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  1. A young man walked into the shadow of the tall buildings that stood before him. "Its about time. It was so humid in that forest... I really should head to the Pokemon Center. Should be air conditioned in there." The boy trudged his way to the red roofed building. He had gotten lost in the forest, so he had to spend the night out there. However a forest in the middle of summer isn't exactly the most comfortable place to sleep. Around his feet were two small creatures that frolicked about around him. Well to be exact, it was more like one frolicking about, and the other running for dear life. "Mudd, stop messing with Pompa. He obviously hates it." Of course the small creature did nothing but speak a very displeased, "Mud!" and continued to chase around the tiny creature. He was only playing, and very happy to have a friend to play with. The same couldn't be said to the other as he ran as fast as it's little legs could take him, periodically yelling out "Wishmur!"

    The two led the way to the Pokemon Center. The doors slid open and a wave of relief swept over Owen as he stepped inside, just as the air did. "Huuuuh... Mudd, Pompa, back in your balls. You two should rest up." The mudkip stuck it's tongue out at its train as he returned it to its ball in a flash of red. The Wishmur, however merely murmured in relief as it to was returned. Owen walked up to the lady at the front desk.

    "Thank you. We will call you when your pokemon are fully healed."

    "Great. In the meantime, I think I'll grab a drink." He walked to a vending machine nearby, and purchased a water. It was cold. That's all that mattered. He took a long drink, finishing the entire bottle as soon as the lid was open. He sighed contently, before finding a place to sit. It was so cool inside, and he didn't get a very good nights sleep. His eyes felt heavy. "I'm certain a few minutes wouldn't...*snore*"
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  2. Swish~ Click. Ding-dong.

    Natalie stepped into the cooled interior of the Pokemon center with Shyann right beside her. They paused and looked around curiously--Natalie's head turned left while Shyann's turned right, then Shyann's head turned left and Natalie's pivoted to the right. Then they padded to the reception desk and Natalie tapped softly on the surface.


    Nurse Joy jerked up in surprise at the unexpected voice. When she saw Natalie, though, she calmed down and smiled cheerfully. She spent a moment looking around, trying to ascertain exactly what Natalie had just asked. "That trainer brought these Pokemon in to rest. But he's been asleep for two hours now," she said worriedly, cupping her hand on her cheek.

    "..." Natalie remained silent for a few moments. Then she extended both hands palm up, asking for the balls. Nurse Joy hesitated a moment, but her smile returned and she handed Natalie the rested Pokemon. Natalie nodded in gratitude, then turned to the young man asleep on the couch.

    She stepped in front of him and tilted her head to the side, watching him curiously for several long moments. She jumped a little when he snorted loudly in his sleep. Natalie exchanged a look with the Ralts standing beside her, then looked back at the boy, then looked down to Shyann again. Natalie shrugged, then crouched down in front of the boy to continue watching him sleep. She held his Pokemon carefully in her hands as she crossed her arms over her knees. Shyann stood next to her, watching Owen just as attentively.

    Nurse Joy glanced at the pair, but quickly returned to the paperwork on her desk. Natalie was Natalie; she was a strange girl, but she wouldn't do any harm.
  3. For two hours he slept. People gave him glances as he sat their, snoring. Yet not one bothered him. He didn't care though. How could he? He was out. As Natalie was standing in front of him, it seemed Mudd had gotten board. Two hours inside his ball was not super fun for him. He released himself, running up Natalie's back and straight on top of Owen's head. He awoke with a start. After regaining his composure he merely sighed and picked the small pokemon from his head underneath it's forelegs. The small creature was pleased with its work, and chimed "Mudkip!" Owen took a second to assess his surroundings. Finally he noticed the girl that had been sitting in front of him the entire time. It was a bit awkward for him really. She was crouched in front of him. It was surprising he didn't take notice sooner. "Oh! Um... Hey-um, Hey there... Might I ask what you are doing?" He yawned sitting up straight. Mudd, growing bored once more, squirmed free of his owner's grasp and 'greeted' the Ralts beside the girl.
  4. Natalie rolled forward to her knees and presented the two Pokeballs she held. "Yours," she explained. Her eyes remained locked on his as she waited for him to claim what was his. They had her riveted, drawing her in. She couldn't stop herself from commenting on their peculiarity. "Silver."

    Shyann silently watched the hyper Mudkip. After a few seconds had ticked by, she raised one short arm in a small wave; then she fell still once again.
  5. Owen couldn't help but blush when the girl stared into his eyes. It was... odd. When she muttered the color, he just nodded, then looked away. "Y-Yeah.. Silver... Um, thanks for getting my Pokemon..." He took his pokemon from her hands. She was a very odd girl. He looked over at the clock. It was two hours later than he expected. "Oh! Did... Did I leave them sitting there while I slept?... Heh... Sorry Mudd." He just stuck his tongue out. Owen stood up to leave. "I should go. Thanks for the help. I'm Owen, by the way."
  6. Natalie just nodded once. Then she turned on the ball of her foot and walked out, Shyann following close behind her. The Ralts paused at the door for one glance back, then jogged to catch up to her master. With a swish and a click the door shut, leaving Owen alone once again.

