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  1. It's the year 2099 and scientists have finally done it: immortality has been achieved. However, there's a bit of a catch: it's not your original body you continue to live in. The process, called the Soul Transfer, is where your soul is extracted before your death and forced into a host body after the host's soul has been removed. The public has not been informed of this solution yet. Last-stage testing has just begun, finally using human subjects. People, usually the elderly or chronically ill, have been taken from hospitals and declared dead. But one problem remains: who will host? Everyone agreed that the host must be at least twenty-five years old, as that's around the age that the brain stops developing. Eventually, it was decided that the criminal and homeless population would be used. Informed consent—or rather, any consent—was conveniently overlooked or forged. No one in their right mind would give consent to die, after all.

    The first attempts failed, both subjects dying. Soon, some of the scientists started wondering why they were limited to criminals and homeless people. No one wanted to go through the paperwork-filled process of removing criminals from the system—those criminals were dangerous, anyways—and most of the homeless were almost as dangerous and sometimes teeming with disease. So, innocent people started disappearing from all over America. They were never taken from the city where the scientist's main base of operations was; no one wanted to increase the risk of discovery.

    Those that were kidnapped were taken to the main facility and underwent the Soul Transfer. This time, the Transfer was successful, much to everyone's delight! Some of the scientists wanted the process—the biggest scientific advance in history—to be revealed right away. They were outnumbered by the "reasonable" scientists, though; the subjects still had to be watched for a short amount of time to make sure nothing went wrong, like what happened with the first batch of subjects: sudden rejection of the soul. A two-month observatory period was put into effect. For the first two weeks, the subjects stayed at the facility under near-constant observation, where they also had time to adjust to their new body. A few of the subjects killed themselves out of spite; they were content with their past life, or thought the scientists were playing God. After two weeks and only two instances of soul was rejection, the subjects were let loose in the real world with minimal observation.

    Few rules were imposed on the subjects. They could never speak of their past life or of the Soul Transfer to outsiders, and they couldn't leave the city until their observatory period was up. After that, they would be gathered and presented to the world as pioneers of a new age. The subjects reported occasional vague, "ghost" impressions of memory that weren't theirs; the smell of sugar and linen, the feel of long hair disturbed by a breeze, or knowing where they were, even though they personally had never been to that part of town before. These were noted, but expected; some neural pathways in the brain would be harder to re-write than others.

    Oh, were they wrong.

    Although details were never given to the host, they knew that they were going to die. Some weren't able to resist the Soul Transfer, for various reasons. Those, of course, died. Fear and knowledge make people strong, and this was how most of the host's souls were able to cling to their bodies. They were weak, but they were still alive. Some of them fought, causing the subject's soul to be rejected and effectively killing both of them. Most of them weren't even conscious all the time, or were unable to act; the Soul Transfer sapped their strength to an alarming degree. Only when the subjects were freed and released into the city were the host souls able to regain a sense of themselves and the world. They realized how they had been wronged, and were horrified. But they still had no strength to act. The invading soul wasn't even aware of the host soul.

    Until now, a week after their release from the facility. Occasionally, they'll hear a fragmented voice, or be sent a memory—a whole memory—that isn't theirs. Scared, they reported the occurrences to the scientists, but this was brushed barely noted; the scientists were becoming negligent as they received heat from their superiors about taking innocent subjects. As time passes, the host soul gets stronger.

    Two weeks after their release, the first host soul breaks through to the subject host with a full thought: "This is MY body!" Around the city, more and more host souls are starting to break through.

    Now, it's three weeks after the Soul Transfer took place. None of the scientists are paying much attention to the subjects, busy as they are with their superiors. Therefore, they don't notice the increase in complaints. There was even one barely noticed suicide. The subjects are all on their own now. The only people they have is themselves and their fellow subjects... unless you count their unexpected "guest."

    Host Sheet (open)
    [at least 25]

    Subject Sheet (open)
    Who is your host?:
    ​ [I will randomly assign you a host, so just leave it blank until I do.]

    This is my first time GMing in a while, so if there's anything you feel I should edit [like the skeleton... I feel that it's a bit short, but I don't know that I should add anything else. XD ] then please tell me!

    Just so you know, there will be two different people playing in the same body: the host soul and the subject soul. At the moment, the host soul has no control over the body, or is even able to make the subject soul hear them all the time, so the host soul role may be a bit less interactive, but it'll get there, no worries!

