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  1. OK! Thread is up! Throw them characters on!
  2. Dorian, the wiki representation is very confusing. I was hoping to be the first to sign up. Seeing as how I know nothing it is almost impossible for me to make a worthy character. I will watch some episodes today to get a better understanding.
  3. Name: Celia Daemon, Meister.
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6", weight: =.=
    Eye color: Dark Blue
    Hair color: Black with blue streaks
    Hair Style: Long (mid-back length) and straight.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Clothing Preferences: Black slacks, bright red blazer, suspenders, white long sleeve shirt, dress shoes.
    Pets: A kitty. Named Moneta.
    Likes: Hair bows, killing things (In a non-creepy way), french fries, her friends, inch worms.
    Dislikes: Whining, creepers, not getting enough sleep, clawed bathtubs.
    Fears: Nothing but creepers. xD

    Use this for a bit of a reference: But... Not an exact. xD
  4. Name: Mio Coarizake, Weapon​
    Age: 16
    Personality: Mio is normally quiet and keeps to herself, mostly because she has a fowl temper. She has severe anger issues and has trouble making any type of friend that isn't an animal. When she's around others, she's usually rude and snaps at them for the tiniest little comment, even compliments some times. Most people think she's just a generally mean person, but that's not true. Once someone gets to know her, she's extremely kind, warm and sweet...Until you make her made again that is. She is also extremely hot-headed and stubborn, she won't change her mind no matter what anyone says, she's also really determined. Some times, she is a complete space case and zones out, whether someone is talking to her or not, she just zones out.
    Appearance: Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair that goes down to her knees, and her bangs are a gentle slope that covers her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. Sometimes, or when she's in battle or battle training, she will put her hair into a pony tail that is high on the back of her head, and she uses a red silk ribbon to tie it up, but she never puts it in a bow. The strange thing about Mio is that she has black cat ears and cat tail. She has tan skin, but it's still fairly light. Her eyes are an ice blue color, an they are almond shaped, but when she goes in to any type of fight or if she gets angry, her pupils turn into slits, like a cat's pupils. She has a slender body, in general she is attractive, but still a little deadly-looking.
    Clothing: Most of the time, she wears a black pleated skirt that is about mid-thigh length, with tight black shorts about the same length, a black and white striped long-sleeve shirt that is thin and goes a little past her waist and covers most of her hands and only covers her right shoulder, or sometimes a white long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-up shirt (depending on the season) that she has the top three buttons undone, also sometimes wearing a red and black long-sleeve cardigan that goes a little past her waist and covers the palms of her hands and is loose and baggy, also having on mid-thigh high stockings that are black or red (depending on her mood), and wearing black knee-high, one inch high-heel boots that lace up.
    Weapon Appearance:
    In her first weapon form, she appears as a pistol that is black and crimson in color, which has a long six foot chain attached to the back bottom of the cartridge. The chain is a silver that ends with a small blade at the end that can be used for attacks. In her weapon form, she fires her soul wavelength, with the help of a meister, that is stronger when she and her partner are focused. In her second form, which can only be obtained by a complete soul resonance, she is a scythe that looks like a complete demon itself, with a long black handle with red markings, and a black and crimson blade that is about the same size.
    General idea of the first form, crimson where the silver is.

    General idea for the second form, the lighter red color on the blade is crimson.
    General idea for marking on second form, the marking goes along the entire handle.

    Soul Appearance: Her soul is a little larger than her body is, but she usually keeps it to where it looks small and weak like what witches do to their souls when they hide theirs. Mio's soul appears as a black with red outline orb that has black cat ears and a black cat tail. She tries to make it so that only her partner can see it, but that doesn't work that well.
    Strengths: Speed, stealth, fighting witches (only because she can locate weaknesses easily), detecting souls and hand to hand combat.
    Weaknesses: Power, working with others that she does not know personally (on a personality and behavior level), fighting a witch on her own, distance combat on her own and going into a fight without a plan (it usually backfires).
    Likes: Sweets, spicy food, food in general, sleeping, fighting, animals, working with one partner, staring at stars and the moon (as creepy as it is) and playing in water.
    Dislikes: Having to cook her food, being forced into a training match when she's tired, being tired, fighting morons, morons and idiots in general and clowns.
    Fears: She is only afraid of clowns of any sort and tries to kill them out of shear fear and hatred for them.
    Other: Mio is also capable of acting as a meister and can match her soul wavelength, especially since it changes easily.
  5. I didn't know how it would work, so I'm making two characters. A meister and weapon. If I can only have one, I'll have someone see if they want to be my weapon.

