Star Wars: The Second Clone Wars

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  2. Ardana t'arcona
    Birds chirping and the cloudy sky as it looks as if it is about to rain the civilians gather and leave with their daily busy lives. Walking along the bridge slowly and gently. She looks ahead greeting the other civilians as she passes them to get to the fountain in the center of Naboo's Capital Square. Upon arriving at her destination her sweet, cheery smile breaks into a slight frown as she tilts her head downward to stare at her feet. She rests her bum gently on the marble rim that keeps the water of the fountain from spilling out. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a well preserved and dried millaflower still holding its sweet scent. She looks at the dried, dark crimson petals and begins to tear up.

    "It's still as beautiful as the day you gave it to me." she pauses for a few seconds. "I wish you were still here." She says in a hoarse whisper as a single tear rolls from her left eye. Holding it close but carefully not to break it she kisses the flower and puts it back into her pocket. "This spot is still lively as ever, but it is still wonderful being here. Always was wonderful when you took to this place." She wipes the tears from her eyes and tries to make a good smile and walks back to her home.
    Capital Square (open)

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  3. Riezin Gesack
    "What are you standing around for? GO GET ME THAT TABLET!" He demands with a harsh tone with a strong voice. The new acolytes run out of his chamber in a flash. He lets out a bellied groan. "Why do I have to teach these pathetic, weak, small minded vermin? I need more than this! I am more than this! I AM A DAMN GENERAL!" He walks over to his chair, roughly falls onto it and lays his heels upon his desk, lays his head back to rest his eyes. Though he may be sleeping he can jump into action at any moment. He can feel and hear any who enter his chamber and those who dare to try to slay him, they find a beam in their gullet.
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  4. Asajoish Asha
    It had been a few hours before a transport ship landed on the the planet of Genosis and the target destination was the infamous Sith academy that was built to help along the new generations to learning the ways of the dark side. Asajoish had finally arrived to the area after being stuck in a ship alongside other trainees which felt rather akward since most of them talked in not too silent voices about who he was which he ignored a great deal of prefering to enjoy the ride there in silence. Stretching as soon as he got out Asajoish looked around at the area taking in the impressive architecture, but was soon brought to attention as they were called together by to stand before a rather well armored human male. "Listen up you worthless slugs I am Overseer Kilosh and I shall be the one to determine which one of you filth shall have the sacred honor to call themselves Sith." The man didn't look like anything special to Asajoish as he rather short around 5'8 which meant he was shorter than him by a few inches since he was 6'0..that and he had a rather dark look to his pale face that made it seem as though he hadn't slept in days. He stopped paying attention as the man started to ramble on about how they should all be greateful to be given the chance to learn from such legends in this academy, but to be honest he had heard this whole speech from his father before leaving to this place so hearing it again wasn't on his top list of things to do.

    After Kilosh had finished with his lecture he begun to give everyone assignments to go on his face turned into from surprise to disgust in a few seconds."Well well if it isn't the son of our grand count," he began walking around his before getting rather close so that only he could hear his next words, "Do not expect special treatment simply because of who you are understand else I will destory you like a tiny gizka understand." Finally since he arrived here Asajoish simply rotated his eyes downward before answering, "I wanted nothing less Overseer Kilosh now if we're done measuring cock sizes i'd like to recieve my trial now," he stated still looking down at him with no emotions showing at all. At that little comment it seemed like Kilosh was about to exploded as he told him his task with pure venom expressed with every letter, "You shall go down into the tombs to meditate upon the teachings of the dark side until the code is embeded into your very being and do not return until that is done understand," he asked and stormed away before even getting his answer leaving Asajoish to his task at hand. He simply shruged and walked off towards the tombs deciding that he would spend 3 hours there before returning to get on with this whole trial thing.
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  5. Damaya Etaal
    The Miraluka had somehow managed to get into the Jedi Archives where she now acted as an assistant librarian. She had continually fielded questions about the eyes since her species was quite rare, and many of the younglings were curious about it. A few of them even asked about what was under her blindfold, so she showed them. It was nothing for her to be ashamed of, and it did end the questions rather quickly. While pretending to be a Jedi, she never wore the welding goggles. They just seemed so out of place. She had recently transmitted a bunch of nearly useless information to the Sith; she had mentioned where troops were moving, but had taken care to drastically undershoot the numbers. Damaya made sure to get accurate information on the bounty hunters guild for the Jedi. Honestly, it would be best if the Jedi and Republic won the war. Damaya really really doubted the Sith would be okay with her... Grey lifestyle. The Jedi didn't exactly approve, but they weren't scrambling to hunt them all down either. That did seem like something the Sith would do. She quietly helped another Jedi find what they were looking for, and answered another question about the blind fold. All she had really hoped is that she wouldn't get sent to combat. That could get messy.
    Vivienne Vianna
    Vivi got up far later than most of the other Initiates, and a few of them greeted her as she awoke. She had been rather careful in selecting some more of the weak-willed students and continually using her empathic projection on them. Happy. That's the emotion she put on them whenever they were around her. Between the pheromones and that, they just loved being around her, and the only way she let them be around her was by serving her. The Zeltron girl washed herself off without them around; the idiots weren't THAT far gone she would allow them to help with that. But they would get her food, brush her hair, and that sort of thing. It had taken months of working on 'happy' when they were around her and 'depressed' when they were away. Now these two otherwise useless morons followed her around like lost puppies. She hung her lightsabers on her belt and went to see what instructions were to be had in this academy today. Hopefully, she would be out of the Initiate pool and get herself a master soon enough.​
  6. Ardana t'arcona
    She walks down the street underneath the long extends of archways. She stops suddenly and looks to her right. A pain like a needle shoots into her heart as memories keep flooding in. She is here to remember, to face her fear and to forget. It was time for her to leave everything behind but she may have to return again one day. After all spending a couple of years in a place it becomes your home. The clouds rumbled, they leaked droplets of water and soon it began to rain. Birds flying into crevasses to join their families, splashes of water made sound with each step. She let the cool, wetness to pour onto her body. The droplets slide against her lekku and skin. The rain calmed her.

