Summer's Dream (2)

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The date was July sixth, in the year two thousand and five. A group of students from Humboldt College set off to spend some of their summer vacation in nearby Crescent City, for the beauty of the location that bordered the ocean and the stunning Redwood trees. The group did not consider the date, or the location, as auspicious.

This group of students, many friends but some mere acquaintances, drove to a small coffee shop that humid night, set up against the backdrop of the forest. As the cars neared the small building, a hot summer rain began to fall from a jet black sky and fireflies dotted the air. Without a second thought, the group entered the cafe and sat down, talking and enjoying one another's company late into the night. Not giving even a single word, the keeper of the store stood behind his counter polishing the fine wood. The clock ticked slowly to midnight. With five seconds to spare before the clock chirped the hour, the man smiled, suddenly jovial.

"All the sevens, in a row, and for a day we shall play!" he squeaked.

The group looked up, mystified, but he had gone. Without time to spare for a thought, each student dropped into a dreamless slumber.

The first to wake is Wren, who rubs her eyes and encounters a vision of timeless beauty. Before her lies a forest and upon further inspection, dense forest fills her field of view on all sides. A twinkling light and the tinkle of laughter barely audible rings through the foliage.

"Guys, guys! Wake up!"

Each person will play a student at a college, with a fair range of ages from about eighteen to twenty-five.

Name: Fairly simple :)
Age: Consult me if you find this difficult.... o_O
Gender: Only three options here, and I would appreciate you keeping hermaphrodites to a minimum
Personality: How your character acts in general
Brief Biography: A small summation regarding turning points in the past of the character, etc.
Appearance: A picture or detailed description

Wren Avary: Sociable and upbeat art major.
Taylor Hartford: Easygoing and stubborn dance major.
Travis Mackson: Humorous and paranormally obsessed biology major.

Name: Wren Avary
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly and upbeat, Wren liked to make lots of friends and she talks all the time. Her first love includes music, of which she liked all kinds, and her second love is art.
Brief Biography:
Wren's parents died in a car crash when she was very small, which gets her a lot of sympathy from people, but she's not really all that upset about it because she can't even remember her parents. She was raised by her grandmother and grandfather on her father's side of the family, who treated her just as any good parents would. Growing up this way, Wren had a fairly ordinary childhood.

Always loving to be surrounded by people, Wren whined to go to an Art Camp held by her elementary school when she was seven. Though the main goal was only to have friends all summer long, she discovered a passion and talent for art at this camp that she has since nurtured into becoming her major. Wren is fully aware of the lifestyle of a starving artist but it is her passion and she hopes to become successful so that she can take care of her grandparents in their old age.

Name: Taylor Hartford

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: A bit strong-willed, Taylor can be rather stubborn at times but usually gets along with everyone. Taylor is outgoing for the most part, and usually enjoys social situations. His attitude is easy going and he usually takes things pretty well and it takes a lot to get him angry. He's pretty open about himself, including the fact that he enjoys the company of other men. He loves to dance and works hard on his craft.

Brief Biography: Taylor's backstory would be completely boring to most. He was raised by both his parents in a middle class, suburban neighborhood. He has one younger sister who looks up to him, and his parents are loving and nurturing. He grew up pretty aware of himself and was fairly popular. He found himself being attracted to men around 15 and had a single boyfriend in high school but it wasn't meant to last. His love of dance is what got him into school at Humboldt. As it stands he is working towards his Dance Major.


Name: Travis Mackson
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: He's a very humorous guy and loves to make others laugh. He's also quite curious, deciding to observe things that seem interesting to. When it comes to things that seem bizarre or strange, he becomes interested almost right away. He's not scared to say what's on his mind, whether it makes a lot to sense to other people or not and he always accepts other peoples' opinions on things. He's also very caring, protecting people he cares about in any way he can.
Brief Biography: Travis Mackson came from a small town that he grew up in. Sometime when he was six years old, people in the town had thought they had a monster roaming around the streets of their town. This came to be known as a hoax, but Travis was fascinated by it instead of scared. This led him to have a thrist of knowledge about such creatures (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.). While learning more about this, he came to be open about UFOs and the paranormal, basically liking anything that seemed to be out from the normal.
He came to Humboldt College and decided to become an animal biologist, having developed a love for animals. However, he still chases his passion of the strange.

