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    "DWMA," Kaius muttered as he walked up the front steps to his new school, his new home. The officials (or teacher's aides, or whatever they were. Kaius hadn't decided yet) were in front of him, leading the way. They went up to the front door, and Kaius couldn't help but be impressed. This place was HUGE! And yet, he could sense everything... or rather: everyone's soul. There were big souls, little souls, souls who climb on rocks- OK so maybe he didn't feel that last one, but there were a lot.

    "Place to stay?" he asked abruptly. His chauffeurs looked confused for a second, then one grinned.

    "Oh yeah! Forgot to mention. We have a large section of the city cordoned off for student apartments. Keep your grades up and we'll pay for it. Sound good?" the man asked with an odd echo to his voice.

    "Yeah," was all Kaius replied. He pulled out his sickle and chain and messed around with it for a bit. He felt more comfortable with it in his hands. As he swung it around, he noticed the kids that would be his schoolmates. They all seemed... young... to him. He nudged the guy with the echo voice.

    "Oldest here?" he asked, pointing to himself. The man laughed.

    "Student-wise? Yeah, probably! But total people? Not even close. Teacher's got a leg up on you, no doubt of that. But your Headmaster-"

    "Shinigami-sama," Kaius interrupted.

    "Yeah, him! He's by far the oldest one here. But he won't tell anyone his real age, gets real... dodgy of that question. So don't even try."

    Kaius shrugged and continued to walk behind them. They were leading him to his first class: Soul History. How wonderful.
  2. Ryota had arrived seemingly late, purposely of course. "This is the place right?" He looked around and sighed as he pulled his hood up over his head.

    "Ryota! Wait up!" Emily yelled as she scurried up the steps behind him. "E-Excuse me. Sorry" She muttered as she manuvered her way through a horde of students before finally catching up to her partner. Ryota was carrying the most of the luggage but he was still moving faster than her as always. She made it to his side as she began to adjust her skirt and push her hair away from her face. She looked to Ryota and saw the same expressionless glare that he gave to almost anything. He obviously wasn't impressed. The same couldn't be said for Emily who saw the outlook o the school as simply amazing. It was huge and complex in design. She only wished that her partner would find it impressive aswell. " R-Ryo, It looks kinda cool huh?"

    "No" Ryota replied quite bluntly. He looked around to the other students with a peircing gaze. No one spiked his interest. He was looking to test at least one of the other students. It looked as though that wouldn't happen today. Ryota sighed as he let his hair hang over his face. "We're going Emily..." He muttered as he pushed opened the large door of the school ignoring the other students as they began to pair up. The students seemed entirely to nervous, jittery and just lain happy for Ryota's tastes. It was just a better reason to stay away from them.

    Emily was slightly startled at her partners actions. This wasn't anything new for him but it was still hard to get used to even after all of this time. "W-Wait up Ryo!" Emily shouted as she once again trudged along behind him, her long dark hair got in the her vision practically all the time. Eventually after almost having to sprint she managed to get in front of her partner. An attendent took their luggage to their room before Emily began to lead Ryota to their first class. They were late which meant that she had to hurried before her teachers labeled her a deliquent which sadly would probably happen to Ryota sooner or later. Momentarily Emily pushed opened the door to their first class. Most of the students didn't catch her attention and it looked the ame or Ryota. All except this one guy. An older looking student who was playing with a chain of sorts. Before she could ask her partner where he wanted to sit he was already in the back with his head down on the desk. Emily slowly followed. She sat down quietly next to him as she stared at the students up front.
  3. Hana's face was that of a child in a candy shoo. The school was beautiful. She loved it. In her sweet fluttershy voice, she whispered to Shikamaro, hoping no other student could hear. "Shika, isn't it amazing? Its just perfect." Shika looked at her master. His usual discontent expression on his face made him look older. He was glad Hana was happy, so he was happy. But only to a certain extent. He didn't know what to think yet. He already had a bad impression of one student. He apparently wasn't all that friendly and did not care for this school. Shika knew that guy wouldn't be a great companion to Hana. She was too sweet and he didn't want her hurt, so he made a mental note to watch out for him. As they continued on the tour, Hana's face of fascination grew. They waited though for a teachers instruction.
  4. "Alright, my little duckies! Time to aim your ol' smiling faces up 'ere, shall we?" The voice belonged to a very eccentric man. The English accent gave him away as a European. He was dressed in a suit adorned with the British Flag and carried a cane. As the students watched, the cane glowed briefly, and turned into a person, a female. She was also dressed in the British Flag, this time as a dress. When her transformation finished, the man looked at her.