    She finally made it home to abode as it looked dark and damp. She stepped through the threshold, turned on the lights and prepared a meal. As she gathered the ingredients she started to make rycrit stew and serve it alongside rylothan yurp. As is came to an end the smell of food overwhelmed her. To her it smelled like beef stew slowly roasted with vegetables with a strong scent of fried mushrooms. She sat at her table and ate. Within a decade or two of minutes passed by she ate her meal and went to bed.

    As she rose on that morning the sweet smell of flowers spread into her room leaving no odor alive within the walls or around the house. She packed up her her belongings slowly, consuming time and giving it a final farewell. She gets dressed into her jedi attire, grabs her bag, stands at the door turning off the lights and in the end saying one last good-bye. "Farewell, you will always be in my heart but now I have to let you go Maxien." She walks down the street in haste, takes a taxi to the spaceport and a boarded her ship to travel to Courscant.
  7. The howling wind pulled at Tylan's tunic as he peer over the dunes, looking for movement like a hawk trying to find his prey. CIS convoys' usually passed over this area of sand at this time, but they had yet to shown up in the past four hours. Getting up from kneeling Tylan shoulders his gear and starts to prowl back to base camp. Three hours passed, and 12 miles with them, until he was spotted by an ARC trooper on patrol. Tylan had only noticed the trooped at about the time he saw the black rifle aiming at him. Tylan stops where he stood. "Destroy." he calls out.

    "Fade." Claimed the ARC trooper as he stood up and lowered his rifle. "Want me to escort you back to camp commander?"

    "No i will be able to make it back just fine, just remain at your post." He tells the ARC as he trudges past.

    Twenty minutes pass until he see's the large cluster of supplies and soldiers covered by camouflage netting. Tylan stops as he looks at the troops in the camp, they were nervous, excited, and elated to be here. Spirits where running high among the soldiers. Some were sitting polishing weapons, others where just resting or going over the deployment and weaponry of the enemy. These were all the brave soldiers of Vanguard Company, they where made up of some of the most heroic, brave, and skillful men he has ever commanded. This was in part by their main leaders. The Captain Brunhald was a monster when he charged in his heavy armor, gunning down all before him. The Lieutenant's Keller and Hunter were the best when it came to CQC/CQB. These clones where the reason this unit was the best, my personal company, loyal and fierce.

    Finished reflecting he starts walking toward the command tent. He shrugs off his sniper and excess gear next to his sleeping mat, but he kept his rifle. He pulls a crate to a large table that sat in the middle of a tent, papers and maps were all over it. He marks off that today the Trandoshian convoy failed to use this supply line today. The raid they where planning needed to be soon, they were starting to run a little thin on food and water for comfort. He planned for the raid to be within the next three days. Tonight he will go over the combat map with his NCO's to refine the battle strategy. He draws some sketches of possible deployment and spots for the Ordnance squad to place explosives.

