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    Those that are gifted with the supernatural powers are often stronger, faster, and have better reflexes than the average human. Sometimes, they even receive other powers that are special to them. None of them knew what to do with their strange power, until someone stepped up to the plate and decided to create something. Something has been going on around the world, something that is scaring geologists, scientists, and researchers. They have been finding tomb stones, all throughout the planet, and the writings were different than any other language. Judging by the writing, it is no old hand writing, this is recent, the writing has been carved in recently. It scares people, believing that there is another race on the planet, somewhere deep within the tombs. That is when Richard Henry, from England, decided to make the Supernatural Tomb Raiders organization located in Tokyo, Japan. That is where all the supernatural gifted humans would go to train their powers, and then fly to tombs in which they'd use their powers. Although, the military is involved, yet Richard does not help the military, he uses his own strategies and his own troops; even though he has a small amount of people, they are very useful.

    They all live inside of the mansion in Tokyo in which is the base and their home. It has several rooms, and a large base with a training center. They all can decide on what they want to learn, but all of them must practice the use of the gun and the technology of the items that they are going to be sent with. They all have communicators in which are practically indestructible and water-proof, they each have one hand-gun and other weapons of their choice, a knife, first-aid kits, recorder and camera, and other supplies that they think they'll need depending on the mission. There is a simulation room in whi
    ch they practice acrobatics and live combat.


    So as you can tell, I'm using the tomb raiding aspect from Tomb Raider, but making it a group RP with supernatural humans.

    Each person will be stronger, faster, and have better reflexes, and they may choose another supernatural power of their choice. But if I think it's too overpowered, I'll tell you.

    I would like it that everybody plays as a supernatural human.

    I will control what Richard Henry will say, he is the strategist and the head of the base, so I'll be giving out the missions and such.

    There will be only a small amount of us, from about 4-10 people.



    Supernatural Powers:
    Apperance(Picture please):
    Additional information:


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  2. Name: Tonari Brookes
    Age: 20
    Supernatural Powers: Astral Projection, the ability to spiritually separate from her body and travel vast distances with the mind alone.
    Weapons: The standard issue gun and a Swiss army knife. She also keeps a few throwing knifes hidden on her during missions.
    Apperance: (open)


    Bio: On the tall side for a girl, and yes she is a girl despite not looking like one at first glance, this is usually due to her boyish manner of dressing. Tonari is a level headed person who likes to think before acting, a fact that often works to her advantage, but sometimes it causes her to hesitate and loose precious time. Quiet, serious, and shy, it sometimes takes her a while to warm up to others.

    Born and raised in London from an English father and a Japanese mother, she learned both of their native languages from an early age. Growing up, she had trouble socializing with her peers due to her ability, often separating from her body when she got too excited, scaring her young classmates quite a bit by suddenly "passing out." She learned to better control her power later on, but the damage was done and she never got much better at socializing normally.
    She moved to Tokyo at 19 for school, and was already well aware of Henry's organization before she decided to take a job there, her main intent being to make money to put towards school.
    Additional information:
  3. How does one get into the organization, and is the air fare paid for those that get in, or do they have to pay for their own ticket to Tokyo?

    Name: Cherryin Sanchez, often called 'Cherry' as a nickname.

    Age: 21

    Supernatural Powers: Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with her mind. The heavier the object, the more mental strain it puts on her. Larger objects are hard for her to control, even if said object is very light. She can also use her power to slightly stop other things in motion, but the hardest for her to control are living things, which is why she often avoids doing so because she wouldn't make much of a difference in their movement.

    Weapons: A hand gun, several small knives, a pocket knife, and a small device that can extend a whip, which can also be used to grab onto things.

    Appearance(Picture please):
    Show Spoiler
    *Of course, she wears clothes much more appropriate whenever she goes on a mission*

    Bio: Cherryin, or Cherry as she's often called as a nickname, grew up in a rich family. She supposedly had everything that she wanted, but her parents, and even the maids and butlers, paid more attention to her brothers who showed much more 'potential', leaving Cherry alone. Eventually she went out often, managing to become popular, but nothing could replace the attention she desired from her family, mainly her parents.

    One night she was fairly stressed about this, to the point of where she was rambling about it in her room. In her anger she threw something against the wall, only to be surprised when it didn't just fall down to the floor, 'sticking' to the wall for a few moments before finally falling. She did this with another object, and it did the same thing, soon enough she discovered that she could make the object stay up longer if she just focused on it. At first she dismissed it as being some sort of weird dream, but eventually through some more experimenting, she found that she had the power of Telekinesis.