    "Well, my Love? Shall we pump some knowledge into the old copper headed lot?"

    "Indeed we should, darling."

    "Alrighty then~ Students! My name is Moddy, and this is my wife Merry. We are the Mads, and we are your teachers..."

    Kaius lost focus for a bit at that. He noticed a couple students rush in the door. One looked serious, the other looked... dainty. Like a sudden breeze would catch her aloft and carry her away. He paid no attention to her, the male caught his attention. He looked like someone worth knowing. After deciding to speak with him after class, Kaius brought out his chain-sickle and messed with it a bit: fixing kinks in the chain and testing the sharpness of the blade. He took good care of his weapons, and it showed through the shine it gave off.

    "Oi! Guv! Gonna have to ask you to put that away! Bit too bright fer the classroom, if you know what I mean," the teacher stated with a grin. Kaius nodded and set it down, returning himself to the lesson.
  5. When she first arrived, Mio couldn't help but love the dark colors of the school and the thought of meeting Shinigami-sama, it was one of the few things that put her in a good mood today. The guy who had brought her here was a twisted person, he kind of made her wanna laugh though, she loved his twisted personality. "Well, here we are, the DWMA. I'm sure I won't have to tell you what that stands for." Mio glared at him for a second, the man was in a stitched white lab coat, had his face stitched and had a bolt in his head, definitely too weird to call her stupid.

    "So, when do we get the partner choosing thing over with, cause I'm not too good with people." The bad thing was, she didn't think most people would be able to get along with her.

    The man just looked at her, "Nice to meet you too, I'm Professor Stein."

    She almost laughed at the way he said it, "I'm Mio, which you probably knew, and nice to meet you."

    This school was already getting to be somewhat interesting, though it kind amazed her at the size of the building, so large in a fairly small area for it. Mio headed into the building to find her class. When she found the class, she headed straight for one of the back corners, sat down and already started thinking of what was for dinner when she got home.

    Mio was trying to avoid as many people as possible. She had been in a bad mood recently and just wanted to go home and get some more sleep. Laying her head on her crossed arms, she felt like she was already going to fall asleep. The teachers didn't help at all, they were too noisy and it gave her a headache.

    When the Moddy got on the kid sitting a little bit away from her, she couldn't help but giggle somewhat. She was sure that few people heard her, so she continued with trying to nap. Then, she lifted her head and decided that she shouldn't fall asleep in this class, not yet anyways. The sooner the class was over, the sooner the day would be too. If she could just make it through without getting a stupid partner when they chose, everything will be better. In the meantime, she sat only half-listening to the teachers.

    (ooc: If we don't have Stein, it would be depressing, so I had to add him in. Hope that's alright.)
  6. Ryota sat the farthest he could in the back and Emily was forced to follow. She was a shy girl at heart so it wouldn't matter to her anyways. Ryota folded this arms and scoffed when the goofy pair of teachers entered the classroom. "What the hell is this" He muttered. When he was sent an invitation to enroll at the lord Death's own school he expected assasains, mercenaries, warriors, hell even a demon as a teacher. Not a happy married couple.

    "Please, be patient Ryo. Im sure theres more to the Mads than meets the eye." Emily begged.

    Ryota sighed. "I'm not liking this already..." The only part of this day that would be of any interest to him was testing the strenths of the new partners, well once they could find a partner anyway. He yanked his hood over his head once again and closed his eyes.

    "Ryo... We can't miss the first lesson!" Emily tried to gently shove him up, of course to no avail. She sighed aswell. As usual she would learn enough for the both of them today.
  7. Cosette's blonde dreads draped from underneath her bright yellow hoodie. Her style of fashion was strange, just like everyone else had their own as well. She sat there nibbling on the sleeve of her hoodie. Tests. Such a drag and even pointless. Luckily this one was to see things they did know and what they didn't. Of course, it wasn't much for her. she hardly knew what this place even was. Her sky blue eyes looked over all the questions.