    Name : Hana
    Age 16
    Personality : shy around other people except her weapon whom she grew up with. When she's been around someone long enough, she'll talk more and more until her personality changes to that of shiro (from deadman wonderland).
    Background : Hana grew up with her weapon, so they knew each other for a long time. Having been together for so long, they know each other well they are perfect in combat. But Hana's patents died at a young age from a human who strayed from his path and became a monster. She vowed that she would hunt down that monster and kill him herself. Though she was without parents, she was greatly influenced by Shika's parents (Shika is her weapons nickname) which made her bond with her weapon stronger. Now that she's in the academy, she hunts down monsters to help Shika gain souls to become a death scythe.
    Appearance : View attachment 12966

    Name : Shikamaro
    Age : 17
    Personality : laid back, calm, self reserved. Doesn't talk much except to Hana. He isn't shy but he doesn't like to others. He would also do anything for Hana. Even sacrifice himself for her.
    Background : Living with Hana his whole life had a huge impact on Shika. Him and Hana were destined to be together and he knew it. Ever since they were little, they've been best of friends and would tell each other everything. After Hana's parents death, this bond strengthen. Shika has strong feelings for Hana, but he only wishes to make her happy so he doesn't tell her.
    Appearance : View attachment 12967
    Weapon Forms : scythe and two swords connected by a chain. View attachment 12968 View attachment 12970 (just pretend there's a chain connecting them)
  6. OK all of you so far:


    So, I will post my Meister in a bit. Ichigo, was hoping if we could team up~? I'm liking the sound of your wep. If there was a way you could find your second weapon form via google images or something, then that would be awesome. Unless your saying it just looks like Soul-kun's original scythe form. You give Kid a run for his money with that chain and blade at the end though.

    D'evil, yes that is fine that you are playing both of your characters, prefered actually. But everyone else is fine. Spacious should find a meister though.
    If you want, Space you can make your own. Only if you want to though, not gonna pressure you. I'm trying to make this fun for everyone xD
  7. I'd be happy to have my character team up with your Dorian. And I'm obsessed with Kid and guns, so I tried to improve on Liz and Patty's weapon forms for my own character and the chain and blade were all I could think of when I got up haha. I've added the pictures for the second form.
  8. Sleepy, Ill post mine in the morning.. >.<
  9. Ichigo. Just a small little, umm trying to think if the word. Hmm. I guess suggestion fits well. You should have your weapon form ((gun) ebony and ivory. The gun ebony, the blade ivory. I think it fits well. And it has multiple references. Ooh, and on another note, Dorian, I watched the first two episodes today and I plan on watching more. I love it. Especially the death lord. His Japanese voice and the way he acts is hilarious.
  10. Oops, sorry. I am a meister.
  11. Name: Ryota Taro, Meister

    Age: 17

    Personality: Nonchalant and cold to a certain point. He enjoys toying with his enemies or making quick work of them When he's in the mood. When he really gets into battle he can be relentless towards anyone, even his partner. Dosn't work well with other or take orders when he's in the mood not to. Beleives he can do anything on his own and hates weakness.

