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  1. Welcome to the Starlit Bar! All are welcome to have a drink and mingle with others! I will be your hostess for tonight! If you need a room for the night we have some up stairs. I am also hiring help such as a bartender, waitress, and some other positions such as a bard to entertain the guests. Our doors are open, please do come in and enjoy yourself!

    When you join fill out a simple "application" please.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Eio
    Age: 23
    gender: Male

    Eio walked into the bar, wrapped up in a heavy black peacoat, keeping out the cold of outside. He took a second to look around the place, before deciding to take up a seat at the long hardwood bar.

    "Whiskey?" It was less of a question and more of a demand, his hands cupping together as he looked up with his brooding purple eyes. The surroundings were quiet, but he preferred it that way.
  3. Name: Quinn
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Race: White
    Appearance: Long black hair, with blue eyes. She has pale skin that is soft as a babies even still. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs about 170.
    Other: She likes sweet things.

    Quinn walked into the bar and shook quietly her long thick coat had kept her body warm enough but her hands were nearly frozen. She walked quietly to the bar and asked for a hot coffee with a little crown in it. She rubbed her hands together and blew on them while she waited for her drink. She looked around the bar and saw only a few people sitting around. Of course there wouldn't be a lot of people on a night like this thought. She unbuttoned her coat and shook out her long black hair before continuing to rub her hands together.
  4. Eio watched out of the corner of his eye as the woman walked into the bar and seemed to have a hard time getting warm. Their drinks had been served at about the same time, making him look over to see what she had ordered. Coffee, how quaint. He looked back at his own drink, a small glass of Jack Daniels green label. That would be enough to warm him.
    He didn't care much to take off his coat like the woman next to him did, but it was going to get pretty hot, so he might be forced. Despite knowing this, Eio stayed in his seat, quiet and enjoying his liquor.
  5. Quinn wrapped her hands around her cup and took a sip, she rolled it in her mouth a moment before pouring a little more crown in and a spoonful of sugar. She sipped it again and seemed satisified by the added drink. She ran her fingertip along the top of the cup and glanced at the man next to her. Her blue eyes paused on the color of his a moment but she quickly moved them back down to her cup so as not to get noticed staring. She looked back towards the blizzard outside the window and shied away from it. Heat bothered her more but that cold had almost been too much.
  6. It didn't take long for the impatient man to check his wristwatch. His phone went off without and without missing a beat, his hand moved from his coatsleeve to his breast pocket, taking out the slim device and holding it up to his ear.

    "Hello?" His deep voice cut the silence in the air, a brooding expression crossing his face as the man on the other end started to explain something. "Yes. I understand. Consider it complete." He ended the call even though the voice on the other side was still talking, sticking his phone back into his pocket and taking a finishing swig of his whiskey. His hands pushed back on the bar, gripping the edge while his body slid to the side, dismounting the seat nonchalantly and rolling his shoulders forward. Eio walked to the restroom, rubbing his shoulder and popping his joints as he moved.
  7. Name: Saevam Ignis
    Sex: Female
    Age: appears to be around 15 years old, however she existed for a couple of thousands.
    Race: Pure-blood destruction demon.
    Appearance: cecila___contest_maevachan_by_syrkell-d3ci9av.jpg
    Other: Scars cover her body, her left eye appears to be dead or blind but she can see better with it than she can see with her good right one.

