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  1. Noxias arrived on Platform 9¾ alone like he did every year. This would be his last year here, and part of him was excited about that and another, terrified. Hogwarts acted as a kind of safety net for the boy, but he was ready to leave it behind, if he could.

    With an old, rusty, battered trunk in one hand, he got onto the train. He always sat near the back because most people liked to sit in the front where the trolley lady came first and you were always sure to get dibs on whatever you wanted. Noxias found himself a quiet, empty compartment and slid the door open. Stepping into it, he put his trunk up above him on the rack and then sat down, promptly closing the door again.

    Getting to Hogwarts on the train was always a bit of a trying time for Noxias. If someone wanted to sit with him he generally didn’t turn them down. He was a bit too polite for that. Instead he had to spend his time awkwardly not answering questions until whatever unfortunate person that decided to sit with him got the hint that he didn’t want to be disturbed. A lot of the people in his own year or his house knew that about him already, but there were many others in other houses or other years that didn’t.

    Noxias glanced out the slightly dirty window towards the families on the platform below. Sighing softly, he ran a hand through his black hair, slicking it back, and then pulling a book out robes he was already wearing. He often wore his robes even when he didn't have to. His clothes were shabby at best, but his Hogwarts robes were nice and well taken care of. Opening the book in his hands, he began reading about palm reading. A lot of people chalked it up to Muggles trying to get in on some magic, but there was an actual skill to it that Noxias found fascinating.

    Blocking out the sound of the train and the people saying goodbye outside, hew as content to become lost in his book all the way to Hogwarts, providing no one tried to sit with him.
  2. India Blair Lovegood, the youngest daughter of the most renown wizard adventurers Kingstley and Penelope Lovegood. She was that little innocent doll face so many envied or wished to be with. She was one of the most praised students of Hogwards from day one and just everyone loved her, or at least, almost everyone that surrounded her. There was always those little bitchy type of girls that pulled pranks on her or tried to embarass her in public, but not once did she let it pass. Oh no, they still didn't know her if they tried anything. If you wish to die young or to end up in the most uncomfortable and torturing position, you didn't want to mess around Indie. She just couldn't handle insulting behaviors. Rudeness, was tolerated. But being plain mean was just a no go for her.

    Fixing the hat she was wearing, India chuckled as she tip toed and placed a kiss on her father's cheek and her mother's. '' Indie, please watch out there. There has been a lot of tension lately in the wizard world. If anything, come home ok? '' her mother Penelope told her standing at the same height as her daughter. They were about five foot two, if not less with a petite form. But surprisingly, even if she had the same physical appearance as her mother, she was identical to her father. The man with little glasses and crazy blond hair grinned as he placed an arm around his wife's shoulder, '' Don't worry my love. She's a grown lady now and the best wizard of the new generation.'' he said making his daughter role her eye as she spoke. '' You know dad, Jayce and Angelina actually beat me in duel. So I wouldn't say the best, '' she said trying to avoid getting into this.

    That's when she heard the train's horn and she jumped in surprise. '' Got to go! Wouldn't want to miss it!'' she said with a chuckle as she jumped at the door before the ticket man closed the door and she waved at them, '' Bye mom! Bye dad!'' she said with a huge grin that adorned her face. She couldn't help but stay until the last minute to see her parents and she actually waved at them until they were out of view.

    The employee closed the door and Indie sighed holding a leather school bag as she looked around. People who recognized her invited her in but their was just so many people some time or they actually tried kicking someone out for her, which she just ran away not wanting to witness friends of hers actually bullying out some new annoying kids since it's the first day. She kind of wanted to be alone for some reason and before she realized it, she was at the end of the train facing the emergency exit door with wide eyes. She pretty much realized that she was walking carelessly in her own thoughts and she felt slightly embarrassed, but no one was around, so it passed.

    Gently turning, she opened one of the cabins and she saw a boy sitting there, not that it mattered. It was actually quiet towards the end and she walked in seating towards the window. She crossed her legs with her leather school bag over her lap. Usually, she wore darker colors, but today she felt a little different. She felt a bit carefree and she felt like wearing a light dress, which is rare considering she had a less then ordinary style.