    So far so good.

    Time was almost up and she had just completed. The blonde took in a deep breath and waited for it to be all over. She scanned the room then rolled her eyes. Figured he didn't show. Her weapon hardly had attended anything important growing up. He figured it wasn't something for him. She knew they were going to end up failing if he didn't start showing up. Her pencil tapped against the desk in front of her only seconds from it being over. He WAS going to be in their first real class.

    "Test time up." The teacher spoke boldly. "Turn them in and continue to your first class." The girl ran out of class and rushed up the stairs.


    His back laid flat on the roof. He simply hummed thinking of a song that he used to sing to his sister when they were younger. Killing time he looked at the watch seeing that the pre-class should be over. His finger pointed at the door. "5, 4, 3, 2...1"

    As he hit one, Cosette burst through the door and stomped his way. She kicked him in the gut with her black boots. "Oof..."

    "That's what you get!" She did it again for another reminder. She looked over at the horizon. Their little world of theirs was just so beautiful and fascinating. Remir sat up and watched her. He smiled feeling as everything was about to change. This was the first time they weren't in a crummy hole hiding in the slums. Their life was turning up. What luck. Cosette quickly turned around and grabbed him by the ear pulling.

    "Hey! Heyyyy" He tried to fight back but only to fail miserably. Remir was forced to stand, go down stairs, and even sit in a class room seat beside her. He muttered and grunted as he wasn't happy. He didn't want to be there. He hated class. He hated school. Luckily they were in the back of the class room, which also was the top.

    Cosette placed out a sketch pad until class would start. She looked around then giggled. This bunch was much stranger than the ones she had left previously. Her eyes moved over to Remir, who was pouting and just being a big baby. His body jumped up as he watched women walk into the room. If he was a dog he would have been drooling everywhere. What a pain. He ran his fingers through his blond hair and smiled at all the women who passed his sights.
  8. "... which will be the topic of discussion tomorrow, my duckies! Hope you study well for it! You all have 20 minutes until your next class so rest up! You got P.E. next with Mr. Sid! Which will also be when your partners are decided! Bye bye!" Prof. Mad finished the class at this, and strode out of the classroom. As the students were packing or just plain getting up, Moddy poked his head back into the room.

    "Oh and YOU!" he yelled, pointing at the serious one Kaius had marked. "Don't think down on us! We are better than you think! I want a page on deceitful appearances in YOUR OWN handwriting by tomorrow! Thank you Guv!" Then he left for good. Kaius left quickly and hung out around the corner for the serious one. As he rounded the corner, Kaius stood in front of him.

    "Names Kaius," he remarked. "You?"
  9. Ryota was jolted awake by the teachers remark aimed at him. He simply looked up at the teacher with dull eyes. As he opened his mouth to rant Emily practicaly shut his own mouth for him. "No Ryo! Your fould mouth'll get us kicked out."

    "I'm not writing a stupid paper." He muttered.

    "I-I know, I know... I'll write it for you if I have to. I know your handwriting just fine." She smiled lightly towards her partner.

    "Your too much.."

    "Thanks" She took it as a compliment.

    "Whatever... Next class?"

    "Ummm P.E with Mr. Sid. The students will be partnering up."

    Ryo sighed. "Just great. We've long finished that part. Let's ditch that class.."
    Emily needed to think of a way to keep herpartner interested in the activity. "U-Umm. You know Ryo, The new teams may wanna test their new strengths and bonds with their partners."
    Ryo grinned" Let's go.." He was already halfways down the steps and out the door and Emily scurried behind. As he hit the corner he was met by a student. An older looking one at that. He was the one playing with the chain up front. Emily hid behind Ryota as he spoke. "Ryota..." He woul point behind him. "That's Emily"
    "H-Hello Kaius" The older boy had a similar eerie fee to him, which Ryota liked.
  10. Mio stood up and grabbed her bag, then headed out into the hall, not before laughing a little inside and only showing a smirk as she walked by the two boys who got yelled at. Their humiliation made her day somewhat brighter, though not enough to make her dread her next class. She continued on her way to class, she really didn't care to stop and talk to anyone, just get to class and get the day over with.

