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  1. Oh, where do we begin? The rubble or our sins?


    Chapter 1: Awakening

    The sun was high overhead, the gulls riding on the thermal updrafts from the jungle. Kilika Port's stilt walkways were being put to the test as more and more people arrived from the S.S. Liki and the S.S. Winno. People were coming from all over Spira to take part in the festival. Granted, there would be parties in other places, because this year marked the second decade of the Eternal Calm, but as for right now at least, Kilika had the spotlight.

    The wooden stilt and plank walkways were burdened with countless Spirans, some even coming as far as Gagazet just for the occasion. Hut shops were open for business and there were vendors galore to be seen once you stepped foot on solid ground where the port melded into the rest of the village nestled under the canopy of tall jungle trees. The aroma of foods from all four corners of Spira mingled in the air here, and there were benches and tables set up for people to sit and eat, chat, and be merry. From this little food court of a sorts, the dirt path continued, moving deep into the jungle, breaking only for old, cobblestone bridges over murky creeks. If you followed the path straight on, eventually it would lead to a clearing and it was from here that the sound of music was coming. A stage had been set up - just a stone slab, level and square and about three feet high - for performers and musicians alike to entertain.

    If you chose to veer off to the right instead, the path would follow along a river until the dirt beneath your feet gave way to mossy cobblestone that would lead to a tiring amount of stairs and eventually to Kilika Temple. Many would make that climb today and had already, kneeling at the stone statue feet of the High Summoners and praying for another decade of the Calm.

    But many events were scheduled for today, from a fiend slaying competition to musical performances and even booth games and fun for the kids. Face painting, ring toss, pin the tail on the shoopuf. Who knows how many Chocobo balloons had escaped little candy-sticky fingers and floated upward to freedom!

    The jungle was muggy, the port warm and pleasant. Everywhere you went, there were smiles and laughter.

    The day was perfect.
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  2. The night before in Besaid, Coye almost changed her mind. Not returning to Kilika meant two things: she could avoid the talk of starting a family and the never-ending nagging. She’d also miss out on the sweetbread her mother was most-likely selling during the celebration. Ange and Locke were a huge part of their community and it was going to be a challenge to arrive in her hometown, without being recognized. Thinking about her mother’s overwhelming bear hug did not cause the Samurai to falter as she trudged along the dock; the feeling of a million pyreflies in her in her belly churning with nervousness and filling her mind with doubt as she boarded the ship.

    Everything was going to be fine. With that conclusion set, she took her normal position of sitting on deck; cross-legged and drifting into calm as her eyes searched the stars above.


    Coye’s boat was one of those that was unloading; the nostalgic smell of sweetbread and salty air hit her nose and she sighed. After years, she had finally visited Kilika and so far, it was going smoothly. However, she had yet to get off the boat. Many had cleared, leaving just the Samurai and confused deck-hands; after a few warnings, Coye eventually brought herself to get off board. Excited sounds of the festival hit her the moment she merged with celebrating people; each step was hesitant and wary as she made her way through.

    Smiling and returning the greetings she was given, she moved on; catching a glimpse of her parent’s brightly-colored roof—maybe after being here a few hours, she would go and visit them. Maybe.

    The Arena was where she went first, signing up for anything available before her parents held her hostage. Six years of being gone meant a lot to catch up on—or, on their part. Other than slaying fiends, rescuing a few missing children here and there—Coye’s life was uneventful. There was no great threat, no reason to save the world—that she knew of. Pocketing her leftover gil, she headed away from the arena, back down to the booths and people. It was amazing how much (even though it was very little) things have changed; taking in the few new sights, she ended up distracting herself— so much, that she barreled into someone standing right in front of her. With a grunt and a growl, she winced and prepared herself—most-likely bumping into an Elder or someone who knew her family. “I-I’m so sorry, please excuse me!” Coye said, bowing a few times and almost overdoing it in order to show respect.
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  3. Everything was beautiful and the jungle! The jungle was just so unlike anything that Seren had ever seen before! The Lucan guard was practically spinning in place. His usual clothes were just too much and he'd stripped down to a thin green shirt with no sleeve, laced up both sides and a pair of cotton 'fisher man's pants' that were shoved up to his knees. Sandals completed the look. Which Seren spun in to get another glimpse of all this beautiful stunning greenery! And the music! Oh the music!