    Backround: For as long as he could remember Ryota had lived in the slums of Death City with no memory of his past nor family since the age of 6. For years he was brutally beaten and treated as a bum by the citizens of the city. It was for this reason that he resented them. At the age of 10 he was found and taken in by a nurturing couple who then names him. He referred to the two as Mother and Father even though he knew they werent his real parents, they were close enough. The man he called father happened to be a master in the dangerous art of Muy Thai and so he taught it to Ryota. Even at such a young age Ryota almost mastered the art leaving no room for error. A year later when Ryota was at his happiest disaster struck. While he was working (bagging at a local groceery store) both of his foster parents were brutally murdered by a kishin. The house they lived in was torn to shreds along with the insides of his parents. At this moment Ryota's heart turned cold. He began trainning harshly and took on vague mercenary mission daily. The mission consisted of the murders of Kishin and Humans alike. 2 years passed and as Ryota was on another mission he stumbled upon a girl. She was practically bleeding out in a back alley. Ryota saw no reason to help and turned to walk away. Before he could leave the girl explained to him that she was a weapon and that her previous owner had used her to slay and eat human souls when madness overtook him. After thinking it over Ryota realized that her partner had gotten rid of her meaning that she was abandoned, just like him. He sympathized with her and so they formed a pertnership. Shortly after the pair was contacted by lord death himself and asked to enroll in his school. Ryota decided that it was a chance to get stronger and so he entered.


    Name: Emily Row, Weapon

    Age: 15

    Personality. A little shy around others and sketchy on meeting new people. Easily excited and somewhat nervous. Very accepting and tolerant to a point. Easily taken advantage of.


    Weapon appearance :( These in a black color)[​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Backround: Emily was once the young weapon of one of the strongest meisters in death city. After a failed confrontation of a Witch her partner was engulfed by madness and began using her to slaughter humans. Assasins were sent to get rid of her former partner before further harm was caused to the city. Her partner was outnumbered and easily defeated and in her condition Emily was left for dead. On the brink of death she was found by Ryota who accepted her in his search for power. In her heart she held a grudge towards witches as Ryota did for kishin and that was their bond. Emily was constantly impressed by the boys skills. They far surpassed a normal humans and it almost seemed that he didnt need a weapon. He could even shoot his soul wavelength into anothers body. Because of their varying personalities the pair have a hard time resonating their two souls but even so they were a strong duo. Emily has always had a crush on her partner but her shyness has kept her from admitting her feelings. Even so she would go anywhere with him or do anything to make him happy.
  12. So when are we going to start this? I'm uber excited.
  13. OK, i'm trying to find a pic of my guy, but as soon as i post him:


    Sorry about the language, I'm just super excited X3

    And Steph! Glad you could join us and your characters are accepted!

    Just remember that there will be no "God Mode" for characters in this RP... Except Shinigami-sama. ONLY because he IS a god XP

  14. I can't wait till shit gets real. Omg. I've watched a couple more episodes and I have fallen in love with the series. I especially love tsubaki. So, please, tell me when you get the ic thread going.
  15. Name: Kaius Livime
    Age: 19
    Background: He was born into a normal family. Raised as a normal son, and loved by normal parents. It was perfectly normal... except for the RULES. Never allowed out at night, never allowed to go to parties, can't do anything too strenuous: "You might hurt yourself~". Kaius wanted more out of life. He had a period of 2 years after he turned 17 where he never left his room. Ate what they sent him, but never spoke to his parents. After he turned 18, Kaius felt a presence inside him. It told him to fight... or something. Soon after, he ripped his metal desk into pieces and fashioned a sickle and chain. He practiced with it until he could sense the actual soul wave-length of his very being. DWMA caught wind as they always did, of a new Meister. His parents tried to stop him when the officials came to collect him, but he shrugged them off and left... never looking back.

    Appearance: Assassin.jpg (minus the sword, tattoos, and flowing scarf) 6'1"

    Personality: Since his 2 year isolation, he has learned to not talk so much. He will mutter and grunt out short messages, but he won't flat out speak openly. Not to say he's mean or emotionless, and he will chuckle, but he's not very... talkative. In his head, he has decided his big talks should only be with his partner. That way, he can explain himself to his lifelong acquaintance.
  16. Thread will be going up tomorrow morning. After i sleep, it will be the first thing i do. EVEN BEFORE MY SHOWER. So you know im serious when i say it xD
  17. Thanks Dorian!
  18. Ichigo, your second form pic link is broken.
  19. I keep forgetting to read the manga. xD I've been gaming like a maniac due to waiting on rp replies for SO many rps. Haha. I need to hop on to that... huh?
    I shall do that... starting... NOW... wait maybe after this one fight. xD