    Seeing a chance to finally surpass her brothers and gain beloved attention from her parents, she trained herself with this new found ability, not exactly mastering it, but managing to get the hang of it. She planned to reveal her ability at a dinner party, and when she put her plan into action, she put on what she considered to be a spectacular show, flying silverware, plates, and various other things around the room. When she was finished, the gasps she received were not of admiration, but instead horror. Her parents disowned her, and once she was eighteen, kicked her out of the house with a few of her things.

    It was rather hard to find a job, especially with local gossip telling of and exaggerating her power, but eventually she found a circus that she joined, since she wasn't sure about who else would accept her. There, she found acceptance, her ability made into an act, and her other enhanced senses that were previously unused also came in handy. She came to see the other members of the circus as family, much closer than her own.

    One day she caught word of the Supernatural Tomb Raiders organization, and as interesting as it sounded, she doubted that she could go due to money matters, but the circus members encouraged it, saying that her abilities could be used for so much more, even helping with getting into it.

    Additional information: She mainly specializes in dodging, sneaking around, and defending if she has to, but not so much in offense.
  4. There's contact information. It's on the news everywhere, it's on the internet, it's on the radio, there's fliers in big cities. And since the head of the organization is rich, like BLOODY RICH! he pays for EVERYTHING.
  5. Also, am I accepted? Anything that I need to change?
  6. Nnng, do I have to include a picture? I want to play, but I don't have pictures of any of my characters available, unless you count snapshots of their Guitar Hero counterparts. ._.
  7. I can help you find a good picture, if you want
  8. Any chance that i could join? This seems interesting,
    and by the way, I am new to inserting pictures into a post.
    So how do i do that?
  9. So when does the actual thread start? I'd rather not make a character and then not be able to use them.
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    @joey: I imagine the thread will start when there are enough characters.
  11. Um...I think it'd be pretty cool to join this rp if you're still accepting.

    Name: Naia

    Age: 17

    Supernatural Powers: She can communicate with any animal by morphing a part of her body to match the animal (like gaining wolf ears and tail, or sparrow wings) she also uses her changed body part to enhance her physical rabbit ears and tail to jump higher, bird wings to fly, cheetah ears and tail to run faster, bear ears, tail, and paws for extra strength...but only for limited amounts of time.
    She carries a grappling hook, and a couple of knives.
    Apperance(Picture please):

    ‚Äč Naia looks a lot younger than 17, and is often mistaken for a young teen around the age of 14. She's quiet and stoic, good at following orders and a fast, efficient worker. In some ways, she's almost robotic. She prefers the company of her animal friends rather than most people, but if you get close enough to her, she's a loyal and good friend to have. Mostly, Naia's seen with some sort of animal following her around because she has so many pets...but occasionally if you'll open her room, you'll see some exotic or wild animal in there. She's quite cat-like, being independent, quiet, and she also loves head rubs. Though seeming innocent, she won't hesitate to get the job done (with little to no casualties).
    Additional information:

    -She never talks about her past, so she's quite mysterious.
    -She's vegetarian (refusing to eat her animal kin)
    -She doesn't fare well in the heat
    -If it's a clear starry night, she won't sleep. She'll be out star gazing.
    -Though well mannered, she can be stubborn like a child.
  12. Ok, the picture didn't show...shoot.
    I'll just describe her then.

    She's a shortie with long, straight, sky blue hair reaching her mid back, with slightly darker blue eyes. She has ivory skin with a slim frame, and wears whatevers most comfortable and efficient in whatever she's doing.
  13. Meh, screw it, I'll write the bio and if I can't play because I don't have a picture then whatever. :U

    Name: Zack Kori
    Age: 20
    Supernatural Powers: Control over ice, from simple skills like lowering the temperature in a room to an all-out freeze ray he can fire at people. Proves mentally exhausting when used often in a short time span.
    Weapons: A relatively simple lance, made of metal and sharpened to a point. He prefers not to use it, though, because carrying it around hinders his movement. He usually only brings it along when a mission calls for it.

    Appearance: Slightly above-average height. Toned muscles. Narrow face. Light skin, somewhat tanned. Purple eyes, slightly narrow but not so much as to make him look Asian. Wavy hair, styled in layers, that reaches to his shoulders and is a pale lavender in color. (Natural.) Perpetual stoic expression. Typical outfit consists of a vest or similarly scarce top, often left open, with nothing underneath, baring much of his chest and arms; a baggy pair of shorts, often camo; blue-and-white converses; and sometimes a pair of gloves if he thinks he'll need them.

    Bio: When Zack was very young, certainly far too little to properly remember, his parents were murdered. The police said it looked like they'd been killed by a wild beast, something massive with fearsome teeth that left little to no evidence at the crime scene to reveal their identity. Not even a speck of DNA. To this day, Zack believes it was a dragon on the hunt for a meal. The tragedy had a massive effect on his personality; he became quiet and withdrawn, and began to detest the weakness he saw in other humans. He didn't blame whatever had taken his only family away from him. It was stronger, so it survived while his parents were offered as sacrifices. That was the way things were meant to be.

