Star Wars Survival (Unofficial title)

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stripped from most of its natural resources due the death of its former sun, the last of Vexxess' lifeforce clings on for survival after being gravitationally pulled into orbit around a newborn star,


"Deliver us the Jedi en route through the Vexxess star system. Our curative saber must rectify their karmic debt... The loyal Shistavanens will assist you. They are the best pack hunters in the galaxy. Securing the delivery, will secure you your blessings straight from our Celestial Court. Your service surpasses any bounty. It is a necessary cause to purify force energy from extremism, both Jed or Sith in nature. Go now, The Force beckons you." SHHKk

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Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Race: Juhani subspecies of Cathar
Home planet: Cathar
Rank: Jedi Pilot
Allegiance: Light Side
Despite the renown Cathar temper, Roren is an evenly tempered "cool cat" and he can be unexpectedly gentle. He can also be erratically passionate in regards to his values and interests, yet he is surprisingly patient with other beings that require careful consideration. Unfalteringly loyal to those he chooses, Roren's dedication to a cause is unmatched to many. Athletically, his acrobatic displays are envied which make him more suited for stealth based predatory skills rather than sheer force. Socially, Roren is a cooperative and friendly encourager who has a mighty protective instinct. However, he is very particular about his personal space and does not follow orders on a whim. Roren is daringly independent, yet he becomes completely skittish when it comes to water. He cannot swim and he absolutely refuses to swim. Unsurprisingly as a feline humanoid, he becomes pecuilarly active at night with heightened senses both naturally and force related. He does secretly like to claw things, such as nearby tree trunks and the like, but it is an urge he feels slightly embarrassed of. Irregardless, he keeps a confident composure most the time and has a pretty good poker face.
Roren sprouted up within the Kimbar clan hidden inside the hollows of the giant tree cities in Cathar. His great grandparents, like the elders of every clan, governed them with high moral standards as expected of those of his race. With his father being a force sensitive shaman within their clan, Roren became well adapted to his own force sensitivities from an early age. His mother had been one of the clans Great warriors, and since perished during an honorable "Blood Hunt", which was a common rite of their kind. Helping to accomplish a great feat in destroying the deadliest Kiltik nest, her memory was forever carved within the trunk of their tree-home for Roren to look upon in awe every single day.

Training amongst Cathar's signature savannas and rough uplands, Roren would playfully imagine himself in his mother's shoes as a Great Warrior of Cathar. His heart however, was truly set on uncovering the greatest mysteries of the Force and delving completely into the mystical knowledge of the practice. Unbeknownst to him, his father was already preparing him for a greater role. Working closely with agents of the light side, Roren's father would discreetly train him to become a keeper of the peace. When he came of age, his father ushered him to leave their home planet to join a training academy onboard an Ithorian herdship. Upon news of the academy being an opportunity for higher learning of the Force, Roren jumped at the chance to go.

During his time at the foreign academy, Roren honed in on his force abilities and excelled in specific areas of his class to become what was known as a Jedi. His most notable force powers being that of Psychometry, Environmental Telepathy, and a flair for Pathfinding. His talent for Pathfinding encouraged him to become a pilot for interstellar travel. To fund his very own starship, he'd begin as a transport driver to earn him the necessary credits. Renting a freighter with the help of his side job at the academy, he began his plans to save up for his own ship. Upon his deliveries across the galaxy, Roren encountered many alien species and interesting characters that taught him a number of lessons which broadened his perspective on the universe.

Back at the academy, Roren befriended a herdship native, an Ithorian named Goreb. Goreb was not a force user, but a skillful marksman and tactician. Goreb appreciated Roren's patience in understanding his way of communicating unlike the other youths. They became close friends, bonding over the imaginative possibilities of their futures. Goreb would accompany Roren on his deliveries, and happily agreed to join Roren's future crew. On their recent delivery to the moon of Endor, the two encountered a rambunctious gang of Ewok that wreaked havoc on the moon's main tribe. After a skirmish gone wrong, Roren and Goreb helped save the life of a particular Ewok that would become their sworn ally. Upon their return to homebase, Roren was assigned to co-pilot a transport of Padawan to a brand new facility without the assistance of Goreb. The decision unknowingly would cost him dearly.

Veridian Shoto Saber


Blue Blaster Pistol


Orange Lightsaber
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