Spells, swords, and spirit of Rokugan (DnD 3.5 test run)



Welcome to Rokugan​

This is a simple game with a simple purpose, try running DnD on the forum with a small number of characters and slowly add more until a limit is reached. It is neither ambitious nor is it's premise original but if you've read Ordwe of The Stick you'll know that when we reach the bottom of the dungeon and have the right amount of players, thing will get very awesome very fast.

I'll be adding in characters slowly with perhaps a dungeon level or two between each if you're interested PM me and I'll send you the info you need to get started (Don't worry if you join late you'll have be on a level with the party)



* * *​

The dawn mist still hung in the air as Kuzan, his pack on his shoulders and his hair still wet from washing reached where he was to meet with his companion. There was no better word to describe their relationship as, so far as he could tell, he was confused by it's nature. And so for the sake of keeping them both alive it would be business, which was why he had spent the night in his brother's camp. Although this time he wasn't going alone he was looking forwards to being on the road again.

"You're late." he called out as the indistinct form of a woman became visible in the mist as it began to thin. "I know you expected to meet me in camp but.. there was something I needed to take care of. You ready?"
Chiyome looked at Kuzan and snorted. "My apologies. I didn't know you were in such a hurry," she said. The tone of her voice told him she wasn't sincere; she was being sarcastic. "Yes, I'm ready." She was beginning to regret allowing herself to be talked into this. Going on a journey with Kuzan of all people ... Sure, she had been convinced she could handle this. They were two consenting adults who had a past together, true, but that was ... that was long gone. Right?

She took a deep breath and continued on her way. She'd prepared her spells and she had everything she needed. The twins would be safe with Kuzan's brother. Now she just had to keep herself--oh, and him--alive.
"Then lets do this." he was always in a hurry when it was time to move on, she would know that if this wasn't their first adventure together. "Don't worry its not far we should be there by sundown." he waited for her to catch up to they could move along the rough path than led deeper into the forest clad foothills side by side.

"I know this may seem rushed but this way we won't have to spend the night in the open." he looked ahead, the path was going to grow steadily rougher the further from the village they got but it was terrain they both knew, they had met not far from here. "Since we're together, anything you want to talk about?"
She raised an eyebrow and reluctantly admitted to herself that getting there and getting this done as soon as possible was the wisest course of action. There was no reason to drag out their ... business partnership any longer than they had to. Remember, Chiyome. You are completing this quest and then returning with the twins. End of story.

"Yes. More information about this place you're so eager to get to and what's there that you want so badly." Their first encounter after so long had not ended ... well, at least in her opinion. And she regretted that she had so hastily agreed to this venture--which was unlike her--without knowing what she was getting into first. It was disconcerting that Kuzan had such a strong effect on her.
"Firstly its not for me, we're after a stolen treasure. But before you roll your eyes and accuse me of being after gold I'm not." he kept his eyes on the road ahead, it was getting steeper and the path more difficult. "There was a statue stolen from a village I passed through a month ago. It was meant to make the spirits come and bring gifts for the villagers but the shrine was looted and everything taken including the statue. We're going to... I'm going to take it back to them. I know its in there.. or at lease that it was shortly after it was taken.. and don't worry, whoever took it is long dead by now."

It was just like Kuzan to chase fairy tales.

As Chiyome and Kuzan are walking through the tress there is suddenly a yell and armed men leap from cover. Dressed in rags they are obviously bandits and not from Kuzan's brother's band. Eight of them Three armed with swords three with swords and the other two with bows.

The adventuring couple are caught by surprise and the bandits rush forwards except the archers who ready their bows but can't seem to get a clear shot through their companions. Kuzan shouting an oath draws his katana and readies for battle.

Surprise round:

Chiome and Kuzan are surprised and therefore cnot act on the forst turn, the bandits have already moved.

Roll initiative.

Important Infomation:

Each bandit has AC 15 and 8HP.


Cyan C is Chiome
Blue K is Kuzan
Red Ss are swordsmen
Red Ps are spearmen
Red Bs are bowmen


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And ... using the wu jen's Watchful Spirit feat ... her second roll:

An ambush! She knew how to take care of people stupid enough to get in her way. There were quite a few of them; she and Kuzan were outnumbered. The wisest course of action was to take them out one by one. She moved back and to the side [J28] and then cast Iron Scarf, pulling the scarf from around her waist and flicking it at the bandit in front of her [J23].
The bandit is hit with the scarf and it wraps around him but he charges on regardless. "I'll kill you witch!" he screams grazing Chiyome with the tip of his spear as a swordsman joing him. Kuzan on the other hand is swarmed by three bandits before he can even draw his weapon on landing a strike with his sword before kuzan breaks away and runs towards Chiyome. "Get away from her." he yells his katana coming into his hand as further up the field the other bandits close in the the situation begins to look desperate.

Game rule infomation:


V25 to Q27, ATTACKS! Hits! (16) 2 Damage 18 left
Q21 to P26 ATTACKS! Miss! (2)
O21 to O26 ATTACKS! Miss! (7)
J23 to J27 ATTACKS! Miss! (7)
I21 to I27 ATTACKS! Hit! (12) 3 damage 9 left (bandit 3 left)
Q18 to N22
P14 to O19
S15 to S21


Draw weapon. Move L18



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Chiyome clenched her teeth when the bandit managed to injure her. She quickly glanced at Kuzan and then smirked at the bandit. "I'm a wu jen, you idiot. And I'm not done with you yet." She was going to leave herself open for attack like this but ... she didn't have much of a choice. She summoned the fire beetle next to the bandit she had wounded.

