betrayed Crowley, yes, but Crowley is the king of betrayal so it wasn't hard to give him a taste of his own medicine. Fortunately, that was in the pass and he was picking up the pieces hoping that he didn't stray away too far from where he use to belong. Snapping out of his deep thoughts, he thought about the new hunters that would be arriving. Surely they would come here, this would be the perfect spot to start. "I will...stand here and wait then." he said to himself and did just that.

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  16. Cerberus, Johnathan Kenly

    Thursday, May 28, 2015 @6:10| Ma Hanna's Chicken and Waffles

    Cerberus cruised down west bryant street, he felt the shade of the trees as he neared the corner. He turned the wheel and looked at some people walking on the side of the road. They looked back at him and he flashed black eyes as he slammed his foot on the gas speeding down west boundary street. He looked forward and swerved right around someone's mini van. He was happily meeting with one of the supporters of Crowley, a demon by the name of Charlie. Silly name. Not fitting for a demon. He turned his wheel slightly and followed the slant of the road towards a roundabout area with a patch of grass in the center. He pulled the mustang off to the side and parked facing some trees. He got out of the car and reached into the backseat and pulled out a pistol, he tucked it into his beltline and began walking towards his destination. It was weird to be here, this meeting spot hadnt been used in years. Not since the first days when he'd heard about the young Winchesters moving around and exing demons. Now they were occupied with bigger fish and whatnot, left room for Cerberus to run around and play. He passed the 'Shop n Go' and looked inside, he wanted to make sure no one inside was looking back at him. One couldnt be too careful with all of Luci's troops looking for Crowley supporters. He didnt think the gun would make too much of a difference but if shit got crazy it couldnt hurt to have it on him. He passed a liquor store and saw the familiar white door of 'Ma Hanna's Chicken and Waffles'. He grabbed the handle and pulled the door open, so Charlie wasnt here yet. He spotted an empty near the back of the small store and sat down and picked up the laminated menu. He looked over it and decided on a coke and some breaded chicken breasts.

    He pulled out his burner and looked at the time, 6:10. Charlie would be arriving soon. After a minute or so his food came out and his drink came in a Styrofoam cup with some ice circles in it. He ran his right thumb and forefinger over his mustache and then drank half of the coke, if these people only knew how great this stuff actually tasted. Or how great it was to smell all these smells instead of sulfur, ash and burning flesh. He grabbed his napkin and unrolled it dropping the silverware onto the table. He put the napkin on the table and grabbed his fork and the dull knife. He began cutting through the breaded chicken breast and then stuck the severed portion in his mouth and chewed. He smiled and exhaled as he got the rush of spicy flavor, humans didnt know what they had. The server came over with a can of cola and popped the top, she was a cute African American girl, about 5'6 with blonde curls.

    "Care for a refill?" She said in a southern accent, all Cerberus could do was nod as he savored the chicken, "I take it you like the chicken?"

    "Yes mam I do," Cerberus said after he swallowed, "I'm John Kenly. And I gotta say it's some damn fine chicken."

    "That's a bit off kilter honey," She said with a smile, "Most people think it's real spicy when they first try it. But if you want more just call for Jenine."

    She grabbed her name tag then smiled and walked off. Cerberus cut himself another piece of chicken and stabbed it with his fork. He opened his mouth and placed the flaky breaded chicken into his mouth, and chewed. Another smile crossing his face as he felt his tongue tingle.

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  17. Charlie

    Thursday, May 28, 2015 @6:15 » Ma Hanna's Chicken and Waffles

    Charlie had just noticed that he was late when he stepped inside of Ma Hanna's Chicken and Waffles. Technically, it wasn't that late. Plus, he had been making sure that there wasn't anyone out to get him. Hunters and Lucifer supporters alike. He might have also been distracted on the way there by a few things. It's not his fault that he has a short attention span, really. Sometimes there were just certain things, or people, that captured his interest and it was hard to ignore them. In the end, he was able to get to the meeting place at a reasonable time and that's all that mattered.