    "Don't mind her," Nurse Joy called from behind her desk. "Natalie isn't trying to be rude, she just can't fit in with normal people. She won't say two words together. Thank you for coming. Your Pokemon are fighting fit! We hope to see you again!" The nurse turned back to the seemingly endless paperwork that kept her at her desk, humming quietly.
  7. Owen gave the nurse a polite nod before heading out. Where to... Mudd seemed to know exactly where. He ran off in the direction of the gym. "Huh? Hey Mudd, hold up! we aren't nearly ready for that yet!" He's a fast little bugger. Owen followed behind. "Honestly... Maybe I should have picked the Torchic..." He said that, but he didn't really feel that way. In the short time he had been with his new partner, he had grown rather fond.
  8. Lily was walking down the street-- no, more like dancing. She had earphones in and was listening to the latest pop song from 3three. Her pink pigtails shook back and forth as her head bobbed with the music, and her index fingers were raised and drumming the air. She was getting so into it that she almost tripped over a Mudkip that dashed around the corner at high speed. She spun to the side at the last second and let it pass, shrugged, then turned to keep going.

    A boy rounded the corner just after the Mudkip. The collision was unavoidable. "Waaa!" Lily cried out as she toppled backward, landing on her rump with a solid thump. "Owww~ Hey! Watch where you're going! You have to be careful on the sidewalks!"
  9. "Gah... Ow... Oh like your one to talk!..." Owen hit the ground opposite her The Mudkip came back and sat down beside his trainer. "Mudkip!" "You have some twisted humor you know." He looked back at the girl. He stood up, not really looking at her, before extending his hand to help her up. "Fine, I'm sorry. Happy?"
  10. "No, I'm not happy," Lily stated as she accepted Owen's hand up. "Even if it's partly my fault, it's a gentleman's duty to take the blame. You aren't supposed to complain first," she continued as she brushed the dust off the back of her dress. She took the chance to size up the boy standing before her: unkempt clothes and hair, facial cues indicating a lack of sleep, and some dirt he couldn't see and nobody had pointed out to him on the sides of his sleeves--in short, this boy had just spent a night outdoors. "Maybe that's why your mom kicked you out on a Pokemon journey: you weren't being a good gentleman. You can probably correct that, though! You can give me a proper apology by taking me out on a date, and I'll help coach you!" Lily smiled expectantly at Owen.
  11. Did I have dirt on my sleeve in the center?... Oh that's embarrassing... Owen blushed slightly as Lily wipped the dirt off "Oh like your very lady like..." Owen muttered under his breath when she called him a poor gentleman. He wasn't here to be a gentleman, he was here to be free. Obviously this girl thought otherwise immediately telling him that he would ave to take her on a date. "What?! No. I have other things to do. I said I was sorry already, so I see no reason to do that. I'm sure their sure plenty of other guys in this city, who would love to have you teach them to be a gentleman, but right now, I'm not one. B-Besides... We don't even know each other's names."
  12. Realization dawned on Lily's face. "Ah! You're right! I'm Lily; it's a pleasure to meet you." She smiled and presented her hand palm down for him to grasp--or kiss, but she doubted the boy had even heard of gentlemen doing that. "To answer you're question, there are plenty of boys around here; but they're all failures! Study nerds, tech heads, obtuse jocks, and vulgar wannabes--no suitable suitors to be sighted! So please? It's just one date. It's not like I expect anything from you; you're leaving immediately anyway, right?" Lily clasped her hands behind her back and began twisting her body with small movements, making the hem of her dress twirl left and right. She pursed her lips and tilted her chin down, looking up at him with large, sparkling, hazel eyes.
  13. "What? How am I any better than those guys! You just said I am not a gentleman..." She looked at him, expectantly. "Just... Fine. I'll take you somewhere, but I'm not spending a lot of money. I'm Owen. Is there any place in particular you want to see?" How did it come to this? He came on a Pokemon adventure, and suddenly he is taking a girl out, after meeting her no more than three minutes ago. His cheeks were flushed slightly, and he didn't look directly into her eyes.
  14. Lily placed one finger on her chin in a display of thinking it over. Then that same finger spun around and lightly placed itself on Owen's chest. "Let's go window shopping! We can find you some clothes fit for a hero. That alone would put you a cut above other trainers. Hmm... A haircut might not be bad, either. Just when you find the chance. Outfit first! Come on, come on! I know the perfect little shop. The lady who runs it has a Nuzleaf and the two of them make all the clothes. I'm sure she'll have something just perfect for you!" Lily grabbed Owen's arm with both hands and started pulling him down the street.
  15. "H-Hey, what are you?!" He hadn't actually expected her to be so excited about this. It all just made his head spin. She dragged him to a clothing story. "Window shopping? You mean you're just going to dress me up and not actually by anything? I'm not a doll." He was having a really hard time understanding this girl. Nothing she said really made much sense to him. "Seems like a lot of time wasted. Wouldn't you prefer to walk around a park or something?" While that was a legitimate idea he only thought of it so that he wouldn't have to try on new clothes.
  16. "Eeeeh? Why would the park be at all better? I've been there more times than I'd care to count already and it never changes. Clothes, on the other hand, are changing all the time! The girl's style that's "in" this summer, for example, is medium length, light dresses with straps or short sleeves. The spring trend was shorts and button shirts in bright colors, and the winter before that was rich-colored overcoats with fur trim. Some of those coats were just so cute~! But honestly, I don't look good in any amount of fur. That's why it's fun to go window shopping: you can look at everything, but you only buy it if it looks super good on you."

