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    Welcome to St. Valentine's All Boys school, a high school of all supernatural creatures. This school is in the deepest part of a forest called the "Shadow Forest" or you can even call it "The Forest of Death". Humans nickname it the strangest things but it fits because back in the 1800s, many teenage boys would enter the forest as some part of dare but they would never come out of the forest.

    Most of these boys were found months later with their lifeless body nailed to a cross and the very religious villagers quickly backed off from the forest, terrified of what might happen to their families if they even look at the forests. They called the killers "the spirits of the forests" but they were actually demons trying to protect their own.

    The school is protected by charms that makes it so no human can find the school, no matter how hard they look. If these charms are broken somehow, the school is also protected by terrifying hellhounds that will hide as forest animals until they were needed.

    The dark castle like school has all sorts of classes from normal classes like math and English to mythology and magic101 classes. This school trains high school boys to survive outside of the school. It teaches them useful tips to avoid being beheaded by the humans.

    St Valentine is possibly one of the most influential demons in history, and even came close to slaying Lucifer, to the point where he forced the fallen angel to flee. However, no one has seen Valentine and he has many names. He prefers to keep himself hidden from others because of how many want him dead.

    This is St. Valentine's All Boys School and you will learn everything you need in the four years you will be here.

    *Valentine's background explains a lot of the lore


    1. Be nice to each other out of character

    2. You can have as many characters as you want but keep them organized and don't forget about characters

    3. No perfect characters, use strengths and weaknesses if need be.

    4. Don't take over other people's characters

    5. No one liners

    6. You may have relationships with other characters but anything sexual must be blacked out.



    Basic Info




    Other Info


    Social Group
    Best Friend
    Significant Other



    Basic Info

    { Human form }

    { True Form }
    Alexander "Valentine" Richard Cross
    In his human form, he looks about 17 and is often confused as a student

