Summoner: The Cataclysm



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The sun hung high in the expansive sky. The sky was clear of any clouds and the blue sky reflected the color of the clear ocean. Waves swayed back and forth in a lazy see-saw motion and crashed against the side of the ship ever so softly. The wind varied from being a gentle breeze to the occasional strong gust. Some would say that this was a beautiful morning. Those on the Dirge knew not to take the chance to call this morning beautiful. If there was beauty then only the dreamers on the ship could ever perceive it.

The ship's crew was at work cleaning her deck and halls. Some of the sailors were whistling a tune that only true sailors would recognize. The captain was at the wheel with his trusted mates at his side, helping to make sure that all the Dirge's status. The sailors were in their own world but they knew too well who they had aboard upon their beloved ship. Luckily for them and the Dirge, an magic seal was inscribed upon the ship that produced an aura that prevented the Summoners from using their powers.

A lone summoner with the ears of a cat, leaned against the railing of the ship. Her pale eyes were fixed on the blue water below. She felt so alone on this ship. No clan claim her yet she was given an invitation to join the tournament. Having no place to go, she decided to give this tournament a shot. Though now, she was regretting her decision. She let out a small sigh.​
I walked out into the deck of the ship ignoring the sailors. I looked around looking for someone who could actually hold a conversation. Though I didnt understand why i joined the tournament . . . I guess i was forced to. Well not forced but . . . i dont even know anymore. Then i saw a person with cat ears. So i gradually made my way over.
Keir stood off by the railing and stared out into the waters. He would win this tournament. He owed it to his mother, who was counting on him; his mother, who did everything she could for him. So he decided to help her out. He joined the tournament. He was determined to win, and so he would. He looked at his surroundings. There were others with features of a summoner. They would be his future rivals. Turning back he frowned. There was no way Keir would associate with them. He couldn't. It would only make winning harder, it would make him not want to win.
I turned around feeling weird to go any more forward and i saw a guy turn and start to walk away. I became interested and whistled to get his attention.
Thom smiled wryly as he passed a few people on the deck of the ship. Can't I just find some peace and quiet!? He thought to himself. His hands shook nervously, especially as the crew constantly stared at the sword tattoo on his face. Suddenly, SMACK! Thom slammed into a young man and looked up. He obviously wasn't crew, and stood much taller than Thom. "S....s....sorry!" He stammered awkwardly, then he realize that the young man must have been one of the fighters in the tournament. "Umm..... H... H... Hello...." Thom stammered. "I... I... am... Thom.... Y-you?"
I was just done with whistling and i got hit by someone. They began teling me their name and i did a awkward smile. "Im Nograd" i said. I sensed he wasnt just a regular crew mate either
Keir heard some commotion behind him and turned to see two others talking. He stuck up his nose. Such trivial acts. He would never introduce himself like that. He was above such things. He watched them interact for a moment before looking back out at the water. It was such a peaceful sight.
Raithen observed the other passengers with an expression of disdain. He stood off on his own, serpentine eyes flicking from person to person, tracking their movements like a snake did their next meal. He flicked his tongue over his lips anxious already to be off of this ship and straight to the fighting. His clan had trained him for this tournament for years....and now it was time he proved himself a worthy oppenent. He slipped into a crouch in his corner, quietly absorbing sunlight and contemplating over his adversaries. A cat girl, two canines, a boy with a tattoo on his face, and a man who did not have any obvious characteristics. The latter two seemed to conversing while one of the canines kept to himself, holding an expression similar to Raithen's own. He would be one to watch for...
I then walked away and sat on a bench near a door that led under deck. I looked around my two colored eyes going from person to person. My hood covering the sunlight into my face so people cant see my eyes.
Edward laughed as he lounged on a beach chair, reclining and getting some sun as he petted a strange, black, three headed pup with a collar on the center neck. He had black gloves on and the only ensemble of clothing he had on other than that was a black pair of swim trunks, for modesty. Another summoner although it was hard to tell... His eyes were red and it seems that his mouth was full of pointy teeth.

"Well, everyone getting familiar with their rivals? How quaint." He simple oozed arrogance, perhaps because of his pup next to him. "I think you should all just give up now, I Edward Wulfaz, will become the magister this time around. And that is my destiny." Yep, he was arrogant, but something allowed him to be like that.
Arla stood oblivious to the rest of the people on board. She stood near the front of the ship, looking at the water below, trying to spot things under the water. Se was wearing her cloak to hide her wings, but the hood was not covering her head at the moment.

She was not nervous at all, nor excited. She was not even expecting to win the tournament. All that she wanted was to participate in it. To have the chance of making out of this a learning experience.
I looked at the kid named edward on the beach chair. I smirked,"Do you really think your going to win? We could all win or lose it depends on how strong we all are. Though i dont know how strong anybody else really is." I shook my head looking at the ground. I couldnt actually believe that he or many other people could even be so cocky.

(Hey do you think more than just us go to the island like other non-important characters? Because once one of us looses im assuming were out of the rp?)
Raithen rolled his eyes at the canine and his pet, a look of utter disgust on his handsome features. If someone spoke like that among his clan, they'd probably be beaten within an inch of their life and sent to the snake pit for several days. The young warrior scowled at the thought of the earthen grave filled to the brim with snakes of all varieties. Of course all of the Snake Clan had a high resistance to poison... but surviving the snake pit was something few people did. Raithen settled into a sitting position and withdrew a whetstone from his pack which he immediately put to work sharpening one of his blades. He was a skilled swordsman, refusing to allow his contract to be the only one fighting. Basilisk's presence whispered in his ear from her slumber in his scroll and he could almost feel her forked tongue flicking over his ear. He nodded at her advice and started towards the only other Summoner with a reptilian contract, the boy with the sword tattoo. Raithen leaned on the railing near the smaller young man and flashed him a serpentine smirk. "Let me guess...a dragon?"
The hydra began to speak to me and said, "These . . . these fools will not succeed we are strong . . .stronger than them." I shook my head in disagreement. "They could possibly win . . we may be strong . . but i dont know how strong they can be. . . anyways that one up there has a sword." I said aloud noticing the sword. I use my orb that i use to call out the hydra i can use it to help myself fight.
(Okay but honestly there should be other people who came here so that we dont just fight lose and get kcked out the rp!)
Keir sighed and turned around. He should stop staring out at the ocean. It would only make him want to go home, where he was surrounded by the wonderful seclusion of trees.

As he turned, he saw the dog. The dog had three heads. His eyes narrowed, and he looked up at the person next to the dog. Yes, his suspicions were confirmed. He scowled and walked towards the whole other side of the boat. He would not stand anywhere near such a person!
Edward chuckled when he saw Keir move away. "Oh look, its the pup of that tratorous bitch [OOC: Thats the name of a female dog]], running away with his tail between his legs!" He started laughing as the pup growled at Keir. "Now now Cerberus. No need to waste a good growl on someone as useless as that." He laughed again, loving to make fun of a member of his sister clan.
"Okay edward you honestly should go somewhere else before you get a bad reputation on my part," he said a slight nerve of anger in my voice. He just stood sitting there waiting for a response with arrogance.
The three headed pup snarled at the boy who talked while Edward sent him an icy glare. "Did I ask for what you thought? I did not. Losers should not speak to the winner unless it is to prase them. So, you can either shut your mouth or shower me with prase. What will it be, loser?"
"Honestly i can shower you with many things on the opposite side of praise," He said sarcastically. His red and blue eye flashing with anger. "When we get off this boat id like to kill that boy . . .," The hydra said. I shook my head to the hydras response and continued with the conversation.