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I am always looking for new roleplay partners for nonfantasy as well and other ideas I just have this specific idea and a character drawn up for this specific idea.


•You must be 18+ if I find out you arent I will not roleplay with you and I will block you.

•I don't like to roleplay on forums if I'm writing smut and I plan for this to be smutty so this will take place in PM.

•I like a minimum of 2 intermediate+ paragraphs but I understand that doesn't happen. I can keep up with several paragraphs and I usually post very quickly, SEVERAL times a day. I understand having a life and not being able to post every day.

• That said, I am looking for at least 2-3 posts a day. More if you can manage it. I will rp for hours straight. I'm not kidding when I say I will pump out several quality paragraphs within a half hour. Would i like that same enthusiasm and speed? Of course. Do I actually expect it? No, but I'm not looking for somebody who only posts 3 times a week.

Let me know if you're going to be gone for a bit, don't just leave without a notice or I will harass you with sad face emojis. If you aren't interested anymore just let me know, I won't be offended or anything.

This is very much a fantasy roleplay. I'll accept variations to this idea and completely unrelated ideas but whatever it is I am generally looking for darker material so noncon/dubcon, rape, torture, abuse etc. The role I'm looking to fill is that of the Human Prince.



War has ravaged the surrounding lands for some time. Human invaders seizing Elven lands, resources and slaves. The Humans gain the advantage and the Human Prince, an accomplished, formidable and cruel fighter, takes control of the capital, taking hostage the King, Queen, and their three children, a son and two daughters.

All of this after brutally defeating and killing the Captain of the guard, with whom the eldest daughter was apparently engaged as she fought, screamed and wept as the light left his eyes. With no other choice but death, a truce is signed to stop the bloodshed and fires ravaging their cities and small kingdoms. The truce, among other things, call for marriages of Elven women to the royals and high ranking officials.

They should have seen it coming. Before the ink had the time to dry, the Queen was snatched up, raped before everyone and then beheaded next to the King. Blood poured down the steps staining the floor as the three children cower. The eldest child, Veia tries in vain to protect her younger siblings before they are ripped away from her and she is drug kicking and screaming to her chambers where she is thrown down, locked and left to wait.

The murder of her parents, her lover, and probably her siblings had effectively shocked her into a paralyzed submission and she stayed, for some time, laying on the stone floor before eventually crawling onto the bed and crying herself to sleep awaiting the monster who would wed and bed her before the fortnight was through.


Hope you like it, send me a message. I have another thread up with more fantasy ideas that is still very much open.
Not open for further replies.