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  1. OKAY, so, I'm seeking a Star Wars roleplay that takes part in the same universe, but doesn't include the same characters. Sure, there will be the Jedi Order, and the Sith/First Order/The Empire, but they are all original characters. I was thinking we could create our own saga, and create a Star Wars we want to be in. I know Star Wars is big right now and not everybody has seen The Force Awakens, so no spoilers! Also, I'm not very far into the Clone Wars series, so I don't know every rule and myth behind Star Wars, but I have a basic grasp about the layers and complexity.

    So, my ideas revolve around a group of Jedi, or a group of evil Jedi, or a crew of smugglers, or a squad of first order storm troopers, or bounty hunters, or gangsters, or even a team of rebel soldiers. We could be sent from one side of the galaxy to come and back up the rebel forces (assuming we play as Jedi or a team of soldiers), or there could be a bounty on Leia's head (if we play as bounty hunters), or we could be trying to take over every rebel occupied planet (any First Order and evil brwnch). Ugh, the ideas are limitless! If you're interested and want to work out ideas, let me know!
  2. Im down for any of those! If you need help with anythign go ahead and DM me.
  3. Glad to see there is already some interest! I know that no matter what we go with, we can get some dramatic and action packed scenes into this! Hopefully more people want to join.
  4. Sounds like fun
  5. This is cool i am interested
  6. I've been thinking, and this doesn't have to zero in on one specific faction. I could play a Jedi, while others play stormtroopers and others can play Bounty Hunters while others are rebel members. I'm attempting to come up with a plot that can involve everyone playing different factions if they want to.
  7. I'm interested in this I already have some characters for star wars made.
  8. I keep wanting to create my own Star Wars themed group, but I'm not sure I have the time or energy to GM. I've got a lot of SW universe RP experience that might be helpful here?
    So my tentative interest is in this.

    For far reaching plots that involve a multitude of characters... Typical archetypes are:
    Slaves, Scoundrels, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Soldiers/Mercenaries, Operatives/Spies, Diplomats, and Force Users.

    So something would need to be pretty important to possibly involve everyone. Unless you want PvP there'd need to be something big happening for everyone to work together.

    Timeline would be the first thing to take into account. This would limit the availability and what kind of Force Users are out there. If it's Empire or First Order timeline- force users wouldn't be well trained like republic era since they actively sought out and killed 'jedi' and the like. This would probably be the best timeline to work with in my opinion, though. Here's why:

    Since the First Order/Empire sought out jedi- Bounty Hunters would be keen on bringing them in for profit [could have change of hearts?], Force Users would be more creative since they wouldn't be highly trained like they were during the republic eras, smuggling would be big since the empire and first order seem to be tight fisted- and they'd need merc's along with them for protection. Spies and information trade would be rampant due to rebellion/resistance activity, and diplomats would be working through big galactic changes and treaties...

    If you want to involve player vs player stuff- then that can get sandboxy and fun, too- depending on the activity levels :)
    Just my two cents :).
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  9. I'm thinking about keeping this around the episode seven First Order timeline, yes. You have all very good ideas which I like. I'm thinking there could be a search for young force users, which can incorporate some PvP stuff into this, but it isn't exactly PvP oriented. Searching the galaxy for young and untrained force users could be an interesting plot, they could be finding all of the young force users in hopes that Luke would train them?

    Also, I'm still working away on the Clone Wars and reading multiple books to try and get my knowledge up there and beyond the movies.
  10. Well if you want information I've read a lot of the books so I have a lot of knowledge in the star wars universe.
  11. I'm interested as long as I get a Droid companion.
  12. Ahhh I love this idea!

    If it would be alright, I'd love to play an antagonist to the main group. Otherwise I'd be happy with a smuggler, bounty hunter, Jedi or pretty much anything. :D
  13. Love this is getting interest! While we wait on Metal Blade to make the OOC, if anyone wants to think of any character relations, juts PM me!
  14. Would it be acceptable if my character was in training by a jedi who survive order 66? I was thinking of doing a character who master was killed ans my characters quest for justice which turns into a quest for vengeance. He is then endanger of falling to the darkside. He slowly become more ruthless and starts ignoring the jedi code embracing emotion.

    He wouldn't become evil but his mind set would be the ends justify the means.
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  15. If I can play a villain, I'm sure my character would enjoy trying to compel your yours.
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  16. May have a villain that may work with you as well.
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  17. If you are fairly new to the Star Wars universe, or are just looking around for info, wookieepedia is an absolutely indispensable resource!

    What sort of things are you considering for plots, any ideas yet? I really like the idea of being around episode 7.
    Maybe dealing with a group of slavers- if everyone is going to be generally 'good' natured could be a good starting point. Bounty Hunters hired to find the heads of the ring... Mercenaries hired to kill them off and save the day. Since there aren't really any 'jedi', they probably wouldnt be involved directly or anything. hmm..

    Since Kylo Ren was a success, i'm sure there's going to be people wanting to play under the mysterious knights of ren- so you could do something with them... despite knowing near nothing about them, could kinda make your own thing up with them. The great thing about Alternate Universes :P- you can make your own canon.

    Large chunks of StarWars fans want to do the force sensitive route. If this is the case, maybe have them band together to find parts to build their own lightsabers? This will allow the momentous feeling of achievement and attaining one of the things that makes them unique, and so powerful. Could be a group of Luke's trainees that were off-world for some sort of special training or something. Then learning what happened to the trainee's, maybe are staying low, and continuing the last bits of their training missions before continuing or something.... Could be a splinter group of Resistance members or something, too...

    If this is going to be a mixed crowd of force sensitives and non-sensitives, there needs to be a way to balance the power differences between the two. Lightsabers are easy to turn into 'light-batons' with lightsaber resistant armors and stuff, but force powers get pretty OP even with basic push and pull stuff.

  18. Hello, I am interested in the Star Wars rp though I'm not too particularly keen on doing it based off the movies.

    There is a Star Wars game called SWTOR if anyone has played it which makes the world much more open and wide to possibilities.
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  19. We could also just go into the future, maybe the rise of a new Sith empire going by the Rule of one instead of two because it cool to have Darth in front of your name.

    Really doesn't matter to me, just want to know if this is happening or no. This make me want to make my own SW role play.

    Also if the force is OP then let's introduce technology that disrupts force. A band worn by a bounty hunter can make a force push less effective depending how strong the jedi is.
  20. That... could work.
    Also, I just highlighted something and quoted it by mistake. What does that do?
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