    It wasn't that Seren was dancing to the beat, no he was rather wriggling as he walked down the street. His nose leading him to anything citrusy and delicious. So far he'd already had far far too much sugar and far too much, well, everything to be honest.

    He chatted with every stall keeper, bought trinkets for his parents and of course bought himself new things as well. In fact, he'd already acquired a new earring and had slipped out his old one and put the new one in right at the stall! It was dangly and had a beautifully iridescent feather.

    All was well at least until someone bumped into him! Then she started saying she was sorry!

    "Ah wait, it's my fault! I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying any attention either-" He took a step back trying to get away from the overly apologizing Coye and then nearly fell onto someone behind him. "Oh! Oh! Sorry!" Really, this place was so very very packed. It was no wonder he was stuck in a human traffic jam!
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  4. "And stay off my ship."

    "Ooof..." Adriel handed heavily on the docks, the two crew members of the S. S. Winno who have heaved her over the rail laughing as they turned around and her bag came sailing after her. "No stowaways."

    "Well yeah, your ship stinks of chocobo shit anyway." she shouted back while grabbing her bag and shaking her fist at at the rail. Sure she had been stowing away where they kept the noisy, stinky birds but still. "Well... looks like this is my next stop...looks like white the shindig... perfect!" she looked out over the port as she brushed herself off and pulling the dirty piece of cloth she had hidden under in the hold around herself and using her small stature to blend into the throng her eyes looking for exposed pockets or purses, not that she had ever been any GOOD at pickpocketing or enjoyed it but all these smells were making her hungry and the only alternatives to get money were... no... she was too awesome for that.

    "Fuck it..." her stomach growled loudly and she sighed. "Looks like I need to do this the fun way..."


    "Aww coomme on... sign me up..." She was standing outside the arena with her gun on the table trying to put her nae down for anything that looked like it had prize money. "I can fight... haven't you need my outfit?"
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  5. Reznik growled at a child eyeing a series of shurikens laid out in the case which made up half of his tent’s display. The little boy cowered and ran which brought a grin to the Ronso’s face and he let out a chuckle which didn’t sound too much different than his growl. The big blue beast went back to his work and compressed the bellow making the coals glow nearly white. The two shanks of steel resting on the hot bed began to glow as well. One was long and slender and would eventually be a sword. The second was thick, wide and a bit flat which was to be a commission piece for one of the warriors in the tournament. His mother or something had paid for him to have a new halberd made so that he could receive it once the tournament was over. Reznik had heard of the man… he’d never win but coin was coin.

    The fesitvals were gold mines to a good smithy but Reznik hated the crowds. Good thing he was willing to bite his tongue in order to make a mint (Once he paid for his forge rental). He knew how much money he could make at this dizzying display of colors, creeds and stupidity. Most social interaction sickened him but he loved his trade and plied it well. He also found more than a few who wanted to challenge the warrior in a dual. Acceptance was based on a great many things but mostly if he felt like crushing someone.

    Reznik raised his eyes to a commotion across the way from his anvil. He swung the halberd piece over the cold steel and began to pound on it giving it a talon-like shape. After a specific number of blows, he used the tongs and dropped it into a bucket of water creating steam which sifted in and out of his features and armor. Unlike his kin, this Ronso wore a complete suit or armor that was absolutely unique. It was a mix of skin and steel, chain and fang which made the big creature all the more intimidating. Death walked in a suit like this he’d heard a charlatan say. Reznik actually quoted that man twice; each time after pummeling a challenger. It was becoming a catch phrase for the big guy. He stuffed the metal back into the coals and watched the bumbling of one frail human turn into a train of ‘Oh, pardon me’s. Reznik shook his head and spit on the ground.
  6. A merry little whistle followed the tune of the music not too far away and the sighing of grass under foot accompanied the heat bugs singing their hearts out. The sun that snuck through the jungle canopy in patches, spotting the crumbling cobblestone path, felt hot on Kas' dark brown hair and his shoulders. Still, he took his time as he strolled along in the general direction of the arena. A smile was on the young priest's face as he now sang along and there was a bounce in his step.

    Festivals were so wonderful! But maybe this one was quite possibly the best yet because so many people had come to pay their respects from all over Spira! There were countless stories being told right this very second, some of which he would never get to hear about in his lifetime. But even though it was frustrating, it was also humbling. A man could not be in more than one place at the same time. A man was only a man and he would have to trust that Fate would bring him to the most important places and hand him the most important tasks. And speaking of tasks, boy was he glad that he wasn't stuck in the temple!

