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    BackgroundA Star Child cannot die.

    From the moment they are born, they understand the infinite possibilities of the world, and know every aspects of their past lives. From the moment they reach the end of their life, they are simply reborn as a Phoenix would rise from the ashes.

    They live, they breathe, and they feel a heartbeat. They grow, learn and age, they require oxygen, nourishment, sleep and they can dream. Yet they cannot die.

    They feel the same as others. They feel joy and sorrow, they laugh and they cry, they fall in love and mourn heartbreak. Yet they cannot die.

    They possess an innate magical talent for divination, predicting all possible outcomes of the world. They see all potential futures, glimpse images across great distances, and know the fate of all those around them. But they cannot die.

    Star Children are often revered as diviners, wise men, and spiritual leaders. They possess the unique power to foresee all potential futures. However, they cannot see their own fate, nor that of any other Star Child.
    Because of their unique heritage, Star Children can originate from any race as a half breed. However, no one knows how they first came to be, nor why they are able to continually be reborn.

    Star Children have become a rare sight in recent days, and many have begun to fear that their absence is an ill omen of misfortune to come.

    You are one of the Star Children. And you’ve just foreseen your own death.


    (Feel free to post a character introduction, as well as the vision you received of your imminent death.)
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  2. Inside the Manor

    William had a rather late start to the day, getting up and stretching. He looked out the window, seeing sunshine filtering through. Odd, normally he woke up before the sun did. No matter, he had to get his chores done. Getting up, the Star Child had gotten bathed and dressed himself, standing in front of the mirror, just to release a puff of cloud from his mouth at the sight of his horns. Gah they never went back in; this body was so troubling sometimes. He tried seeing if he could pat the things back in like he normally could, but it didn't quite work this time. He sighed in defeat. Oh well, at least being called cute was alright. Walking downstairs, he let in a couple deep breaths, and exhaled, just as a calming method. But as he had reached the bottom step, an image flashed before his pink eyes.
    His death.
    Death? That was impossible... That must have been a trick of the eyes, but...
    Why did he feel this ominous chill?​
  3. Amaranthe was up just as the sun was peaking up over Alexandria. Stretching a bit, she went over to the place where she stored some food, usually left overs the other villagers threw out. Grabbing something out of the storage area, she quickly shoved the food into her mouth and finished getting ready. On her way out of her tiny hovel, she stopped and stared, foreseeing something that truly terrified her.
    Her death....
    Shaking her head, the Star Child wrapped her arms around her form, hugging herself. She had just for seen her own death and it frightened her.
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    Astraea awoke with a start. Dappled light filtered through the curtains and danced over her. She shivered despite the warmth on her skin, remembering her dream vividly.

    She had foreseen her own death at the hands of an unfamiliar stranger, cloaked in shadows in the haze of her dreams. However, unlike her many deaths before, she was not reborn and instead her life would finally end. The very thought terrified her and she couldn't help but wonder if it was more than a dream.

    She rose for the day, dressing in light, flowing silk dress of a cream color. The pale color blended perfectly with her fair skin and pale blonde, almost white, hair. She spent time to braid and pin up part of her hair, creating a simple yet appealing hair do. She wore no other finery, finding it often made people appear too vain - something she found appalling. Slipping on simple flats, she departed her chambers of the royal palace and sought out the majesty to inform them of the potential coming misfortune.
  5. Faerha Port.PNG

    The day was quite dreary, but that did not stop Faerha from her early rise, to harvest some potatoes that she grew just outside her little hut in the woods. As she knelt, and began to dig with her hands, a vision flooded her mind. She watched herself die. No. That was not possible, how could it be? The figure she saw, though, was exactly how other people had described her. It had to be someone else, though, right? She tried to convince herself to no avail, as her gut instinct told her that the one she saw was indeed herself.

    She felt sick, as her stomach began to do flips and flops as she came to accept what she had seen. She shakily rose from the ground, abandoning her quest for dinner, going inside to prepare for travel. She always had preserved meats ready to go, in case a vision of significance came to her, and a travel bag readily packed. She removed her cloak, putting a thicker one in its place, and putting the first over top. One for warmth, the other for the precipitation. Grabbing her supplies, she left.

    This time she was not bound for any particular community on this trip, instead she sought her brethren. She hoped that maybe one of her own would be able to help her figure out what was happening, and she chose the easiest one for her to reach, Astraea in the capital of Avaliar. It would be a long journey, but an unavoidable one.
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