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    For over one thousand years, this vast and mysterious land had been tainted by hatred...

    It spread across all of Spira like a merciless plague, infecting us, ruining us. And even after The Great Machina War, after losing so many of our loved ones and the will to fight, after laying waste to once beautiful lands, the hatred remained. It seeped into every pore that Spira had to offer, loitering in the shadows, clinging to the darkest parts of our heart. The inability to see eye to eye had given birth to Sin and in return, Sin would punish us for generations to come.

    Even then we couldn't leave our hatred behind.

    We ceased fighting openly, but we never stopped letting negativity fester in our hearts. Instead we loathed from afar, alienating each other, casting blame around at one another instead of accepting it for ourselves.

    We were so blind.

    It took one young woman, one incredibly brave Summoner, to bring peace to our hearts. Through her determination and through her suffering, we began to see the world clearly.
    We began to see each other clearly.
    She bound our hearts together.

    One heart. One Spira.

    This should have been the end of it.

    The Present Spira

    20 Years into the Eternal Calm, 18 years after Vegnagun

    Summoners are no more. In fact, they haven't existed since the fall of Sin two decades prior. Anyone who was alive at that time remembers that day. It was the day the fayth finally woke up. It was the day they all left for the Farplane. It was the day that Lady Yuna brought everlasting peace to Spira.

    Or so we thought.

    In Zanarkand, there's a restoration project underway. People from all over Spira have come together to bring beauty and life back to the crumbling city and the project is headed by an Al Bhed duo - a young twenty-something entrepreneur named Shinra and an aged travel agency owner called Rin, both of which are fairly famous names. Shinra's company specializes in, but isn't limited to, the advancement of machina technology and machines in general. Aside from his restoration project in Zanarkand, he's also been working on understanding and building more airships like the Celsius and the Fahrenheit. And despite the danger that Vegnagun presented in the past, Spira is still quite ignorant of it having ever existed, so with the passing years, machina are becoming more accepted and less feared.

    The same could be said about the Al Bhed and the Guado races. Most of the Al Bhed have integrated into the rest of Spira but a good handful decided to seriously back Cid's desire to rebuild their home "Rusa" in Bikanel. The Guado have returned to Guadosalam, once more a thriving race, but still just as hard on themselves as they were 18 years ago.

    This year also marks the two-decade anniversary of the Eternal Calm. A festival is being thrown in Kilika to remember those who lost their lives twenty years ago when Sin destroyed the town.
    This will be our starting point. You are all here in Kilika for one reason or another. Party and laugh and make friends while you can, because the Calm is about to end...

    Terms and Information

    There are a few things players should know about this RP before getting started:

    1. This is an INVITE ONLY roleplay. Sorry to anyone who didn't make the cut, but this is a test-run of a much larger project and I can only take on so many players this time around. If you absolutely HAVE to join this RP, PM me and we'll talk it over. :)

    2. This is obviously a fandom RP. BUT! For those of you who have been invited and know little or nothing about Spira, don't worry. I'm going to list a few things and a summary. If you are confused about ANYTHING, PM me and I can explain in a better way.

    3. All players will be filling the Guardian role. What's a Guardian? Well, to explain that, I have to tell you a little bit of how Spira works.

    A Summary (open)
    A thousand years ago, Spira used to be a remarkably technologically advanced continent. The people had created something called Machina - machines powered by magic. These machina did all of life's chores from the tedious to the impossible. As a result, Spirans had a lot of free time on their hands. Disagreements led to arguments and we all know what comes next: war.

    At the time, there were two great cities: Bevelle and Zanarkand. These two cities were like night and day. Bevelle favored technology and when the war broke out, they used destructive machina to fight. Zanarkand on the other hand favored magic, so during the war, they used a special type of people who could control magic and manipulate it. These people were called Summoners. When the war began, Yu Yevon, who was Zanarkand's leader, called all Summoners to the front lines, especially one Summoner in particular - a famous songstress named Lenne. But Lenne had a lover who feared for her safety, Shuyin. With clouded judgement, Shuyin conspired to infiltrate Bevelle and use one of their own machina against them, if only to end the war and save his beloved from death. But the machina Shuyin found was no ordinary one...