    A people person, he was, so the priests had sent him off into the festival to invite people to the temple and to spread a little knowledge. Of course, he'd already done plenty of this today and although he wasn't about to quit, he was also having a bit of fun just for himself in the process. Bare feet padded along, white pants with green trim had been rolled up to the knee, chest bare as always. A hand lifted to push back his wild hair out of his face, exposing tattooed ribs. Orange eyes settled on a disagreement taking place at the fiend fighting sign up booth, partly because he had to pass it in order to get to the arena, but mostly because he was seeing the first Guado to join the festival aside from the vendors. And there was no doubt that she was Guado, despite her clearly....outgoing? demeanor and...what was she wearing?

    How interesting, Kas thought to himself. She must have a story or two worth while!

    "Is there a problem?" he asked with his pleasant smile firmly in place, leaning around the Guado girl to see the man behind the table.

    "Oh! Hello, Zenikas!" the man greeted. "As I've already told the young lady, the competition requires a sign-up fee. Which she says she doesn't have."
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  7. She folded her arms and drew in a deep breath to huff. "Hey I was here first, no cutting." she complained at he newcomer without looking at him. "And if I had your fee I wouldn't be entering for the prize money, I'd be over there with the other Guado stuffing my face." her face was set as she unfolded her arms to reach for the gun she had put on the table as further proof she belonged in the arena.

    "Look... face fuzz, if you think there is anyone... and I mean anyone more suited to fighting fiends than a Guado with a dress sphere not to mention what a crows that would draw. A crowd that would be willing to pay for your overpriced, crumby snacks then you point me right at them and I'll beat them up and take their place.

    It was clear that this girl was not typical Guado, far from the usual sullen topologist she was out to leave her mark on the world and had already geared up to do so. "Oi, Zeniwhatsit. If you're going to hang around you may as well make yourself useful and point me in the direction of the nearest easy gold, or free food because I get grumpy when I'm hungry and you and your shindig here won't like me when I'm grumpy and I am a terrible pickpocket." well at least she was honest?
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  8. Fallkner was swimming in the ocean, a rusty dagger in his mouth as he swam after a nearby swordfish. It was a slippery one, indeed, but he was a fast swimmer also. It was a mere battle for stamina. The salty water crashed against his skin as his arms began to get tired, the swordfish nearly out of his grasp. He then reached his dagger out of his mouth, and stabbed it repeatedly in the tail, the fish suddenly dropped to the seabed, dead.

    Grabbing the fish by the recently eviscerated tail, Fallkner swam back to the shore, his prize collected. He would bring it back to Kilika to sell to it's hungry villagers. A plus to that would mean he would collect the Piercing Valkyrie in time for his arrival at the festival. He never did well at social gatherings. He was thick-skulled, and people using long words and political occurrences further accentuated his numbskull personality. As he sat on the dock, his towel, by his hands, was wrapped around his back, raked back and forth to relinquish his fur of water.

    Soon after he felt he was dry in the Kilikan heat, he walked back to be greeted by the loud hustle bustle of the festival, which was in full swing. He needed to head to Reznik's to get his lance back. So he went, strolling with a merry smile as happy villagers passed by with balloons and chocolate candy sticks galore. He had walked for five minutes when he approached Rezniks', the door he swung open with medium force. "Reznik! Friend! Have you got my weapon for me?"

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  9. Leyniel had arrived in Kilika with plans to sell sell sell. She'd wanted to come earlier and find a small kiosk space to rent for her shop, but she made the mistake of visiting her family in Besaid first. It had been nice visiting home, but maybe a little too nice. Between a mother, father, and four younger siblings, it had been hard to finally say goodbye again. But leave she did, because Leyniel was determined to chase big dreams, away from her small village roots.

    Standing on the port, Leyniel paused to take in the scents of sea and delicious food. It was making her hungry already, but food would come later. Right now, she wanted to hurry into the flow of the festival. She walked, eyeing the various tools and trinkets on sale, and even eyed some impressive looking weapons at a shop ran by a uniquely armored Ronso man. She wondered if he was warm in all that. Fur plus armor in a humid jungle sounded like a bad time.