    I pray that there isn't anyone who is able to be my partner, I just want to be left alone
    , Mio couldn't help but think about the possible dangers if she got stuck with a complete incompetent idiot for a partner, not only would they be doomed, but possibly everyone in Death City.

    When she got into the classroom, it was an empty gym, just like most schools had, boring when there weren't any sports to play. The teacher, who was surprisingly enough a zombie, gave her what looked like a smile, she couldn't be too sure. "I'm your teacher Sid, and I see that you're the first one here. Are you eager to get your partner chosen?"

    Mio gave him a slight smile and gave a heavy sigh before laying down on the bleachers, "Not really, just wanting this day to be over with." Her attitude didn't seem to please him at all.

    "When I was alive..." he went off on some crazy little speech, which she zoned out of for about five minutes, then heard the last part of it, "That's just the kind of man I was."

    Giving a silent moan, she closed her eyes and prayed to whoever was listening, wishing that she wasn't having to go her entire time as a student, listening to their first crazy teachers, then this one. She thought that at least Prof. Stein would understand and not talk about random things or have a weird accent or way of talking. Mio especially enjoyed their little talk this morning about dissection, which was fun to think about while waiting for this dreary day to be over with.
  11. Remir stomped out of class. "That was the most bullshit class ever!" Cosette rolled her eyes and just ignored him as she walked to their next class which was PE. Remir was most definitely going to shine in this class. He was athletic. Her on the other hand was only flexible and wasn't really good at sports of any sort. "PE right?" She simply nodded and kept quiet. "Hey! I'm talking to you." He grabbed her cheeks and pulled them as far as they'd go.

    "S-stooopp..." She tried to talk with her mouth wide open. Her fist rolled in a ball and came into contact with is gut. He instantly let go grabbing for his stomach. "That's what you get you jerk." She continued to the next class and sat against the wall. this was not going to be a great class for her. From the slight pain, Remir took a bit longer to reach class. He instantly glared at him and stuck his tongue out.

    She didn't want a partner. At least not if he or she was like her brother. It would not take long for it to be the first time she'd walk out of class. Remir on the other hand looked upon all the girls again hoping one of them would be his partner.
  12. Kaius wasn't one for long discussions, so he got straight to the point.

    "You're serious. I like that. No bullshit," he stated plainly and shortly. As an end to the conversation, Kaius clapped a hand on Ryota's shoulder to show respect, nodded to Emily, then turned to walk to PE. "Good luck."

    As he arrived in the gym, he eyes threw themselves onto someone else. She looked like she was sleeping on the bleachers, but he couldn't sense the sleeping patterns the soul gave off during REM sleep. He walked over to her, nodding to Mr. Sid on the way, and sat next to her. He said nothing, as he was nervous. He didn't know WHY for all things Death he was, but he was. To nervous to speak, which was nothing new for him, but in this instance, he WANTED to talk, to spill his heart out to this... perfect stranger. What the hell was wrong with him!? As he was pondering, the rest of the students filed in, so Mr. Sid got up and told them all to sit.

    "Since everyone is here already, I'll begin early. When I was alive, I never wasted time, that's the kind of man I was. Now all of you, 5 laps around the gym floor. Get to it."
  13. Ryota smirked. " Yeah, same to you" He couldn't help but to start to take a small liking to this guy. He wasn't like the rest of the students he had seen so far.

    Emily was a little jumpy until Kaius was out of sight. "R-Ryo he's scary..."

    "Great, I may be right about him then" Another cocky smirk found his face.

    "Figures, Of course you'd take a liking to the dark one" She whispered to herself as they began their walk to gym class.

    Ryo followed behind lazily. He never asked Kaius is he was a meister or a weapon but either way Ryota couldn't wait until he had found a partner. He wondred just how stong Kaius was, or would be.

