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    Bree has everything going right in her life! Great grades, Awesome friends and a guy who may become a little more than friends. But then she meets a new kid and being the nice person she is she is nice and friendly to him. Then suddenly this guy gets creepy....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Quick Character Info- Name: Bree May White, Age: 17, Height: 5'6'' Personality: Outgoing, Smart, Honest, Loyal, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Goofy. She normally always has a smile on her face and loves trying to get people to laugh, esecially people who have had a rough day., Looks: (Picture below)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bree hopped into her car and grinned at her mother, "See you later mom!" she stepped on the gas pedal and drove to her best friends house, she always picked her up for school. As Bree drove she turned up the radio and sang along to the music. Everyone knew how beautiful her voice was, they all loved it. Bree parked in front of her friends house and honked.

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  2. Felix flopped over onto his side as the obnoxious tone of his alarm resonated through his room. He limply smacked the OFF button, then lay there, looking up at the ceiling. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, as he thought with dread about the day to come. He pulled back the sheets, slowly hauling himself out of his bed. He stumbled sleepily to the mirror on his wall, examining his disheveled appearance. He frowned, and headed to the bathroom. He turned the shower faucet, still rubbing his eyes, and steam began to fill the room. He hopped into the shower a minute later, thinking about how he would survive the day. He felt the hot water flow over him, as he thought aloud, "No one understands you, Felix. No one will ever understand you...." He shut his eyes tight, rubbing the shampoo into his hair. He shut off the shower a minute later, and wrapped himself in a towel. He put on his clothes, and grabbed his backpack from his bed. He then glanced out the clock, and panicked, running down the stairs. He quickly ran into his garage, and grabbed his bike, taking off with record speed. It was going to be another day in hell......
  3. -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Chance McGriff
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2''
    Looks: Short curly red hair baby face and a stub nose.
    Extra Info: Bree's best friend.
    Chance ran out the door and grinned at Bree, "Hey girl! Sure took you long enough."
    Bree grinned back, "Just hush and get in." Bree was wearing a blue t-shirt which really made her eyes pop, black shorts and blue converses. Once Chance got in Bree drove off. It didn't take long fir her to get to school. Once she parked she turned off the car and got out. She stood the for a moment, letting the sun shine on her face, the sun was making her deep blue eyes even more radiant and making her long beautiful blonde hair even more shiny. She closed her eyes for a minute and breath in the fresh air. When Bree heard the passenger door shut she opened her eyes and looked at her childhood friend. She smiled at her, "Ready?" Bree asked adjusting her backpack. Chance smiled and nodded, "Yeah, lets go." they headed toward the school.
  4. Felix rode along, enjoying the feeling of the breeze on his face. He sighed a little, thinking about her. She was the only one in the whole school, the only one he'd met since he came here, who payed him any attention. She was the only one who seemed to know he existed at all. He thought about her beaituful, radiant face. And her voice, oh, her voice. When she sang, it was like the sound of a million angels.


    Felix jumped, swerving on his bike, almost crashing. During his daydream, he had crossed a road, and had come very close to being hit by a large truck. He waved at the driver apologetically, and set off again, keeping his attention on the rode. A few minutes later, he arrived at the school, quickly chaining up his bike, and avoiding the group of football players who usually haunted the front yard of the school. He walked through the large main doors, sighing to himself, "Here we go again"
  5. Chance smiled and out of the corner of her eye she spotted Felix then nudged Bree, Bree looked at her and Chance smirked, "Hey, there is that Felix dude."
    Bree turned her attention to where Chance was just looking at. Sure enough there he was, she smiled slightly. He hasn't been in this school very long so being the kind person she was she became his friend, that is just Bree for you. She loved making friends. "Hey Felix!" she said and smiled brightly.
  6. He turned his head, surprised that someone would even bother to call his name, and then smiled as he saw who was beckoning him. He closed his locker, smiling at her, and accidentally shut his fingers in it clumsily.
  7. Chance giggled and Bree scowled slightly at her which made Chance cut her giggles short. Bree sighed at her, "I will catch up with you later."
    Chance shrugged, "Whatever." she walked off and Bree walked up to Felix. She looked at his finger then at him, "Are you ok?"
  8. He looked down at his hands, trying to look busy. His cheeks turned visibly red.

    "Uh....yeah....I'm fine....."

    He gulped, not really knowing what to do.
  9. She looked at him with her blue eyes, "Are you sure? That looked like it really hurt."
  10. He nodded, still looking down, before clearing his throat, his cheeks still bright red
  11. She smiled at him, "If you say so." she noticed his cheeks were bright red, "Hey you know I have done that a couple of time," she giggled a little, "I can be pretty clumsy."
  12. He grinned a little, jut a slight, attempt at a grin, still too nervous to look at her, as he begin to lock his locker.
  13. She smiled and lightly tugged on the sleeve, "Come on, we are going to be late for class."
  14. His cheeks brightened even more at her touch, as he stuttered for the right words, mumbling something like, "Umkay..."
  15. She smiled and walked with him to class, letting go of his sleeve, "So have you made any other friends yet?"
  16. As he followed her carefully, he shook his head silently.
  17. She smiled, "Don't worry, you will. I just know it!" she entered the class room.
  18. He smiled at her, though she could not see it. As they entered the classroom, he avoided the stares of the other already seated students (well, what looks they bothered to give him anyway) as he headed to his seat in the back of the room.
  19. She smiled and sat on the desk next to him and then Chance walked in sitting in front of Bree.
  20. He looked beside him, in disbelief that Bree, one of the most popular girls, was sitting next to him. He admired her beauty, just sitting there, staring, unable to take his eyes off of her beautiful features.
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