    Continuing to look around, she spotted an area that looked good to start making some sales. With so many warriors around, getting ready to compete in the games, the opportunities seemed endless. She started by approaching a samurai woman exchanging apologies with a man in a green shirt. "Hello gentlefellows, you two seem like the well accomplished traveler types. Would either of you be interested in purchasing any potions today? I have anything a warrior might need." Leyniel had on her saleswoman face, which was pretty much just an adorable grin. And in her travels so far, she'd gotten pretty good at dropping her Besaid accent, but it was still there and subtle.
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  10. "Oh, in that case-- enjoy the festivities!" Relief washed over the bumbling samurai, once she got a better look at the man in front of her. He was not from Kilika; with so many visitors from all across Spira, Coye really had no reason to worry. It was also then that she realized something-- back home, there was no use in hiding.

    She had been gone for years, if anyone realized it was her-- it would be highly unlikely. Unless she just-so-happened to bump into that childhood friend of hers...

    Smiling kindly to the Lucan man, she pointed to a row of brightly-colored booths. "If you're hungry, I suggest going over there; Ange makes the best sweet bread in all of Spira!" Just thinking of home-cooked anything made her stomach let out a growl of hunger and she just ignored it-- wondering if the man she bumped into would mind her tagging along.

    At least, until after dealing with her mother...

    "I'm Coye," Before her gut could protest further, she held out her hand for him to shake. "I should really watch where I am going, but it was nice to meet you!" She was about to ask the man to accompany her to get some food, when a Besaid woman offered goods. Shaking her head, Coye returned the smile and patted her side pouch. Potions and Phoenix Downs were all she needed and when it came to weapons, she was more than fine... "No thank you, miss-- but if you head that way down to the arena, I'm sure you'll sell some wares!"
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  11. "Ooooh sweet bread? I've not had that yet today!" Seren had clearly gotten distracted from the apologizing with the promise of food. Honestly, his city was always incredibly busy but this was a new place and he really just wanted to taste everything, look at everything, and listen to everything. All at once! It was more than just a bit dizzying to be honest and the man felt torn in a million directions. He really shouldn't eat anything else he knew but still - Sweet bread!

    "Oh! I'm Seren! From Luca! And!" He got distracted looking down at the woman selling potions and he shook his head with a grin. "No thank you, Miss! I don't plan on getting into any trouble or joining the arena. No fighting!" He grinned again, rocking back on his heels with amusement. "Miss Coye here said that that somebody named Ange over there makes the best sweet bread ever! You hungry?" The lean auburn haired ball of energy laughed loudly. He was making himself hungry again that was certain, goodness when he got home to Luca he was going to be so fat! Tonight he'd just eat meat and no more sweets! Just meat! And veggies!
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  12. "You know, she's got a point." Despite her prickly attitude, Kas was instantly amused with this Guado girl. She was practically the opposite of the rest of her kind. There wasn't a speck of humility to be seen and he had to admit that her overflowing fountain of self-confidence was admirable. "I'm more interested in spending all of my gil on food too."

    He didn't feel a need to lean around the girl this time, instead using his towering height to his advantage. Hands patted his pockets until he found the one that his purse was stashed in. "However, Miss Sassy," he added, plucking coins out and counting mentally, "the entrance fee all goes into the pot. So..." He took her hand and plopped the handful of gil onto her palm and there was her fee. "You'll just have to pay that back to me when you win, right?"

    Who knows if she would. Kas couldn't confidently say whether she would win or pay him back, but he wasn't worried about it. Gil was meant to be spent and what better way to spend it than on someone in need?

    As the man at the sign-up table sighed and shook his head and scribbled the girl's name into the listing, Kas stuffed his hands into his pockets and started strolling away. "Oh, by the way," he said, turning on his heel to face the Guado again. "Only stuffy, serious people call me by my full name. Just 'Kas' is fine."
  13. Reznik shook his mane and grumbled about some of the folk these festivals attract. His eyes went back to his projects. He hammered away at the steel then would cool it in the water sending blasts of steam into the air around him. His makeshift store was humidifying the entire area. The big beast would tend his bellows making the coals burn bright and then go back to dropping blows on what was quickly becoming a very attractive [if you like deadly objects] halberd blade. The blacksmith lifted the metal up while it still glowed an orangish red and examined it with his beady eyes. He turned the tongs in his paw several times checking every angle for imperfections. Finally after several minutes of scrutiny, the big blue oaf decided the piece would pass its future owner’s expectations once he had it mounted and ground to a fine tip. Reznik tossed the blade into a bucket of water to cool and turned towards the coals were the piece of steel lay for a sword. He was just about to pick it up when a voice broke his process.