    Her green eyes observed the road ahead and she felt like all of the stress from the human world evade. It felt so much better being yourself with people of your kind without feeling like people would judge you if they really knew you. It was simply a load off your mind like every year.
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  3. Noxias glanced up towards the door as it opened. A pretty girl with blonde hair came in. The exact opposite of himself, with her light colors. Noxias had black hair and black robes on, but even under his robes he was wearing a dark grey sweater and dark jeans. Even his eyes were a dark brown in color, and they promptly glanced away from her and towards his book again. He recognized her. Most people going to Hogwarts would, probably. It took him a moment to remember her name though. Something with an I. About two sentences down his book he remembered. Indie, he was pretty sure. The shining star of Gryffindor. That much was one hundred percent sure of.

    "Afternoon." He greeted after she settled in. He glanced out the window at the scenery zooming by them, back to the girl, and then down to his book again. As far as he was concerned, saying hello and then not saying anything else would be the best course of action here. He had no idea why she was sitting back here with him when she probably had a million friends towards the front of the train, but he didn't ask. He only went back to reading, pulling his legs up onto the seat with him so he could rest his book against his thighs.

    Noxias was a slight boy with more of a runner's body than muscled or average. Slim but of average height. The shoes on his feet were nearly as worn out as the trunk above his head, and black like most of the rest of his things. He rubbed at his cheek a little and remained silent, not wanting to say much else.
  4. Indie was way to lost in her own thought when she heard him greet her. She glanced at him with a faint blush dusting her cheeks.
    " Hi," she said lifting her hand and waving at him weakly before looking at his book. To be honest, he took her off guard, not that it mattered. She didn't know him and assumed he was maybe a first year, but then stared at his features. He looked too old to be actually a first year so she assumed he was a second.

    He was cute, she couldn't deny that. But she wasn't nervous because of that. She simply felt less comfortable then usual because of what she was wearing. She was more of an edgy girl with a tomboy look. She hung out with boys much more than girls and she wasn't usually a shy person. But for some reason, being alone with him in the most secluded area of the train made her nervous.

    Noticing his clothes, she wondered why he was already wearing his cape. " Why where a cape? " she simply asked narrowing her eyebrows as she looked up at his eyes.
  5. The way she greeted him made Noxias think that maybe he would get lucky and she would not talk to him. He simply kept reading his book, flipping to the next page where there was an intricate diagram of a hand and various points of reference for him to look at. He did not notice Indie's discomfort, but even if he had he wouldn't have done anything differently. What with her popularity, maybe he should be the one feeling discomfort but he honestly didn't. He was just fine.

    His hopes of having a quiet ride to Hogwarts shattered when she asked about his cloak. It was likely that if she asked this question, she would ask more. He gave Indie a glance above the top of his book for only a few seconds and then looked back down at it again. "We'll have to put them on before we get to school anyway." He pointed out, not looking up t her when he spoke. He found not looking at people when he only sort of answered their questions back often let them know subtly that he wasn't interested in talking. He had years of experience to figure out what things worked and what didn't. Asking people to be quiet often just led to more questions of whys and what was wrongs. His method of avoidance was generally worked a lot better.
  6. Indie frowned looking at him and his book, " I guess..." She said as she concentrated to read the title of the book. " Can you read hand lines?" She asked actually surprised that she was initiating a conversation. Popular or not, she often was being addressed and not the ont addressing someone. And she didn't see a bad thing to conversation especially if someone gave the effort to greet her when she just ignored him when she walked him. To add up, she was curious. If he could read hands, she would ask him to read hers before resuming back to having a calm and pleasant ride with silence. After all, she refused politely her friends at the front to go to the back.
  7. Noxias' lips came together a little tighter just slightly. There were always the difficult questions to avoid, and this was one of them. Noxias was not stupid. He knew if he said yes she'd be asking him for a reading. He saw it all the time with artists. A person has their sketchbook out and its always 'You can draw? Can you draw me?' from every person who happened to be next to them. Saying no would obviously be a lie in this case though, since he was half way through the book in his lap.