    Ignis had looked at the photo long enough, getting slightly bored of it. She looked back over her shoulder, scanning over the new arrivals. Her head tilted back slightly, the bar was getting pretty busy at this rate. Her coke was in her hand brushing the strands of flaming hair behind her left ear, exposing her dead gaze again. She took her time watching a male walk towards the restroom, being who she was she didn't need those certain things.... the things she ate and drank would never reach something like a stomach, it was digested and turned into pure energy way before that. A light shrug was all she gave when she walked to a comfortable chair gathered in the corner of the place. It was possible this place was used to just relax, since there was a very low table. Her black shirt covered the scars on her arms and the dark jeans took care of her legs along with the black sneakers. However the 'x' shaped scar under her right eye stayed visible. Only time would tell if someone was willing to join a creature like herself and stay for a little talk, time was something she didn't had to worry about, she had plenty.
  8. Quinn cringed at the popping sound emmiting from the man's body as she watched after him. "That sounded painful." She murmured to herself then smiled at the barkeep. "Hey refill his drink i'll pay for it." She said and passed him the money for both her first and his second drink. She stood and took her coat over to the hangers next to the door then came back and sat. She was wearing tall boots, a pair of skinny jeans and a thin sweater all in black. On the back of the sweater near her neck lay a small silver heart with fake diamonds in it. Most people mistook it as something in her hair but it brought on conversations sometimes. She brushed a lock of her strait, raven hair back over her shoulder and sighed at the warmth now spreading through her from her hot totty.
  9. Eio had a few calls to make, using the restroom as the perfect cover for the business transaction he would need to make. The conversations were over quickly, but their use of codewords and serial numbers would have risen suspicion in such a public place. As he hung up with the last call, Eio looked himself over in the rounded bathroom mirror.

    "Ugh" He muttered, realizing how much he looked like his father, now that he had taken over the responsibility of the 'family business' "Dammit..."

    His hand wrapped around the door, pulling it open with little effort and walking back to his chair. There was a new drink there waiting for him, though he didn't remember ordering one. He looked to the bardender, who looked at the attractive woman who sat next to him as if to get him to say something. It took him a moment to decide whether to speak or not.

    His dark eyes washed over her, wondering why she would do such a generous thing for someone she had only met eyes with once.

    "Thank you..." His voice was dark, unsure of how to portray a true sound of thankfullness. "I owe you one"
  10. "Not a problem." She said looking back to him and smiling slightly. She had a slight accent but nothing too spectacular. Though she wore no makeup her lips looked as if she wore a dark pink lipstick and had a soft look to them. She stretched slightly and took another sip of her drink. "I figure I might as well be nice to at least one person today." She said jokingly, though somewhat hesitantly. She looked back down at her cup again a hint of smile playing across her lips as she played with its handle.
  11. "I suppose I can relate to that..." He said in a mumble as he brought the glass to his lips, taking a sip of his favorite drink. Eio noticed the lack of makeup rimming her eyes and smiled, thinking to himself. A confident woman, how refreshing... He set the cup to the counter with a soft clink, turning his gaze to her and raising a stark white eyebrow.

    "So what brings you here? Reflecting on your day?" He did his best to crack a smile, lifting the corner of his mouth into a gloomy crease.
  12. "Yeah, not a big mirror there." she said and glanced up smiling slightly again. "More like escaping an empty house." She sighed and finished off her drink before twisting her top half to one side and popping her back. "Get's kind of boring being alone all the time." She said and looked to his eyes again. "What about yourself?" She asked turning and leaning her side on the bar and looking him over once more, a little more confidently this time.
  13. Eio managed to cast a charming smile her way, fiddling his fingertips over his glass as he began to speak. "Well... I can't sit in the office all day, might as well sit elsewhere. Not like the whiskey doesn't help." He chuckled, his expression softening only slightly before going back to the brood. "I can't complain too much though, I'm alive after all"
    He spoke the words like he didn't truly belive them. Was it a good thing he was alive? He didn't seem sure.

    The man's fingers grasped the side of his glass, bringing it to his mouth again and taking a gulp. Eio set it down harder this time, attracting the attention of some other bar go-ers. He ran his fingers through his white hair, sighing as he turned his gaze to match her own growing confidence.