    Vegnagun. The colossal machina was rejected by Bevelle because it simply could not determine friend from foe. But because it was so advanced, it was almost sentient, and could recognize when someone or something was trying to harm it. For this reason, it could not be destroyed, forcing Bevelle to hide it under the city and hope that it would never again be discovered.

    With Vegnagun, Shuyin planned to end the war. But Lenne was as wise as she was beautiful and talented. She knew that releasing Vegnagun from its prison would mean the end of Spira, so she chased after Shuyin, believing that she alone could convince him to stop.

    Tragedy would have it that when they finally came face to face, they were discovered by Bevelle guards and shot dead. Lenne, who was kind-hearted and glad that she had prevented Shuyin from making a terrible mistake, passed on in peace. Shuyin, died in anger; a hate brewing for Bevelle, for Zanarkand, for himself. His hate wouldn't let him pass on and he became unsent - a ghost in a sense, but still tangible, looking the part of a normal person if a normal person had a strange control over pyreflies.

    (Pyreflies are floating and dancing specs of light. They sigh and murmur as they move about. What exactly they are is probably Spira's greatest mystery, but at times they seem to be souls. Almost everything in Spira, including the people, are composed of pyreflies, so this also suggests that they are a type of energy.)

    Meanwhile, Zanarkand had been using a little island on the far side of Spira as a secret place to train Summoners. Besaid, the island was called, and when Bevelle caught wind of this, they devised a plan to eliminate the threat...

    Before the war, there was a low class of people called the Bedore. Already looked down on and subject to open prejudice, when the war began, Bevelle enslaved the Bedore and put them to work in the machina factories. (If you're making a connection to the Germans and the Jewish in WWII, then you've got the right idea.) It was a group of Bedore who were forced to carry bombs looking like blitzballs to Besaid.

    With the elimination of a huge portion of his soldiers, Yu Yevon realized that Zanarkand would not survive the war, let alone win it. Cornered, he did the only thing he believed he could:

    He casted a spell.

    To become a Fayth means to tear the soul from the body and imprison it within a stone statue. This statue becomes the Fayth's "Haunt" - the chain that binds the Fayth to this plane of existence. Like this, one can become immortal, a consciousness that never ages. So to protect his people, Yu Yevon called them all together and turned them all into Fayth. He gave them a collective dream - a replica of Zanarkand - one void of war or outside influence. And to protect that dream, he became a powerful creature.

    Sin. Though its creation was meant to protect, there was much hatred in Yu Yevon's heart for Bevelle and the destructive machina they'd created. And as he became Sin, he lost his humanity and Sin would know only one thing: to attack and destroy the machina cities. Zanarkand fell first.

    Horrified at what had been born from this war and of what her father had become, the lady Yunalesca made a deal with Bevelle: a way to defeat Sin in exchange for her father's honor. She traded The Pilgrimage for the religion of Yevon.

    Yunalesca transformed her husband Zaon into a Fayth so that he could create a powerful Aeon (a powerful creature manifested by pyreflies and the Fayth's will) called the Final Aeon. With this, she defeated Sin. But this would not be the end of it. As Sin died, Yu Yevon jumped to Zaon's Aeon's body and possessed it, turning it into the new Sin. Zaon was no longer himself, his Haunt now empty. After, Sin disappeared from Spira to hibernate.

    Yunalesca, who had unfortunately died from the strain of the battle, knew that Sin would one day return and was determined to remain alive and uphold her end of the bargain. She became unsent and resided in Zanarkand, waiting for the next person to fight Sin so that she could turn that person's loved one into a Fayth and give them the Final Aeon.