- Chiyome summons the fire beetle to appear in [I27].
As Chiyome tries to cast her spell the two bandits strike at her the spearman landing a hit that tears into her shoulder.

Attacks of opportunity:

Spearman Hits (19), 4 damage (5 HP left)
Swordsman misses.
"Well... I don't know the details, but..." A voice from a nearby tree states, and a man drops down from his sitting position to the ground below. "I see there's trouble." The sound of him landing on the ground catches the eye of a nearby bandit. The bandit screams, "Hey, you skiiny bastard! Get out of here!" The very lightly muscled man looks at the bandit with a hurt expression. "Skinny bastard? How insulting. Isn't that right?" He shrugs, looking towards Chiyome and Kuzan.

The new man was rather tall, with a very light muscle tone. His eyes looked almost animalistic, and his hair was a fine silver color. He is handsome, though his bare feet seems out-of-place. Equally out-of-place is the katana of alarming size strapped to his back. He is armored, though a keen eye would notice that it doesn't well match his body type. He smiles kindly, "Hey! How're you doing?"

"Are you some sort of moron!?" The bandit yells, facing the man: who turns, frowning: "I'm trying to speak here... ah, you must be one of those 'bandits' I've heard about, right? Please don't get me wrong. It's not my intention to harass you people. This is just a little misunderstanding. So go home. I'm on my way home, as well."

The bandit seems to turn red, screaming out in fury. "It seems I've upset you. I'd rather avoid conflict." He smirks, "If I've offended you, I'll take it back." The bandit screams, "That's more like it! Doubly when you deal with me!"

The man nods, "I take back the part about not harassing you people." He takes out his blade, holding it in one hand. "I don't like people like you. So actually, I'm thinking of harassing you just a little." With one hand, he moves forward, effortlessly swinging the blade at the bandit... With a skillful swing, he slices into the bandit, withdrawing his blade with a smile. The bandit, stunned, asks, "H-how can someone with such a weak body muster the strength to heft that around!?"

The man grins, "If you survive, I'll tell you."

A sudden burst of energy is released from the man, which seems directed, settling on Chiyome and closing a small amount of her wounds.

Akio enters the battle at H-21, and moves to L-21, attacking the bandit at M-22.
[Boss Frost has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 11 [Total: 11 Average: 11]] +5
[Boss Frost has rolled 2 8-sided dice with results: 3, 1 [Total: 4 Average: 2]]
Akio hits the bandit with a 16, doing a total of 6 damage.
Akio's "Martial Spirit" stance restores 2 of Chiyome's lost hit points.

"Curse your mother to restless death!" the bandit cries and counter attacks his low falling wide. "Help me put this son of a Kappa in his place." the bowmen react as well losing their arrows but with their comrade engaged with Akio their arrows fly wild. "Stay still so I can kill you nice and quick." the one growls as the spearman attacking Kuzan breaks off to help against the newcomer jabbing at him as he charges screaming in fury.

On the other side of the field the spearman blocks the beatle's attack with his spear and counterattacks bringing the head down on it. It strikes home but the bug barely slows down and prepares for another attack as to Chiome's left the two bandits left attacking Kuzan the sword biting into his shoulder. He slashes back but is visibly weakened and his blow goes wild. "Chiyome." he says his back to her as he fights on. "Do you know him.. he looks..." he is interrupted by the bandit's spear biting into his chest with a solid blow that digs into him causes him to cry out in pain.



Bandit N22 Attacks! Miss (4)
Bandit O19 Attack! Miss (11)
Bandit T21 Attacks! Miss (7)
Bandit J27 Attack!! Hit! (16) 1 damage (7 left)
Bandit K27 Attacks! Miss (7)
Bandit N26 Moves to L27 Attacks! Hit! 2 Damage! (16 left)
Bandit P17 Moves toM22 Attacks! Miss
Bandit Q27 Moves to M28 Attacks! Hit! 6 Damage! (10 left)


Attacks M28 Miss


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Chiyome was pleasantly surprised when she felt her wounds heal slightly. She didn't have time to worry about the newcomer--and neither did Kuzan! Reckless, son of a ... Damnit, she'd better remain focused on the battle. "Smite evil!" she ordered. We need to thin them out! "Elemental burst, earth."

Beetle attacks Bandit J27
[Alarice has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 2 [Total: 2 Average: 2]] +1
Chiyome casts Elemental Burst Earth, targetting I-26
[Chiyome has rolled 1 8-sided dice with results: 1 [Total: 1 Average: 1]]
"While quite resilient, I really doubt I have the looks of a kappa, don't I? You, however, have the look of a man I once knew." The bandit sneers, "Oh, was he ugly?" The man shakes his head. "Nope." He takes a wide swipe, missing the first bandit. The blade continues on, however, slicing into the bandit that had come to back the talkative on up. In a grand arc of blood, the shining blade cut through, two halves of the body collapsing with a shocked gasp. "He was dead." With a grin, he turns to the first, wounded bandit, blade ready.

Subtly, a small dreg of power seeps from the triumphant warrior towards Kuzan, lessening how deep his wounds are.

[SPOILI]Akio uses 'Steel Wind', attacking both foes!

Roll on M-22 Bandit: [Akio has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 2 [Total: 2 Average: 2]] MISS.
Roll on N-22 Bandit: [Akio has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 20 [Total: 20 Average: 20]] POSSIBLE CRIT.
Crit Confirmation:[Akio has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 2 [Total: 2 Average: 2]] NO CRIT.
Damage Roll: [Akio has rolled 2 8-sided dice with results: 4, 8 [Total: 12 Average: 6]]

Akio's Martial Spirit Stance heals Kuzan for 2 HP.[/SPOILI]