    "Reznik! Friend! Have you got my weapon for me?"

    A sigh escaped the lips and whistled slightly against the fangs of the smith. He shook his dingy mane and turned to see Fallkner standing there with a pleasantly ignorant and blissful expression on his face. Renzik forced what could best be described as a grimace. “Greetings, Fallkner.” Reznik cleared his throat in a most unpleasant way as if he was hacking up a hairball. He then spat off to the side. “I have your weapon, indeed.” He turned and stomped towards the wall and grabbed Fallkner’s lance. He held it up horizontally offering it back to its owner. Reznik may be crude and care very little for folk but he understands a true warrior’s bond with his weapon. “I was able to fix the crack on the crescent flange and also straightened the fitting for your shaft. You didn’t ask me to but I added some slag in the bottom of the shaft as well.” Reznik pointed to a singular dot of grey in the non-lethal end of the weapon. His tone softened as he explained the benefit of his craftsmanship. “Once I finished with the blades, I noticed it had a bit of an unbalance to it. Being a hunter, I figured you’d prefer the ability to throw with higher accuracy and greater distances so I fixed the problem.” The big Ronso finished speaking and bowed his head offering up the weapon with open hands.
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  14. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Already, the bumbling samurai was making friends. Coye had managed to keep her distance from forming a party; always afraid if there was some mission that could end their lives, she was hesitant. It would mean that she would need to get decent warriors—ones skilled enough to handle even the largest of fiends. With the rising attacks on the people in Spira—she would be busy. Maybe, just maybe….she could find decent warriors here. All of this would take a lot of thought and planning, but she was far too lazy for that.

    For now.

    “Here, you know what—why don’t we ALL go visit Ange’s shack and enjoy some food?” This sudden change in her decision happened without much thought. Coye could bring them to eat and appease her mother, all in one fell swoop. Perfect!

    It was then, that Coye made a decision; she was going to have fun, while visiting home. There was no way that after being gone for so many years, that she was going to let her parents (especially her hard-to-please mother) ruin it. She’d go and visit them first, just to get the embarrassing shit out of the way. Ange always had new and approved ways of making her only child feel like she wasn’t good enough—only because Coye was not a happy, homemaking housewife.

    Pfft, it’d be a cold day in the Farplane when that happens.

    “Ange makes great food! C’mon, it’s on the house!” Smiling kindly at Seren and the other woman, the samurai turned and motioned for them to follow; heading to the most flag-adorned and colorful shack down the walkway. Of course, Coye did not think of the repercussions of exposing herself to the parental figures—possibly having to work, explaining herself was a given…and as she led her new companions to the food, she figured that was all she had to do…
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  15. She blinked at the money paid for her, at the guy behind the table and then grinned wide. "Just remember ta say my name right when you call out the new champion, alright?" she said before skipping off after this Kas guy, falling into step next to him and giving him a wide smile. This guy had money to spare it seemed and she had none.

    "Hey Kas." she said sliding in front of him and walking backwards, bumping into people since she wasn't looking where she was going. "You know I can't win on an empty stomach, right? So I can't pay you back if the last think I ate was a piece of bread I fought three chocobos to claim... and one of them had already taken a bite. So whatdoya say helping me do more than just smell all this grub when I'm starving here?"

    There flashed her smile again and a hands together one leg beck out that was usually reserved for trying to convince her grandma she hadn't done whatever thing she obviously had done that was getting her pulled home by her ear by some disgruntles townsman or another.
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  16. A chuckle of pure amusement sounded from the young priest as he strolled along the path with the Guado girl. She was a pretty decent beggar but her technique could definitely use some work! And still, Kas wasn't about to say no, not when it was something as necessary as a decent meal.

    "Alright," he said with a pleasant smile. "I was already heading in that direction anyway." So no need to put on a show just to convince him. The Guado were lanky things by nature but this girl looked like she could use a decent meal for a change, regardless of whether or not the chocobo story was true.