    After the fall of Sin, Bevelle kept their word and created a new religion called Yevon. They preached against the creation and use of destructive machina, partly to protect Spira from Sin's wrath, but mostly to atone for their own sins. Even still, they blamed the war on the Bedore, and even went as far at to execute some of them as "heathens" for their involvement with the destructive machina. The Bedore, now known as the Al Bhed, became the scapegoats for all of Bevelle's and Yu Yevon's misdeeds and for a thousand years, they would know prejudice.

    With the warning from Yunalesca, Bevelle took the term "Summoner" and applied it to those most faithful. To be a Summoner was always a choice. It was voluntary, but many still took up the role for the sake of their loved ones and for the sake of Spira. Although each and every Spiran knew that walking The Pilgrimage (traveling from Yevon temple to temple and receiving the Fayth's Aeons) meant marching to your death, no one, not even the Summoners or their Guardians knew that one of said Guardians would also have to die and become Sin in the end. This was knowledge kept hidden by Yunalesca until the end of the Pilgrimage. She did this so that there would be time for the Summoner to make a bond of love with one of his or her Guardians - a necessary ingredient for the Final Aeon's creation. She also did this so that the Summoner would not lose faith until it was too late to turn back.

    Because this was such a grave job, Summoners were highly respected and cherished by all of Spira. Aside from the Pilgrimage, they had other duties. One of the most important duties was to perform The Sending.

    ("The dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate. They yearn to live on and resent those still alive. You see, they envy the living. And in time, that envy turns to anger. Even hate. Should these souls remain in Spira, they become fiends and prey on the living. Sad, isn't it?" -- The words of Lulu as she explained the importance of a Sending.)

    1000 years later, Sin was dead for good, defeated by a young woman Summoner named Yuna when she changed the rules of the game by sending Yu Yevon's spirit to the Farplane. She defied Yunalesca, refusing to let harm come to her Guardians, and after they battled, she sent Yunalesca to the Farplane. She went on to fight Sin with a new technique, risking everything. And when Sin was finally defeated, the Zanarkand Fayth all awoke from their dream and passed on to the Farplane.

    At this point, Summoners ceased to be important, but it was okay because the Eternal Calm had finally come. In the end, Yuna lost the man she loved - Tidus - because as fate would have it, he had originated from that Dream Zanarkand. When it faded, so did he.

    Two years later, trouble with the dormant Vegnagun surfaced, though truth be told, it began during the last fight with Sin two years beforehand. Bevelle had been working with the Al Bhed to create a machina cannon in hopes that it was strong enough to defeat Sin. They called the project Operation Mi'ihen. And while these plans were being put together, soldiers for Bevelle's Crimson Squad were being trained in a dangerous place called the Den of Woe. It was here that a group of four friends would encounter Shuyin's unsent. The Den of Woe was filled with Shuyin's lament and anger. It influenced each and every Crimson Squad member to turn on each other. There was mass murder. And the group of friends: Baralai, Nooj, Gippal, and Paine? They were no exception. Shuyin possessed Nooj, who then shot the other three, leaving them to die.

    And then two years into the Eternal Calm, three new political factions popped up out of the woodwork. New Yevon, lead by Baralai, claimed to take only the good from Yevon teachings and to focus on the benefit of Spira. The Youth League, lead by Nooj, had a serious beef with New Yevon, accusing them of hoarding away record spheres and hiding Spira's history. The two were constantly at each other's throats. Then there was the Machine Faction, a group of Al Bhed led by Gippal, dedicated to digging through Bikanel and rebuilding the Al Bhed home that had been destroyed two years ago when, under the leadership of a madman named Seymour, the Gaudo attacked.

    The bitterness between New Yevon and the Youth League stemmed from Nooj's betrayal of course. And the mission the Youth League adopted was really because Shuyin wanted to find Vegnagun again. And when he did, it was Yuna & co again who saved the day and defeated the enemy. Free from Shuyin's influence, Nooj mended the bond between friends and together, they founded the Spiran Council.