    Substitutes but doesn't teach any specific grades or classes
    Fallen Angel

    Headmaster full time
    Valentine tends to keep to himself. He is very quiet and has full control over his temper though if you do piss him off, he will not only make you regret pissing him off but he will make you suffer so much that you will beg him to end your life. He doesn't like murdering anymore. That is his past and he would rather forget it but one will never forget the suffering and pain he caused others.
    Despite how cold Valentine seems to come off as, he is actually very protective of his own. The reason he built this school was for his own kind to find a safe haven from humans after all. In his human form, he appears very weak and feminine. The students don't know he is the legendary Valentine they have studied about since they were babes. They were actually told Valentine was murdered.
    Because of how they perceive Valentine, or as they call him "Headmaster Cross", they talk about him a lot saying how weak he is and how they can't believe they let a man like that protect them. Most students talk poorly about their headmaster but the professors usually quickly silences them, knowing the true strength of Valentine.
    Valentine was born by two powerful angels and was the youngest of five siblings. Despite this, however, he was not raised by this family. His mother had made a contract with a devil in order to save herself and her family from war against Hell. Because of this, he hated his family.
    He nearly died just entering Hell as a baby but luckily, he was able to survive but his small angelic body quickly "fell from heaven" as they would call it but he didn't really fall. It was more of his white wings turning a smoky black..
    Valentine was raised by an abusive demon family. His mother was absent most of the time as she tried her hardest to satisfy the Lord of Hell. He didn't know it then but his mother slept around with the demons of the palace and even Lucifer himself as she tried her hardest to stay on their good side. She wanted more than anything in the world to become the king's bride but he saw her as nothing more than a whore. That is what happens when you sell your body for sex after all. Valentine's father, however, stayed home a lot of the time as he farmed and tended to the animals. He also had to stay with young Valentine but while spending some quality time with his son, he taught Valentine how to milk cows and the proper way to plant crops. Valentine learned a lot with his demon father but the one thing he did not like was when he screwed up, even if it was a small accident, he would get beaten and some days, his father would let him starve saying that they had limited food and resources which was clearly a lie since they owned plenty of land and even had their own crops they grew.
    Valentine wasn't the richest kid around but he wasn't living on the streets. He grew up thinking this life was normal for him and that nothing could ever get better or get worst...
    When he turned 10, however, everything changed.
    Valentine was taken in by soldiers and thrown into the palace dungeon after he was caught stealing food. He spent days in this prison, getting a daily beating as punishment for stealing but after a week of this, he was dragged out of his cell. In Hell, punishment for committing a crime was death and he was prepared to die but instead of executing him, the soldiers dragged him into the throne room where King Lucifer sat. His all knowing eyes seemed to scan the room and as if on cue, his soldiers left the room without another room.
    They left Valentine in this room with this terrifying man who was rumored to have no emotion as he murdered innocent people. It was then that Valentine caught eye of his mother who was was watching Lucifer gracefully approach the small boy she called her son like some kind of dog in heat.
    Anger suddenly boiled up within him as he realized that his mother was cheating on his father with the king which is why she hadn't been home in weeks. Instead of listening to what Lucifer had to say, he ran at his mother with pure hatred. He was about to throw a punch at her but someone grabbed his small body from behind. It was the king. He was so surprised that he didn't know how to react.
    He still remembers the words Lucifer spoke in his ear: It will be okay brother. I won't let her hurt you anymore.
    He heard his heart beating hard against his chest as he looked at Lucifer staring at him with kind eyes.
    He even remembers the expression on his mother's face when a sword sliced through her petite body right before blood exploding before the two of them.
    Every muscle in Valentine's body ached as he watched his mother's limp body collapse in his tiny arms. He kept saying "mommy" over and over again as if she would suddenly open up her eyes telling him that she faked her death. She couldn't be dead but when he looked back up at the king, he just simply shrugged and told Valentine that his mother would have ended up trying to kill him out of anger and jealousy.
    Finally, Lucifer sat Valentine down and explained that the two of them were brothers but it wasn't just them. They had two other brothers and one other sister. Their mother was a noble women who worked alongside the king of heaven while their father was a soldier who was feared by every demon in the land. Their oldest brother was named Sammael but also went by Sammy. He was very hot and cold, depending on what day you caught him on. He was the man who kicked Lucifer out of Hell by the order of the king of heaven. Like their mother, he worked alongside the king. Then there was their other brother Michael who chose to live alongside humans rather than living in the angel world, also known as "heaven", where it was safe. He was busy marrying a human women and having half angel babies with this women to care about what was going on in heaven and hell. Then lastly, there was there sister. There wasn't much to talk about their sister since she disappeared when Lucifer was only 6 years old. He doesn't remember anything about this women and what kind of person she was. Their mother and father never spoke about her. The last person in this family was Valentine, the youngest out of all the kids and isn't even mentioned in their parents will. Despite how their mother held Valentine in her stomach for 9 months, she doesn't consider him her child. She considers him "the child of the devil". The reason of this is because while she was pregnant with Valentine, a war between heaven and hell was brewing and the angels knew if a war began, it would mean the destruction of their peaceful land. Suddenly, their mother came up with a plan. She spoke with both angels and devils about a treaty between the two of them but the demons didn't seem so sure about agreeing to a treaty with the angels. Finally, one of the demons said kind of as a joke that they should have the baby when he was born. They knew the baby would be incredibly powerful when he's older and for them to even think about a treaty, they needed the angel's weapon but unlike the demons, the angels didn't realize the strength of the baby and agreed to handing over the baby. They already had four other children after all. Another baby wasn't necessary. And that is the story of how Valentine had gotten the shitty parents he had.
    Valentine was surprised by the entire story but he grew angry over how easily the angels handed him over to the demon. They treated him like some kind of property but he was happy that Lucifer came to him and explained the whole story of how he came to be in this position and actually, Lucifer asked Valentine so stay with him as his brother and his only true blood.
    Of course Valentine agreed and ended up being trained personally by Lucifer for years. At the age of 17, however, Valentine over heard his brother talking to someone about how Valentine was a weapon and whoever is in possession of the weapon wins the war. Lucifer used him. He knew what he was doing the moment he met his younger brother and Valentine was in so much emotional pain because of his brother's betrayal that he just ran off.
    Valentine fled the palace and everything he knew, escaping to the human world where he changed his appearance to look more humanly and he made sure no one knew that he was a born weapon.
    He grew stronger as he trained for years in the shadows of the humans. He went to school and made friends like any normal human boy. He even had girlfriends but these humans didn't realize just how much he was mimicking human behavior in order to fit into society and be treated as an equal but it was so hard when he spent most of his life in the darkest pit of Hell.
    After spending 200 years on Earth and experiencing the greatest and the lowest points of man kind, Valentine started meeting more and more demons and angels, and everything in between. There were so many people trying to escape the oppression in their own homeland. Valentine would even go as far to say he enjoyed learning about each individual person and the things they experienced in their world that made them feel like they had to run in order to even try to get a say in saying what they wanted to without getting executed for it. It fascinated him.
    After years of making friends with all sorts of interesting people, Valentine decided to come out of hiding and build a school from scratch in the middle of a forest near a small town. He made every spell perfectly and made sure that no human could oppress his dear friends who tried so hard to be one like the humans. He wanted so badly to create a paradise on earth for his friends and family. Lucifer wasn't family. Neither of his mothers were family. Neither father was family. These demons and angels and shape shfiters were his true family and he wouldn't want it any other way.
    Of course those in heaven and hell both quickly learned of the school's growing population and they learned of Valentine, the weapon they were both fighting over. Valentine was no longer in hiding and would eventually have to face his family head on.
    Years after the school was established, Lucifer approached him and the two immediately started fighting. For days, the blood bath between the two brothers seemed almost equal but suddenly, Valentine unleashed an attack that caused an explosion and the town they were fighting in was burned down to the ground. Both boys were declared dead after that attack but Valentine had gotten out of the rubble and ended up becoming the headmaster of his school, knowing this was the only thing he wanted to do with his life. He has been doing this since that day but one thing he didn't know was that Lucifer had just barely gotten out. He was weak and near death but he was alive.

    Other Info

    -Losing the people he cares about
    -To be a successful headmaster at a very successful school
    -His birth mother
    -His birth father
    -His adopted father

    Social Group:
    Doesn't have any social group
    Best Friend:
    Doesn't have any close friends
    No friends
    Significant Other:
    None at the moment



    You can add whatever you want to the character sheet but you cannot get rid of things. You must keep the basic character creation but if you think of something to add, you can add it to your character creation and most likely, people will follow your lead

    You can have both students and professors. I am not going to make an entirely different professor bio because it will be similar to the students. Just add what grades they teach and what classes they specialize in and whatever else would be necessary for a professor of an all boys school.

    I will try to show things that I add and get rid of. I won't just delete it. I will cross it out if I get rid of that and if I add something, I will put it in brackets. Just so you guys know what I edit. Makes life easy. :3

    Again, I am going to emphasize this: You can have as many characters as you want but if you cannot keep all of them organized, try to limit it to two or three characters.

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