    Finally his quick brain devised an acceptable answer that was still basically avoiding really answering. "I'm still learning." It explained why he was reading the book without really saying yes to her question. It might not be enough to stop her from asking him to read her hand, but it was a way better defense than just saying yes.
  8. Indie smiled nicely as he said that, " Then maybe one day you will be able to read my hand," she simply said with her delicate voice as she leaned back on her seat contemplating the beautiful scenery. She wasn't going to ask anything more. She wasn't interested in pursuing a meaningless conversation. She asked her question and It was enough for her to get curious over her own lines and she just looked trying to remember which line meant what
  9. What he had said hadn't been a lie. He WAS still learning, but at the same time he wasn't still learning so much that he couldn't have read her hand. He nodded once when she replied, showing he had heard but not responding in any other way. He flipped the page of his book to keep reading then, pleasantly surprised when they lapsed into silence. The ride to Hogwarts was a long one though, and just as the sun was setting on the horizon Noxias looked up at Indie and from the book he had almost finished reading. "What are you doing back here?" He asked her. He almost cursed himself for saying anything. Honestly, curiosity was Noxias' one downfall, and he could never figure out how to satiate his curiosity without just asking the question he was curious about. But really, what was she doing back here? Looking down at his book again, he wished that he'd waited to ask his question until he was finished with the book though. It had just been burning at him ever since he realized who she was, and he could hardly concentrate on his palm reading by now.
  10. Indie had her head against the window with her eyes occasionally closed due to how tired she was, but she heard him speak. She didn't know that young boy, not even her name but he was that type of person you easily understood and could enjoy his silent company, or at least in her point of view. '' I just wanted to remove myself a bit more from the noise. You know how the guys get all agitated and excited with that stupid frog chocolate. '' she answered with a gentle chuckle as she straighten back up. Her light blond hair had a bi static, but her hat made it that she didn't look too crazy. '' And it's so much better a silent train ride, '' she admitted giving him a warm smile.

    She could see that he was almost done with his book and they were nearing the school. They had maybe twenty minutes before arriving? Something around that. She wanted to ask another question, but she refrained herself since she felt it was more appropriate to see if he will respond to answer in some way.
  11. Noxias didn't fail to notice how the static in her hair made a few strands hug the window. He glanced at that and then back at her. He supposed that made sense. Having as many friends as she did, it was likely she wouldn't get much quiet time during the school year. It was still a little weird though. He found that her smile was pleasant though, and he thought he could stand to see more of it. Too bad that after the train ride he'd likely not see her again. Or if he did, she wouldn't see him. Noxias stayed in the shadows everywhere he could except for potions, which he enjoyed too much to let someone else take the spotlight. "I guess I'd just expect you to like all that noise..." He did not say it as if it was a bad thing. In fact, he wasn't sure why he'd said it at all. What was he doing, talking to someone else? He really should just let her alone, and after a moment's hesitation his eyes plunged back down to the book he was reading. She shouldn't get caught up in him.
  12. Indie stared at him with a gasp before breaking into laughs, '' Really? Why? '' she asked actually curious of his reasoning, but already assuming he associated her with the typical ideal of a popular girl. It actually took guts to say that out loud and she found it cute. He probably spoke without realizing, and how he plunged back into his book and the way he acted confirmed that he felt uncomfortable after stating that.
    The young girl then passed her hand over her hair since she just noticed the static and she just gathered her hair to one side as she kind of brushed the static off while trying to search his eyes with her jade colored eyes. She always looked at the eyes since they were the door to the soul, or so she believed.
  13. Noxias wasn't sure why what he had said was so funny, but he couldn't help the small smile that came to his face as she laughed. Despite trying his best to stay away from people, Noxias was by no means a stick in the mud. He was just... very selective. And very hard on himself, too. And those two things put together often meant he seemed more grumpy than he was. He glanced back up at her again as he thought about her question. Why? He'd not thought about that before he said it, and he took a moment to respond. "I suppose because you're always surrounded by people... and if you didn't like noise, you wouldn't be." He decided.