    Now peace has truly come. With Sin and Vegnagun vanquished, there was nothing left to disrupt the Calm. And that was the case for 18 years...

    4. At the start of the RP, all characters will be normal people, not Guardians. They'll be visiting or living in Kilika. There will be a festival going on and we'll all have time to be a bit social before shit hits the fan.

    Races, Entities, Fauna

    1. All OOC talk will be done here in this thread.
    2. Disputes and drama will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another player, contact me through PM.
    3. Hijacking and god-mod behaviour will get you a warning. Repeat offenders will be kicked from the game.
    4. The GMs reserve the right to prod for posts. If I catch any players bothering other players for posts, you will feel my wrath.
    5. Plot ideas? PM me! I am all for trying to incorporate players' ideas and desires into the RP.
    6. If you're going to be away for more than a few days, leave a message in this thread and use the mention feature for my name so I don't miss it.

    Character Sheet

    Name: A first name is all you really need.
    Age: The only restriction on age is common sense. Children ARE acceptable as well as the elderly.
    Race: Only three races are available for player characters - Human (including the Al Bhed), Ronso, Guado.
    Hail From: Check the Locations link to see which places are available.
    Occupation: This is what you do to earn money (if you do). Mercenary, bodyguard, fiend extermination, carpenter, performer, waitress, etc.
    Personality: I don't need a big lengthy explanation, just a solid one.
    Appearance: Images are allowed as long as they are not overly anime. Please also give a brief written description.
    Strengths: What are they good at? Cooking, singing, lifting heavy things, acrobatics, etc.
    Weaknesses: What are they bad at? What are their vices?

    Job (Class): Almost all FFX/X-2 jobs or dresspheres are accepted. Barred from playing: Festivalist, Freelancer, Psychic, Mascot, Floral Fallal, Machina Maw, and Full Throttle. I might accept a job from another FF game if you PM me about it beforehand.
    Weapon: You can make this up, as long as it fits your job theme. Example, you're not going to see a mage using a sword.

    **If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?:
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  3. character.jpg
    Fernar by Aomori @deviantART

    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Hail From: Kilika
    Occupation: Temple Priest and Historian.
    Personality: Kind-hearted and easy-going. He's rather optimistic and caring about, well, everyone. Deeply interested in the history of Spira, he's always up for reading a dusty old scripture or watching an old record sphere. Even though he has a better knowledge about Spira's history than most, he's not very street-wise. He's clumsy and too trusting and always wants to see the good in even the worst people. Jokes tend to go right over his head.
    Appearance: Chestnut, shoulder length hair. Burnt orange eyes. A bit of chin stubble. A faint scar across his nose and a few more on his forehead and chin. He dislikes wearing shirts unless he's in a cold environment and shoes unless he's traveling. He's six feet in height and always wears a pleasant smile. He's got a wiry build; he keeps in shape by climbing, hiking, and playing Blitzball. He has tattoos along his right ribs, written in the Ancient Yevon script. He won't tell anyone what they mean.
    Strengths: Historical knowledge, reading various scripts, being booksmart in general. Athletic to a point, fairly in shape. Good singer.
    Weaknesses: Gullible and a softie. Would do almost anything to watch a dated record sphere. Doesn't like conflict. Second guesses his choices.

    Job (Class): White Mage
    Weapon: A red wood staff. The heel is gold. The head is a purple-grey metal outline of a flame with gold accents. A thin, golden silken rope is tied in a bow to one side of the flame and ends in tassels.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Fethryn “Red”
    Age: 38
    Race: Human
    Hail From: Kilika
    Occupation: Ex-Spherehunter, Chocobo Trainer.


    Team Dad:
    Fethryn is a father by unpaid occupation and by personality. He will care for those around him that he associates with to the best of his ability.

