Struggle for Power.

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In a bleak rainy day in Denver Colorado. Not too many people were out while Janice Maxwell, a pretty girl 5'5 tall, with long blue-black hair near her waist, usually tied in a pony tail or braid. She had the most unusual eyes: Shimmering sunburst gold-green. With long lashes, an oval shaped face, a slim figure, and high cheekbones.

She was working dutifully at the bookstore, stocking shelves, and helping customers find what they wanted to buy. It was usually a bustling place, but because of the rain, most people were already at home, or at work. She was getting ready to clock out, and head home, probably curling up with a good book herself or watch her favorite t.v. shows. So she was happy to let the last customers check out at the register, before she cleaned the store and clocked out for the evening, saying goodnight to her manager.

On the way home, she noticed the rain seemed to get worse, and while she -owned- a car, a nice dark green lexus to be exact, she preferred walking in the mountain air, it really helped clear her mind and inspired her for painting or drawing. Little did Janice know, that her life, after 21 years of semi normal routines, in spite of the fact she secretly could perform dark/light arcane, summon spirits, or other creatures, and conjure powerful magic, to the point she could even make things appear just by thinking hard enough- though this particular power used way too much energy and life force for her to mess with often, her world was about to turn upside down..~
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

A shadow with in the dark areas of Colarado a large black wolf watches a girl walk threw the heavy rain. He knew he faint sent as the one he had been folowing for a while now it was her the old book and rosy smelling dark haired girl that worked at the store. He folowed her silently stalking her every move. He waited stalking as far as he dared then shifted to his human form. He caught the sent of pine as he got closer his black long sleave shirt began to stick to his skin his simi long hair clinging to his forhead.

"Hello, Cara." His Australian acent thick as he spoke low.

Before she had time to turn he gave her a hard wack on the back of the head knocking her to the ground. Carlessly picking her he headed off to his home in the mountains to prepare for a meal he wouldnt miss for the world.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Before she had anytime to react, Janice was knocked unconscious! She slumped to the ground in the cold harsh rain, and wasn't able to defend herself at all as the huge wolf picked her up and carried her away! She wished she knew what was going on....

When she woke up hours later however, she'd wish instead, that she hadn't woken up at her head throbbed in agony... "Where the hell am I?" She demands, her own voice trembling from cold and confusion.~
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

He had set her down in a king sized bed before leaving her in the room locking the door a few hours earlier as he talked to his brother in the room below.

"Damon, What will it take to make you stop and fo back to Australia?" a male voice asked in the same australian acenta as the man Damon used.

Soft laughter driffted threw out the large house , "Ah, but nothing ever will dear brother nothing will I fear its an adiction that I do not wish to get rid of." The sarcastic note in his voice was unmistakeable as his laughter faded.

The Damons brother sighed before slaming the door behind him walking into the rain shifting as he did so.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Janice was not a happy girl. She was cold, drenched, and entirely miserable with this throbbing headache that felt suspiciously like a concussion. When she reached back to feel her scalp, she withdrew it as the painful sting, revealed blood on her finger tips. She winced, knowing that sleep would prove fatal in this case....... but she was so tired she couldn't really care!

She closed her eyes, and sank back against the mattress, trying not to groan in pain, or move too much, or -think-. Everything just hurt so incredibly bad. Why had she been brought here and what was going to happen to her? She couldn't stop those questions from appearing in her mind like a pelting of ridicule for walking alone rather than driving..~
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Damon took a plate of food from an old butler that belonged to the family stomping up the stairs heading straight for the girls door not even knocking as he unlocked it slaming hte door behind him.

"Get up!" he put the plate on the table taking a handfull of the blanket yanking it away.

He looked at her threw hooded eyes his violet eyes barely visible.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Janice sat up instantly, staring straight at this lunatic, cranky-seeming abductor! "I'm up..! Now why am I here?" She asked, glaring up at him, her body trembling. She just wanted to get out of here and get home! She'd never leave her house again without some sort of defense weapon... pepper spray.. maybe some mace... a 9mm revolver....! She had no idea what sort of trouble she was really in just then, but soon she'd find out!
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

He stalked towards her his sharp nails retrating and realesing as he leaned over her reaching out to take her arm it wasnt gental but it wasnt painful, yet.

"Now you will tell me your name and why you smell of pine and spice." he said gruffly as his nails began to sink into her skin agonizingly slow.

He watched her expression waited for her scream of pain. His violet eyes turned into liquid as a slow smile crept across his lips the sweet coper smell of her blood gave him a slight high that was adicting just begging to be in his mouth.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

It hurt, the way this bully had grabbed her arm! She winced, but she refused to cry out or even scream for him. She did however, close her eyes, and try to pull her arm free! Blood leaked out of the wound he'd made in her skin, but being what she was.... she was no stranger to torture. Her parents, had been very thorough in trying to send her powers back to hell, even if they ended up sending her with them. Their philosophy 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch' had been engraved in her back numerous times by their carving knives.

"It'- It's probably my magic. Let go of my arm." She told him sharply, her defiance escalating along with the pain. She had high pain tolerance, but at the same time, it threw her into horrible flashbacks of her childhood, which she'd spent years trying to block from memory!
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

He huffed in fustration for a split moment before releasing her arm before leaning over her neck his k9s close to her skin he could smell the pine clearer "I dont think i want to let go." he dug his nails into her shoulders to make her unable to move. "Tell me you name!" he gave the rough comand digging his sharp nails in a little deeper touching muscle and bone it made a sickening sucking sound as he released his claws digning his human fingers into the wounds.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

"It's Janice Maxwell!" She cried out, pain exploding through her shoulders and arms, as he crushed her shoulders with his nails painfully. "I'm a witch... I'm able to summon, conjure, and create things.... please.... stop!" She cried, more blood running down her arms, as he continued to hurt her. She tried to free herself from his iron-like grip, struggling to shove his arms off her!