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  4. Name: Jezebel Light

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Bio: Jezebel lived in Arizona and wasn't very happy with her life. She loathed her abusive parents, she would always get bullied at school, and she had absolutely no friends. She decided to commit suicide and was successful. The scientists took her soul when she was deceased and stuck into a Host. She was absolutely devastated that her plan failed, but her devastation was only temporary. Jezebel thinks she can start over in life and have a fresh start. Maybe she could make friends and enjoy life this time. She takes this as a second chance and gladly accepts it after a lot of thinking.

    Who is your host?:​
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  6. Name:</SPAN></SPAN> Alice Delanuit</SPAN>
    Age:</SPAN></SPAN> 26
    Gender: </SPAN>Female</SPAN>
    Appearance: </SPAN>Her hair is a soft, mousy brown and she was graced with piercing blue eyes. Her face is delicate, with a small expanse of freckles all upon her face.
    Alice (open)
    Bio: </SPAN>It’s not like anyone really noticed, when she disappeared. She had just moved to a new city, breaking away from the parents she hated so much. She knew nobody in this new city, and she had yet to land a job and apply to a university. When she was kidnapped, to be made into a host, no one called in to report it. No one knew she was even gone. So she became a host, became someone new, her body used as her soul remained sleepy and dormant within the deepest recesses of the mind. She hated it, of course, thinking of how they should have taken her into consideration. Not that they would have, since no one seemed to ever do so.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
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    Name: Catherine Eriks
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/213/5/a/__awestruck___by_misslaurelle-d428j65.jpg
    Bio:​ Even though she had lived in the same city for the past year, no one ever noticed Catherine. That was her downfall, but of her own doing. She was perfectly happy with being a bit of a recluse; she hardly ever went out, and was even self-employed, working as a struggling photographer. The night of her disappearance, she was home, of course. She had awaken to odd sounds in her tiny apartment. Next thing she knew, a white cloth was held over her nose and mouth, suffocating her with a strange scent. And then she was out like a light. Next thing she knew, her body was invaded and she was powerless to stop it. So she became a host.

    Name: Stefan Pierce
    Age: 59
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Stefan's life was riddled with adventure, if you're willing to believe everything he says. A few things ring true, though, like how he overcame a long fight with cancer at the age of 50, when everyone expected him to die. Going farther back, he tells of how he was such a rebellious kid, constantly in trouble and plotting some scheme or another. He settled down around 30, when he met the love of his life, who unfortunately died after having their first and only child. The child died soon after, leaving him alone and depressed. Eventually, he snapped out of it, deciding to not let it weigh him down. When he was taken, offered a new life, he was in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver.
    Who is your host?:
    Charles Downseng
    Age: 57
    Bio: Born from a long line of half rate artists, Charles had lived a peaceful, full life. Sadly, Charles always wanted more than a half rate, and boring life. He wanted to go back and see life from a different view of what could have been, but his time was short and coming to an end. He had many lovers, in the past, (and all of them had broken his heart) so he would never know which one of them had given it to him. Charles was dying of a severe case of A.I.D.S. that he had contracted from one of his many male lovers. Alone and dying he writes his final will and testament, leaving all his worldly possessions, including his pet cat Mittens, to the scientific institute of art. As he finishes two men in lab coats enter the room. They tell him of a glorious way for him to be able to live, disease free, and have a second chance at living. They tell him he will be "immortal" and young, and will be one of many "pioneers" of the new age! Charles, flabbergasted, and praying for this not to be some type of scam, or dream, swiftly signs their documents, as tears role down his gleaming face.
    Who is your subject?:

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    Name: Adam Hazzings
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Adam is a U.S. Special Operator(or spec ops for short) trained and proven to be an efficient killer. When Adam disappeared, he was in the middle of an important search and destroy operation. No one noticed, nobody cared. He awoke in a testing lab surrounded by his own colligues and a doctor, he was strapped to the table and the soul was implanted within. But quickly after, Adam escaped the table but was captured again and was placed into solitary. Now his soul lays dormant with the his own body while the other does who knows what with it.
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  13. @Tenchi: The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that he's the dominant soul, and that he escaped. None of them are dominant yet. You could be farther along than the others, as since you're Spec. Op. you'd likely have a higher mental fortitude. But still, that'd be restricted until later.

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