    Standing up Tylan makes his way toward the makeshift mess hall, it was a few tables with cooking utensils on them where they prepared food. When he got there he saw what they were serving boiled wheat that we stole from the trandoshians. Tasted like shit, there wheat grew in poor soil, it was weak and sour tasting when cooked. Grumbling as he got his ration he shuffled back to the command tent to obsessing over the maps.
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  8. Katie, initiate

    Katie made her way out to the mess hall after her morning meditation. She was slightly apprehensive as the days counted down to her thirteenth birthday. It wasn't total life and death to her and it wasn't like the temple still held hard to that age rule but the fact stood that that was the tradition and it the chances of being accepted as an apprentice took a significant dive bomb after that point. Old jedi rules die hard or something, even if they're no longer technically in use. She still wanted to become a jedi knight, though the joke was that she'd be more useful as farming muscle than a jedi. The part that stung was that it was probably true. Katie was stronger than most adult men. A lot stronger. It just came with the territory of being a Shorak. However, she was much less coordinated than most of them, even with her jedi training which was supposed to help that. She began with raw physical strength and to this day mostly had just that. Picking up a muja fruit, she took a bite out of it, wondering if any jedi knights were going to stop by the temple today, looking for apprentices. It was a bit of an on and off thing, more off now that the war had picked up. In a way, it was almost like they came by when their padawans either graduated or got killed, not so often because they just decided that they wanted to get one.

    "I guess it'd be better if I just went and asked instead," she said to herself, getting up. While she didn't like to pester, they were pretty nice about not bothering her for wanting to keep tabs on when she might possibly be chosen as an apprentice.
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  9. Marching against the ill-colored sands which marred the damnable planet was Lieutenant Hunter, clad in complete gear and with his dark cloak fitted over it. His skull turned and caught Commander Tylan. Seeing as how they were not in proximity, a salute was unnecessary. But taking the initiative, the Trooper stepped forward and urged for the attention of Tylan.

    "Sir!" Came the deep, crisp voice of a seasoned veteran, heels clicking together and right hand ascending to the uppermost ridge of his visor in the form of a salute.

    "Permission to scout about the perimeter, sir?"

    If asked if he wanted action, Hunter would be guilty to say yes, he wanted a fight with the clankers. But he would never bring that fight to his encampment. A scouting party of just himself and perhaps one other would put his personal nerves at ease.
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  10. On Trandosha

    Reaver laid on his chest in the tall grass, on the crest of a hill. Before him he could see the outline of the Republics camp. The netting kept it from being seen but he had made a rough estimate of it's location, based on the perimeter of the patrols and watch dogs. At this point he wished he had his scanner so that he could be more confident in his estimate. For all he knew those could be random clones spread about randomly.

    He got up and silently ran to another hill. He still hadn't found a hole in their perimeter. He didn't have time to wait very long. The commando was on personal business. The Republic had some shiny new toys he hoped to get his hands on. It was cheaper to steal them than try to procure them on the black market.

    Quickly, he ran in a zigzag movement through the sand and dodged any would be guards. He wasn't sure but he probably didn't attract attention. After around 30 minutes of running the clone emcampment came into sight. He could make out the dense clutter of crates that were their supplies. Worming his way through a blindspot he made it in. He was between two rows of large containers. If he had a jaw he would smile. That smile quickly dissipated. The containers required a code to unlock. He couldn't bypass that without making alot of noise. He just stood there, looking at the lock. One could almost see the gears moving in his head, trying to figure a way around the problem. The droid cursed himself for not thinking about this ahead of time.
  11. Captain Brunhald "The Juggernaut"
    It was a very quiet evening in the sand seas of Trandosha where the only things you could hear were the calm cooling winds blowing and the slight shifting of the sand as they were blown away and reformed into areas. Brunhald was slowly making his routine rounds around the camp that was set up to keep an eye on their CIS targets and took small pleasure in the stillness of that the scenery, but not for the quiet but more so because sneaking up on him would be that much harder as he trained himself to listen to almost the slighest movement near him. "Seems like its all clear out in this direction," he thought waving over at one of the troopers giving him a signal for the all clear where he was standing. After a few minutes of patroling he decided that their location was not going to attacked at least for today, and with a sigh seeing as he would have to wait a little longer to take the fight to the droids he headed back towards the camp hoping that they made something better to eat than last time. He greeted everyone as he walked back into the encampment and made a straight line towards the mess hall and was highly disappointed to see that they were getting that same old boiled wheat. Even though he hated the stuff he took his portion and sat down at a table alongside some of the other troops who had started up a card game. "Well well gentleman looking to get a game going are we," he asked startling them a bit since they didn't see him until now and they stood up and saluted making him laugh, "At ease brothers we're off duty right now remember so no need for that right now." Having said that they all calmed down a bit and let him into the game which they regretted easily after he won pretty much every round, "Captain Brunhald sir how are you so good its like you knew our every move." Brunhald simply chuckled before standing up to go back outside, "Easy you might wanna wear your helmets next time since your facial expressions tell me all I needed to know," he stated tapping his own helmet which he didn't remove for the whole game.
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  12. Riezin Gesack
    After taking his quick power rest he yawned greatly and sat up in his chair. Taking his boots off his desk he stands up. He sees his chamber empty with no progress with acolytes. He groans and grumbles about how long it is taking.