    Prince Charming: Fethryn is a known sweet talker and charmer, able to make all he talks to at least crack a smile, if not convince them to be at ease with him.

    Scarred: Fethryn is somewhat a troubled soul, after all he has experienced. He often takes time to ponder the past.


    -Marksman: Fethryn is a skilled Gunner, able to pick out a target at range and shoot it with precision.

    -Prince Charming: Fethryn is a known sweet talker and charmer, able to make all he talks to at least crack a smile, if not convince them to be at ease with him.

    -The Hunter: Fethryn is determined. When he has a target, he will pursue the target with all his effort.


    -Steeped in Memory Lane: If Fethryn sees something that reminds him of his history, he will either ponder on it, react violently on it or react diplomatically, depending on the memory.

    Job (Class): Gunner

    Lyra (open)

    Memory (open)

    **If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?: Samurai
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  5. I am SO ready! I need to get revised Coye all together....
  6. Name: Coye Vidan

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Hails From: Kilika

    Job (Class): Samurai

    Weapon: Katana and wakizashi. Ever since obtaining her father's sphere, Coye hasn't been able to unsheathe the smaller sword and it seconds Locke's opinion that she isn't strong enough.

    ** If you could have a second job (class) what would it have been?: Beserker

    Occupation: Mercenary! Her father calls her a “Goon for Hire”, since she does not do good, “honest” work like her parents.

    Personality: Hard-nosed and down to business, anyone who knew her would be surprised how much she changed. Fully concerned with lining her pockets with Gil, she will still stand up for the weak and desperate; oozing with the tenacity and conviction of that of a true leader, she is still not against making rash decisions and acting upon them. Thankfully for her, none of the choices made in haste had life-changing effects on those around.

    Appearance: Raised to work, Coye’s skin is permanently weather-tanned and her build is slightly muscular. Curves and plenty of scars are hidden beneath the traditional Samurai garb she wears; the brown, gold and white kimono goes well with her chestnut-colored hair and green eyes. No matter what the situation, she wouldn’t be caught dead in any other clothing—much to her proud mother’s dislike.

    View attachment 61094

    Strengths: Gardening, manual labor, caring for Chocobos, dancing, cooking, fishing, gambling and working under pressure.

    Weaknesses: Blitzball, keeping her mouth shut, lying, drinking, children and her mother, Ange.
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  7. Sachiko

    Name: Sachiko
    Age: 25
    Race: Al Bhed
    Hail From: Sanubia Desert
    Occupation: Baker
    Appearance: Addition Feature: wears an eye patch.


    Quirky: Has odd tastes in foods, fashion and people.
    Cheerful: Sachiko keeps a positive attitude on her no matter how stressed the people are around her.
    Calm: Always waiting for the right moment, she is patient around others and remains level headed in sticky situations.
    Tactful: She is careful to to give away information she does not need to, nor to try and insult anybody.
    Greedy: If there is an opportunity for Sachiko to gain something she wants she will always take it.
    Outgoing: She is willing to talk to everyone, make new friends to find out about them and the local area.


    Baking & Cooking: Working at a baker has taught her how to make high quality bread out of simple ingredients.
    Informat: Is always aware of what is going on around her and uses her friendships with the local people to find out more.
    Idetic Memory: Is able to remember things just by looking at them.
    Evaluation & Haggling: Is able to evaluate the true worth of items and haggle them down or up.
    Agile & Dexterous: Sachiko is able to achieve feats such as acrobatics, fast running, dual wielding, free running and sleight of hand.
    Lock Picking: After spending years sneaking around Al Bhed houses picking peoples locks and running off, she has become adept at lock picking.
    Acting & Disguise: Has the knowledge of how to disguise herself as somebody else.
    Dirty Fighting: Fights dirty using martial skills and bladed weapons.
    Espionage: Often lies to get herself out of tricky situations.