    Only a few days after his loss, Zack was found by a slightly eccentric man named Alex Relson, who considered himself something of a collector of gifted humans. Alex took Zack in and raised him as his own from that young, delicate age, teaching him the ways of defending himself against the harsh reality they both perceived, alongside Alex's six other adopted children. As one with the gift of command over fire, Alex understood and recognized the talents that arose within the seven. He made himself their tutor as well as their father.

    Fast forward to about a month ago. Something changed, for reasons no one understood. Alex became a tyrant. He expected his seven adopted children to carry out his orders without question. Many of them perceived him as a weak and cowardly man. Eventually, something snapped within three of them, and they rose against the man they once considered their father. Alex was killed in the resulting battle. Zack had no say in the matter, but he didn't care. He didn't mind the change. Authority was nothing more than a concept to him, something that kept him in line and gave him something to do with his life. It wasn't something to be respected. And he certainly never equated it with a specific person.

    Zack heard rumors of the Supernatural Tomb Raiders through the grapevine. News traveled fast once someone in his family caught wind of it. He decided it was worth checking out. Perhaps he would even find something to further his own personal agenda just a little bit faster...

    Additional information: To summarize his character quickly, Zack is rather cold and unfeeling, tends to apply cold, and often ruthless, logic to everything, typically thinking before acting, and usually speaks as briefly as possible.
  14. Alrighty. If you can't find a picture for your character sheet, that's fine.

    I'll get the thread up as SOON as possible.

    And a new idea strikes my head! I will have the founder of this organization, Richard Henry, contain the power of telekinesis. Thus, he will inform everyone to meet up at the mansion at a specific time. Anyone like that? If so, I'll start out the first post with Richard telling everyone about it, and as for my character, she'll probably be his right-hand woman :)

    All the character sheets look GREAT! Nice powers everyone :) we have a good variety.
  15. I think you mean telepathy. Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind. :P

    And yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me. :3
  16. Erm. Ya. That's what I meant. Hahaha.
  17. Oh, forgot to mention. Zack has a tattoo of this on his lower abdomen, on the right. It's usually partially covered up by his vest, especially when he's just sitting around doing nothing.
  18. Can't wait for this to start! Lol

    Name: Mike Dally

    Age: 35

    Supernatural Powers: morphing of arms into weapons from knives to rocket launchers. However any projectile weapon consumes a lot of energy, because it fires pure energy made from his life force, if rapid fire or very powerful. That being the case he sticks to small firearms but mostly close combat weapons.

    Weapons: just the handgun given to him and anything needed for the mission since he can make any weapon.

    Apperance(Picture please): This was as close as I could find to what my guy would look like

    Bio: Only at the age of 21 did he figure out he had this power. Since he just became of legal age to drink he went out to party and drink till he dropped. He got into a fight with someone and when he went to punch the other guy his hand became a knife and sliced into his face. Everyone ran in panic and didn't bother to try and call the police and knew him there anyway. He got home and his hand was still a knife. He desperately wished for it to change back and what do you know it did. He played around at first by changing his hand back and forth, he was amazed this knife was as sharp as real steel.

    Mike trained in a nearby forest with the small knives and through the months gradually made them bigger. In 5 years he went from knives to short swords to regular swords to katanas (because he saw them one day before training) and finally to long swords. He found a fighting style for each weapon and even tried hammers and staffs but they weren't as easy to fight with.

    When he was 30 he hadn't really needed to use his powers but one day was jumped by two guys with pistols. He was outmatched and for some reason didn't think of a shield. Instead he turned his arms into automatic rifles and started to fire, he killed the two before they could react and he dropped to the ground and almost passed out. It took quite a while, possible an hour is what he thought, to recover enough energy to get up and move. The bullets he had fired were yellow balls of energy, the same color of his aura or life force if you could see it. Afterwards he thought of a shield and facepalmed from not thinking of it then, he was sure the shield he made was strong enough to stop bullets and he tested it once and it was.

    When he heard about the Supernatural Tomb Raiders and the guy who made it, Mike immediately called and was brought it. He of course got a room in Henry's Mansion and awaits orders for his missions.

    Additional information: He is a very good team player but can definitely take care of himself. He still likes to drink but needs to learn the proper times to do it.
  19. Alright. One problem with the end of your bio. Or perhaps it could stay depending on the answers for this question: Who would like it that at the very beginning of the thread, everyone is already grouped in the mansion for a group interview. Say, to meet each other, find out each other's powers, and were all found by Richard in some way.
  20. Alright I shall fix it post haste! lol

    Oh wait I just reread, so we shall wait for everyone's answer I guess.