    "Damn children. I need to approach the council about this mistake." he pauses for a moment and starts to pace back and forth. "What is taking these fodder so damn long! 'You need someone with potential.' BAH! I don't want a lesser child destroying me."
    Angrily he paces, grumbles and babbles about his problems. He stops looks at his door and sees an acolyte with out the item he was acquired to bring.
    "WHAT IS THIS?! YOU DARE APPROACH ME WITH NOTHING?!" he roared with a fiery rage. His eyes beginning to be bloodshot behind his mask his eyes glow with anger.
    "I...I thought I had it. It was in my hand! Forgive me my lord I will return with the tablet" said the frightened acolyte
    "Child you dare lie to me? YOU DARE WASTE MY TIME WITH YOUR PETTY COMPLAINTS!" he begins to rage with so much hatred. With everything going on and him seeing a failed acolyte makes him crack with fury. He sees the acolyte try to speak.
    "SILENCE! Or.." he grabs his chin barely and tilts his head and moments later he cracks a grin. He looks towards the acolyte and waves his hand next to his side making an illusion into his mind. His greatest fear pours into the acolyte eyes, his ears deaf to all around but the illusion.

    "Son you have failed me, you are a disgrace to this family. You made this family a mockery to the council and to all the sith!" said the acolyte's father.
    "My boy why did you do it? How could you fail? How could you do this to us!" the acolytes mother said as she cried.

    "No I am sorry! Please don't cry please don't be angry! I AM SORRY!" the acolyte says. Riezin draws his saber and gives it to the acolyte. The acolyte sees his father giving him a lightsaber. "I know how to solve this, thank you father." The acolyte puts the lightsaber to his heart and activates it killing him in an instant.

    Riezin chuckles with amusement just before he grabs his weapon back from the dead acolyte. "At least I can be entertained. Good riddance to the filth." He buckles his lightsaber and goes back to his desk. He sits roughly into his chair with a smirk upon his face ready for any who enter through the threshold.
  13. The ship quakes as another vessal docks to resupply it. Ryler sighs taking off his reading glasses turning off the comm-link and rubbing the bridge of his nose. He looks back down at the task at hand, the mounds of paper work blurring into a jumble of words. He groans sitting back gazing out the window across from his desk. The lush forested world of Kashyyyk fills his window. He stands stretching his aching back reaching into his pocket to take another pill to numb the pain, picking up the latest reconnaissance from Trandosha he walks out of his office to the chaos out side. Crew and marines litter the hall storing equipment as the resupply ship departs. Ryler calls over his Ensign "Did you see the latest reports? "No sir" he answer quickly. Ryler sighs looking at the man. "Then I suggest you to get acquainted" he says thrusting the folder into the mans arms. "The next time i speak to you about this i expect for you to be knowledgeable or you will be finding yourself on a freighter making resupply runs". The ensign clearly shaken rushes away. "Damn kids" Ryler mutters. He walks down the corridor to the bridge. "Commander on deck" The guard on watch announces as he arrives. "As you were" Ryler says looking around. Dorian his second in command walks over with the newest patrol reports. "The patrols just lefts for Foefrost, Mechis III, Artzerri, and Sluis Van." "Good" he says. "When will the fleet be ready?". Dorian looks down at his report. "The last resupply ship just undocked we are ready on your orders". Ryler smiles lightly "In form command we are ready to go on there orders"
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  14. "Sir" the Baritone voice of Lieutenant Hunter is easily noticed.
    "Permission to scout about the perimeter, sir?"

    Looking up from the report Tylan had just read of into the encrypted comm channel on the desk. He sees Wrangler at attention.

    "You don't have to be so uptight Wrangler, and of course you can. Just try not to get yourself killed." He says with a chuckle.

    After dismissing the loyal trooper he flicks on a lantern that is on the table. So much to plan, so much to refine. Tylan makes off the point which they would strike tomorrow. Ordnance squads at this moment where burying the explosives across the area where the convoy crossed. It was going to be a long night, in approximately four hours they would break down base camp and haul the supplies closer to the AO. Their they would break up into fire teams and deploy along the route, burrowing in the sand. After the initial explosives go off, the snipers on the dunes above with give covering fire of the infantry as they will move to sweep the area and capture cargo. Yes this will hopefully go smoothly.