    "funny that we choose to escape to a bar, huh?"
  14. "That would be almost as bad as sitting in the house... Although probably a bit louder." She said and grinned. "And that it does!" she said promptly turning to the barkeep. "How about another hot totty?" she asked tilting her head slightly. She took a drink after handing it to her then turned back to the man. "Yeah but a bar is better than that." She said gesturing vaugly to the snowy window.

    "My name is Quinn, by the way." She said and glanced out over the bars other inhabitants then back to her glass. She trailed her fingertips around the mouth of the glass and swirled it slightly watching a few bubbles twirl in it. She looked up at him from under her eyelashes and smiled slightly.
  15. "Eio" He said simply, looking to the bartender and raising his hand. "Put that drink on my tab please" He smirked at her, repaying the favor with a sweetness to his face. He had looked to the window when she gestured to it, but he shook his head, as if trying to ignore it.

    "It's the most depressing time of the year in my opinion. A childs fantast lingers in this season, but it's an adults most loathed" He glared down at his cup, reflecting as hes brow furrowed with a certain amount of anger. "Either way, I just don't care for it. You?"
  16. "So young.... Yet always seeming to be in a hurry.... " Ignis let out a soft sigh, looking up when the glass hit the dark wood of the bar. She stood up again, looking at the bar and slowly walking back to it. She wasn't sure if she should talk to them were they even aware of the fact there were other creatures walking around in this area, often visiting this bar. She made a 'tisk' like sound pulling the seat she had been sitting on back again and staring at the bartender, the cross shaped pupil dilating slightly in the flaming color of her iris. It wasn't long before the bartender was caught in her gaze she leaned forward slightly a sly smirk on her pale lips. "Tell me... you don't have anything like blood standing between the bottles, aight? " she chuckled by seeing the shocked face, baring her white and slightly sharpened teeth. She loved that shocked emotion, feeling immediately energized again. She took a moment to look to the side towards the two talking she shook her head when the bartender became pale. She tapped her fingers on the table. "Just another coke then... geez.... Humans can't take jokes for sure.... "
  17. "Thanks, and nice to meet you Eio." She said and sighed. "I don't care much for christmas but then again I never believed in Santa." She said and rolled her eyes. "Just a time for families to pretend to tolorate it's members before passing sad gifts around and going home drunk on eggnog." she said and took a drink. "Although I do enjoy the eggnog." she said and shook her head. She paused as if to examine her fingernails a moment then looked towards the flames in a hearth across the room.
  18. "I honestly think it's foolish for parents to instill such a horrible fantasy into their children's minds. In what way does believing about a fat, suited man prepare them for the harshness of the world?" He shook hi head and turned in his seat to face her. His expression was hard, as if he had personally experianced something to back up his beliefs.
    "But I suppose that's just me..." He let out a small huff of air, grumbling under his breath and finally feeling the desire to remove his coat. Eio slid off his chair, his black leather shoes hitting the floor with a thunk as he crossed the floor to the coat rack. He took his cell phone and his wallet from his coat pockets, putting his belongs in his grey linen trousers and walking back to the bar. It felt much better to be without the extra thick layer of wool.

    Eio rolled his shoulders back, pushing his chest out underneath his black button down. He dressed business casual, a muted tone to his clothing, matching all his features except his eyes.
  19. Quinn listened quietly to his rants about santa and nodded. "Parent's use it as an excuse to try and make their monsters behave." she said and sighed. "That's why if I ever have kids I might tell them of santa but i'll assure them he isn't real. There is no use." She watched him walk away then return then nibbled her bottom lip slightly. "Seems like you carry quite a bit of weight on those." She said smiling faintly and gesturing towards him.
  20. "Miss Quinn, if only you knew" He leaned down to gently touch her chin, tilting it up a bit before sitting back down next to her, leaning back and sighing. "I don't even think about having kids anymore, it seems like a waste of time..." He looked up at the ceiling, noticing how another woman had scared the hell out of the bartender for a moment. "Hmm..." He hummed to himself as he turned his eyes away without interest.

    "Never really had much patience for children..."
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