Alright, thanks Kitti :) Can't wait to RP.
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Name: Abelie Allegra
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy and kind of awkward, she tends to keep quiet and go along with the flow of things for fear of being ostracized.
Brief Biography:
When Abelie was a baby, her family moved from Italy to the United States. She has no memories of Italy and her parents had bad experiences there and do not plan to go back ever again. Due to this, the only family Abelie has ever known was her parents. This lack of family started Abelie on the track to being a very shy child, since she was only used to her mother being around. Her father worked long hours to provide for his family, with all of them eventually becoming citizens.

Having started off poorly, Abelie's social skills did not improve much throughout her school life. She was often teased for her parents having a hard to understand accent and her own, learned from them. Abelie worked hard to rid herself of an accent as much as possible but when she is distressed, it will show back up in her voice.

Abelie went to college close to home, studying to become an accountant so that she could make lots of money and make her parents proud. Her parents would be prouder if she would find a boyfriend, but Abelie is very timid. It was by chance that Abelie met Wren and Wren invited her to go along with the group to be kind since Abelie seemed reclusive.

If we don't get another couple of players I do have another character that I can add right away if you'd like Kitti~
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Name: Jeff Andrews
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Jeff is a smart and funny guy, he can be quite outgoing in the right group of people but is generally reserved. He likes to watch others going about their daily lives and interacting amongst each other. He has strong opinions and voices them from time to time, but will usually back down from an argument just to avoid conflict.
Brief Biography: Jeff grew up in a violent home. Both of his parents fought frequently and it has taken its toll on Jeff. Because of his father's job, Jeff's family relocated once every year or so while he was growing up and he never established any lasting friendships. Moving so often is what caused Jeff to be interested in the social sciences and different cultures, which is why he chose to do a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. He has also taken a number of Psychology courses.


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Name: Rayne cooper.
Personality: Rayne is a timid person, she is quiet and only voices her opinions if she thinks it's important enough, she's a very kind person and loves to help others, she get's upset if others are, and is usually the first to comfort them, she has a good sense of humor and is essentially harmless, she always see's the upside of everything, Rayne is the type of person who'll make you happy just by being around her.
Only on occasions, she will flip, and can be quite dark humored and harsh, these sessions soon end, and leave her shaken and upset.
Breif Biography: Rayne was raised by her parents in a small quiet town, and everything was perfect.
To Rayne, she had everything, happy family, only child, a nice house in the country.
But when she was 16, she and her parents moved into the city, a loud crowded city, known for it's crimes and violence, but she wanted to live in a big City, now tired of her small home in the country.
Almost a year in their new home Rayne's parents went out for their anniversary, Rayne stayed at home, falling asleep waiting for her parents to come back from their night out, only to be awoken the next day by a knock on the door.
A man, the chief of police had just told her about her parents unfortunate murders, the transport her father had arranged had been the target for theft, both her parents were killed that night, and Rayne was left to live with her Aunt.It's this that makes Rayne, unstable occasionally, she hasn't told anyone her past before, not bothering to explain why she lives with her aunt, this is why she has little friends and has only the amount she can count on one hand.
During that time period Rayne needed an out-lit to her pain, and found it in music, she's a born musician, and it's the only thing she's proud of in life now, other than her grades, this inspired her to take a course in music.
She still wakes up screaming for her parents to run.

Yayy I get to make the fat story even fatter! :D

Name: Dionna Loeffler


Gender: Female

Personality: Dionna is a happy, all around person. Not one of those giddy "ow you punched me in the face; lets hug!" happy, but generally smiles all of the time. She is that ray of sunshine that you need even when you don't want it. If she's quiet or depressed, there is something seriously wrong. Dionna is easily confused by a lot of things, and doesn't see the obvious, even when it's tattooed on her hand.

Brief Biography: Dionna grew up in a fairly raised house. The only bad thing was that she constantly moved from state to state due to her parent's job. It was hard for her to get attached to places and people because she always knew that she'd be moving again, but she couldn't help it. She liked meeting new people and sharing memories with them.

Her parents eventually agreed to settle at one place and Dionna knew that sooner or later they were going to have to leave. But when a year or two passed by, Dionna started to relax, and vowed to try her hardest to bond with as many people as she possibly could. She figured, why not settle in school? She was going to be the greatest history major the school has ever seen!

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