    Brown eyes scanning the unknown restaurant, they landed on a table in the back that was occupied by none other than Pup himself. The sight of the other Demon put a smile on the blonde's face as he made his way over to him. Reaching the table, he slid into the empty booth on the other side of the older male. He had never heard of their designated meeting place and was excited to try out the food that was being served. Picking up the menu, he studied it closely before deciding what he wanted. Being that it was still breakfast time, he ordered a stack of waffles with a cup of apple juice on the side. He dared someone to say something about a nineteen year old ordering apple juice. Luckily, no one did. With his order getting prepared, he turned to face Cerberus, who was so engrossed in his chicken. It must have been really good.

    Clearing his throat, Charlie leaned back in his seat. "Sup, Pup," he greeted with a lazy smile, eyes trained on the man across from him. "Enjoying the chicken?" He questioned in a slightly teasing tone, eyebrow quirked and amusement dancing in his chocolate eyes. A smirk tugged at his lips, but he held it back.

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  18. Leese

    Thursday, May 28, 2015: 6:04 AM

    The crimson and neon colored sun had broken her closed eyes. She opened her retina to a never ending source of light invading into her face, instinctively shielding her eyes and squinting abruptly. Leese sits up in her seat and shakes her head back into consciousness, looking to see a clear open road and a morning sky that would be beautiful for any kid that just graduated, but Megan knew better. She knew the light would end eventually. She picks up the printed off paper of an online article concerning missing girls in Savannah, Georgia. Over 10 nappings in a very short time span, all females revolving around a small college. Looks like not everyone was going to have a stellar end of the year. This was Leese's and Gwen's first job as adults, officially independent and on their own. She had the summer to try and figure out what exactly killed her parents, and used poor Lacey. Then maybe she could take Lacey away like she promised and have a normal, serene life with her. Lacey was always fond of California, so maybe Megan would attend college at UCLA or something, while Lacey finished high school like a regular teenager full with a prom date kiss and parties with irresponsibility. Gwen drives the old van they adapted into the ultimate hunting fortress, mobile and full of potency.

    "Hey close are we?"

    Leese scrunches her eyes again, moving towards the beds in the back and grabbing her laptop. Last night wasn't anything special, just her and Gwen hanging out at the makeshift hunter's cabin and reflecting on the past and the future, placing everything in priority for them together and individually. Gwen was more internally stowed, hiding that fire and daring something to give her an excuse to use it. Megan however was more of confrontational and embracing with her feelings. She knew what happened, but not why. That was okay, because she knew it gave her cause to find out the truth, and to stay focused while doing so. She moves back in the passenger seat and opens her laptop to begin doing some research on the Savannah incident. Her peripheral vision catches the white hospital shoes on her feet, reminding her of her baby sister. Leese let out a stealthy smile and went back to the web. She X'd out of a pop up about free Ghostfacers paranormal lessons and did a little digging.

    "May 1st, with the kidnapping of Kassidy Hemlock. Since then a girl has been kidnapped at least every 3 days, with 12 in total thus far... Police have yet to close to school? Ignorance. Kassidy Hemlock, the first to be kidnapped, was a senior African American student with a Dramatic Writing major who was to graduate at the end of this semester the top of her class. Sheila Powell, the 6th to be kidnapped, was a sophomore Asian student with an Interior Design major, she had moderate grades and was scheduled to graduate on time....

    So the commonalities are basically gender and school. Which suggests what....."

    Leese brainstormed for a moment, using that uncanny wit, intuition, and cleverness to try to infer some of the missing information.

    "They have different backgrounds, races, creeds, ethnicities...maybe that's the point? Something has to be posing as a student or faculty, napping these girls because of their differences? Maybe it needs something in particular that it can only get from certain cultures or ethnic constraints? Just spitballing here. Or maybe....they're virgins? Something feeding or needing the purity of a female?"