    Stealth: Decent at hiding when she's not being obvious about life.


    Fear of Tentacles: Had an unfortunate encounter with an Ochu.
    Shopping & Expensive Taste: Loves to live large and can't resist buying something she wants.
    Fear of Spiders: Hates spiders, will not go near them.
    Nobody Caught Me...Yet: A couple of people have caught Sachiko stealing and are out looking for her, she is not able to enter majour cities without a disguise.
    What's in it for me? Will always accept a task given to her if it gives a good reward.
    Blind in One Eye: Got in a fight after stealing from a man, she got away but with one eye short.
    Fear of Being Alone: Sachiko is afraid of being and dieing alone, in order to operate properly she must always feel like she is backed up by someone, otherwise becomes paranoid and nervous at every turn.
    Fill in the Gap: Before her life as a thief something happened to Sachiko's memory, there are still parts of her life that she is not sure of.

    Job (Class): Thief
    Weapon: A Whip and Two Daggers

    If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?
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  8. Bucket of Rainbows means you've been accepted! :D
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  9. Name: Adriel
    Age: 17
    Race: Guado. (not a cheese).
    Hail From: Guadosalam (not a jewish cheese)
    Occupation: “You might say vagrant but I prefer opportunistic adventurer living by he seat of my pants.”
    Personality: “Sooo you want to know about ol’ Adrai doya? I’m the toughest of the tough. The best Guado to walk upright and if you don’t believe me just check out my outfit. Never seen one on wanna these, havya?”

    Sassy, self assured, hung ho, and unable to back down from a challenge.

    Appearance: (open)

    Short, young, unwashed.

    Dresssphere (open)

    Strengths: Bitch mouth, self confidence, loves to taunt opponents into using their best attacks so she can copy them.
    Weaknesses: Bitch mouth, greedy, and with little respect for others especially elders whom she sees as melancholic apologists. Not the smartest with picking her fights.

    Job (Class): Gun mage.

    Weapon (open)


    We'll see if you still thing it's dorky when you're dead..."

    **If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?: Alchemist. (BOOM BOOM BOOM!)
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  10. Name: Kusuma
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Hail From: Besaid
    Occupation: Fiend extermination, often works as a bodyguard.
    Personality: Energetic and friendly. Kusuma can often be found with a big grin on his face. He's pretty determined, especially when it comes to doing the right thing. The guy's got a pretty strong sense of justice, even if he usually thinks the best way to solve a problem is by swinging a sword, or punching when a sword's not available. "Hah, as if there's ever not a sword available..."
    Appearance: (open)

    Kusuma's fairly tall, standing at about six feet 4 inches. His thick black hair is usually kept tied back and his eyes are warm brown. When he's not wearing the usual loose-fitted robes, he's probably going shirtless with comfortable pants and sandals.

    Strengths: Positive attitude! Ridiculous amounts of energy! Physical strength!
    Weaknesses: He can be pretty bash and reckless.

    Job (Class): Warrior
    Weapon: Chinese war sword

    **If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?: Trainer
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  11. So we have some overlapping with secondary jobs. That's a problem. Ayla, Imma let you keep Alchemist only because you've had that there for a longass time and I can work with it. But @Shiny will have to choose another. You can choose someone's primary but try not to choose the same secondary as someone else. @_@ Sorry darlin.

    I'll add the secondaries to the cast list to make it easier.
  12. @Dawn
    Since Shiny got her CS in before me, I think she should get Trainer for her second.

    @Shiny You do the Trainer thing! <3
  13. Ahhh nooo, did I take someone else's secondary? I don't wanna make anyone change their plans. I can pick something else ^_^
  14. @Shiny ,

    Nah! I was thinking earlier and I hadn't looked at the thread yet! Whoops. It's totally on me. <3 You be the Trainer! I should have looked and I've still not got my CS in anyway!
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  15. I'm aiming to start the IC on Tuesday~

    I still need sheets from @Tribs and @Rook but you both know that <3

    I'm aware that exams are a thing for some of us so I'll be patient~
  16. Name: Bajan of the House Sagesong, son of Ambrado.
    Age: Older than you! (But not really.) Twenty-five summers if he's being truthful.
    Race: Half grumpy biscuit, half shortcake (Human)
    Hail From: A better place than you/Luca.
    Occupation: Bitch. Mercenary and Bodyguard.