    The two made it to gym just in time for the first excersise. Ryota scoffed hoping to be late as usual.
    Emily lightly tapped her partner on the head. "Just five laps, okay?"
    "Jeez, don't worry I'm not going anywhere." Emily would start off jogging first, the good apple that she was. While Ryo would lag behind making sure their was a good amount of space between him and the rest of the group. The entire slow paced jog he kept his gaze fixated on their teacher. " A deadman teaching P.E? " He chuckled to himself. This school was full of surprised.
  14. Hana and Shika had walked slowly to gym. Hana did it because she didn't want to interact with the students. And Shika did it because he wanted to watch over Hana. When they arrived, everyone was running laps. So they both started jogging at a leisurely pace. Shika could tell Hana was frightened by some of the students. He reached for her hand. Taking it in his, he squeezed. And in return, she sent a wavelength strong enough to feel, but weal enough not to hurt. She sent this in three different waves, signaling she was ok. Hana always felt comforted by Shikamaro, and he was glad.

    Once everyone was done jogging, Shika and Hana took a seat in the bleachers. They sat in the farthest corner, Hana's face covered by her hoodie. She buried her face in Shika's chest for comfort, awaiting for further instruction. From a dead guy. Shika looked at the instructor, then over to that dark guy. He emitted such an aura, it spoke of trouble. And then there was the arrogant guy who hung around the bubbly chick. He also made Shika worry for Hana.
  15. "5 laps? Really..." She rolled her eyes. She hated physical education with a passion. It's not like she was lazy. Cosette had to constantly run around looking for her idiot brother. Not wanting to go, she managed not to budge from the wall. It was like sticky fly paper attached to her bright hooded canvas. The yellow hood fell over her eyes with the black and hot pink rounded ears sticking out with plain sight. she knew she wasn't hidden from them. But it was they were hidden from her.

    Remir fell in love with every girl that reached his sights. Well.. .minus the ones he found unattractive. In this case it just happened to be all of them except his sister. The teachers demand of laps around the gym broke his daydreaming gaze. He nodded and balled his fist. "Easy Peasy." He started out slow then gradually got faster. Within minutes he finished his run, along side a few of the other students. Remir headed over to the bleachers and sat at the very top in the middle so it was easy to look at the people of the class.

    Cosette knew if she didn't start soon she'd become the center of attention. That was the last thing she wanted. She took in a deep breath and pushed herself to her feet. "This just sucks..." The yellow hoodie was tossed to the side as a black tank top covered her upper portion. She began to walk around the gym then built up to start a small jog.
  16. Mio slowly sat up, trying to get into a more focused mind. She had noticed the boy from class and the hall earlier had sat next to her, but tried to ignore him. It was bad enough that she had to have a partner, but making friends was not in her plans. The five laps were easy to handle, they would actually be kind of fun and a major change in pace for her to try and be in a decent mood. Mio immediately started out at a fast jog, trying to get the laps done as soon as possible.

    After finishing the laps, Mio sat down on the bleachers again and breathed somewhat heavily. After slowing down her breathing she sat and tried to relax a little. She saw the boy from earlier, he had just finished his laps, it was odd that he sat next to her, and even more odd that she didn't want to hit him for it.

    When he wasn't too far away, Mio sighed out of annoyance, "So, what's your name and why did you sit next to me earlier?" She was annoyed by the reason why he had to sit next to her and why she didn't mind it that much, so se wanted to know.
  17. Kaius wasn't even breathing heavy from the 5 laps. As he finished it out, he watched the girl from before finished hers. He saw her look at him, and before he could avert his eyes, she was in front of him, asking why he had sat next to her. Doing this to him right now was like waving alcohol in front of a recovering alcoholic. He fought internally from blurting out a long string of sentences, but not showing it on his face.

    "I-" was all he could get out before Sid called the students again to attention.