    If she took the time to analyze people by their eyes, than she could probably tell from Noxias' dark brown ones that he actually liked and wanted company, despite pushing people away. And beyond that, thinly veiled behind his quiet nature was a secret. A secret that hurt. A secret that made sure he did not attach himself to other people. But he didn't know thats why she was looking at him like that. He just looked back at her, waiting to hear what she might say about his answer.
  14. Indie nodded, '' I guess that can leave a certain impression. '' she simply said as she sighed looking away from his eyes before looking at the window, '' I do like noise... But not today. It gets tiring sometimes. And in the train, I can't really just find an excuse to go back to my room or the library. I mean, there isn't really anything I can use as an excuse to just leave right?'' she said with her soft voice. To be honest, it was sometimes hard to be the center of attention all the time. That's why she was always so conflicted when it came to leaving her outside life and going back to Hogwards.

    Back home, it was quiet when the parents weren't around and she could focus on herself without any pressure from anyone else, but she wasn't as free as when she is in Hogwards. She couldn't be a wizard in the outside world. She had to be a normal human and suppress her powers. Which wasn't all that pleasant.

    '' Anyway, did you finish your book?'' she asked trying to change conversation as she chewed on her lip gently.
  15. He nodded at her answer. That was true. There was no excuse to leave the conversation, which was also why Noxias did not find train rides pleasant unless he was alone. But... he didn't mind this particular conversation. Or maybe it was just Indie that he didn't mind. It was kind of radical, to think that he didn't mind talking with someone so popular. He supposed it was because this conversation was not meaningless. Noxias couldn't quite stand meaningless conversation, especially when he was trying to push people away. He did not, for now, try to push Indie away.

    When she mentioned his book he looked down at it as if he had to check if he did or not. Looking up at her again, he shook his head. "Almost." It was a little hard to hear Indie over the loudness of the train when she spoke so softly. But then, he wasn't exactly a loud talker either.
  16. Indie smiled and was about to speak when the tallest guy of their school opened the door. '' Indie! Come on! Josh turned into a peacock!'' he said and she scrunched her nose as she looked at Noxias feeling bad with all the noise. She figured she might as well go or else they were going to drag her out. '' Ok ok, I'm coming. '' she said with a small smile speaking a lot more louder then when she was speaking with Noxias since, well, she was talking to a bunch of guys screaming.

    As she picked up her leather bag, she glanced at Noxias wanting to ask his name but her friends were already pulling her from the arm. She lifted her hand and waved at him, '' Maybe next time we meet you can read my hand!'' she said as she smiled at him showing her flawless teeth before slowly closing the door of the cabin.

    '' Why were you with that guy alone?'' the tall boy asked obviously jealous. Indie frowned looking up at her as she punched his shoulder, '' Don't get all jealous Nick. I just met the guy, '' she said with a roll of the eye not realizing that everything could be heard from the cabin even if they were trying to make their way to the front.
  17. Noxias gave only a passing glance at the guy who opened the door to their cabin, looking down at his book afterwards but not really reading what was on the page. It was just a cover until that guy left. He looked up again only when Indie started to leave. He instinctively gave her a small wave back and then looked down at his book once more after she closed the door again. He sighed and then leaned forward to press his face into the pages of the book, inhaling deeply and sighing again. What was he doing? He needed to stay away from her. And listening to the guy Indie called 'Nick', he now had more reason to stay away from her than ever.

    Hanging out with someone as popular as Indie would only invite more people to bother him. Especially if there was a jealous boyfriend involved. Still, he had found that he actually enjoyed Indie's company for however long it lasted. She hadn't pushed him to talk to her at all, which was already a good sign. People who had to fill the silence were not people Noxias was interested in, but he and Indie had sat together in the quiet for most of the ride. Quickly, he made himself stop thinking about that AND about Indie. She'd only bring trouble. Or rather, find trouble. Instead, he finished his book right as the train was pulling into the station.

    Getting up, Noxias left his trunk on board like most of the students did. They were always magicked into their rooms anyway. Pulling open the cabin door, Noxias tucked his book into his robes again and then started to head off the train. There was a crowd of people all heading towards the carriages that would take them to school. He saw the tiny first years already being rounded up to be taken by boat, but Noxias made his way with the rest of the older students towards the carriages.