    Personality: Grouchy bitchmouth, you'd expect someone like him to have a heart of gold and he does but like gold, it's very pliable and soft. Melty golden hearted idiot. He is a trash-talking brat of a man. Think Draco Malfoy but with colors. Including all the little breakdowns and terrible terrible everythingness. Will he cry in a bathroom? Yes. That will probably happen. Will a girl hit him in the face? I am counting on it. He's got Daddy issues but he's working on it. He's got a complete personality reversal when he's around kids, especially his kid.

    Appearance: Bajan is of a medium build, with a bit of chubby muscle but still not really a large build. He's shorter than a lot of human males, decently wide though. His physique is through a lot of exercise to look bigger from when he was younger and didn't want to be your 'basic mage'. Baj has champagne blond hair, down past his shoulders, sides and most of the back of his head are shaved short. He wears his incredibly long mowhawk in a braid a lot of the time.

    Strengths: Being a bitch? As that isn't really a strength, Bajan has never had himself really tested in any sort of anything. At his core, he's a lot stronger than he thinks he is. It's rarely put to the test so it's largely unknown. He's a good Dad surprisingly and he wants to continue to be a good Dad and to mold himself into someone his child can look up to. Baking! Oh and he'll stand back up no matter what.

    Weaknesses: Everything and everything else. Seriously though, he is both prone to overthinking and doing something without thinking at all. It lands him in some terrible situations. He opens his mouth without thinking and then feels terrible but won't let it show, it'll eat at him for a while and cause distractions - in other words, he'll be off his game. He can't take the heat but won't stay out of the kitchen. He desperately craves his Father's approval of him. His vices include baked goods, sleeping in, and beautiful shiny things that he covets very much.

    Job (Class): Black Mage

    Weapon: A staff made of darkened metal with widened points to mark the hand grips which are of wide suede leather strips on the pole. The top features a wider flat piece with a golden red inlay with a an almost scale-wave pattern of half circles meeting each other. It has open circles in the middle and the top piece forms a tip. A small bit of red cloth rests at the bottom of the top. The pole itself isn't too ornate, with a diamond shape near the bottom and the bottom a half diamond inside a half diamond.

    **If you could have chosen a second job, what would it have been?: Warrior like his Father.
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  17. Luthial



    Hail From


    Pessimistic and cynical, Luthial is rather a negative and unfriendly youth. With selfish motives and a bit of a wicked streak. The attitude might easily change into a cheery demeanour when he is either working or wants something. He's quite good at getting along and playing nice in such a case. He can also be an awful braggart.

    Lanky, elegant. Athletic. On the shorter side. Tends to dress nicely, although of a simple style.

    Performing, acting.
    Singing and dancing.
    He's decent at following directions.
    High endurance.

    Physically Weak.
    Awful in a direct fight.
    His attitude can get him into trouble. A lot.
    He might have some delusions of having greater skill than he does.


    Machina headset and microphone, as well as another greater microphone attached to his belt.
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  18. Alrighty. Wake up sleepyheads! We need posting going on and chatter to keep interested! Character interaction! Don't worry too much about posting in order right now.

    People I need posts from:

    @Red Velvet I know you've got stuff you're dealing with. If it's too much right now, I can fit you into a later scene when you're able to breathe for a bit. <3

    @Rook Wanna plot? With any of these loveable dorks? Let's get some discussion going on in this OOC and get inspired.

    @Arcadia YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. >:P Gimme a post, foo'
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