    "So two questions for ya. One, what do I call you? And more importantly, two," and here he paused in his strolling, crossing his arms over his chest. "Do you like sweet buns? Because I've got just the place. Ange makes the best sweet buns, hands down."
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  17. She stopped moving and stared, her hand moving to her stomach at the mention of sweet rolls as it grumbled loudly. "Uhhh... right, you have the honor of talking to the one and only Adriel, Guado Gun Mage and adventurer extraordinaire." she regained her composure and started walking again, this time facing the right direction, anything to get him heading towards the sweet rolls faster.

    "Been just about everywhere between here and the Macalania woods. Got tired of the religious apologists back home always telling me ta stand up strait, walk in line, don't talk so loud, bow yer head, act sorry fer things ya never had any part of. Look I get it... I was stopped from skipping enough classes to know that the war was bad and all but we're not going to help ourselves by... I don't know... she gestured wildly at a group of her own kink as if they perfectly illustrated her point. "We need to show the world we're as good as everyone else and that starts with me! So you..." she threw her arms over his shoulders, or tried to and ended up missing because of just how freakishly tall he was and ended up wrapping the arm around him instead. "are helping to make history!"
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  18. "On the house? Really?" The best food was free after all. Of course. Except when offered by crazed cultists who really wanted to sacrifice someone 'pure of heart' or whatever and then it was not really free food. It was blood soaked food. He mused for just a second and found his hand going towards his hip for his regulation rapier just as his other hand squeezed around nothing . . . No weaponry. He'd left everything in the little room he had rented. Which was fine, his long legs and hard fists could save him from almost anything. Right?

    The swirl of the festival was heady and intoxicating, all worries and fears melted away under the mingled good cheer and happiness and Seren felt his chest tighten with nostalgia. The first time he'd danced it had been at a festival and he'd just picked it up and went with it and the performers had been so nice to him. He mustn't been more than five. He grinned to himself. Somethings never changed but sometimes change was what moved you forward. Speaking of change.

    "Hey, do you know where I could find someone to cut off my hair here? It's hot here!" He snagged Coye's shoulder as he kept up with her easily. It felt like he hadn't changed it in a long time. Something was plucking at him and he couldn't figure it out.
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  19. “C’mon, Seren—this way!!” Music, festivities and making a new friend got in the way of Coye’s better judgement; of course the food wasn’t going to be free, if she and her friend ate—it meant she had to work it off. Maybe. There was a possibility that Ange would be so happy to see her daughter that it would go without a hitch. Instead of dwelling on the many possibilities, the wandering samurai smiled and led Seren to her mother’s stand.

    The smell of freshly-baked sweet bread, meat on a stick and all of her favorite treats made Coye’s smile widen even more; waiting patiently with her friend in the ever-growing line, trying to think of a way to surprise her parental figure. It was always a gas to see the look on Ange’s face, once she realized who she was.

    It always took a while, even though Coye never made any drastic changes to her appearance. Either way, this was going to be fun. Down to one person in line ahead of her and Seren’s inquiry about a barber made her chuckle. “Well, I am sure we could find someone around here who can cut some hair…” Pyreflies began to flutter in her belly again, the closer they got to her mother; after being gone for so long, exactly how would everyone react?

    Better yet, she was surprised that she hadn't bumped into HIM, since she arrived-- her old friend and confidant (at one time) Kas, most-likely didn't take her disappearance very well. When she left to travel Spira and make a name for herself, nobody-- not even her family knew.
  20. "A moment of ..." How could he describe the feeling that something was going to happen? Anticipation wasn't strong enough of a word and Seren bounded after Coye and glanced at the line, feeling like the woman was absolutely right. Anything with a line this long HAD to be good, right? "Anyway! Coye, right? What are you doing here? Do you live here or are you visiting?" He twisted the red braid over his shoulder with a grin, messing with the tail.

    The line sped along and Seren was impressed! Whoever this cook was, the smell was amazing and the customer service was fantastic and the entire thing was rather pleasant. Plus, Coye was interesting to talk to. She seemed the traveling type for Seren who rarely ventured far from home, that was exciting!

    "Oh! We're up! Hey though, I can't let you treat me. You're way too nice for that." He grinned widely and then popped ahead of Coye to place his order and pick up his own tab. Then he moved away to let Coye see the person running the booth!

    "This is delicious!"
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