    Many people didn't realize that the carriages did not pull themselves. He supposed that was a good thing. The thestrals that pulled the carriages could only be seen by those who had seen death, and they were a stark reminder to Noxias. He didn't look at their skeletal features. He didn't look at them at all, climbing into one of the carriages instead.

    The opening feast at the Great Hall was similar to how it always was. First years were sorted into houses, there was a ridiculous amount of food, and then a ridiculous amount of dessert. This was one of Noxias' favorite things about Hogwarts, despite all of the hub bub. Food, and as much as he could want, was something he always enjoyed.

    Once the feast was over everyone was sent back to their houses and then rooms. Noxias put his clothes and everything else he had away before sleeping. He did not see Indie for more than a few seconds in the hallways the next day, and by the day after that he'd promptly stopped looking for her. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on how one was to look at it, they would be brought together again during class.

    He and Indie had several classes together, but he kept away from her and everyone else, sitting at the back of the class like he always did and not bothering to answer questions or talk much. It was the second Defense Against The Dark Arts class where he could no longer ignore Indie, and that was because the teacher had put them into pairs, and he had gotten paired with Indie via the teacher's chart.

    Noxias was not so sure what to say as he crossed the room to stand with Indie, the teacher explaining what spells they were supposed to be practicing. Noxias was only half paying attention, until finally the teacher stopped talking so that the pairs could practice. It was a defensive charm, and one person was supposed to use an attacking spell of their choice for the other to ward off - but of course they weren't supposed to be using a spell that could actually hurt them. They were, however, allowed to practice the defensive spell a few times first. Noxias finally turned to face Indie, giving her what might be more of a grimace than a smile. "Hi again."
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  18. A week since she last saw Noxias. To be honest, it's been more like a week where she saw him and wanted to reach out, but there was always someone asking for her attention or something was preoccupying her like classes and such. She was actually grateful when the teacher placed her and Noxias together. It was like a hope of being able to build a friendship since he seemed like such an interesting individual and his eyes were just so sad. It actually pained her.

    '' So your name is Noxias. I see, '' she said teasingly with a smile finding this rather funny since she had no idea what his name was until the teachers called him out. '' It's a cool name. Gives you that sinister and dangerous look.'' she teased with a wink knowing the meaning of his name.

    The young wizard was wearing her scarf finding the classroom quite chilly. The auburn and mustard yellow scarf around her neck, she was wearing the typical uniform, but her skirt was obviously higher then it was suppose to, she didn't have any socks finding them rather ugly and her tie was over her white blouse. Her hair was nicely attached in a high ponytail and her makeup nicely applied. She was natural, but with style.

    '' You know, I wondered when we would get to meet again. '' she admitted looking at him as she passed a few pages from a spell book trying to find one that wouldn't harm him but would be strong enough to see if the defensive charm worked.
  19. Noxias nodded in confirmation about his name, but when she told him it made him seem sinister and dangerous he looked almost physically ill. He looked away from her, one hand coming up to clasp his elbow. He looked at their books, not saying anything about that. He knew she was teasing but he didn't like it anyway. In fact, he hated it. Teasing was fine, but not that. Of course, she couldn't know. She couldn't possibly know, could she? He eyed her without taking his face away from the book, paranoia settling into his system. Maybe it was a warning, that she knew something about him. He had to stay cool.

    Taking a deep breath, he was quiet as Indie went on to talk about meeting him again. He was a little surprised about that, and tried to just act normal. "You.... you did?" he asked. Stuttering now. Nice. Super natural. He silently berated himself and then sighed. "Why were you wondering that?" he asked. That was a little better at least.
  20. Indie glanced at him seeing his reaction to what she said and found it just so odd. She ignored it not wanting to alarm him that she saw and just went along with his camouflage. She answered him with the same joyful tone even if inside of her she asked herself many questions about this mysterious guy. '' Yes I did. '' she said sticking her tongue briefly as she began reading a page, '' I wanted you to read my palm you see, '' she said jokingly with a roll of the eye. She was obviously teasing him basically saying that that would of been her excuse to seeking him out and talking to him when she obviously wasn't all that interested. Curious maybe, but it wasn't why she was talking to him.
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