    Lily was onto something she could talk about forever. She hustled Owen past the sign reading "Samantha's Styles" and into the shop itself, continuing right along with her lecture as she began to shuffle through the clothes on the racks.

    "Even within each season's fashion, there are so many different clothes made that it's impossible to keep up with everything! That's why you have to start with your best colors and anything that just leaps out and grabs you. You, for example, need blues to help bring out the silver in your eyes, but without contrasting too greatly with your almost-gold hair. The jacket is pretty good, actually; what I would suggest now is a collared shirt somewhere between Brisk Blue and Triumph Blue... here!"

    Lily held up exactly that: a collared, cuffed, button-up shirt, dim blue with a pattern of crossing silver lines. She also picked up a plain white tee to go under it, handed both to Owen, and hustled him into the changing room at the back with an, "It's alright, it's alright; just try them on once."
  17. At the store, Owen was expecting Lily to spend a long time trying to pick out the perfect clothes for him. While she did pick out the "perfect clothes for him" she spent more like five seconds and not two hours. It was all happening too fast. He didn't even realize he was in a dressing room at first. "You sure about these?... Alright..." Owen sluggishly put the new clothes on. Every button he did came with the thought I look ridiculous... You just keep telling yourself that boy. At last the door creaked open, and he stepped out slowly. "Well?"
  18. Lily spent a good ten seconds appraising the new look. It was quite nice, but something about Owen made it feel out of place. It was because his messy hair overpowered it, Lily decided But since a haircut would take care of that, she passed her final judgment as, "Fantastic! This would definitely work if your hair was three inches shorter. Maybe we should try something green to compliment your hair more than your eyes, at least until you have your hair trimmed. Hmm..."

    Lily hustled up one aisle and down the next, looking for a vibrant green that would go well on Owen. She found a nice sweater-vest, but that wouldn't work now that it was summer. Then she paused for a moment when she found the most wonderful dress that she couldn't not try on. Finally, she did spy a vibrant green polo that fit her criteria. Hurrying back to Owen, she passed the shirt in. Then she slipped into the booth beside him to change herself into the dress, unwilling to head across the store to the girls' changing rooms. Lily could change clothes really fast anyway. Usually. Unfortunately, she came across a small hiccup this time: the dress zipped up the back all the way to her neck, but she couldn't reach to move it that last eight inches.

    When she heard him open his own booth, she whispered fiercely to get his attention. "Owen, um... Can you help me? Just crack the curtain a little open and zip this up." She turned her back to the curtain so Owen would have easy access to the green fabric that needed to come together. This also meant the pure, white skin of her shoulder blades was bared before him until the zipper reached its peak.
  19. "I'm not getting it cut! Its fine the way it is... Aaaaand she's gone." He found a place to sit until she came back. He got up. But he wasn't happy about it. That girl was quick she knew exactly what to grab and practically exactly where to find it. "Fine..." He grabbed the clothes and stepped inside. He heard the curtain of the next booth close a few seconds after. He found it strange, but dismissed it as another shopper. He continued with his own dressing. "Alright, I'm done... Lily?" Was she gone?... Is it safe?... Well... good.

    But that moment of "relief" was short lived. A feminine voice came from the booth beside his.
    "What? What are you doing in the men's changing room?... Oh whatever... I'll help." He cracked the curtain open a little. His cheeks reddened once more upon seeing her bare skin. He made sure he had the zipper then looked away, as he pulled it up. Poor kid. So awkward in situations like this.
  20. As soon as the zipper was up and Owen's hands withdrawn, Lily spun around and jumped out of the changing room. The dress was a softer green to compliment the vivid color of Owen's polo. The hem hung halfway down her calf and was trimmed with an inch of white lace. The short sleeves covered her shoulders and stayed close to her arms, and translucent, green veils continued down from there to her elbows. The neckline was just low enough to show the gentle curve of her collarbone without drawing the eye down any further. A white sash tied it around her waste, with decorative ribbons on each side and a third in the center of her back.

    Lily gave a short spin to show off the entire dress. "What do you think? Now we're a match." She smiled brightly at Owen, waiting for him to shower her with compliments.
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