    Switching maps he looks over the build of the Capital city for this forsaken planet, it would be their where they make there final strike, lopping off the head of the command structure of the planet. Looking up from his maps he looks over his soldiers, will some of them live through tomorrow or the coming two weeks. Every lose will be like losing a good friend, and for what? A war between two people who hate each other? Yeah it is and were just caught in the cross fire. Movement to his right capture his attention, the setting sun sent fire through out the sky, something was barely reflecting light.... and moving.
  15. The Jedi Master dubbed Kossik Hasst stepped from his low-laying tent with a flourish of dark robes, sky blue eyes and bleach-white scales glinting in the harsh light provided by the Doshan Star. These same eyes shifted about warily, though he did not sense anything disturbing in The Force.

    A deep voice rumbled inside of the reptilian skull "So this would've been home.." The thought was versed without longing nor regret, glad that he was a part of the Jedi Order. Standing at over 2 meters tall, the Trandoshan male was a very intimidating figure to behold, what with his crude features and accompanying limbs - his arms nearly reached his knees, but much like a human stopped around his hips. His feet were bare, and due to the scaled undersides were highly resistant to temperature and physical trauma.

    Seeking out Tylan via The Force, sands rippled with the sudden motion of Jedi Master surging through them to appear before the Commander's voice, his own speaking to fill the idle air.

    "Is there a problem, Tylan. I sense anxiousness in you, Trooper." And to emphasize his curious question, his skull turned to look at where Tylan had also been looking - using The Force to enhance his already incredibly acute eyesight. Metal was spotted moving ever so slowly, and pale lids slid down to narrow the sky blue eyes.

    "I see." These words were spoken with depth, nodding curtly to himself.
  16. Reaver poked and prodded at the now the messily dissected lock, on the container, with his sword. He figured if he pushed enough wires around it would open. Apparently not. "C'mon ya little shit. Open. Daddy wants a new blaster." He contemplated strapping a thermal detonator to it. It would alert this entire camp to his presence but at least he would get into their stash. He kept trying, though losing confidence as it slowly started to dawn on him how big of a hornets nest he was in. A droid of foresight he was not.
  17. Within the next moment of speaking those fateful words, the Jedi Master was on the move! With scaled feet pushing against welcoming sands his species had evolved to thrive in, Kossik pushed forward silently and without effort. Through the teachings of his Order was the success granted, and so he would approach this droid cautiously. With sky blue eyes narrowing into fine slits, he concentrated on hearing what he was saying..

    "Open. Daddy wants a new blaster." That amused the Trandoshan, and it dawned on him that this droid was not a simple separatist one. It had sentience, a self-awareness ill afforded amongst the automaton armada's. Pushing forward and remaining out of sight, the kind voice spoke in a booming tone.

    "You have five seconds to run."
  18. "You have five seconds to run." The booming voice of the Trandoshan startled Tylan. Jumping up from the crate he had been sitting on, he saw Kossik standing behind a robot rifling through our supplies. How did he get through my patrols? how did none of the ARCs lying about the camp everywhere not see him? Confusion mixes with anger. Tylan swings around the blaster rifle on his hip, takes aim, and squeezes off a shot at the robotic fuckers legs.
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  19. Reaver looked up from the lock. How careless he had been to let a clone surprise him. He turned around and pointed his sword at the...the jedi? He only had a moment to process this before one of his legs was shot out from under him. It didn't come off but the joint was badly damaged. At best it would leave him hobbling. He looked up at the jedi general and then the clone that shot him. "I can't exactly run in five seconds when you shoot my legs out." He dropped his sword in the sand. "I surrender." He definately wasn't getting out of this alive if he fought. He was no match for a jedi and he knew it.
  20. "You are quite right. You cannot run with a useless leg." The Trandoshan was amused, agreeing with the automaton whilst nodding. Turning his attention back to Tylan, whom had done himself a favor he yelled.

    "Good work, commander! Thank you for the assistance!" His words were genuine, being thankful for his quick thinking and help. But then he turned to the Droid, and pondered. "What shall we do with you, then."

    His right hand ascended, and with it all weaponry from the Droid's possession so that he was unarmed. With his eyes the weapons were guided and clipped to his own belt, hidden by dark robes and tattered garb. That's also when the Droid was lifted from the ground.

    "Let us go for a walk, stranger. Along the way, you will tell me why you are here, who sent you, and how you infiltrated this encampment. As well as how you found it to begin with."