    "OK, nice laps all of you. Even the slow ones. When I was alive I gave credit when credit was due, that's the kind of man I was. Now I'm gonna want you to come up, tell us if you're a Weapon or a Meister, then show us a demonstration of your skills. After you all are done I will let you find your partners that you connect with the most or I will do it for you if I notice apprehension. Keep in mind your partner MAY not get along with you right off the bat, but I promise: You will grow on each other. With that out of the way... who's first?"
  18. Hana walked up to Sid, grabbing Shika's hand and dragging him along the way. He didn't say anything against it, he didn't mind. Hana wasn't normally the one to volunteer. So he knew she was serious and so should he. "U-uhm," Hana started out in her normal shy voice. "We'll demonstrate. We've been together forever." Then sending one wave, Shika turned into his chain an swords. Twirling them around with ease, she began slicing into a wooden post se in the muddle of the gym. Then, sending another wave, Shika turned the chains into a bar. Her skills increasesd tenfold, as she was a staff meister, but preferred to cut things. After displaying her staff skills, she sent two wavelengths to signal a scythe transformation. Mid strike, he changed, which in turn drive the scythes double blade clean into the post. After pulling out, she sent three waves in a thank you manner, which he turned back to a human as they walked back to the bleachers.
  19. Ryota was one of the last to finish the laps. Purposely of course. He thought that such a meaningless chore was beneath him. He had been invited here byLord Death himself. He wasn't as lively and accepting as Emily was when in came to such things.
    When he was finished he joined his partner in the back.
    Sid had announced that the students wuld give a demonstration. First up was a meister who used a spear and Scythe weapons transformation. "So she's a mid range attacker? Not too shabby.

    "Emily, We're going next."

    "D-Do we have to Ryo?"

    Ryota would smirk as the first pair returned to their seats. He moved to the center of the gym like a shadow, a little trick he picked up as a mercenary. That was Emily's Answer. "Chainsaw Katana.. Single blade, not dual" Ryota decided that since it was a demonstration he would start ith one blade. From the bleachers Emily would sigh before glowing in a dull gray and landing in Ryo's hand as a chainsaw katana.

    "Let's go"

    "D-Don't overdo it Ryo..." She could feel his souls wavelength and guessed his next thought.

    "Don't worry I'll only sho them what you can do, not me"
    Ryota would fluently charge his sould into Emily. As if she had been plugged into the outlet her hilt made a screeching noise as the teeth of the saw began to rotate at great speed. Ryo would slash at the floor to his left once. Simultaneous to the impact a ragged path of cracked earth would lead from where Ryo striked leading up the wall on the left. Damaging the gym.


    "Don't worry about it. Black gauntlets."



    Emily would do as she was told and form on her partners wrists as black gauntlets. Ryota would simply pound both of them together releasing a light pattern of his soul wavelength as it filled the gym. Not enough to cause anyone discomfort, maybe just enought to make a few students jumpy.

    "Eh. Okay I'm done" Ryota muttered giving Emily the okay to return to human form.

    "That was stupid... And you know it."

    "Yeah whatever." Ryota would walk back to his seat in the back flashing a smirk towards Kaius as he passed his row. Truthfully he was abit troubled by what emily had said since she usually never scolded him. Was this place making her different?

    Emily would follow behind after sincerly apologizing to Sid and the other students for her partners actions.
  20. "Our turn." Remir hoped down to where Cosette was sitting. Of course she would sit away from him. She loathed her brother at times. He grabbed her hand and pulled out of her seat and onto the floor. Cosette sighed. They had practiced this since they were kids. He was determined to demonstrate that same thing here.

    "Cosette and this is my brother Remir. We shall demonstrate together."
    She bowed to the other kids with her back facing the exit. Cosette took a deep breath and waited.

    Everything had gone quiet while Remir run to the exit door. At top speed he ran towards Cosette with her back still facing to him. Mid way his body morphed into her dual bladed sword. Her hand was held out. Her hand jolted forward catching the handle at his top speeds. She twirled it and tossed it in the air letting the blade jab into the floor. Out of no where her foot collided with the handle and forced it to the other side of the gym width wise. The sword spun coming back as she stopped it with the blade between her hands. For the last stunt she tossed it in the air how she held Remir's transformed body in her hands. She croutched down waiting for the right moment. She pounced up and kicked him towards the bleachers. Cosette made sure her calculations were correct so they would not hit a student. He transformed back into his human body just in time to catch his seat he had been in earlier.

    She hated doing it. He was a show off and thats all he cared about at that moment. Doing it for the ladies...

    Cosette walked back up to the bleachers this time sitting next to her brother.
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