"Let go of me!" she yelled, her temper flaring as it usually did the more she was hurt! She'd almost kicked her parents down the stairs once, for hurting her as a small child. She couldn't help that her instincts tended to be violent!
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

The door swung open with a bang, a tall man entered the room anger rooled off him in waves his amithus eyes burned. He was across the room in seconds grabbing the back of Damons collar yanking him away causing Damons nails to drag across her skin leaving angry red marks over he shoulders. Damon swung around throwing a fist at the man.

"Get your hands off of me brother." he growled hatred burned in his his eyes as the bore in to his look alike.

"I told you to stop it your going to kill her." he hadnt looked at the girl yet with his back to her.

"Shes my toy to play with," he turned to Janice "And what a lovely name she has." his grin truned sinister as her took a stepp forward.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Janice could easilly guess that this guy was a twin brother... Her arms however, stung incredibly painful. She stared at the hideous claw marks, and her head throbbed with the concussion still. She tried to stand up and go towards the door! With the other villain distracted, she could easily make it out of here and hail a taxi! She winced however, at every step, even hobbling slower than she would have liked. She decided to push herself to the limit,and kept going! Almost making it to the door!~
Damon broke free of his brother launching him self at Janice before his brother could catch him. He swung her around using her as a sheild digging his k9s into her neck drawing her sweet blood into his mouth a low growl came from his throat as his brother steped forward. The man froze spoting the girls face he was transfixed in the worst moment posible. He could feel her pain as if it was his own as he looked threw her eyes. Pain. A sound of agony escaped his throat as he launched himself to the side. Damon responded by biting harder nearly tearing her throat as he was torn away from her once again.
Janice was just turning the doorknob when Damon grabbed her, drew her in front of him, and bit her throat. Agony like painful wildfire in her neck made her scream piercingly. She reached around, trying to throw his head off her neck, but her arm fell to one side after a few moments of this horrible bite!

Her eyes seemed to close on their own after several moments, but before they did her gaze met the other wolf's squarely. She felt bad, after all, he was trying to save her but it didn't seem to be working at all. It looked like Damon was really going to kill her... maybe her next life would be more peaceful... she hoped her karma was good enough to cross over as something less attackable!~ With these sad thoughts, she blacked out, and didn't even try to regain consciousness.She'd had enough of pain and suffering for a while.
Damon fought his hardeest but His brother was better and stronger. After a swift blow to the head he tied his wrista and ankles with steel wire to give him time. Rusing over to the unconsious girl, his black gloved hands brushed her hair out of her face.

'At least he didnt cause her face any har,.' he thought to him self picking her up to carrie her to his Truck.

After running back into the house to retrieve her bag he dumed it out loking for any idintification adress to what to do with her. He found a small card that bore an adress studding the adress it was closer to his home than he expected it to be as he drove.
Re: Struggle for Power. (Private!)

Janice only lived a block away, in the apartments called Clearwater Apartments, room number 223, up stairs of course. She was light enoughto carry without any issues however, since she barely remembered to eat even before- the attacks. The apartment was just a one bedroom, one bathroom, but very nicely furnished. Hopefully he'd be able to carry her up the stairs, and just place her in her bed. Though from the looks of all the damage his horrible brother had done, it would usually require a hospital to take care of her injuries. But she hated hospitals, and usually tried to take care of everything herself.

She'd been that way since she was very young, independence happened overnight due to neglectful, abusive parents. It was probably their only good lesson they ever taught her. After arriving at the apartment, she groaned inside Fallen's truck. "God.... tonight is just horrible....." She said, trying to slowly sit up. "There's my......apartment...I don't know if I can walk...." She admitted grimly. Her long black hair had fallen into a disarray from all the fighting. Her arms looked like she'd been shredded horribly, and her head still throbbed. Now her neck stung like crazy, and she wished she could black out again...
He jumped suprized, just moment before she had been unconsious now she was awaking and talking. He never said a word as he picked her up carring her to her apartment carefull not to jar her injued arms. He didnt bother with the door just kicked it open muttering about fixing it later. He quiclkly set her down on the couch backing away guilt stayed in his expression but he didnt say a word just buisyed himself with making something comforting to let her eat and drink. He found herbs and made a healing tea careful not to make a mess her walked out of the kitchen to give her items he had made.

"Fallen." he muttered turning awy to look at the broken door.
Fallen... "That's an interesting name.. As you probably know.. I'm Janice... thanks... for getting me away from that guy...... Is he really your brother? Why's he so evil and scary..? Why did he bite me?" She asked, concerned about what might happen to her with such a horrific bite. She hobbled around her apartment, pointing out all the ingredients to Fallen, and getting a first aid kit so she could take care of as many of her own wounds as possible. Soon her arms and neck were bandaged, and she'd gone to her bedroom closet to wear a long sleeved blue sweater. When she walked back in, she looked a little less like she'd been in a lawn-mower accident. Just a little.

He watched her not awnsering any of her questions nodding at a few of her questions.

"He's adicted to the rush and wants the sweetest blood for a mate." he muttered fixing her door, "He wanted you to be a wolf or as you humans call us were wolves. Your going to be in pain for the next few days its going to be painful, the turn i mean." he paused staring at the fixed door at the runes that glowed faintly. He turned to look at her pain glitered in his eyes as they settled on her he reminded him so much of his long gone melody it hurt he thought Damon had chosen her because he wanted to torcher him but she acted nothing like Sweet Melody. "How are your Wounds you can still move can you."