    Leese turned over to Gwen and waited for her input. Both were very intelligent, but in two different spectrums. That is what makes them so dangerous, that and their incredibly good looks and innocent posture that could easily turn into a ferocious and lethal duo should someone cross them. Leese didn't know how she felt about this yet. It felt weird to leave Jan and Lace behind...but if she could free her sister (internally) then she had to take it. All she could think about was the road so far...


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    Thursday, May 28, 2015 @6:00 AM | Road to Savannah

    The wind hit against Van's helmet and body, making his jacket violently flap around as his Harley Davidson roared on the road. Cars honked as he cruised through them, scaring distracted drivers, but Van gave them no attention, he had more things to worry about, things like the old van a mile away from him. He made sure to stay as far away as possible, it wouldn't be too fun to already be discovered.

    "Hey!" A male voice suddenly called from his left. "Nice bike."

    "Thanks, mate!" Van loudly replied through his visor. "It was a really good deal!" Ah yes, it was indeed. Not like the seller would have any more use of it. It would be a shame to just leave the motorcycle to rot, especially one as gorgeous as this. However, the chit chat had to end, since the van was getting further way as time passed. So the dark haired man just gave the driver a smile and sped away, leaving the other with a cold feeling in his chest. He must have been hallucinating because what he saw in that smile wasn't human. No. It was something more, actually, less. It left him with a dread feeling, as if the devil himself grinned at him.

    Van sped up through the road, away from the driver and closer to the van. He cursed himself when he realized he was far too close to comfort, it would do no good to slow down at the moment, so he took the risk and sped up even more. The van got even closer, until there were only meters separating them. Zabel changed lanes and got side by side with the bigger vehicle, his head turning around to look at the driver. To look at Gwen. His hazel eyes stared at the girl through his visor, shining in what seemed to be pride. But it only lasted a second. The Harley accelerated and it was soon in front of the van, Van riding away until his bike got hidden by the amount of cars and trucks. However, nothing managed to hide the amazement in his eyes, because, yes, it was beautiful.

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  20. Diarmuid McCallum

    May 28, 2015 @ 6:12AM | Middle of Nowhere (getting ready to travel towards Savannah)
    Diarmuid had not had the best day the night before. On top of almost getting randomly run over, he'd utterly failed to find Gwen and any others who might be hunters. He'd spent the night cold and uncomfortable, after his sleeping bag refused to zip up properly. Having discovered a copy of the news from Georgia, he was now getting ready to embark on a trip for his first mission as an independent hunter. It would also be the mission farthest from home he'd ever been. He roughly packed up his tent and sleeping bag into his large pack before heading to the nearest road.

    Taking a deep breath, he did the only thing he could think of to get transportation heading in the general direction of Savannah. He stood conspicuously on the side of the road, and put his thumb up.

    Show Spoiler

    I was also going to wait for the hunters and forgot to post. Sorry for the delay, but now that I'm sitting down to actually write my post, I think I'm going to just have Diarmuid chase the same culprits as he is also a hunter, instead of meeting up with Gwen and Leese. I've also decided to write my first post with Aviyah, but I'm not super certain about it. Also, excuse the shortness and lateness of these posts. Lastly, I will upload the pictures later, since I'm in a hurry right now.


    May 28, 2015 @ 6:12AM | Savannah, Georgia
    Aviyah had been hunting demons, as usual. Savannah was just another stop in her worldwide travails to massacre as many demons as she could find. It had been something of a coincidence that she'd been in the area when college girls had begun disappearing, abducted by an unknown identity for unknown reasons. Could it be a demon? If it was, it was causing quite a lot of havoc, and there was no way she could just let it slide and pass through. She had to find it. She'd been in the city for two days, looking for clues that would lead her to the culprit, but so far, nothing had been solid enough for her to follow it. She was surprised she hadn't spotted any pesky human hunters, yet, considering it had been a month since the suspicious kidnappings had started. She was always wary about the human hunters. They could be just as inconvenient as they could be useful, so she'd been keeping a sharp eye out, but none so far. The angel sat in a cafe sipping coffee, which she'd developed something of a taste for, and prepared herself for another day of demon-hunting.
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